Diary Blog, 3 December 2020

I’m educated, me!

More farcical news. It seems that “because of the disruption caused to education by Coronavirus“, school pupils and others will have their exams marked “more generously” in 2021. In addition, they will be tipped off as to which topics within subjects will be particularly examined!

You really could not make it up! Or, as Victor Meldrew would say, “I don’t believe it!“. Except that I do believe it, because it is entirely consonant with the tenor of the times. Award inflation has become a notorious fact over the past two decades. Something like 35% of students at Oxford and Cambridge are now awarded First Class degrees (at one time awarded only to the brilliant few), and no less than 94% are now being awarded either Firsts or Upper Seconds.

Likewise at the secondary educational level. The school student who gets (in the Americanized vocabulary of the day) “straight-As”, is now almost the rule.

The reality is not so shining, and is not infrequently clear even on shows such as University Challenge, the showcase of “la creme de la creme“.

We might as well just give high marks to everyone, and have done with it! Oh, no, wait… we already do.

I suppose that the Government announcement is a political move designed to mollify the young, to “stuff their mouths with gold” (or at least Fool’s Gold).

Better news


Loony feminist nonsense

The tweeter above carries the —increasingly meaningless— rank of “Professor”…

Corporate crime


Tweets seen

First, tragedy…?


Marx might even be amused at this “proof” of his dictum about historical recurrence as “first tragedy, then farce“.

Britain 2020


Mitigating for Moyo, defence lawyer Michael Goldwater said: “He came to this country at age 20 and lived in Coventry with his family and remained there until his release from his last prison sentence in 2016.”


Need one say more?

Tweets seen

The Tsar meant well, most of the time, but was not really up to ruling an empire in turbulent times.

That’s among Labour Party members and members of the voting public. Among the Jews, though, Starmer’s ratings are sky-high…

I blogged about both Owen Jones and Peter Hitchens, and about both meeting and talking together, quite a long time ago now: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/

Late music

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 December 2020”

  1. More constant pro vax propaganda today on the lying MSM. Yet here is their Achilles Heel; there can be NO available medical data yet on the long term effects of this vaccine on pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes or even pregnancy due to the fact this vaccine was made only in March of this year. Long term research into the compatibility with existing medication(s) has not been done. Yet on Monday they intend to roll this out on the most vulnerable in society many if not all of whom will have these pre existing medical issues. Now any half competent member of HM Opposition or Journalist should be asking this question. Surely all it would take to bring down this Government is an emergency application for judicial review to stop this action before Monday by way of an injunction. Once the vaccine programme is halted the entire Government strategy would collapse like the house of cards it is and Johnson, Hancock et al would have no alternative but to resign. Or am I just naïve ?


    1. DJF:
      “”Naive” is not a nice word”, to misquote from the film “Casablanca”… Let’s just say that you are an optimist!

      A judicial review first application (it is a 2-stage process) *might* succeed to the extent of triggering a full application, but even if getting beyond that first hurdle would probably fail at that stage, in that the Government’s action is not, eg, beyond its powers, eg not unreasonable in the *Wednesbury* sense, etc.


      At one time I did quite a few JR applications, though 25+ years ago.

      It is, imo, always bold to assert that a government or a minister would have “no choice” but to resign. Limpets. Rocks. You get the idea…


      1. Ian thank you for the reply. I am sure you are correct when you say such an application would be unlikely to succeed in a legal sense but I am not so sure the inherent publicity surrounding the lack of data around health concerns would fail politically; given that millions of Britons are currently on prescribed long term medication to which there is no medical evidence whatsoever to negate long term side effects when mixed with whatever vaccine is to be mandated. If they can exempt pregnant women from (coercive) vaccination then they cannot dismiss this out of hand, however much they might like to.


  2. How absolutely wonderful to learn that Naomi Windbag Idrissi has been suspended from Labour.

    That dreadful woman spent years trying to convince people they shouldn’t allow Gilad Atzmon to have a platform, just because she didn’t agree with his views. There is a film about Gilad’s life named “Gilad and All That Jazz” and Idrissi is in it. Idrissi is filmed standing outside a venue berating people who are attending the launch of Gilad’s book “The Wandering Who”.

    It makes not one iota of difference if Jews are pro Palestine, anti Israel or rabid zionists, they are all anti free speech. All Jews believe they and only they, hold the correct views and all those who oppose them should be silenced.

    It couldn’t have happened to a ‘nicer’ woman and I shall be mostly fully engaging in Schadenfreude for the rest of today.

    Only someone falling off their yacht could give me more pleasure.


    1. Velvet88:
      I know little about that Jewish woman, but it is a proven fact that neurosis is far more prevalent in Jews than it is in real Europeans. Some Jews even make a career out of comedy films about it. Woody Allen, for one.


      1. Windbag-Idrissi is described as a ‘Senior Official’ in ‘Jewish Voice For Labour’.

        JVL is an ethnically exclusive group which only accepts goyim as ‘solidarity members’ – I believe they don’t get to vote on matters.

        The application form asks the question “Do you identify as Jewish?” presumably so they can relegate a goy to being 2nd category member.

        You have to love that lefty/Labour principle of equality.


      2. That wouldn’t be surprising since Jews are a different race to us as fanatical Zionists will admit to and that is one of the the basic principles of Zionism ie that Jews comprise a worldwide ethnic and cultural community and it isn’t just a religion- a point of view Adolf shared. No wonder some people say Israel is a mirror image of National Socialist Germany in that the regimes in both countries were extremely nationalistic. Israel, under whatever party governs there, still is. Indeed, apart from Japan, China. Taiwan and the two Koreas few nations are allowed to be nationalistic apart from Israel. Certainly, nationalism of an ethnic kind is severely frowned-upon in Europe let alone here.


  3. Don’t Jews get Tay Sacs disease? More frequently than Gentiles do or is it actually a unique disease amongst them we don’t get? I know there is at least one disease that they have more than us due to their genetics differing.


      1. Hitler was neurotic. There used to be a rumour that the Fuhrer had some Jewish ancestry from one of his grandparents or great grandparents. On the surface, this does appear to be not credible but then I’ve always thought that Hitler didn’t entirely resemble the native Austrian he was meant to have been. I’ve visited Germany on a school exchange and Austria on holiday and to be frank I didn’t see any natives of those countries who looked like Hitler. The Fuhrer did appear to have some skin colour and a couple of facial features not entirely in keeping with 100% Austrian or European ancestry.

        Hitler as a partial ‘self-hating Jew’? Well, strange things do happen at times!


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        An Irish journalist who met Hitler in the 1920s described him as “an Alpine type” rather than typically Germanic from the outward aspect.

        I do not think that “neurotic” describes Hitler. People often say how he sometimes lost his temper during the latter days of WW2. No more than Norman Schwarzkopf during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Schwarzkopf had 10x the military power of his Iraqi opponents, and was in no direct peril either directly or of being defeated. Hitler was surrounded by traitors in the Army (Wehrmacht) hierarchy, was facing a massive invasion from the East, crumbling fronts, crumbling alliances, invasion from the West too, combined with the equally massive American and British air devastation of, inter alia, the cities of the Reich. One might imagine that he might feel pressured or peeved occasionally…

        In films etc, the Jews have somewhat remade Hitler in their own image.

        There is no credible evidence that Hitler was part-Jew. Another Jewish fantasy. You see the like, writ small, on Twitter, when Jews claim that X (who dislikes Jews or criticizes their behaviour) “must be” or “wishes that” he/she were Jewish! Admittedly, I do not think that even the Jews, with all their notorious cheek, have ever said that of me!


  4. Peter, I think that Ben is right in calling you mental. Until March of this year, I did think you were relatively sane and had some good points to to make about quite a few issues but since you started your daily rants about Covid-19 and the measures which have been taken against it I have begun to think you are unhinged and should visit the men in white coats.

    I have no problem with the general stance the government has taken though I differ on some specifics and I do think your libertarian ‘let it rip’ policy line couldn’t be more inappropriate and irresponsibly dangerous as the USA is showing ie they had more than 3,000 deaths just today and their case rate has increased by about FOUR MILLION in a little over ONE MONTH.🙄


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