Diary Blog, 17 November 2020

Alison Chabloz

Readers of this blog will be aware that persecuted singer-songwriter and satiriste Alison Chabloz was to have been tried today, following a complaint by the malicious Jew-Zionist “charity”, the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”.

[Alison Chabloz]

Alison had been (probably unlawfully) banned from posting anything on the Internet since her arrest in January of this year, an arrest which took place immediately after yet another malicious complaint against her (also by the CAA…) failed, inasmuch as the CPS decided not to oppose her appeal to Derby Crown Court following her first-instance conviction at the magistrates’ court on a charge of having breached the conditions of her suspended sentence from 2018 on yet another CAA-instigated charge!

The real reason why Alison’s appeal at Derby succeeded (in effect) was because the CPS was unwilling to produce documentation which would have proven political interference in her case, and in particular in why she was prosecuted, i.e.Jewish-Zionist suborning of senior political figures of the time, notably David Gauke, the then Secretary of State for Justice.

Alison Chabloz has certainly already suffered much from “them”…

Well, latest news is that Alison’s trial, which was set to be started and perhaps completed today, has been (for the third or fourth time) adjourned. Her bail conditions have apparently been amended: she can now post on the Internet, publish elsewhere, or broadcast, but —crucially— excluding anything about Jews, Israel, the Second World War, or “famous figures” of that era (ha ha…); also anything about the NSDAP or “the Jewish religion”.

I suppose those very restrictive conditions scarcely count as a amendment at all, bearing in mind the entirely Jewish, Zionist, and pro-Israel roots of the complaint against her. However, there would be little point in her appealing the conditions, in view of the fact that the trial has now been put off until 17 December 2020, only a month away.

May victory attend her on 17 December!

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas“…

Looking at the many tweets from those making money out of BBC, ITV, Sky, the msm in general, all kowtowing to the “BLM” etc exclusion of white British people from their own Christmas and their own society, I see that our country is just riddled with traitors and collaborators.

Tweets seen today

As readers of my blog will know, I never took Corbyn (or McDonnell) seriously. Corbyn’s only positive point, ideologically, was that he was supposedly “anti-Zionist”. Well, as I wrote on many occasions, Corbyn managed to oppose Jewish power in Israel, Palestine, the Middle East generally, yet not seriously oppose it in the UK, France or Europe generally. He was always paying lip-service to the “holocaust” farrago etc.

McDonnell was worse yet, so I was more than pleased when, after the 2019 General Election, McDonnell was interviewed in his garden looking totally stunned, or as I put it at the time, “like a pensioner tipped out of his wheelchair and mugged”.

There is no point in repeating in detail my view that Corbyn is anyway as thick as two short planks. Still, to see him now, waiting for the Jews to tell him to jump, so that he can ask “how high?”, is simply pathetic.

Corbyn will no doubt continue to have his supporters on Twitter (aka “Witter”…), but he is yesterday’s news, as is McDonnell. Many of their most ardent supporters are still stuck in the Spanish Civil War or something! “No Pasaran!”, “The Battle of Cable Street” etc.

Impressions of the evening

Heard part of the pathetic BBC Radio 4 PM programme. Two things caught my attention. First of all, yet again the ridiculous Professor Ferguson was on as the great “virus” expert, despite his many completely wrong forecasts (not just “Britain will have 800,000 fatalities from Coronavirus by May 2020” but similar nonsense years before, re. the Foot and Mouth outbreak) but also his breaking of his own “rules”, put into (invalid) “law” by the Boris-idiot government.

The second piece that more than caught my attention was the revelation that the NHS had apparently been unable to source protective clothing etc without going via a Spanish broker-person (paid USD $20 million or more!) who sourced the stuff from a jeweller in Florida who had bought the stuff as a gamble on spec. from Chinese contacts!

The contracts were worth hundreds of millions of pounds!

What the hell is wrong with this country?!

Sometimes, even I am amazed at how truly screwed this country is…

“In other news”, the police are going to “review” the ludicrous and quite possibly invalid (and often unenforceable) £10,000 fixed penalty tickets they have been handing out to people having a party or barbeque during the stupid “lockdown” etc.

Oh, and in the nasty little police state formerly known as Scotland, that ghastly bitch Sturgeon was heard laying down her (supposed) anti-“virus” regulations. The bit I heard was that some exception would be made for the Jewish holiday of Hannukah. She actually used the word, which I suppose until recent years most British people had never heard in their lives.

Talking of Jews, I had to laugh during an episode of The Chase. Question: “what is the Hebrew word for a community gathering?“, to which the obvious answer was “kibbutz” (not sure whether the question was phrased exactly right but the required answer was obvious). The contestant screwed up her face and came out with…”ghetto?” Very amusing.

Alison Chabloz update

Without going into the legal nitti-gritti, the matter being still before the court, Alison’s trial, which was supposedly to start today, was —as blogged earlier— yet again adjourned, this time to 17 December 2020. Apparently, the Crown Prosecution Service was yet again unprepared, and (I hear) displayed both confusion and a degree of disingenuousness.

Again, as noted earlier today, Alison’s bail conditions were notionally varied, allowing her to post on the Internet so long as she says nothing about Jews, Israel, the Second World War, “major WW2 personalities” (It’s That Man Again!) or similar matters. So, in reality, little has changed. A judgment of Solomon. Almost Talmudic.

Late tweets seen

Ha ha! “You couldn’t make it up” territory… Comedy gold.

Late music

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 November 2020”

  1. Wellsaid, Hans Nisund as your own country of (I presume from your name) Denmark proves but you have to realise that Peter is an evil libertarian loony so the deaths of others don’t matter to him and he doesn’t care about the economy either in the final analysis because being a thick Tory libertarian moron he doesn’t realise that a severely worried workforce is liable to be one that has a very poor productivity rate which has been a problem with our workforce for a very long time now and which no Tory government or Labour one has truely tackled.

    Of course, Peter’s SICK and highly irresponsible approach of letting the virus rip without the government (the ONLY people who can step-in and take charge of the situation) intervening is proving to have been such a stunning success in the ‘land of the free’ ie America – NOT!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    If it were up to me, Hans, Peter would be banned from having the viable vaccine which may be on the horizon soon and be sent to Yankland where he can rant his libertarian loony fantasy theories about Covid 19 on a gurney whilst receiving a lethal injection instead!



  2. Nick Griffin, please rant about something sensible! You are making yourself look very stupid indeed.

    Lefties violently oppose you because you are broadly right about a lot of things but on this issue you are WRONG and they are RIGHT as they can see some virtue in state power being brought upon it.

    Libertarians are usually degenerate, open borders supporting, liberal globalists by another name as you should know! Sadly, as you should also have realised the Conservative Party is full of these people nowdays instead of GENUINE Conservatives and, if it were honest, it would call itself the Libertarian Party.


  3. Nick Griffin, whilst it is unfortunate a baptism service was broken-up, it is the case that EVERYONE has to follow the regulations otherwise they won’t work and we will be in this crisis for ever with all that entails for our economy and society.

    The only exceptions for the wearing of masks should be for those who genuinely can’t wear them because of medical conditions etc and there are a few people like that.

    Laws to enforce social distancing ext shouldn’t be necessary but they are in Britain because, sadly, a too large percentage of the British population are innately selfish, governmental advice disobeying, slobs instead of being like the ever obedient, socially conscientious people of Japan.

    You should know that seeing as you and your party of the BNP had some strong proposals to deal with the lawless scum that infest this country nowdays and were ‘hot’ on the subject of law and order.


  4. So, Peter, nothing we know justifies compulsion. REALLY? I beg to differ. in March, the government tried your approach of just advising people to do the right thing and too many didn’t comply because they are disobedient, innately selfish, anti-social slobs and bastards and SOME PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES or become gravely ill because of these arseholes!🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️

    Please, don’t give us your usual, wholly unrealistic libertarian crap!

    You might not have noticed this, Peter, but Britain doesn’t have much in the way of that mostly gentle and inherently socially conscientious, law abiding society of the 1950’s left

    This, of course, stands in stark contrast to Japan where people are following governmental advice on social distancing and mask wearing obediently without whinging about it incessantly even though they would have a right to do that since, unlike here for the most part, it can get very hot in the Summer and that makes mask wearing very uncomfortable, and without compulsion.

    Matt Hancock was RIGHT to call some people in Britain during early March very selfish.


  5. Matty Hancock seems to be the most hated figure in the government for some reason! I don’t know why! I think he has been the star of the show so far!

    I suppose he is so intensely disliked because he doesn’t take fools gladly and calls out people for being inherently selfish, anti-social bastards, In short, he is too honest for his own good in that way and that rubs people up the wrong way. Also, I must admit, he does give off too much of that ‘typical, oily, a bit smug, ex public schoolboy vibe’.

    Matt Hancock for PM!😂🤣😝😃😂


    1. Ah, m’Lord of Essex, what can I say? I doubt that he went to a very good school, but as you say, he certainly did not graduate from the Charm School.

      I think that he is utterly idiotic, but then —unlike you— I disagree with his overall policy, meaning the ludicrous lockdown/shutdown/facemasks nonsense…


      1. Or Charterhouse School the old educational establishment where one of the very few ‘Top Tories’ with some braincells and some natural Cabinet level or Prime Ministerial ability attended ie Jeremy Hunt.




        Jeremy really ought to be brought back into government somehow. He shouldn’t be wasted sitting on the backbenches.

        He was, apparently, sacked by Boris as Foreign Secretary but was offered the post of being Secretary of State for Defence. This would have been a demotion. I don’t blame him for walking away! Let’s face it, why should a fairly talented politician like Jeremy sit around the same table as the utter muppets Boris Idiot has surrounded himself with?🙄🙄🙄


  6. Yes, sadly, there are far too many traitors in the country. 😡🤬☹️🙁The only real solution is to execute these people using my preferred method of a good, old-fashioned, relatively humane yet remarkably quick and efficient, long-drop, British-style as utilised in marvellous Singapore, hanging.

    So, who is to be executed? Leftie journalists, PC globalists in cabinet like Priti effing Useless, Dominic Raab, the Indian Shahib Chancellor, Boris The Buffoon ext though I might give little Matty Hancock a reprieve as I am feeling generous!😂🤣😷😂

    Then, there is PC police chiefs like that idiot woman in charge of the Met etc.

    We definitely need a great cleansing operation to begin and hanging traitors does need to be brought back as a capital offence so as to be a deterrent.

    In my opinion, every country needs capital punishment for treason and the promotion of national genocide even if it is considered to be unnecessary or excessive for other serious offences like murder or drug trafficking as in Singapore.








  7. http://www.marinabaysands.com





    Visit Changi Airport but make sure you take care of your luggage at all times, don’t let it out of your sight because if you do and someone plants some drugs in there of a sufficient quantity you may find yourself in court and sentenced to the hangman’s noose!😄



      1. That is good to know. Drug taking and especially dealing in them are and should remain serious offences for good reasons one of which is that they can be at the root of other bad crimes like murder and violent assaults, robberies etc. We should take drug possession and dealing in particular more seriously than we do at present in this country though whether we should go as far as Singapore does in this regard is a matter for some debate. Certainly, more lengthy prison sentences should be doled out for those found guilty of supplying them.

        About the only drug that should be treated less seriously is cannabis and then only for strictly medical reasons.


  8. Whether we should get out of the Council of Europe so we can reintroduce capital punishment and perhaps have it for drug dealers over a certain amount as in Singapore is a matter for debate but I see nothing wrong in having more stringent minimum and maximum prison terms for them and punishing them by judicial corporal punishment via the rattan cane like in that South East Asian city-state.

    Certainly, flogging drug dealers with a rattan cane is severe but, let us look on the bright side, they will get a sore bum but they are not killed so Amnesty International and the ‘do gooders’ brigade can’t complain too much, can they?🤣😄😂😎


  9. Apart from that small minority of people who can benefit from taking cannabis for strictly medical reasons, I see absolutely no reason why people should take drugs. We should show drug users and especially dealers zero tolerance as a society.


  10. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has openly refused to rule out mandatory Covid vaccinations: “I’ve learned not to rule things out during this pandemic because you have to watch what happens and make judgements accordingly.” on Talk Radio interview with Julia Hartley Brewer 16th November. What a sly little shit. youtu.be/fa5ruw4nOLg


    1. DJF:
      Thank you.

      I noticed that.

      Of course, many would refuse, including me, but what force will be used to impose the “vaccine”? Probably “if you have no ‘innoculation’, you cannot ABCDE…” (travel, work, go into banks or post offices etc…)


    2. No, you leave little Matty Hancock alone! He is developing as a cabinet minister and might make a good replacement for this country’s worst ‘Tory’ Home Secretary ever ie the simply excretable Priti Useless but then one of my relative’s pet dogs would as well.🙄🤬😡

      Mr Hancock is also ethnically an Englishman as far as I can ascertain which is a rarity nowdays with this joke of a cabinet. He looks to have the appropriate authoritarian tendencies to be a good Home Secretary as well.


    3. You can’t really blame him for being sly with her.Even by the standards of the DAILY EXPRESS comic she is a remarkably stupid Tory/UKIP/Brexit ‘party’ or whatever other name MI6/MI5/Special Branch agent Nigel has come up with this week bitch!

      Just WHERE does the Tory Party/UKIP/Brexit ‘party’ unearth these stupid women?


  11. Alison Chabloz’s case typifies “Justice delayed is justice denied”. I se you quote Roanna Taylor of the bizarrely named “Resisting Hate”. She is paid by Derbyshire Constabulary and is the greatest recruiter the far right ever had.


    1. Mr. Goggins:
      I recently saw a video clip of that Roanna person talking about using a dismembered spider in one of her “magic spells”. I have to say that the look of *her* was like nothing more than a very large bloated spider sitting in a dark corner. Maybe these things return to sender, like a boomerang… Certainly the computer-generated picture of her on the Twitter profile looks nothing like the real thing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, a distinct dichotomy between the svelte fictional Ms Calories-Failure and the morbidly obese reality. In 40 years with the left (1977-2007) I never knew anyone to go to the police as much as she does. Raises questions on who pays her.


  12. Very revealing, but nor surprising that that group of hypocrites called “The Free Speech Union” hasn’t raised a finger in support of Alison Chabloz. They are part of the same “respectable” (and despicable) crowd that follows that UTube channel called “The New Culture Channel” who glorifies and promotes fakes and bastards like Nigel Farage and Laurence Fox. “kosher nationalism” 100%!


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