Diary Blog, 31 December 2020


Just heard a story from someone; secondhand but thought reliable.

A lady in her nineties, in hospital for various matters, has apparently just been tested for “the virus” in hospital (where she had already been staying for about a month), and the test was positive.

The said person has no symptoms of “the virus” at all, but has now been put into an even more isolated ward than the one in which she had stayed for weeks. All the nurses and doctors, and I think the patients, wear masks pretty much constantly. I presume that hands are washed frequently.

The above seems to establish, at least on the balance of probabilities, that facemasks are pretty much irrelevant in terms of protection from “the virus”. Also, that the best way to get this virus is to be admitted to an NHS hospital…

Incidentally, I happened to see the comment below somewhere:

I have no idea whether that is arrant nonsense or not. It would seem to fit in with the “Great Reset”, though.

UK decadence

Two couples walk hand in hand as they make their way to a bar in central Liverpool ahead of the Tier 3 restrictions coming into force at midnight
[white women with blacks, Liverpool, 30 December 2020…]

Some aspects of contemporary Britain’s social life must be eradicated.

Ha ha!


Tweets seen


Belatedly, I did the quiz from last Saturday and, after the previous week’s defeat, am now again ahead of John Rentoul, who scored 5/10 this time. I myself managed 6/10. I failed on questions 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Interesting msm report from Germany

In 2008, just as Lehman Brothers imploded and the world descended into the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, Franco A. joined the army. He was 19.

In no time, he was selected as one of only a handful of German officer cadets to attend the prestigious Saint-Cyr military academy in France, founded in 1802 by Napoleon.

His five years abroad included semesters at Sciences Po in Paris and King’s College London as well as at Sandhurst, one of the British Army’s premier officer training schools, and a summer session at the University of Cambridge.

In 2013, he wrote a master’s thesis, “Political Change and Strategy of Subversion.”

Over 169 pages, Franco A. argued that the downfall of great civilizations had always been immigration and the dilution of racial purity brought about by subversive minorities. Europe and the West were next in line if they did not defend themselves, he said.

Ethnically diverse societies were unstable, he wrote, and nations that allow migration were committing a form of “genocide.”

His final section posits that the Old Testament was the foundation of all subversion, a blueprint for Jews to gain global dominance. It might be, he said, “the biggest conspiracy in the history of humanity.”

Franco A. himself began stockpiling a “prepper” cellar with food rations and other supplies. He also began obtaining guns and ammunition illegally, prosecutors say.” [New York Times]

Europ erwache!

Tweets seen

Exactly. Look at the story at the head of today’s blog: an old lady, aged somewhere around 94 years old, now a statistic— a “new Covid-19 case”, because she has tested positive after a routine hospital check. In reality, that old lady has no symptoms at all, though she has lived, I am told, with several other serious medical conditions, and for some years.

That person is now part of the panicdemic narrative and will probably show up very soon in the official statistics, as part of the “second wave”, but what has changed, in reality? Nothing.

The “@amy_amorie” account is one of the best on Twitter.

The Razor’s Edge, a superb film, based on a Somerset Maugham story, and released in 1946 (there was a later, very poor, remake). A box-office flop, but an artistic triumph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Razor%27s_Edge_(1946_film)

A ghost story for New Year’s Eve

[M.R. James, A Warning to the Curious]

Afternoon music

Late music

Happy New Year

38 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 December 2020”

  1. Just fuck off and either shut-up, Peter Hitchens, or preferably die of Covid 19, you evil cunt but no, a wretched scumbag like you won’t do that, will you, being the selfish, libertarian arsehole that you are. Instead you take a perverse pleasure in encouraging people to openly flout the regulations and thus put DECENT people into an early grave.🤬😡

    Even by your own increasingly abysmal standards, Peter, that last tweet Is beneath contempt. You are now openly encouraging an insurrection against the government and there is only one sensible action for this government to take and that is to lock you up for several months or years as the government of sensible Singapore would have already done to vile, death from Covid 19 encouraging scumbags like you,


  2. Just how many more times does this essential FACT have to be said: you CAN have Covid-19 WITHOUT showing obvious symptoms and thus you CAN pass it on to others who may be vulnerable without even knowing you are dong that hence lockdowns and social distancing, encouragement of using hand soap regularly and Carex 70% alcohol hand gel etc.🙄🙄🙄😷😷😷


    1. M’Lord of Essex, are you willing to have our society and its economy collapse completely, simply because of the fact (unfortunate as it is) that about 1 person out of every 1400 people in the UK is being killed by (or with…) this virus?


      1. Only lockdowns can be said to have truly bad effects upon the economy not social distancing regulations. The latter are put into place to try and protect the health of the public as a whole and to put the disease into reverse or stabilise its occurrence whilst still allowing some form of economic and social life to take place.


      2. They WOULD do if there was sufficient compliance with them with the government being serious at ENFORCING them as in sensible countries like notoriously authoritarian with the low Covid19 deaths/case rate and low violent and other crimes too to prove it Singapore!👌🍷😎😷


      3. Well, m’Lord of Essex, all I can say is that recently I have seen my “fellow-citizens” (rabbits) all wearing facemasks in Waitrose etc, and there are even a few lunatics doing so whe walking alone in cold and windy streets! I do not see much “non-compliance”…yet where is the effect?


      4. Peter and others are EMPHATICALLY NOT helping the economy when they effectively encourage people to wilfully flout the social distancing regulations. All this does is to increase the number of cases thus making many people, particularly old people who often have a great propensity to spend money in the shops, think the government hasn’t got on top of the disease thus they stay at home and don’t spend that money.🙄🙄🙄


  3. Is it not about time evil dimwits like Peter Hitchens who has now surely blown whatever credibility he once had speaking about other issues (and I for one do accept he did have that credibility regarding those) took the time to read and to fully understand these two Wikipedia articles, particularly the first one?:



    Also, I find it hard to understand how much credibility can be given to people like Peter who has been known to argue for the return of the hangman’s noose yet who attack the police for trying to enforce fairly mild social distancing regulations!🙄🙄🙄


  4. The choice is between full ‘lockdowns’ and social distancing NOT between lockdowns and social distancing OR a return to complete normality during what the World Health Organisation (WHO) still deems to be an ongoing worldwide viral pandemic.


  5. Whilst I have no love for Zionists, I think that first tweet may well be arrant nonsense. Iranians, after all, are not too friendly towards the state of Israel or with Zionists more generally-speaking and with some justified good reason to not be.

    Israel, by the way, is not having a good time with this pandemic. I believe they are now on their third REAL lockdown’.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      So Israel is on *third* lockdown. So much for the effectiveness, then!

      For whatever reason, the virus seems to be more dangerous to non-Europeans: Jews, Arabs, blacks etc. I read today (from a probably reliable source) that no less than 80% of the “Roma” and similar pests in the UK are “affected” (whatever that means) by this virus, or have been.


      1. I am not sure what Israel’s ‘lockdown’ actually entails. It may not be a REAL ‘lockdown’ as in being ordered to stay at home and not go out of the house apart from buying essentials like medicines/food but rmerely tougher rather tougher social distancing regulations ie gyms being forced to close instead of remaining open.

        Many people like Peter Hitchens who are against ANY of these measures purposefully confuse the two.


      2. So much for race being a mere ‘social construct’ and just about mere skin colour then according to nowdays loony-left globalist Tories, Labour, Greens, Liberal Democrats, Scottish Numpty/NON-Nationalist Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru etc.

        Any qualified GP will tell you differently. If this were not so then how comes Jews get Tay Sacks disease at increased rates than Europeans, blacks usually have more difficulty converting sunlight into useable Vitamin D inside their bodies and black men have higher levels, on average, of the male sex hormone testosterone hence their naturally higher aggressive natures compared to white men?


  6. The simple point is that NO lockdown or form of social distancing regulations will work without very large numbers of people with few exceptions obeying it or them.

    In the same way, immigration laws can be as tough as they sound like in ‘Tory’ Britain but without them being ENFORCED by this government as they invariably aren’t ie has Priti Useless even deported more than ten illegal immigrants yet whilst she has been one of our most utterly useless Home Secretaries on record?🙄 I doubt it. She certainly doesn’t do what she SHOULD do ie get planes deporting the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to leave the tarmac of Heathrow, Gatwick etc 24 HOURS A DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.🙄🙄🙄😡😡🤬🤬🤬😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


  7. Perhaps, Israelis are rather like too many Britons ie they regard the law as a personal inconvenience and an ‘optional extra’ they need not obey if they don’t feel like it? Perhaps Israelis and lawless Britons should be more like those wonderfully naturally obedient people of East Asia and South East Asia instead ie Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, South Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans? Maybe it is the fact they are self-disciplined in this way is the reason all of those countries are doing so much better in this pandemic than we or Israel is?


    1. What makes me laugh is people thinking Brexit will be a success! If too many Britons can’t cope abiding with Covid-19 social distancing regulations then the self-discipline the Japanese, for example, showed during their ‘economic miracle’ rise from bomb shattered wreck in 1945 to economic superpower level in the 1970’s to 1980’s simply isn’t there! Brexit won’t achieve anything what with it being botched anyway, the wrong globalist libertarian economic policies being pursued by the Torres instead of nationalist, interventionist ones as in Japan post WW2 and too many Britons being selfish, undisciplined yobs.


  8. And who is to say that German Army officer, Franco, is wrong in his thesis? Continual mass immigration into a country comprising hundreds of thousands or millions of people with no end of it in sight IS a form of genocide as the UN would describe it ie creating conditions of life calculated to bring about the end of a distinctive ethnic group.

    The great John Enoch Powell who was, undoubtedly, one of the greatest Tories who ever lived predicted that continual
    mass immigration would lead to eventual bloodshed in Britain and it might in Germany as well.


  9. I would say to that German Army officer and others like him in Germany well at least Germany, unlike Britain, does somewhat resemble a modern, true democracy where votes at general elections have an EQUAL WEIGHT to them WHEREVER they are cast and thus don’t form a part of a inherent ‘postcode lottery’ like under the archaic First Past The Post system so you can vote for the Alternative For Deutschland (Afd) party or the National Democratic Party (NPD) and have your concerns about continual, mass migration to Germany taken account of by the political system.

    In Britain, we don’t even have that so rebellion against the government is more justified in our case.




    1. As against that, m’Lord of Essex, “democracy” in Germany is heavily monitored and managed. Say the wrong thing and you get fined or even imprisoned. Now, the Jewish element in the UK makes the UK like that.


      1. That is the case in virtually all Western countries though. Yes, Germany has special laws that protect certain viewpoints about historical events.

        Apart from those laws, Germany is, in many ways, an exemplary modern democracy compared to profoundly undemocratic Britain eg their reasonably fair voting system compared to our undemocratic, ancient, overly simplistic and crude ‘postcode lottery’ rubbish.

        Infact, apart from the Kaiser’s period, Nazi Germany and Communist East Germany, that country has ALWAYS been more democratic than Britain.




      2. In other words, m’Lord of Essex, and taking the past 170 years, you think that Germany has been (and is) more democratic than the UK at all times *except* in the years 1870-1919, 1933-1945, 1945-1948 (the 4-power Occupation) and (in the West) 1948-present!

        That totals, out of those 150 years, 86 years in the west of Germany and only 45 years in the eastern part…


      3. A country like Britain which uses a voting system which at EVERY general election routinely ‘wastes’ a consistent number of about 50% of all votes put into it ie by these votes not contributing in anyway to electing a candidate in the 650 odd single-member constituencies can’t really claim to be much of a genuine democracy.

        In the genuine, modern democracy of Germany with their two vote Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP) system this ‘wasted vote’ figure is far lower ie around 20% or less don’t contribute to the result of a general election there.


      4. M’Lord of Essex:
        Far more than 50% of votes are wasted under present FTPT voting in the UK, in view of the fact that a third of voters do not vote, often for very good reason.


  10. BBC interviewed Professor Sarah Gilbert on 30th December and she let slip that she and her team had been working on the “new” Oxford-Astra Zeneca Vaccine for over a year. Over a year? You mean before December 2019 or even earlier? You mean even before the first reported outbreak in China in November 2019? Seriously, how extremely prescient of them to be working on a vaccine for a “virus” that hadn’t even happened yet. We are being played here. (https://youtu.be/U0oWUkKD0aM)


    1. DJF:
      the key figure in all this, in the UK, is neither Boris-idiot nor Little Matt Hancock but Professor Ferguson, who is *still* respectfully interviewed on the Today Programme etc. In February 2020, he predicted 800,000 deaths within months in the UK alone!

      Interestingly, Ferguson’s previous completely wrong prediction was around the foot and mouth outbreak nearly 20 years ago, as a result of which millions of animals were *sacrificed* (and I use the word deliberately) on massive pyres.

      We may be dealing with something actually and starkly Luciferic-Satanic here.

      Professor Ferguson was never impeded in his career despite that previous massively negligent (or was it?) error. He was key in the “Covid-19” fear propaganda campaign, despite having been exposed as a huge hypocrite in allowing his married “ho” to visit him during the ludicrous “lockdown”. Now I hear that he is meeting with Tony Blair etc. What is *really* happening here?


      1. I can’t stand Tony Bliar. I am immensely proud not to say a little bit smug to say I never voted for Bliar’s satanic globalist, open borders ‘New Labour’ contrick in 1997 like so many sadly gullible idiots did and I think that he should be executed via a long drop hanging on a charge of High Treason for his immigration and Iraq War polices but if he is trying to help this country get rid of this awful virus behind the scenes then I may gain a tiny amount of respect for him.


      2. And so Professor Fergusson should be, I would much rather listen to REAL experts such as a qualified virologist on Covid19 than a moronic Tory libertarian extremist idiot on this particular subject like Peter Hitchens whose sanity I am increasingly doubtful of since he went completely ga ga on Covid in March.

        Hitchens probably thinks you should listen to a cancer specialist when you need a heart surgeon or that Joseph Stalin’s or Pol Pot’s views should be seriously considered when discussing the finer points of democracy!


      3. I will venture to tell what is happening here. The “Lockdown” is the sound of a cell door being slammed shut behind you. We are now all prisoners of a pre-determined plan. There will be no effective opposition to the coerced and then mandatory vaccination programme which will be global in scale. Their aim is to vaccinate every man, woman and child – first by coerced consent and then by law. This will mean that within the foreseeable future access to even a supermarket will be by way of a scanned barcode on your phone or “Health Passport”. This will lead to further vaccinations as and when the “powers that be” deem it necessary to prevent a repeat of 2020 et al. No one will be spared. Do you really think they have gone to all this trouble to permit your “consent” to outweigh the health of everyone else? What will be in this or future vaccines will undoubtedly be linked to some control of fertility or, as fantastic as it may sound, some form of tracking of the human person which is currently the only thing not effectively monitored through mass data collation of every move you make whether by car, computer, phone or digital currency transactions. I pray I am completely and totally wrong.


      4. DJF:
        You may well be right. I have thought about your projected scenario but am unsure how far the System will go in the UK or globally.

        In the UK, my *guess* at present is that the low-hanging fruit will be picked first, meaning the 50% or more who accept the propaganda and are eager to be vaccinated. Children will eventually be vaccinated with minimal parental consent (no vaccine, no schooling).

        I imagine that, if “incentives” (and penalties) around travel (inc travel within UK) and entry to pubs and hotels etc are then mixed in, the total takeup in UK will rise to about 80%. Maybe more, if entry to hospital for treatment or visitation is made unlawful without vaccination.

        The open question is how far the UK ZOG/NWO regime will go in forcing the recalcitrant 20% (?) to be vaccinated.


    2. That might well be caused by the fact that several of these vaccines use technology that has been used in the past to deal with previous viral outbreaks like SARS in the Middle East and Far East in 2003. The researchers have incorporated their previous knowledge to develop very similar vaccines.

      One of the reasons the East Asian countries like South Korea and Taiwan have done so well with respect to how they have responded to Covid19 is because they didn’t too well then and have learnt the appropriate lessons ie having a national plan for pandemics which no doubt this manifestly incompetent ‘Tory’ government didn’t even have!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞


  11. We have already had 70,000 deaths mainly because that evil Indian bitch, Priti Patel, couldn’t be arsed to impose travel restrictions to this country from China, Italy, Spain etc IN MARCH, because that clown Boris Moron-Idiot was concentrating his very limited attention span and virtually non existent intellect upon his botched, leaving NI behind in the EU ‘Brexit’, because selfish arseholes like Peter Hitchens can’t be bothered to follow the LAW ie wearing face masks in crowded shops, to not have rave parties etc.

    So, all in all, Professor Ferguson could well have been right in his predictions of this country having hundreds of thousands of deaths with no restrictions and life carrying on as normal in a worldwide viral pandemic as morons like Hitchens want.


  12. If only the state propaganda agency the BBC would stop continually lying for their Tory masters! I was watching the BBC’s news last night and they said Brexit was now fully completed! Yeah, that is right, so why has the government left NI effectively behind in the EU with a trade barrier down the Irish Sea, still in the Single Market and with European Court of Justice oversight still then?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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