Diary Blog, 29 November 2020, including some economic thoughts

The “lockdown” zealots should read this piece, even if it is by faux-proletarian scribbler Dan Hodges: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8996569/DAN-HODGES-time-Tory-MPs-told-Boris-stumbling-lockdown-lockdown-isnt-strategy.html.

“[Some Conservative MPs] believe Boris is no longer even clear in his own mind what his strategy is. 

I don’t think even he knows what he’s trying to achieve now,’ a senior backbencher told me.

A cheery belief that something will turn up is not a strategy…Just as issuing increasingly vacuous homages to British stoicism, while roughly and randomly manhandling the British people from one lockdown tier to another, isn’t a strategy… ‘Everything will be all right in the end,’ Boris said last week. It won’t. And if he cannot see that, then the time has come for Tory MPs to make him face reality.” [Daily Mail]

Let us assume for a moment that the vaccine(s) expected actually work. What then? There is every chance that “the virus” will mutate, rendering the vaccine(s) almost useless. Or another virus may emerge, far worse than “Covid-19”.

Meanwhile, the economy of the UK will have been trashed to the extent that it may never recover.

People may think that I am being alarmist, but look at the facts. The UK economy was badly damaged by the First World War and the consequent government debt.

The Second World War made matters worse overall. Britain was saved, up to a point, by North Sea oil and gas, which started to come on stream in the late 1960s.

Another factor keeping Britain afloat after WW2 was the expansion of the world economy, with Britain advantaged in Africa and elsewhere by the policy of “Imperial Preference”.

Again, Britain after WW2 still had a functioning industrial and skills base, more so than the damaged, in some cases shattered, economies of mainland Europe.

However, instead of creating a wealth fund, as Norway and other oil producing states have done, the UK squandered its black gold on the same things noted by Correlli Barnett in relation to post-1945 policy: maintaining a mirage of being a global power, maintaining the Welfare State inc. NHS, and leaching money to private capitalist entities (such as the oil companies themselves).

The long-term trends are the ones that matter. Take the value of the US Dollar vis a vis the Pound Sterling. The pound/dollar exchange rate has freely floated since 1971, prior to which the official rate was fixed.

In 1972, the pound, boosted by North Sea oil and expansionist economic policies under Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber, reached not far short of USD $3 (about $2.70).

The pre-1971 rates cannot be compared to that because they were fixed. Prior to the 1930s, the UK was on the gold standard, so again the rates were not floating in the manner in which they now are. Still, it is interesting to reflect on the fact that the effective exchange rate in 1919 was about £1 Sterling to USD $4.50. It has been suggested that the rate in 1860, prior to the American Civil War, was effectively about £1 to $8!

At present, the pound is worth around USD $1.30, and that despite the poor state of the US Dollar itself.

The UK economy has become, since the 1970s, largely a service industry economy. The “lockdowns”, the facemask nonsense etc have hit the service industries hard.

As to the retail sector, it may have maintained some level of sales by reason of Internet traffic, but that is no consolation to the thousands of people now losing their jobs in the “High Street” economy. Only yesterday came the news that Debenhams may finally collapse: https://www.cityam.com/philip-greens-arcadia-collapse-to-push-debenhams-to-the-brink/.

The untold billions being sprayed across the economy by Rishi Sunak merely freeze the situation overall. The largesse “solves” nothing.

Already, 2.5M-3M unemployed are forecast for the UK by next year. That could turn into six million by 2022 (strange, that “six million” again…). Such events could give social-national politics the best chance since the 1930s, maybe even better. There has to be a suitable vehicle first.

It seems clear to me that the international “consensus” or “conspiracy” has decided to throw Europe as a whole on the scrapheap for several reasons. North America and the Far East are to be built up as world trading hubs. Europe is surplus to requirements. Its peoples are surplus to requirements.

This is what is behind so-called “Great Replacement” of Europeans by the blacks, browns and others. Once Europe consists mainly of blacks, browns, mixed-race offspring of mixed parentage, that new population will become a mass of controllable “pleb” consumers and serfs, raceless, cultureless, powerless.

That mass will be controlled and ruled by a oligarchic cabal or collection of cabals. Not merely Jews, though the Jewish-Zionist element will be major in all of it, and indeed already is.

The “Great Reset”. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. NWO/ZOG.


You can see the propaganda softening-up taking place. TV ads, “soaps”, TV dramas etc. All pushing the “mixed-race future” of what amounts to “White Genocide” to the so-far largely-supine British (and other European) masses.


There is only one way out of this for Europe— a social-national “reset”.

Tweets seen today


“The Party Formerly Known As Labour” has nothing to offer the British people.

More tweets seen

The SNP is the fake party par excellence, with its strident faux-nationalism and its support for both the Jewish lobby and the migration-invasion. Now it is pushing for even tighter control over freedom of expression, the “minister” behind that being of Pakistani origins.

In a way, I would love to see the SNP get —nominal— “independence” for Scotland, so that I could see the ruination thereby produced then —eventually— be visited upon the SNP, and on Sturgeon herself.

The NHS was a fine idea in its concept, and in many ways the NHS is a fine institution with very many very good people working in it. It does have flaws though, and it should not be a religion-substitute (as it is for many).

Personally, I do not favour custard-pie or milkshake-throwing as political statements; they trivialize resistance to the encroaching police state.

The prisoner eventually learns to be grateful to his captors for almost anything. Once he has accepted his position as powerless victim, even the things he used to count as normal become luxuries. 

So it is with most of us. Since we marched obediently into captivity last spring, we have turned servile. Look at us now, arguing about whether we should be in one tier of absurd limits on our lives, or another.”

None of this has worked. As I have pointed out from the start, there is no evidence that the repeated throttling of our society and economy has saved a single life. Plenty of research confirms this.”


if lawful protest is ignored, what do people think is going to happen when the P45s and the bankruptcies spread like a great puce blot across the country through the miserable winter months, and next spring brings no real release?

The nonsense becomes ever more nonsensical, but some of the public are almost begging to be controlled more! What pathetic little serfs they are! How did Britain ever create an empire spanning a third of the entire world at one point? See the tweet by one David Wennington, below

Boris-idiot, famously, “does not do detail”; trouble is, he is no good at “big picture” strategy either…

As to all these nonsense conspiracy theories about creating a police state, they are just that: nonsense.” [Sarah Vine, Daily Mail]

Sarah Vine, scribbler, is of course married to Jewish-lobby doormat and expenses fraudster (and Cabinet Minister), Michael Gove.

“Nonsense”? Tell that to those who were walking in the Peak District when the toytown police state sent drones overhead to lecture them. Tell that to those whom the police stopped from driving harmlessly on motorways. Tell that to those brutalized by police because protesting about “virus” “lockdowns” etc.

That article is chick-lit-lite rubbish.

The readers’ comments in the Daily Mail are, to say the least, critical…

Some interesting words about women and their place in society, from Dr. Goebbels





Tweets seen

The Great Replacement, The Great Reset. NWO. ZOG.

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16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 November 2020, including some economic thoughts”

  1. Perhaps these no doubt libertarian nutcases in the CONServative Party should have thought a bit more deeply last year before going ga ga over Boris and recommending him so strongly to ninety and 100 year old Tory members with senile dementia?🙄🙄🙄

    Perhaps, they should have been concerned with the attributes PMs need to have rather than be so totally OBSESSED to the point of utter tedium over Brexit?🙄🙄

    Jeremy Hunt would have made a perfectly capable party leader and PM! Also, he would STILL have won the election with a perfectly workable majority of about fifty seats!🙄


  2. IF these Tory MPs had half a functioning brain cell between them and had a heart and common sense they would realise that Priti Useless is one of the main causes of the crisis in Britain. After all, she allowed the virus to get a grip in this country by not bothering to impose ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country with outright bans etc from people in countries China etc as sensible countries like Japan under their former ‘Japan First’ PM, Shinzo Abe, did.

    FFS, even Covid-19 denier, President Trump, managed to get around to placing some mild travel restrictions to the US IN MARCH.🙄🙄🙄


  3. Priti fucking Useless has therefore highly contributed to Britain’s disgracefully high death rate AND for those Tory libertarian morons like Hitchens who think jobs and the economy matter more than LIVES do to economic damage as well. 🙄😡🤬

    It is high time Priti was sacked for her grotesque negligence in effectively MURDERING thousands of people.

    Though if I had my way that extremely annoying, gormless and arrogant smirk she wears all the time would be wiped-away permanently by her swinging on the end of a hangman’s noose!

    What was good enough for Ruth Ellis is perfectly justifiable for an Indian murdering thousands of Britons through either grotesque negligence or, as I suspect, DELIBERATE globalist open borders supporting intent.🤬😡😞☹️


  4. Yes Gerrard Batten, why not do as your fellow libertarian on this issue at least Peter Hitchens does and cover-up for Priti Patel and HER grotesque non actions!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Nick Griffin, the REAL filth were not the police yesterday but those who protested against the restrictions without wearing masks or socially distancing themselves.🙄🤬😡

    They DON’T have a right to protest if they are not willing to follow the restrictions and potentially put people’s lives at risk.🤬😡

    If some of them got hurt by the police well that is bad but these people don’t think of others by not protesting responsibly so they can’t complain too loudly.

    The police though SHOULD be completely free from bias and treat ALL demonstrators the same including those yobs from the neo-Marxist and racist Black Lives Matter group.

    It is time the police went back to the days of strictly-observed political neutrality but then to achieve that we would have to remove them entirely from the control of the British state and hand their control over to a new National Public Safety Commission run by independent policing experts.


  6. Peter Hitchens, the deaths in Sweden are NOT low if you compare them with the culturally similar and neighbouring countries of Norway, Finland and Denmark and nor is Sweden’s case rate.

    Sweden is a FAILURE as far as Covid-19 is concerned. All you have to do to ascertain this is to go to google’s search box and type in Sweden Covid 19 and then a whole raft of new stories will come up proving this.

    Change the record, Peter! Sweden is a failure alongside libertarian and GLOBALIST OPEN BORDERS ‘Britain’ under Boris The Buffoon and Priti effing Useless.🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


  7. Peter, will you please STOP writing utterly irresponsible articles in the Sunday Tory Moron effectively encouraging people to wilfully break the regulations? If can’t refrain from doing this then even this pathetic shambles of a ‘government’ will have to arrest you and put you in jail where you belong.

    One thing is for sure, your agitation would NOT be tolerated by the government of well-run Singapore.


  8. Perhaps Ian, you could write a blog post on any similarities between conditions in the UK today, in particular the ongoing draining of middle class wealth
    “Chancellor considers middle class tax raid to pay for pandemic
    debt mountain” Sky News
    and of those in pre WWII Germany, as documented by Arthur Bryant in his book Unfinished Victory (and others). We presently have many of the factors in place in the UK that produced National Socialism in Germany.


    1. Yes, the ‘Britain’ of today shares quite a few similarities with Weimar Germany from many examples of degeneracy, moral decline, lawlessness, useless and politically biased police forces, consistent high unemployment, a globalist government that cares more for foreigners than indigenous Britons, a sick globalist open borders supporting media, Zionist groups with far too much influence, a growing division between the ultra-rich on the one hand and the poor and middle-classes on the other etc.

      Many ordinary Germans in the 1920’s and early 1930’s thought Germany was heading in the wrong direction. We should think ‘Britain’ in the year 2020 is also doing so.


  9. Shut-up, Sarah Vine or is it VILE? If you have enough bad taste to marry Tory Coke snorter/drug addict and Zionist/Israel FirstLobby puppet, Michael Gove, then your pathetic scribbling isn’t worth reading.


    1. A black man calling into a radio station today on the topic of stop and search, suggested that Gove in particular and other MP’s in general ought to be subjected to stop and search outside the Houses of Parliament. His opinion was that without MPs like Gove using coke, young black men wouldn’t be drawn into selling drugs and the associated stabbings. I see no flaw in that argument, supply and demand.


  10. Just GROW-UP, Peter Hichens,! you utter libertarian loony WEIRDO! You can’t have complete personal freedom in a worldwide viral pandemic without a viable and safe vaccine being widely available! Duh!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  11. I think that even Boris’s leaky, not particularly effectively enforced lockdown and social distancing regulations HAVE saved at least one life if not quite a few.

    Peter, you really do need to see the men in white coats if you genuinely believe that these measures have not saved at least one person’s life!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Peter Hitchens has gone even more ga ga than he was before on this issue and he wasn’t too sane before!


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