Diary Blog, 22 August 2020

I have no sympathy for this kind of “we wuz robbed” nonsense. Whatever its faults, the UK is not (yet) North Korea. The voters had before them pretty much all the useful information about Boris-idiot well before the 2019 election.

They knew (those that ever delve beyond the sport and “celebrity” news) that he had never done a job properly, that he had been sacked from every job until he became Mayor of London and that, as Mayor, he had failed to realize anything, from water cannon and buses to the £80M failure of Joanna Lumley’s “Garden Bridge” and the almost unused cross-Thames cable-car.

Incidentally, though I like Joanna Lumley on TV, in her travel shows etc, she really ought to stop interfering in political affairs. The Garden Bridge, though an interesting idea, cost the people of London £80M for nothing. Her meddling in Army matters on behalf of the Gurkhas, about 12 years ago (her father having been one of their officers), has resulted in Aldershot becoming a crime-ridden Nepali town, in effect, thanks to the importation of “extended families”. By all means improve the pensions of the Gurkha soldiers, they deserved that, but let them retire to their homes in Nepal, where they can live better than they can here anyway; that would also have injected money into the poor Nepali economy.

Even Boris-idiot’s former bosses, such as Max Hastings, excoriated him, in such terms as that they were amazed that he had got as far as he had (Cabinet minister) and that he was “utterly unfit” [Max Hastings] to rise further.

As I blogged at the time, one heard or read remarks such as “Boris has the ability to be PM, but does he have the ethics?“, to which my reply (surely now vindicated in spades) was “where exactly has ‘Boris’ shown any ability whatsoever?” I did not accept that spewing out rote-learned Greek or Latin phrases, or odd words trawled from the OED, or scribbling a tabloid newspaper column, was proof of enormous ability.

Indeed, the very “resistible rise” of “Boris” shows how very and pathetically primitive UK political culture still is. Put a part-Jew, part-Turk, part-God-knows-what public entertainer on stage, dress him up with a little finery from Eton and Oxford, let him get away with everything he does, however stupid, and there it is. The msm was constantly implying or even expressing that the said con-man was “Prime Minister in Waiting”. Eventually, all that assistance from the msm worked, and “Boris” was anointed PM, without ever having had to win a General Election.

People knew all that information about “Boris”, and more, yet the Conservative Party geriatric division (comprising, at the time, almost all Con Party members) trooped obediently to vote for “Boris” as Conservative Party leader. “Boris” is not even his real first name.

Of course, the Jews favoured Boris, who after all is himself part-Jew and a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Especially so when the likely alternative might have been Jeremy Corbyn.

Look at this: “Boris is…Boris is solid on Israel. Boris is…basically good [for Israel]…you know, he is an idiot, but…


…and after “Boris” was jeered at and disrespected by that Jew, what did “Boris” do? Stood up in the House of Commons and kow-towed to Israel once again!

Having said that, I no more “blame” the Jews for “Boris” being unmerited Prime Minister than I blame clouds for bringing rain. That’s what they do. Manipulate.

The lazy complacent British voters are, mainly, to blame for the fact that an idiot is now posing as poundland Churchill “prime minister”, and has surrounded himself with clowns posing as a Cabinet.

By the time of the 2019 General Election, Boris-idiot was known to the voters, and that should have sunk him, but the msm (Jewish or pro-Jewish) campaign against Corbyn, combined with the vagaries of the UK’s First Past The Post electoral system, shooed-in “Boris”.

There were two other factors of importance: Nigel Farage stabbing his own Brexit Party in the back, and the boundaries of constituencies:

People must wake up and pay attention. Their own lives and futures are at stake.

Tweets seen

As usual, the msm scribblers who consider themselves to be “conservative” etc whine about what is happening, but never want to see the big picture. There is an international conspiratorial agenda behind all of this sort of thing.

More tweets

Fear transmuted into control.

Not so surprising. One of the symptoms of a general spread of lies in a society is precidely that: an inability to distinguish the lie from the truth. For half a century and more, there has been a lie around what happened in WW2, especially as to the so-called “holocaust”. Probably a majority of people in the UK, for example, believe that there actually existed “gas chambers”, in which were killed millions of Jews. That narrative has been pushed strongly ever since the 1950s, though much more since the 1970s.

The story goes that the German forces completely destroyed the “gas chambers” as they retreated west in 1944-45. So that is why there are no “gas chambers” or even remains of “gas chambers”, though visitors to the Auschwitz visitor attraction are shown a small room, “reconstructed” after 1945 and designated a “gas chamber”, into which the tourists reverentially progress before emerging (and going off to the gift shop…).

The result, or one result, of that whole narrative is that people cannot distinguish what is true and what is not. The Jewish/Zionist element, via suborned politicians, therefore makes it a criminal offence in parts of Europe to question even details of the said “holocaust” narrative. Because the facts cannot speak for themselves in a situation where there is no credible evidence for the existence of such “gas chambers”.

It has poisoned the whole academic historical milieu in Europe.

Yes, this is now just “history” (even if fake history), something that happened, or did not happen, or did not happen in the ways or to the extent claimed, 75-80 years ago. The effects, though, continue, not only in the realm of what is or is not “history”, but into the political sphere.

Here we have a virus which swept through Europe and elsewhere. In the UK, the hospitals put patients who were infected and who were (as most were) of advanced age, into care homes where they infected others, in large numbers. It may be that a third of the serious cases and deaths resulted from infections in hospitals, and another third or more in care homes. Most of the population was unaffected. Almost all of the population is unaffected.

Now, no-one is actually dying from (or with) Coronavirus in the UK, but there are still draconian laws, and we even read that ludicrously misnamed SAGE wants another “national lockdown” (shutdown)! Tests are showing thousands of people are newly diagnosed daily, but most are unaware that they are even infected, and have few if any symptoms, yet there is a panic abroad, whipped up by the msm and government.

At the same time, the shutdown of NHS and the national economy has already killed more than the “virus” (even on the faulty statistics given). Huge numbers have been diagnosed too late with cancer, for example.

People generally are finding it hard to see the truth, so you notice that on Twitter, the usual mob (the FBPEs, the “anti-racists”, the “antifa” idiots, most of the Jews etc) are all mask fanatics, all completely under the spell of the fake news and panic, and all want stricter laws and enforcement. “Useful idiots” for the System.

More tweets seen

True. I myself have seen tweets from some of the UK Jew Twitter cabal demanding and trying to organize the expulsion of tweeter @jntwyatt. The same Jews, many of them infesting London, were behind my expulsion from Twitter in 2018.

The tweets of @jntwyatt are interesting (so were mine!); that is why “they” want him expelled. I would urge everyone on Twitter to give their support by following his account, and by retweeting his tweets.

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3 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 August 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Thank you for posting that tweet with the link to the website of Dontell Jackson


    Fantastic stuff. Regarding the National Trust, it does not surprise me. I have noticed a long time ago the fake pictures on its website, full of coloured people who never visit historic houses and who could not give a damn about the history and the culture of England, or any other European country. The article of the Daily Mail is pretty good and, of course, made me mad.


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