Diary Blog, 30 November 2020, including Brexit, Scottish independence, and business predators

A pretty good graphic, though designed for American conditions of society rather than British/European.

Philip Green

The Jew business predator, Philip Green, was discussed on BBC Radio 4 Today. Lord Myners [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Myners,_Baron_Myners] said that Green is “what in the 1970s we called an asset-stripper“, who has never built up or created a brand, but, “highly-geared” (i.e. swimming in debt), bought businesses and then “ran them into the ground.”

Any decent country would hold Green upside down and shake him until all the gold fell out of his pockets. His catspaw, Chappell, is sitting in prison for a few years now [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominic_Chappell] but Green himself has, it seems, still hundreds if not thousands of millions of pounds (largely in the name of his wife), and several megayachts based in Monaco.

It may be (and Lord Myners mentioned the problem, though diplomatically) that Green may have, in effect, defrauded the pensioners who worked in the Arcadia Group companies, just as the Jew [called] “Robert Maxwell” did in respect of Daily Mirror pensioners. Maxwell, of course, has long ago gone up the chimney, and his daughter, the one-time chief “ho” of the Jew paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is in prison in New York and awaiting trial.

When will people wake up to the fact that in —at least— (((one))) way, “Hitler was right”?…

Speaking of (((predators))), remember Brooks Newmark [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooks_Newmark], the American Jew (Jew by birth, and so genetics, but now a Roman Catholic in terms of religious affiliation), who had to resign as MP after having been involved in sex scandals? Well, this is how he is now profiteering out of “the virus” and the NHS:


I have favoured Leave or Brexit for at least 10 years, but realized years ago, at the time of and after the 2016 referendum, that not only was it being sabotaged in various ways, but simultaneously mismanaged by a number of incompetent “Conservative” ministers, among them several members of the present Cabinet of clowns.

It seems that the UK will (in reality) leave the EU soon. Plans seem not very advanced as to what will then happen and how to deal with it all.

The “virus”, or rather the measures employed in reaction to it, will add to any Brexit chaos. Whether there will be interruption of supply of food and/or medicines, is apparently up in the air.


It seems that about 70,000 people are being infected with “the virus” daily in the UK, and about 1 person out of every 350 (known to be) infected is dying of or with it. Bearing in mind that only a fraction of actually infected people are known to be so infected, the real figure may be as low as one death per several thousand infectees.

Britain must open up again, get rid of all the interfering measures in place for months, and breathe free again. In particular, the facemask nonsense must be chucked in the bin.

Morning music

Scottish “independence”

As said on previous occasions, if the Scottish people want to separate from England and Wales (and Northern Ireland), well, fine.

It does, I admit, seem to me a strange idea of both “nationalism” and “independence” to remain under the wing (or thumb, or heel) of the EU, the international banks, NATO (probably), not to mention the Jewish-Zionist lobby (which plainly has its claws into Sturgeon and the SNP). Also, “nationalism” that encourages migration-invasion? The SNP minister now cracking down on free speech is a Pakistani. How does that work? Oh…I see. Said Pakistani has a Scottish accent, so he is more Scottish than am I, despite my Franco-Scottish surname and likely part-Scottish ancestry. Or so believes the SNP.

Of course, any departure from the Union would be the end for the Labour Party at Westminster. True, Labour only has 1 MP in a Scottish seat anyway, but if the SNP departs from Westminster, along with its 47 MPs, that leaves the Conservative Party all but unassailable at Westminster on present showing.

Scottish independence would remove any chance for Labour to form even a minority government at Westminster. The 47 SNP MPs,1 Scottish Labour MP and 4 Scottish LibDems, 52 in all, would not be available to form a coalition. Labour, on present showing, would be left with 225 Labour and Labour Co-op MPs, whereas the Conservatives would still have 358 MPs.

Even taking into account all the other non-Conservative Party MPs, that would still leave the Cons with a majority of something like 118, i.e. 38 more than at present. An even more firmly-embedded “elected dictatorship”.

The arithmetic is stark. The Labour Party could not even pretend to be a potential party of government.

On the above premises, Scottish “Independence” might not be completely unattractive to some of the Conservative Party…

As to the Scots themselves…

As Hitler said of the Weimar Republic Germans, “they want not only their daily bread but also their daily illusion“…

Tweets seen


Afternoon music

Tweets seen

The facemask nonsense must be junked at once.

This is a doomed campaign by Hitchens. The idea that MPs will be frightened by the possible —but in most cases unlikely— loss of a Westminster seat one, two, three or four years down the line from now, is ridiculous. Some things can frighten MPs, but this is not one of them.

The flaw there is the conflation of “law” (or “laws”) with “the rule of law”. We are in a situation where (and it has happened gradually, over 10+ years) the UK Government has become less and less a government under law, and more and more just a regime laying down laws

Obscure but worthwhile piano concerto


More tweets

Just saw the above. Not sure what to make of it.

I have reposted the above tweets because they seem interesting, not because I endorse the organization. I have not yet examined that.

More tweets seen

Meanwhile, the Jew Green and his family sit on their vulgar megayacht (or one of the three), drinking champagne, as the British employees of Arcadia look towards a bleak Christmas (the Christmas presumably not celebrated by the Greens) and a bleaker future.


This latest stupid sub-legal “rule” (“no drinkee without more eatee than a snackee”) is even more stupid than most of this nonsense. What “science” dictated it? None. Look at the news today! No.10 asked to pronounce on whether a pasty is OK, or a Scotch Egg!

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 November 2020, including Brexit, Scottish independence, and business predators”

  1. NO,, instead, this wretchedly incompetent ‘government’ should GET SERIOUS about the viral PANDEMIC and impose MASSIVELY HIGHER fines on the selfish, self-serving, BASTARDS who contemptuously ignore the restrictions and potentially cause MANSLAUGHTER of innocent, vulnerable people!

    Indeed, not only much bigger fines should be imposed on these disgraceful scumbags but PRISON SENTENCES as well like in well-run Singapore with its mere 28 deaths from Covid-19.

    There, the authorities can fine you up to 10,000 dollars for a first OFFENCE and a prison term of up to SIX MONTHS and a second one will cost you up to 20,000 dollars or a prison term in one of their austere dungeons of up to ONE YEAR.

    An example needs to be made of the wicked, selfish, SCUM who willingly flout these restrictions by the courts and potentially cause the MANSLAUGHTER of others. Manslaughter should be regarded as a serious CRIME. Certainly, it was once even in this now sadly degenerate country!


  2. So we have ‘only’ 70,000 new infections A DAY then! Well, that is ok then – NOT!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Proof then that too many innately selfish bastards are NOT abiding by the restrictions!

    It really is about time disgracefully irresponsible libertarian loony wankers like Lozza Fox, Peter Hitchens and that ever so pathetic little worm, Darren Grimes, were locked-up and put away.

    Encouraging people to break the law in this regard should NOT be tolerated in anyway. These utter scumbags are potentially causing the MANSLAUGHTER of innocent, vulnerable people..

    Even in this sick and degenerate country manslaughter and the encouragement of it used to he regarded as a serious crime.🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬

    Time to get tough as the government of that sensible, law-abiding oasis of South East Asia ie Singapore does:




  3. Grow-up, Lawrence Fox! Your so-called ‘right’ to ‘muh freedom’ shouldn’t and indeed MUST NOT override REAL rights like the right to LIFE and the good heath of vulnerable people in the community.🙄🙄🙄

    Just effing GROW-UP, you pathetic libertarian extremist wanker and piss off to the USA where your libertarian lunacy is causing huge death rates from Covid 19. Indeed, the USA is so badly infected now they are close to the point of no return.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. Oh, and by the way, we DON’T want as a country yet another braindead libertarian ‘party’! We have already had enough of those what with UKIP then Nigel ‘The Grifter’ Fraudulent ‘Tory Boy’ Farage’s Brexit ‘party’ and now your new ridiculous little outfit!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Oh look, not only do we have these selfish, criminal scumbags at home we utterly disgracefully send them aboard to cause havoc and criminality even in former colonies of ours like Singapore:


    What a disgrace that these scumbags embarrassed us there!😡🤬😞☹️

    Still, at least the courts in Singapore won’t tolerate that behaviour and have a ‘go book ‘em, Danno!’ attitude to fighting crime!😂🍷😎🤣👌😷😷😷😎😎😎😂😂😂🍷🍷


  6. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/six-members-of-12-person-gathering-on-lazarus-island-fined-3000-each-for

    Break the law or Covid-19 regulations in Singapore and you won’t have the chance to be a simpering, pathetic, libertarian loony, selfish bastard but will find yourself quickly in a court there and encounter swift and sure justice!



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