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A crazed lesbian MP writes…

Layla Moran [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_Moran] is obviously at least half-mad, proposing a “strategy” that would intensify and entrench the “Coronavirus” police state, justified by the idea that a virus that either does not affect or scarcely affects 1,999 people out of 2,000 people requires ludicrous yet sinister (and ongoing) measures in order to (supposedly) contain it.

I am not so much interested in idiots like Layla Moran as in what is really behind all of this, since it started. Some, like the writer and newspaper pundit Peter Hitchens, say that the Boris-idiot government is simply incompetent and panic-stricken, and indeed it is hard to argue with that.

What, though, of the many other governments that have also implemented the same policies or stricter yet, and have also failed to “stop” “the virus”? Spain, France, Italy etc? Are they also panic-stricken and incompetent? Maybe so, but I think that, even if such is the case, there is more behind all this.

There is a strong suggestion of “New World Order” [NWO] about this, as there is with the (sudden) System support for the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense. The World Economic Forum [WEF] has already proclaimed via tweets and Press releases that it is time for a “Great Reset” of world economy and society.

“Great Reset”? Meshed, perhaps, with the “Great Replacement” of white Northern Europeans with, speaking in group terms, more easily-ruled inferior peoples.

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Well, there it is. “Coronavirus” deaths have been dropping almost to zero for a long time. Now the rate has dropped to zero, but the conspiracy to impose an ever-stricter police state based around the ill-founded fear of “the virus” has not stopped! Au contraire.

“We” now wear masks to shop, when only a few cranks did at the peak “Coronavirus” time (4+ months ago). Now this “demand” that “the virus” be eliminated entirely before the toytown police state rows back (which it is obviously intended shall never happen…).

Below, a good example of how certain types can struggle to a professional qualification while being devoid of commonsense or any wider perspective:

“Asinine” barely covers it.

It seems that, for the msm and those in government trying to maintain “control” (of the agenda, not “the virus”), what matters is that more people are being tested positive for “the virus” (even though hardly any are even aware of their being infected), rather than the fact that deaths from (or with) Coronavirus are now actually at zero! In fact, the daily death toll has been in single figures for quite a few days, and in double digits for weeks.

Rural tracks in Eastern England

Interesting thread: click on it to read the whole thing.

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Paris has fallen. Having said that, a few bursts of machinegun fire would have cleared the streets and deterred a repeat of the “chimp-out” (a useful American phrase…). Unfortunately, France does not have a real President, but just a Rothschilds ZOG/NWO pop-up puppet…

[Macron, posing as President of France in some shebeen]

The “sayamun” etc tweeter is not alone. There are thousands of self-describing “Left”, “antiracist”, “antifa” pseudo-socialists in the UK whose views are similar to his. Fortunately, there are many millions of people who agree with me. That means that “sayamun” and others like him will go up the chimney long before I do, in all probability. (I am with him on Boris-idiot, though…fair’s fair…).

In fact, rereading that tweet, I wonder whether in fact it and its tweeter are not a very dry parody which may have taken in Peter Hitchens. No matter, either way…

[Update, 26 August 2020: the tweet referred to above, replied to by Peter Hitchens, has been deleted; I thought that it might have been a clever dry parody. Apparently not…]

As the Irish or some of them might say, looking at the latest pictures of Boris-idiot, “Jaysus! Will ya look at that eejit?!“…

But if “Boris” is an idiot, what are those who actively wanted him to be (pose as) Prime Minister?

For me, one of the most alarming aspects of the “virus” panic in the UK is the extent to which the fear, once triggered by government and msm, has trumped not only commonsense but any evidence. Look at the latest figures: hundreds if not thousands being diagnosed daily in the UK as having “the virus”, but the number of people dying daily dropping into single figures for some time; it has now reached zero!

Let’s repeat that: no-one is now dying from “the virus” in the UK.

Yet the population is still, sort-of, terrified. You see it in the absurd “social distancing”, such as when I picked up some fish and chips a few days ago, the customers standing outside the shop, in a stiff breeze, the 6+ feet apart, as indoctrinated into them for months by msm/System propaganda. At least not one was wearing a mask/muzzle.

More tweets seen

Ha ha! Very true…and if anyone is interested in my own assessment of Owen Jones, here is one that I prepared earlier (about 18 months ago): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/

The tweet below is, on the face of it, very naive:

Well, to answer the question: the UK Cabinet is packed with Jews, part-Jews (eg Boris-idiot) and/or members of Conservative Friends of Israel. As far as I know, every last member of the present Cabinet belongs to Conservative Friends of Israel.

As for the joke “Opposition”, we have Keir Starmer as Labour leader. He is, I believe, a member of Labour Friends of Israel (have not yet found proof, admittedly), as are most of the Shadow Cabinet (eg Rachel Reeves). What is known for sure, however, is that Keir Starmer is married to a Jewish woman, a lawyer, and that they have children being brought up as Jewish.

Is the above a good explanation as to why neither UK Government nor UK Opposition says anything about Israeli state terrorism?

The Manchester Police may not be much good at stamping on the untermenschen doing most of the crime up there, but show them a little child’s birthday party, being celebrated by 3 families, and, my God! they are onto it! Really, though, how pathetic the police are now! The toytown police and the associated poundland KGB both.

Jesus H. Christ! Just look at that police tweet! The sheer pursed-lipped smugness of it! It even admits that the “crime” took place in a private garden! Absolutely pathetic, but also disgusting. Spoiled a child’s birthday, and for what? So that the police can virtue-signal? The virus is not killing anyone! Zero deaths today. About 2 yesterday. Out of 70 MILLION people!

I am in favour of a welfare state, but not one where much of the money goes to non-Europeans and their offspring, including some who are (quite literally) just off the boat, maybe the rubber boat they and fellow-invaders have used to cross the Channel.

We need a social-national ethnostate.

Late music

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 August 2020”

  1. Firstly, Layla is not a mad lesbian. Bisexual I believe. She never spoke out on Palestine although half Palestinian. She is a nice person, I’ve met her. Suffers from the delusion that we must all be nice to economic migrants as we all live in nice houses in suburban London.


  2. https://committees.parliament.uk/work/480/employment-and-COVID19/
    “The Committee will examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market and consider what urgent measures should be taken to protect and create jobs. …”
    Potentially interesting, assuming it is not just going through the motions.

    Heartened (foolishly) somewhat, I decided to look at Gov. news for the first time in a month. The flicker of hope was promptly extinguished…


    – I’d like to racially profile the ownsers/sponsors of these establishments.

    I see from archive.org’s latest uploads notifcations that James Guthrie’s 1946 “Our Sham Democracy; Or, The Majority Vote Racket” has turned up. I should read it as I saw a paper copy years ago and despite its discussion of potential solutions I failed to secure it. Erasure of digital resources being as bad a problem in modern times as book burning formerly – which process I see was even applied in 1950s Germany to Eustace Mullins “Study of the Federal Reserve” – *carpe diem*.


    1. Wigger:
      You might be able to see it via the British Library. As you know, the Library has a copy of all books published in the UK. I do not know to what extent they have digitized their collection. In the 1980s I had a (then rather coveted) indefinite Reader’s Pass for the Library, when was then still based in the Reading Room of theBritish Museum (though most of the books were stored elsewhere). Somehow my pass got lost somewhen. I should not be able to use it anyway now, and no longer live in London.

      As you say, the government is now taking odd measures (in panic and to the dismay of scribblers who did not understand the forces *behind* the “Conservative” government). I do not suppose that *all* “music venues”are owned by Jews, but it isa fair bet that many, perhaps most, are.

      The “newspapers” are full of “economic recovery” fake news, but every day another large or medum-size company goes down, a company known for decades or more. STA Travel today…


  3. I’m informed there was an Easter Egg in that HMG news url and its title – a ceremonial number favoured by those on the square/those who have travelled far. Not that absurd as BLM is only Coronavirus-panic continuation theatre and likewise this ‘BAME’ coda.
    Also apparently a lot of the news items on COVID19 worldwide over the last several months have been heavily impregenated with that and similar numbers, e.g. 322.

    Here’s another shady item:
    “Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns

    Sir Mark Walport said people would need to be vaccinated at regular intervals….”

    How can anyone acting in good faith, never mind allegedly steeped in the science, come out with garbage like that? A vaccine normally takes 10-15 years to develop and unless they had “one I prepared earlier” from 2010 or before they’re not yet even off the blocks in normal development terms.

    Is part of the psychological war being waged against us comprised of transparently idiotic messages i.e. something approaching Revelation of the Method? For instance

    “Fredie Blom: ‘World’s oldest man’ dies aged 116 in South Africa …
    When he was a teenager, his entire family was wiped out by the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. He went on to survive two world wars and apartheid….”

    So the BBC’s presumably teenaged hack manages to include not only the 1918 ‘flu bout to create the aura of our current plague year being as bad (it isn’t), but also to compare living in Apartheid RSA with the real conflict of two World wars which I doubt the dear departed even participated in since otherwise it would have been trumpeted!

    Do the ‘racist’ right in the USA still speak of “surviving black history month”?


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      I imagine that that South African “survived” apartheid and lived to an old age precisely because South Africa had first class health care for whites (and Jews), and not-bad healthcare for blacks (far better than in black African “states” anyway).

      As to the latest “virus” propaganda, the sinister aspects are becoming obvious to many, even if (?) still a minority. I have long thought that 2022 will be a very world-historic year. The most important since 1989, and probably far *more* important. Many said to me, “no, there are no signs of radical change”, yet the “virus” alone has changed much. Who knows what the rest of this year will bring? Or 2021?Or 2022 itself?

      When I was in Poland, DDR and Czechoslovakia in 1988, though there were signs of tiredness, there was nothing to show that all three states would collapse and be transformed within a year or so.

      ps: I was in Poland several times in 1988-89, adding up to 2-3 months, and though my visits to the other two states were merely transitory, one could understand a lot all the same.


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