Diary Blog, 9 November 2020

Tweets seen

Exactly. Paid “furlough”, at least if it continues for more than a few weeks (which weeks expired 6 months ago), is a crazy policy.

No one with any real idea thinks that Government money is a fixed amount of coins in a wooden chest; that is “Mrs Thatcher” economics, “housewife’s shopping basket” economics.

Having said that, continual issuance of fiat money eventually cannot be sustained. In extreme cases it leads to collapse of the currency as people cease to accept that such money has value. Such money ceases to be money at all except nominally, and just becomes worthless paper. Examples well-known include Zimbabwe under Mugabe, the 1923 German hyperinflation (1921-1923, but the slide became unstoppable in 1923), various Latin American examples too.

I myself saw, on several visits, what happened in Poland in the late 1980s as the zloty slid in value and then just collapsed vis a vis hard currencies. When I was first there, in summer 1988, the zloty already had an official rate which was many times the value of the true rate (as against the US Dollar, the only currency universally acceptable in 1980s Poland). The taxi drivers all had stickers saying “x4“, meaning that you paid 4 times what the meter showed. By the time that summer 1988 had given way to the snows of winter, the stickers read “x40“, and by early Autumn of 1989, “x200“.

I recall taking a taxi ride around part of Warsaw in late 1989. The taxi driver could not find the address, because the apartment building sought was in a small street which was not marked on any streetmaps. Eventually, he found it. The amount on the meter was large and then had to be multiplied by 200! Fortunately, I had more than enough (in British money it was worth only a few pounds). As a tip, I gave the driver a single American dollar. His face! I might as well have given him a gold bar with “Reichsbank” stamped into it! His thanks were effusive…he could not stop smiling.

At that time, the ordinary shops were almost empty of goods. Only the hard-currency “Pewex” shops had goods, mostly imported: alcohol, scents, some foodstuffs. Their customers were either black market operators or those with access to foreign currency via relatives in the USA or elsewhere. Everyone wanted dollars, and Poland had a class system of three tiers: the ruling elite, those with dollars, and the rest.

I bought little with the stack of zloty high-denomination notes in my possession. A bottle of Krupnik (a Polish drink, not bad with black coffee on the side: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krupnik), and also some vinyl records, mostly of Soviet manufacture. Cesar Franck, Taneyev, Lyapunov, Tchaikovsky, Russian folk music. I still have a couple somewhere. I think that they cost, in English money, about 20p each, if that.

By that time, late 1989, the socialist system had just more or less collapsed. The —very— new government was a Solidarity one.


Collapse of a currency means, more often than not, collapse of the political system too, eventually. Both government and currency depend on confidence.

Looking at the above exchange, both are right and both are wrong. What matters is the extent of money-creation in any given period. If Hitchens is too much of the “Thatcher’s shopping basket”, then his interlocutor is too blase by far. Yes, the UK has been mightily indebted in the past, and to some extent that is a fiction, just as money (whether coins, notes or displays on computer screens) is a fiction or accepted reality. There is some effect or price to pay though, eventually, though it can be minimized by stretching things out for years or centuries.

People often talk about how Britain was in a poor state in terms of public finance after WW2 and by reason of that unnecessary war, yet established the NHS etc.

True, the UK established the NHS and kept an Empire/Commonwealth going, but as Correlli Barnet pointed out, Britain had resources enough to do one or possibly two things (global power status and a Welfare State), but tried to do both and also to modernize its industry. It could not do all three, despite the 1960s/1970s development of North Sea Oil.

“WW2” rationing did not end, along with the War, in 1945; it carried on, at first stricter but then lessening, until 1954, and even slightly longer in some respects! Rishi Sunak has more to play with, but not an unlimited amount.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_Kingdom#Second_World_War_1939%E2%80%931945; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_Kingdom#Post-Second_World_War_1945-1954

The Sussex toytown police as poundland KGB.

“We are all Spartacus!”…

Ha ha! Brilliant!

Typical 2020 Plod. “Unacceptable”, “racial” etc. Brainwashed by Common Purpose and/or other “diversity” “training”. Unable to think for themselves.

Yes, because the gym owner is defying the “advice” or “rules” laid down by government decree and posing as valid law. The police are now a State militia and politically-correct poundland KGB.

Look at and listen to that little police drone! This is akin to what the Roundhead soldiery did in the days of Cromwell.

(the victim should stop wittering about how she is “under Common Law“, though. That is just silly.)

Only a matter of time?…


Stray thoughts

I thought that the “young” (eg aged 18-24) were supine, but looking around in the local town and local supermarket a mile or so away from my humble home, I see that many of the worst kow-tow-ers are members of the older generation (70+ or 80+), wearing their facemasks and muzzles even in the open air, as if to say, “look Mr. Government, look Mr. Policeman, I am compliant!

If they are so worried and think (wrongly) that a cloth face-muzzle will protect them, then why take the (non-existent) risk? Why not stay indoors where I cannot see your pathetic mugs?

Tweets seen

Laura Towler is quite right. In fact my own (maternal-side) grandfather fought in WW2 (really fought: he was at Dunkirk and later in Burma). I doubt that he would think much of the Britain of today (he died in 1970, when the decadence and evil of multikulti Britain was but in its early stages).

Many UK and US troops were shocked at the destruction wrought by RAF and USAAF bombing in Germany, as was my father in law (himself a WW2 officer of Bomber Command, and who had to bomb Germany on many occasions).

As for Stuchbery, I have blogged about him before…https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/.

No point in interacting with that sort of individual.

As if a few hundred or thousand Indo-Paks (in a UK population of 40M-50M then), would “get Britain moving“! Also, the mill towns in the North already had skilled workers…you know, English workers…

In the 1920s and early 1930s, the NSDAP always said that a Communist was a potential National Socialist, but today, in 2020 Britain, we of social nationalism would not want the “antifa” and similar idiots anyway, because they are idiotic, badly-informed and generally useless.

The Guardian

Apparently, the Guardian newspaper is on the brink of insolvency and is cutting more staff. In a way, I shall be sorry to see it go, when it goes, if only because at least it has sub-editors, or others who can spell and/or have some basic education (compare the wannabee “journalists” used by the Daily Mail and other online news outlets).

On the other hand, it has supported mass immigration and the Jewish lobby as far back as I can recall, so goodbyee, don’t cryee…

What’s good for the goose

I noticed a few pro-“antifa” drones whining on Twitter because an account was briefly disciplined by Twitter staff for using the word “redneck“. Well, “redneck” was preceded by other terms long ago, “nigger” and others among them. “What goes around comes around”, as the Americans say.

More widely, these “useful idiots” of the Jewish-Zionist lobby or ZOG/NWO cabal(s) cannot see that, once they have served their purpose, they will go the same way as those they have hounded or weaselled off Twitter and other platforms.

More tweets

9 November 1923


Bundesarchiv Bild 119-1486, Hitler-Putsch, München, Marienplatz.jpg

Meine Ehre heisst Treue

Final thought for today

A US President has an unfettered jurisdiction and power to apply the prerogative of mercy, that is to pardon anyone. Trump could, at any time up to his last minute in office, pardon anyone. If he wanted to, he could pardon all the social nationalists etc who have been serving hard time in Federal prison, many of them for years.

Just “a thought out of season”…

Late music

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 November 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I am having a lot of trouble with your blog today, I don’t know why but when I started a search on your blog about “basic income” the page would not finish downloading and I could not go any further. Very annoying.

    My idea was to check your opinion about this “Universal Basic Income” that is being proposed. I don’t like it at all because I believe, as Mark Collett made it clear in his little video “The Government Wants to Spy on Your Bank Account” this UBI would be the best and safest way for the government to totally control every one of us. They would able to turn off the tap at the drop of a hat if any of us says or does something (((they))) don’t like.

    What do you think?


    1. Claudius:
      I expect that your technical difficulty was just that, rather than an attack. Tell me if anything else happens.

      Re. Basic Income, I think that it will have to come, in that robotics and AI will increasingly take away paid work. The existing social security system in the UK is cumbersome, unfair, expensive.

      The people need money to buy good and services. Failing that, the economy will just stop functioning. Either the goods and services have to be provided gratis, or the population must be given money (for work or without) by the State.

      Marx did prophesy that, in fact. As Adolf said, not all that Marx said was wrong.


  2. Why don’t you just fuck off, ‘Police Officer’ (if only!)🙄 ‘inspector’ Darren Taylor? Virulently Anti-British PC globalist cunts like you are simply NOT wanted in this country let alone in the ranks of the PC globalist Gestapo!

    Have you not got some REAL crimes to investigate like Muslim gang rapes, murders, assaults, robberies, muggings etc or is that too much bother? Repulsive PIG!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Is it really any wonder that increasingly decent, law abiding people are afraid of the police and have no wish to help them yet criminals are NOT afraid of you and commit more and more REAL crimes so much so infact this country has one of Europe’s worst crime rates?🙄🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      One of the most shocking aspects of 2020 has been the collapse of decent behaviour in the police force, and its repurposing as a Common Purpose State militia.


    2. Very well said, Steven! What a POS. There is NO excuse for the vile fanaticism with which these uniformed bastards persecute British patriots. This goes beyond “following orders”. These bastards must think that the more British patriots they arrest the better their chances of advancement would be. There is only one name for them: TRAITORS


    3. Hello Steven: I just found a historical character that you would approve of, Pope Sixtus V (1585-1590). I am reading a book about the city of Rome and its author has this to say about Sixtus:

      “From the moment of his election, he began to put down without mercy the bandits and murderers that for so long had infested the Papal States. On the day after his coronation, he rejected the customary request for the pardon of murderers with the words: “While I live every criminal will die”

      This is the kind of guy we need! LOL


  3. Regarding that disgusting fellow called Inspector Darren Taylor who is so keen to “talk” to that man who must have been handing over patriotic leaflets or “malicious misinformation” about COVID-19 (LOL), I could not help that the man who tweeted against him has a slogan “Yes, Nigel for Prime Minister” another deluded idiot who believes the sun shines out Farage’s arse (sorry for the foul language, but I could not help it!)


    1. Yes, Nigel Farage fans aren’t exactly what you would call ‘bright’ politically-speaking. Here is one condemning the blatantly oppressive and PC globalist actions of a dim Inspector who just wants his decent pension paid when he eventually retires yet it was Mrs Thatcher who first started the abhorrent and now very obvious politicisation of the police during the Miners’Strike of 1984 and which has got progressively worse since. Nigel Farage is basically a globalist libertarian who admires the LIBERTARIAN NOT truly Tory ex PM, Mrs Margaret Thatcher.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. Hello Nigel, a few minutes ago I typed and sent you another message including a link to a Bitchute video about the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, but it did not work. Could it be because of the video link?


  5. Distributing a few leaflets pointing-out the inevitable consequences of the anti-white racist and thus inherently anti-British immigration policies of successive liberal-left PC globalist Labour AND CONServative governments alike is NOT harmful but opening a gym during a pandemic IS.

    So, well done to those officers who spoke to the gym owner 👌but this Inspector can go to hell.

    Perhaps, if the police stopped harassing patriots and anti-globalists then more people would voluntarily follow the government’s Covid 19 regulations?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. Hello Ian: Bitchute has been “de-platformed by the service providers” their exact words, but they are still up and running. I would advise you to download as many videos from them as possible.



  7. On a day like this, 97 years ago a group of German patriots marched with Adolf Hitler in a heroic attempt to topple a treacherous government. Sixteen of them were shot down/murdered by the uniformed lackeys of the system. Ten years later the Führer honoured them by laying a wreath with the words “Und Ihr habt doch gesiegt” (Yet, you have conquered)

    Lest We Forget


  8. In past years, I would have thought it a good policy to adopt a similar stance as the Liberal Democrats once did with respect to education ie to increase people’s income tax by 1p in the pound for an increased education budget but this time a 1 p increase to pay for more police officers to be employed but what would be the point in that if all they do nowadays is to persecute law-abiding citizens who express anti-globalist opinions?🙄🤬😡😞☹️


  9. Sorry for calling you “Nigel”!!! Obviously, I was under the influence of that jerk after reading his name in a Tweet (LOL) I apologize!!!!

    BTW I tried again the post the link to the Bitchute video about the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 (Is very good with a speech from the Führer remembering that day) but there is definitely a problem with your blog and Bitchute because it happened before.

    If you go to Bitchute enter “9th November 1923” and Search. The video will come up.

    Good luck!


  10. In previous years, I would have thought it a good policy for a political party to adapt one of the Liberal Democrats previous policies ie to increase income tax by 1p in the pound to pay for an increase in the education budget but this time an increase to raise the budget of the Home Office and employ thousands more police officers.

    However, with the increasingly severe politicisation of the police radically improving the ratio of policemen and women to Britain’s population would hardly be worth it seeing as they don’t really care about combating real criminals as in sensible, non loony-left countries like Japan, South Korea or Singapore!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😞😞☹️☹️☹️


  11. Yes, the Guardian is a ‘bible’ of left-liberal anti-British globalism in this country and is therefore avidly read and agreed with by Labour, Liberal Democrat AND much to their SHAME so-called ‘Tory’ MPs nowadays as well but it is a REAL newspaper and their journalists don’t often make the most basic spelling and grammatical mistakes that ‘The Scum’ and Daily Tory Moron ‘newspaper’ journalists make.


    1. It is also one of the very few (perhaps the only one now) serious newspapers that is still totally free to read online. I, of course, abhor its politics but I do recognise the fact it is a proper newspaper and usually gets its facts right unlike the globalist Tory Zionist comics like The Scum and the Daily Tory Moron so if it does go out of business then that would be a pity in that sense.

      Now, if The Scum and Daily Tory moron were to close then perhaps we as a country would be more genuinely well informed of world and domestic events and be a better country all around?


  12. It is high time that the overt and increasingly oppressive and dangerous politicisation of the police was not just stopped but reversed. Japan had a quasi-fascist and militaristic government during the 1930’s which had police forces which used similar unacceptable tactics but after the war they recognised where they had gone wrong in this regard and changed course.

    The British state in the form of Tory and Labour governments have shown ample proof that they simply can’t be trusted to maintain police forces which show absolute political neutrality at all times.


  13. Hello Ia: I have just found out that the obnoxious Owen Jones has been fired by “The Guardian”. Do you know why? It does not make sense, he is everything they love. The nice little video I am enclosing does not provide an answer but is a pleasure to watch! LOL


  14. My solution to this worrisome problem is to cut out the British state entirely from the situation and hand over the function of the Home Office and its PC globalist Home Secretaries for running the police over to a new, independent National Public Safety Commission run by politically neutral experts in policing as the Japs do:


    The Home Office will just pay an annual grant to this new commission for employing officers and equipping them with cars etc.


  15. I heard someone remark in a podcast that brandnewtube has removed content a la youtube so best avoided. bitchute’s little embarrassment may have been temporary though they should probably redomicile away from 5-eyes and Europe, it’s odd they set up in England.

    “the victim should stop wittering about how she is “under Common Law“, though. That is just silly.)”
    I listened at last to that UK Column podcast on same:

    – frankly not much use imo. Political power out of the barrel of a gun etc etc might be a more practical analysis but that ignores who provided the funds to PAY for the gun and to what end:
    “For long centuries Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have aspired to world conquest, to universality, and much has been sacrificed to that end; yet in the space of 300 years the money system has achieved what neither religion, nor culture, nor nationality, nor conquest has ever accomplished, and that is—complete world domination.” – from Human Ecology (1948) by Thomas Robertson.
    Also I don’t recall any of them in that UKC podcast examining whether the so-called prosecution of all MPs had actually been initiated in a real court recognised by the system rather than purely in some back bedroom fantasist’s pipedream of “common law courts”. It interests me that the tiresomely arrogant Mark Windows has been casting aspersions on the use of so-called common law remedies (i.e. the fantasist’s ones):

    – not a sit-down audience experience especially when he is joined by some sounding board female with not a lot to say but the highly abstract disdain for the uselessness of sovereign citizen, God-given human rights, blah blah notions at least for the “inexpert” is curiously refreshing, to quote Mr Spock. I wonder who’s paying him to produce, as he does seem to have something of a work ethic.

    It’s not criminals primarily who are the subject of interest when it comes to guns, it’s citizens who might be tempted to defend themselves from overreaching by the state whose monopoly on violence increasingly works visibly to the detriment of the indigenous.

    Speaking of violence, BBC2 aired Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old” WW1 battlefront footage, colorized, dubbed and where appropriate, played to correct speed. Apparently available on DVD. Horrific and moving. They should make playing of THAT compulsory in the schools. So much for “White Privilege”.

    PS: UKC has also been doing a series of podcasts, “Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree”:

    I find it like their constitution series: prolix and rather obfuscatory. They could have covered the essentials in one episode including engineered economic recessions and the basic fact that the interest on principal of loans extended is not in the system so has to be made available generally by extending new loans which leads to behaviours the exact opposite of those purportedly espoused by government, viz the fake eco-agenda and “limits to growth”, conservationism etc etc etc.


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