Diary Blog, 29 October 2020

Tweets seen

Tweet no.1:

Evidence? See below

Tweet no.2:

Sadly, the Jewish lobby had me expelled from Twitter, so I cannot personally enlighten that first tweeter.

It is strange, though, how the Remain whiners, as the first tweeter is (a Jewish woman, and very pro-EU, resident in —as the newspapers are wont to say— “leafy” Wallingford, Oxfordshire—…most Remain whiners seem to be in circumstances not too uncomfortable) are also the “lockdown” and facemask zealots. It must be by reason of a wish for the State or —in the EU case— super-state to lay down strict rules etc. Psychological nexus rather than political nexus.

Wildlife corridors

I have been proposing wildlife corridors and a “wildlife grid” for many years. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/29/butterflies-risk-wiped-rewilding-corridors-arent-created/


“I know it has been said before, but it’s worth repeating because Matt Hancock would like you to believe the opposite. 

The virus poses little threat to healthy people under 60.

The over-60s should take particular care. They must make their calculations.

 As a 68-year-old man who has not been totally written off by his GP, my chances of dying from Covid-19 if I catch it are supposedly about one and a half per cent. Not huge but not negligible.” [Stephen Glover, Daily Mail]




I was interested to hear Rocco Forte of the hotel/catering “empire” on Radio 4 Today. Very much anti the “panicdemic”, and making all the good points: more people dying of other conditions (eg flu) than of “Covid-19”; the lack of peril to almost anyone under 40; the economic damage (his companies are about to lay off thousands of employees) etc. Also, Forte has himself actually had “the virus” (“an unpleasant 3 weeks“, he said) and recovered, despite being 75 years old.

Whatever one’s view of “the virus”, the incompetence of the present UK government and its cronies (eg the well-connected but pathetic careerist bumbler, Dido Harding) is incredible.


Again. Why is Europe, or more accurately, why is the System, tolerating this?

More tweets seen

The more you give (in), the more (((they))) want…#PoundOfFlesh.

Note the dictatorial tone…that’s what happens when you make concessions to “them”.

Labour now has a leader who is basically a System/Jewish lobby doormat. A “Labour Friend of Israel” and married to a Jewish wife (a property lawyer) with whom he is bringing up their children as if fully Jewish.

I notice that, even in the present circumstances, when the government of the UK has been taken over by a ragbag of anti-British globalist incompetents, Labour cannot get ahead of the misnamed “Conservatives” in the opinion polls. Unsurprising, when it scarcely opposes any Government policies…

Jewish lobby tool Ian Austin, the ex-MP, is very odd indeed. As far as I know, he has never explained why he tweeted, a couple of years ago, that hard-core pornography, particularly that involving bestiality, should be decriminalized. Seems a really nasty individual (as well as having been one of the worst expenses cheats in Parliament).

Quelle surprise…

Well, there it is. The Jews (Jew Zionists) have retaken the Labour fortress that is now a ruin, and are wiping out remnants of “old Labour” (socialist Labour) found here and there.

I shed no tears for Corbyn. I have never been a Labour Party supporter, member, or even voter. Corbyn was weak on the “JQ”; opposing Israel, yes, but at the same time weaselling by paying lip-service to the “holocaust” farrago, to Jewish holidays etc. He should have come out fully against the (((Lobby))) and its pernicious influence over politics, culture, migration-invasion, law etc in the UK. Corbyn allowed the Jewish/Zionist lobby to crush him and, with him, what was left of the Labour Party.

This situation might be hopeful for social nationalism. Now that there is in reality —and clearly-seen— one System party, notionally split into “Labour” and “Conservative”, the people can see that only a new movement (not just party, but movement) can lead them against those fake parties of decadence and evil.

The trouble with that is that such a party would be akin to the Labour Party that lost, in 2019, the General Election, and lost it not because any other party was preferred to Labour, but because former Labour voters refused to vote Labour or at all…

The real British people will not vote for an old-style “socialist” party and especially not for one that wants a black-brown/mixed-race Britain. Not in numbers large enough to form a government.

Any new Corbyn party might become a significant force though, in that it would get the votes of many of the ethnic minorities, as well as some of the votes of public service personnel and metro virtue-signallers.

If Corbyn Labour got about 32% of the popular vote at the 2019 General Election (the Conservative Party nearly 44%), then any new Corbyn party would probably get about 15% at best. On a good day, 20%; on a bad day, 10%. Not enough to win very many MPs, in all likelihood, but enough to finish off official Labour under Starmer. Hm…

If, in any general election in the next 4 years, official Labour were to get, say, 20% or 25%, then its cadre of MPs will reduce to double figures.

That says it all…

Incidentally, did I read somewhere that Keir Starmer and his Jewish wife have buy-to-let properties? Not sure.

Brilliant. In a nutshell…

Cartoon seen

Well…fancy that! You live and learn…

I thought that that cartoon might be a kind of hoax, but it turns out to be absolutely right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender#Etymology_and_usage; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money#Sex_reassignment_of_David_Reimer.

The above should be better known (to the public).

Photo seen

It seems that the influence of Plato lives on…

Oil, Fracking, and George Osborne

Remember George Osborne, that nasty little part-Jew who was Chancellor until a few years ago? Remember how his Big Idea was that fracking would be Britain’s bold new frontier, firing up the “Northern Powerhouse” (his other Big Idea)? Well that was then.

Today, the “Northern Powerhouse” is just a political footnote. As for fracking, after being stalled by reason of its environmental effects, it has been killed off by the fall in oil prices. Not only in the UK; USA and Canada too. Today, oil prices fell further: “Brent was trading 3.5 per cent down at $37.74, while WTI stood down 3.6 per cent at $36.05.” [City AM]. Fracking is completely uneconomic below USD $40 (some say $60) a barrel.

As for Osborne, I don’t know what it is about the British, but they always imagine that whatever political careerist or chancer becomes Chancellor of the Exchequer, he is some kind of genius. Then, it was George Osborne, and before him others such as Nigel Lawson and Denis Healey, inter alia. Now it is Indian “clever boy”, Rishi Sunak. (Healey was in fact highly educated and cultured, though basically an enemy; a Bilderberger and globalist).

More tweets seen

[Critics] were essentially saying that Jews were liars [about “antisemitism” in Labour]“, says Gideon Falter of the malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity. Well, his own evidence in trials, given on oath, has not always been accepted by the criminal or other courts: see, for example, the Rowan Laxton case.

Kay Burley is not really interviewing Gideon Falter; she is facilitating him and his propaganda.

Note the (((typical))) arrogant Zionist triumphalism: Falter tells Labour what must be done…

Had Corbyn and his cohorts come out fully and forcefully against the Jewish-Zionist lobby, it might have been a gamechanger in British politics. As it is, the matter remains unresolved, and the struggle goes on.

Europe awake!


Late tweets

The LibDems “stomping” on people? Be careful what you wish for; what goes around comes around…

“Scotsman” by absorption? The SNP is not “national” except in name.

Look at this idiot (below): Roanna Carleton-Taylor, of Derbyshire. Aka “@AntiFashWitch” on Twitter. The leading light of the ludicrously-misnamed “Resisting Hate” troll group.

In the clip below, she is seen talking about how she can engender fear (!) by using the body parts of spiders etc. What a nice individual…a collaborator of self-described “historian” and “journalist” (in fact, a sacked temporary schoolteacher), Mike Stuchbery, now resident in Stuttgart (thanks to the generosity of the German state and those who donate to him): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/

The above woman is also connected with Zionists and their “antifa” dupes in London and Manchester, among other places.

Quite. I blogged about globalist NWO/ZOG puppet Macron a year or two ago: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.


In fact, Hitchens is not entirely correct. There do exist other possibilities, but were I to cite them, I should probably have the toytown police and poundland KGB at my door (again)…

Late music

28 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 October 2020”

  1. Oh FFS, Peter Hitchens! Just,kindly, eff off! The government would have no need to, “instil fear into power” as pseudo intellectual libertarian EXTREMISTS like you put it IF many more Britons were like the decent peoples of Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and just abided by the law or were responsible enough to show even a smidgeon of concern for their own health OR THAT of others.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Another terminally THICK Tory moron wriggles out from under their rock! Yes, this time it is the evil piece of excrement that goes by the name of Stephen Glover.

    A totally worthless so-called ‘journalist’ who comes up with the truly stunning nonsense that people who are under the age of 60 need not bother abiding by the LAW because they are not at risk so that is all right then! Of course, he deliberately fails to mention the rather salient fact that these people CAN pass it on to others who are more vulnerable and thereby effectively MURDER them.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡😡

    It is either that or he just too DIM to understand how a highly infectious virus spreads!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. A truly unpleasant individual, Stephen Glover, once wrote a very nasty and typically snide article attacking Nick Griffin and the BNP in that evil, globalist, pro open borders supporting, Tory rag. Just fuck off and preferably die of Covid19 along with selfish, self-serving billionaire %%%% Rocco Forte, Peter Hitchens and all the rest of you Covid 19 denying PIeces of excrement.


  4. It is a great shame Rocco Forte didn’t die of it then! I really hate these totally irresponsible, libertarian Tory extremist cunts. SELF, SELF, SELF and MONEY, MONEY, MONEY is all these selfish, hyper individualist foul wretches think about.😡🤬

    In a decent country like China they would be put up against a wall and shot. Even billionaires don’t escape from capital punishment there!😎🍷😂👌



  5. Your heart, at least in this instance, is in the right place, Sarah Hurst, but you are wrong about the evidence. Peter excretable Hitchens is right in this instance but being the libertarian loony extremist he is on this issue he totally fails to understand the motives of the government for doing it which were correct and sadly necessary but shouldn’t have been if this country were populated by decent people like those ever obedient and disciplined peoples of East Asia.


  6. Yet another shocking and immensely sad incident in France!😡🤬😞☹️ My heart goes out to the victims, their families and to our French brothers and sisters as a whole. A fraternal British and European sense of solidarity from me to the French nation!


  7. Apparently, opinion polls this year have recorded a growing opinion amongst the French that capital punishment needs to return to France and this now has majority support whereas in the recent past the numbers supporting it have been on the decline and under the 50% mark.

    Marine Le Pen dumped her parry’s previous commitment under Jean Marie Le Pen to restore the guillotine and changed it to ‘imprisonment in perpetuity’. I wonder if her party of the Rassemblement National (RN or National Rally) will change back again to the previous policy?


    1. As to the guillotine (or other), m’Lord of Essex, that might or might not deter fanatics, but what might *prevent* such attacks is not having the racially and culturally inferior in France in the first place. Sadly, globalist Rothschilds puppet Macron will not endorse that, let alone do anything to remove those in France and stop more from entering.


      1. Yes, prevention is definitely better than ‘cure’ in these cases. Whilst I am not averse to capital punishment generally-speaking and I can certainly see that the retribution argument for its use is perfectly valid and just for terrorists and that this is particularly the case for terrorists more than for some other murderers I am in two minds about whether it is appropriate for terrorists because they normally do have a political ‘cause’ and I worry that if we had capital punishment for terrorists it might ENCOURAGE people to do terrorist actions and atrocities by creating martyrs.


    2. How would the death penalty be an effective deterrent against someone who is already prepared to die? In fact some carry out such acts wearing fake suicide belts to ensure they will be killed.


      1. If you have read my posts here you will have discovered I don’t think capital punishment is a useful way of deterring terrorists which was the principal argument put forward by anti-hanging MPs in those Hansard debates I referred to on the UK parliament’s Hansard debates website. In their case they were arguing against the use of the rope for IRA terrorists.

        Hanging terrorists CAN be perfectly justified in my view from the retribution angle ie they should get their just desserts but it isn’t likely to deter them since most of them have a political cause and there is a risk that if you execute them you will create martyrs and INCREASE rather than DECREASE the likelihood of terrorism occurring. As you say very often terrorists are prepared to die for their ‘cause’ so death by hanging or any other method is not liable to be a force for dissuasion for them.


      2. Probably the best way to deal with terrorist offenders is to give them the next most severe sentence after the death penalty which is life without the possibility of parole (LWOP) or, as some Americans call it there, the ‘silent death penalty’.

        Then they can rot away in an austere prison cell and have many decades to contemplate their evil deeds without having a hope of any release from that existence until they die a natural death whilst still incarcerated.

        In the days when we had the death penalty newspapers would often report capital trials in great detail this would inevitably be repeated in the cases of terrorists on trial for their lives but having them on trial for a lesser sentence like LWOP would, hopefully, reduce this tendency giving the terrorist suspect less chance of publicity for their sick actions. Being able to glamourise their atrocities and publicise them in this way is what many terrorists crave so let us deny it to them. The oxygen of publicity should not be handed to them so easily.


      3. M’Lord of Essex:
        I am not so interested in what is done to terrorists etc; after all, whether detained for long periods or just killed (judicially or in the field) they are out of the game, either way.


      4. Those Yanks sure do love their lengthy terms of incarceration:




        Perhaps it might be a good idea for the United States to spend a great deal more money not on its prison system but on vastly increasing the number of its police officers thereby significantly improving its rather poor police officers to population ratio if it really wants to get to grips with its crime rate:



  8. Many people would like to bring back hangings for terrorists and the use of it for terrorism is often the one instance people supportive of the general idea of capital punishment suggest as the primary reason to bring it back but they should pause for some thought in its case.

    Martyrs can be created by capital punishment’s use for terrorists and this could be the one case where hanging can act not as a restraint upon possible actions but even an encouragement.

    I have recently been reading some of the capital punishment debates from the 1970’s, 1980,s and 1990’s on parliament’s Hansard website and found, at least with regard to terrorism, the arguments of MPs opposed to the death penalty had some persuasive merits.


  9. Eg. Whilst perfectly just executions, our hangings of the Easter Rising rebels in Dublin in 1916 had the opposite effect to that what was intended and INCREASED not lessened support for their cause of the separation of Ireland from the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland with the result that 26 counties of Ireland formed the Irish Free State less than a decade later in 1922.

    With the benefit of hindsight, a better course of action would have been to send those rebels to a far flung colony like the Falkland Islands and incarcerate them for life with hard labour in an austere prison there.


  10. Correction. The Easter Rising rebels were shot by us with one of those being executed whilst sitting in a chair rather than hanged.

    Macron should have those guilty of atrocities like this not executed but sent to French Guiana where they can spend the rest of their miserable, foul existences breaking some rocks all day long under the hot sun and humid air of the jungle there.


  11. Indeed, I think this used to be the policy of the French state at one time or near enough in that they sent their worst criminals to Devil’s Island?off the coast of French Guiana which was the inspiration behind that famous film Papillon.


    1. In fact, m’Lord of Essex, the main French penal colony in South America was Cayenne, now French Guiana (Cayenne is now the name of the “capital”): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cayenne; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Guiana.

      Devil’s Island was one of several island offshoots of the main colony.

      Some prisoners were transported for life, others for fixed but all long terms. Usually, this was a punishment reserved for habitual/recidivist criminals.


  12. If there were not so many Muslims and thus potential Islamist terrorists swimming in a vast sea in France then doing what the ever sensible Japanese do would be a good idea ie installing CCTV cameras in every mosque in France to spy upon an element in society prone to creating terrorist vermin as their so-called holy book of the Koran encourages them to become.


  13. Of course, Japan under the effectively nationalist though grotesquely misnamed Liberal Democratic Party doesn’t have this problem because apart from secret spying in their few mosques they have a virtual ban on muslim immigration to Japan. Once again, Japan provides a very good example of sensible nationalist policies working.


  14. Questions we would like to ask today that our lying MSM won’t; why is the former Rothchild Banker Macron doing his level best it would seem to bait radical Islamists into a race war? Why are whole areas of the country suddenly going from Level 1 to Level 3 in a matter of days without the slightest scientific evidence? Why can’t I read about the New York Post’s Twitter account being locked after exposing evidence that the would be aspirant to the world’s most powerful job has been taking grubby back-handers? Oh, and just for good measure, if the alleged anti Semitism in the Labour Party was THAT bad, then what exactly was that slippery snake Starmer doing about it for all that time he was a part of Corbyn’s leadership team?


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