Diary Blog, 7 November 2020

“Virus” infections tail off before “lockdown” (shutdown)

So infections are apparently declining in number across much of the country, and were declining days ago, in other words before the second national “lockdown” (ruinous shutdown) of society even started.

Will this wake up the “lockdown” and facemask zealots? I doubt it. As for the Government, it cannot admit that the measures are useless or even counter-productive…

Tweets seen

The (((Guardian))) goes full globalist and finance-capitalist.

Of course, the “mad psychiatrist” is a cliche, but there is often a kernel of truth in cliches, of course. In this case, the doctor in question seems to imagine that most shops are open ( they are not) and that most people are not masked (I should hope not; the facemask nonsense is only mandated, by the —probably invalid— law, inside shops etc).

The above tweet is actually the true voice of the Twitter pseudo-intelligentsia. Begging to be controlled, and wishing full control upon a cowed population; wanting everyone to be miserable and dependent; also, either ignorant or uncaring of the damage to the economy (which will eventually have its effect on pay, State benefits, services, infrastructure). A typical Twitter virtue-signaller.

Indeed. Neither is that urge to exert petty power confined to the police. All the heretofore gophers and wage slaves such as receptionists, supermarket cashiers, shop staff generally, have been rather enjoying their (presumed, assumed) power to tell visitors to adjust their masks, stand back etc. Some stray idiots started to tell complete strangers they encountered, or who were nearby, to do so! I see less of that now, compared to a few months ago, probably because the mask zealots got barked at a few times by freedom-fighters or dissidents (like me!)…

Hypocrite Stuchbery (who has repeatedly called for those with whom he disagrees or of whom he disapproves to be punched, taken down, taken out, have their skulls crushed in etc). Of course, Stuchbery always does his “antifa” and pro-Jew lobby cheerleading from a very safe distance…and see: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/.

Raheem Kassam

Needless to say, I have little time for Raheem Kassam, another of the “alt-Right” or “alt-Lite” wastes of space (Breitbart, “Prison Planet” Watson, “Sargon of Akkad” Carl Benjamin, Katie Hopkins etc), but it is telling that Kassam’s online newspaper has now been suspended (removed) from Twitter. I was expelled, David Icke has been expelled. Many others as well.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” [John F. Kennedy].

7 ноября

Today is the 103rd anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia, a coup d’etat in one city of one corner of a vast empire, which flame spread like a wildfire across those huge territories. A cataclysmic and largely catastrophic event. Probably the single biggest reason why Russia does not today rule the world, or is not at least the most influential state…

The Russian Revolution, that is the real one, in early 1917, not the mainly Jewish putsch headed by Lenin in October (old-style) 1917, did not emerge from nowhere. The social inequities under Tsarism provided the fuel, then events (not Bolshevik propaganda) provided the spark that set that fuel alight.

The Bolsheviks were in fact almost an irrelevance until 1917. Their numbers seem to have been between 5,000 and 50,000 until that year. Lenin himself was not even in Russia until two months after the first or real revolution of 1917. His putsch merely took over an existing situation.

I doubt that many, in the Russia of, say, 1913 or 1914, could have predicted that the Imperial state (and society) would fall so easily and so comprehensively.

More tweets seen

Like Peter Finch’s deranged newsreader in the 1976 movie Network, Shelley Tasker is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it any more.

As England was pitchforked into another debilitating lockdown, she set up an amplifier on the steps of Truro Cathedral, grabbed a microphone and began telling passers-by what’s ‘really going on’ in the NHS. Within minutes she had attracted a small crowd.

Shelley has resigned in disgust from her job as a healthcare assistant at Treliske hospital and wants the world to know why.

The idea that the NHS is overrun, she said, is a pack of lies. ‘I can tell you now that at the height of the pandemic I had no work because there were no patients.

On Friday in Treliske there were three people with Covid. We’ve closed down Cornwall because three people are in hospital.’

She also claimed that patients who died from flu were being registered dishonestly as Covid victims on death certificates.

Yesterday the chief executive of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust confirmed that in the county’s main hospital there are just seven patients suffering from coronavirus, three of them in intensive care.

Yet on the strength of that minuscule number of cases, a county of 565,000 people is being shut down. Businesses are again closing their doors and many will never reopen. Cornwall, like the rest of the country, is braced for a jobs bloodbath.” [Richard Littlejohn, in the Daily Mail]

The above echoes my recent experience of having visited a small hospital in Southern England a few times and briefly. Almost deserted.

I see that Littlejohn compares the “virus” madness, and the behaviour of the police and others, and just as I did a day or two ago, to the film The Lives of Others, about people in the pre-1990 DDR (East Germany). Or does Littlejohn read my blog? (he also uses some of my typical phrasing…). Actually, quite a few journalists and MPs (etc) do read my blog.


Beat John Rentoul again (I scored 6/10).

Well, vice-President (so far).

and, from the 2016 election…

Same old…

Anyone for coffee?…

I have had a few experiences in recent years that actually surprised me re. police, about how ignorant of the law they often are and how unwilling they are to be instructed even by me, a former barrister who appeared many times not only in the lower courts (magistrates’ courts, Crown Court, County Court) but also in the High Court.

Late music

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 November 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: As always the British police showing itself up. They are so hateful, I bet they don’t give a damn about the hatred they are generating with their brutality and pettiness. I feel like cheering when I heard that a policeman has been seriously wounded or killed.

    Serves them right! If you are a decent, patriotic Englishman concerned with the future of your country and your race you would not be wearing that bloody uniform! Only traitors and bastards would join such a hateful, anti-white and anti-British organisation.


  2. Hello again: I just want to share with you a fine example of British humour my wife told me. She follows a chap called Alex Belfield who has a channel in JewTube and who is very critical of the Establishment, Harry & Megan, etc.

    One of his listeners phoned and told him had had already planned his next holiday, he said: “My wife and I will let a dinghy and sat in it on a beach”, Alex, obviously puzzled asked what for. “We will wait for the police to come and take us to a 4-star hotel paid by the government!” LOL


      1. Yes, you are right. “Whites do not need to apply”. This reminds me of the words of an Argentinian nationalist who nearly 40 years ago wrote: “You start giving foreigners the same rights you have and you end up living as a 3rd rate citizen in your own country”. How true!!!


      2. Claudius:
        As with the Jews. They came, as far as the main migration is concerned, in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. They were almost all virtually beggars, as were many of those who came in the 1930s. We allowed them in. Stupidly. Now they buy and sell Englishmen and women, not excluding MPs, barristers and others…


  3. You are quite correct about the insignificance of Lenin and his Bolsheviks who seem to have spent a most comfortable few years pre ceding the events of 1917 sipping coffee in pleasant Swiss retreats before Alexander Helphand (aka Israel Lazarevich Gelfand) came to the rescue. And what of the help given to Mr Bronstein I mean “Trotsky” by all those New York “Financiers” not to mention the multi-million dollar support to the fledgling “Communists” by Jacob Schiff of the New York
    investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Co and Bansksters J P Morgan posing as Red Cross delegates. Yes, we too, read books!


    1. Thank you for your very interesting comment that led me to look for information about this (for me) mysterious fellow named Alexander Helphand. He preferred to use the name Alexander Parvus, and he was extremely influential in the organization of the Bolshevik Revolution. BTW as a good member of his tribe, he swindled Maxim Gorki for a hefty sum. Here is the biography of this bastard:



    1. Claudius:
      I was unaware of the specific case, but there is a general problem with charities in the UK. Too much going to the few admin people at the top, and other aspects also problematic.

      I accept that huge organizations need suitable directors. Full-time staff have to be paid. However, some are paid scandalously much.It will be recalled that, several years ago, Save The Children was paying its abusive (sex pest) director about £400,000! Even Brendan Cox, the (also a sex pest/rapist) husband of the assassinated MP, Jo Cox, was getting about £250,000 a year…
      Rip-off. In his case, he had virtually no education to speak of, no real ability, just knew people in a kind of cabal.

      The charity sector is not under sufficient supervision in the UK. Look at the malicious Jew-Zionist “Campaign Against Antisemitism”: officially, legally, a “charity”!


      1. Good morning Ian! Thank you for your message and the data in it. Somehow I am not surprised and I am sure it happens everywhere, somebody has, in my opinion brilliantly and correctly, described charities as a great business and a wonderful tax-dodging scheme.

        Another viewer of Alex Belfield’s video rightly pointed out that, over the last 40 years billions of pounds have been given to charities who supposedly cared for the welfare of wild species or the “starving poor” in Africa and nothing has changed, in fact, species keep going extinct at an alarming rate and the little niggers keep starving (BTW, I could not care less for the latter)

        Incidentally and going off the subject, the colossal amounts of money giving by the moronic white do-gooders to all this pro-African “charities” stem of the guilt=complex instilled in them by the Jewish-Marxist media. That cancer known as Christianity has been (and is) another driving force behind the fund-raising on behalf of the little subhumans with its gospel of “compassion, love and charity”


      2. Claudius:
        While I would not necessarily go along with anti-Christianity (my views being akin to those of the later Wagner), ecclesiastical Christianity certainly is mainly very negative.

        Charities: I favour them *in principle* but the devil is in the detail…

        Africa would be a far better continent were Europeans to resume rulership, of course.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh do go away, Peter Hitchens, you silly little man! Did you notice the election result on Saturday by the way? Your fellow Covid-19 denier and ‘let it rip’ loon, President Trump, LOST! I thought he would though he did do much better than the polls were predicting. I think it is a great shame he did lose both for America and for us (Jo Biden is not going to be at all friendly towards us seeing as he us one of those permanently embittered and anti-British Irish-Americans)but, in the end, even many Americans who often like conspiracy theories just couldn’t take Trumps’s effective ignoring of Covid-19 any longer so they voted for Biden instead.

    It is sad really because that election was certainly winnable for Trump if only he had not listened to or tried to pander to libertarian loons like you.


    1. Ah, m’Lord of Essex…there you are.

      Trump, scarcely someone I support(ed), as such, always had an uphill climb in the election. Interesting that about half the population voted *against* Biden and Harris.

      In the end, I think that the basically white part of the US population will distance itself from the rest even further than is now the case.


      1. Yes, he did have an uphill task. Too many forget that he lost the popular vote last time against Hilary Clinton and only won the traditionally Democratic Party ‘rust belt’ states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016 by a COMBINED TOTAL of something like 100,000 votes!

        Republicans tend to live in the smaller population states like Wyoming which only has 3 electoral college votes. Put simply, the geographical spread of Republican Party support is not efficient and isn’t ideal from the perspective of winning the all-important Electoral College.


  5. Another thing, Peter, whilst I accept the fact that the police in this country are nowadays too often too short, too unfit, not as well trained as they were in the past, are strangled under a mountain of Labour AND so-called ‘Tory’ imposed PC globalist red tape etc, have their priorities wrong, are politically biased in many instances they, unlike you, are doing a job we couldn’t do without as a society.

    Being a police officer is a noble profession like being a doctor, surgeon or nurse and all people doing these jobs should be proud of their choice of occupations.

    Journalism though is certainly NOT a noble or an essential profession and most Brits consider people like you to be nothing more than too well paid liars and akin to dodgy second hand car dealers!🙄🙄🙄🙄


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