Diary Blog, 30 October 2020

Propaganda news and the migration-invasion

Remember how the msm went mad, a few days ago, about the exciting assault by Special Boat Service [SBS] commandos dropping onto the deck of the tanker off the Isle of Wight and taking prisoner the “pirate” stowaways who had intimidated the captain and almost taken control of his ship?

I remember it too. Plastered all over Sky News, BBC News etc. Sadly, it was another propaganda exercise. Oh, there was a ship all right, and there were about 9 Nigerian stowaways, who seem to have tried to take over the ship, frightening the captain and crew. There was also that brave assault by the SBS, in which its personnel “fast-roped” from helicopters straight down onto the deck of the tanker, and then took back the ship in a matter of minutes (Sky and BBC said 9 minutes; some reports said 7). All true.

Sadly, and it is no reflection on the SBS, its men and their operation, but that was all part of the imperial hypocrisy. It was used by the Government and msm to say to the public, “look at that! We are really tough on piracy and illegal immigration! Detained by the tough guys from the SBS! That will show them!”

Not really. Look at that tweet from Hampshire Police, above, and the linked report:

Seven men have been bailed for their part in the maritime security incident that took place on board the Nave Andromeda off the coast of the Isle of Wight on Sunday 25 October.

The seven arrested men, who are all Nigerian nationals, have subsequently been bailed in relation to the criminal investigation whilst investigators continue their enquiries, but will now remain detained under Border Force powers.” [Hampshire Police]. https://www.hampshire.police.uk/news/hampshire/news/news/2020/october/seven-men-bailed-following-maritime-security-incident-off-the-isle-of-wight/.

In other words, the invaders (the 7 noted, maybe a few others) have now all been released into the custody of the toytown Border Force. “Custody” implies (falsely) actual incarceration. No.

No illegal immigrants at all are presently being actually “detained”, in any real sense, in the UK; they are all in fact being put into hotels mothballed by reason of the crazy “Coronavirus” “measures” (effective shutdown). They are given shelter, food, clothing if necessary, and pocket-money of maybe £50 a week. Maybe more. Many homeless British people would find that acceptable, but are not given the option.

The immigration detention centres are all shut (indefinitely) supposedly because of the inflated “threat” by “the virus”.

Did the SBS really win at sea the other day? No. Not their fault, but the Nigerian migrant-invaders won. They have got what they wanted: they are in the UK, free to walk around, sheltered, fed, clothed, and even given money with which to buy celebratory drinks.

Incidentally, the msm was going mad about a family of Kurdish migrants that drowned off the coast of France. TV crews went to Dunquerque to interview their fellow migrant-invaders. They were portrayed as the unfortunate victims, the British people as oppressive for not wanting to be (further) invaded.

I heard on BBC World Service that that Kurdish family paid 24,000 Euros to smugglers to be brought to France and then given a boat (with outboard motor) with which to cross to the UK. They had sold all their possessions. All right, but I wonder how many British people in the UK could, even if they did sell all they had, raise over £20,000?

Those Kurds were not in any real sense “refugees”. They were economic migrants. In a sense, I do not “blame” them for wanting to come to Europe or the UK in particular; they obviously were trying to improve their lot. Fair enough, but we the British people are also entitled to say “No! This is our land“.

Tweets seen

Remember that Jewish-Zionist triumphalism in the years to come. A little bit of Israel… in the UK.

Keir Starmer “tell Margaret Hodge“? Ha ha! Starmer does not tell the Jews anything (except what they want to hear). They tell him!

Another sadly-deluded honest Labour member or supporter. Deluded because he obviously imagines that the Labour Party is worth saving. Why would he think that? Labour has promoted mass immigration. That alone disqualifies it. Now, Labour is again owned by the Jew-Zionist element or cabal. What about Labour entitles it to speak to or for the British people?

Really? I wonder why (((Kirsty Wark))) would have done that? It really is puzzling…

For once, perhaps surprisingly, I agree with half-Jew hypocrite Kamm. For my own reasons, though. I hope that the new “doormat” Labour leadership follows Kamm’s advice or injunction. Then Labour can fall to pieces, the result being that a real social-national movement can arise.

Britain’s toytown police in the “lockdown” (shutdown)

Instances of police officers deploying force on members of the public were higher at the peak of lockdown than in the previous three months despite crime rates falling significantly, it can be revealed.” [The Guardian] https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/29/police-used-more-force-in-lockdown-despite-lower-rates

News you can use


Blackballed in our “free” country

If anyone seriously thinks that we live in some kind of “free and fair” country, read this biography… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Barnbrook

A few more tweets seen

Keir Starmer Labour is just not breaking through to the voters. Unsurprisingly.

As I myself blogged at or around the time…

Sweden, that had and has no “lockdown”, no facemask nonsense, no legally-enforced “social distancing”, no closure of shops, schools or even bars…

This (below) made me laugh!

Gandhi, a supposed “idealist”, whose activities led to the deaths of millions, not only by reason of the Partition of 1947 but also by reason of the poverty that was created or maintained by backward economic policies for decades after Gandhi’s own death.

Mandela, a semi-trained African lawyer, as thick as two short planks. A would-be terrorist who was imprisoned for his part in a conspiracy to form a terrorist “army” and to create a race war in South Africa in the 1960s. Mandela, who was incapable of running a state, and who left behind a country sliding slowly to chaos and civil war.

Nice “political heroes”


A useful rewilding resource: https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 October 2020”

  1. Oh, do eff off,Andrew Neil. Sweden is a utter failure compared to its culturally similar neighbours of Norway, Finland and Denmark all of whom have lower death and case rates. It is also a huge failure compared tonGermany which is only now breaking through the 10,000 deaths mark and they have 82 million residents compared to Sweden’s 10 million and 6,000 odd deaths.

    Sweden’s economy has also suffered a considerable fall since March. so your idiocy in advocating for a ‘hands off’ approach is a libertarian, utterly irresponsible fantasy.🙄🙄🙄


  2. https://time.com/5899432/sweden-coronavirus-disaster

    Undoubtedly, it is the Eastern Asian countries – China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, who have done best along with the South East Asian nation of Vietnam.

    America, on the other hand, should be renamed the ‘land of the dead’ under the Orange Covid 19 denying idiot yet people like Peter Hitchens and all the other libertarian morons both ‘Tory’ and otherwise would have us follow them!

    Crazy, demented and effing lunatic doesn’t even cover it!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. Peter ‘libertarian loony’/‘Where is my white coat?’ Hitchens should be put in a secure mental hospital for his own good and even more so for the rest of us but Maggie Thatcher the libertarian closed them all down in favour of ‘care in the community’ so we don’t have that protection sadly.😡🤬😞☹️

    Undoubtedly, he has heard of the phrase ‘herd immunity’ but what about ‘herd stupidity’? Well, that is certainly on display at Trump’s Republican Party rallies where many are not wearing masks and becoming ‘superspreaders’. Can we send Peter Hitchens and company over there, please?


  4. Poor old libertarian America where Covid-19 – a virus which naturally enough has no respect whatsoever for the mostly moronic libertarian political philosophy of ‘Tory’ and Brexit ‘party’ goons and that of the Republican Party is still causing pretty huge havoc:


  5. Kirsty Wark isn’t a Jew, is she? As for this pathetic ‘journalist’ (obscenely overpaid liar) called Oliver Kamm’s remarks about Margaret Hodge no virtually nothing she says should be listened to. Margaret Hodge is, even by the usually abysmal standards of so-called ‘New Labour’ ie Jew Zionist puppet/ anti-British globalist Labour, a vile Labour MP.

    She once had the utter impertinence to call for Nick Griffin and the BNP to get out of Barking. Well, at least Nick Griffin is truly British so Barking is part of HIS homeland whereas that isn’t really the case with Margaret Hodge (real surname Oppenheimer) hailing from Egypt of all places!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. Oh, and by the way, Oliver ‘I’m a scummy journalist paid huge sums to lie for my equally abhorrent master Rupert Murdoch’ Kamm there never was a serious ‘anti-semitism’mproblem within the Labour Party. All that amounted to was Jeremy Corbyn and a few others making some fairly mild criticisms of the Zionist state of Israel and Israel First/Jew Zionist fanatics in this country like the former Labour MP for Liverpool,Riverside, Louise Ellman.


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