Diary Blog, 26 January 2021

Asset-stripping parasites

Grotesque greed“…


Sir Philip Green and wife Tina (pictured with their daughter Chloe) bought Arcadia for £850 million in 2002 — she is the official owner
[Philip Green, wife, daughter; examples of “the simulacrum of the human”…]

As the Daily Mail article says, while such parasites stole hundreds of millions of pounds, thousands of British employees lost out and now have lost their jobs.

It has happened before, most obviously in Germany during the time of the Weimar Republic [1918-1933].

See the resemblance?

Something far more beautiful

Rewilding is obviously an important part of the way forward for the UK.

Lenient sentence


Alison Chabloz was treated more harshly for having sung supposedly “grossly offensive” songs about Jews and “holocaust” hoaxes and frauds. Jez Turner of the London Forum was even imprisoned simply for having made a speech saying that Jews should be chucked out of the UK! Real justice is failing in England.

Another lenient sentence


British Army boxer, “who wanted to represent the Philippines at the Olympics“…

This country is now a complete dustbin.

As for those sentences, the defendants were fortunate that they said nothing about Jews. Now that really would have been treated as a “serious offence”…

Tweets seen

…and who do I see there but Kate Green, present Shadow Secretary of State for Education and MP for Stretford and Urmston [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stretford_and_Urmston_(UK_Parliament_constituency)]: “Green was born in Edinburgh, to Jessie Craig (née Bruce) and Maurice Green, who was Jewish.” [Wikipedia]. Every. Single. Time.

After university, Green began a career at Barclays Bank, working for the organisation from 1982 to 1997.

Green is an officer of the following APPGs, as of May 2020:[23] Migration (chair); GypsiesRoma, and Travellers (chair)…” [Wikipedia].

Every. Single. Time.

When European-race societies awaken from their befuddled dream, a great future…

“Wera Hobhouse is a Christian.[22] Although her mother and grandmother identified as Christians, her great-grandfather was Jewish.” [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wera_Hobhouse.

The Jewish/Israeli takeover of the USA really took place after the Second World War. At the time of the Suez affair (1956), the USA (as a state) was keeping Israel (as a state) at arm’s length [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suez_Crisis].

Even in the 1960s, the USA was still not entirely under the sway of its domestic Jew (and pro-Israel) lobby. However, the American film industry had been under Jewish control since the 1920s, and the American television industry was under Jewish control from inception: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_S._Paley [CBS]; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_J._Roberts [NBC].

Thus the American public was brainwashed by Jewish and Israeli propaganda from, at latest, the 1950s onward. That brainwashing encompassed everything from academic works through to the “nightly news” on TV, as well as works of fiction and “faction” (examples? Exodus and Schindler’s List, to name but two of the more influential).

When Israeli forces attacked a U.S. ship, it was discounted as a “mistake”…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident.

We have recently seen that even a “outsider” like Trump was really just a squawking parrot in a gilded cage, completely under Jewish control. The new President, Biden, is under even greater control. All of his top team and Cabinet are Jewish; even his children are all married to Jews. The penetration is so great that even Israeli (and other) newspapers have commented on it.

More tweets

“Liberal”, supposedly “caring sharing”, Holland/Netherlands. I and my family had friends in Amsterdam, and for many years I had an almost rose-tinted view of life there (and I visited on a number of occasions in the 1970s and 1980s), but since then, in the past 30 years, I have encountered a number of far less congenial Dutch people, very superficial and moneygrubbing; I have realized that much of the famed Dutch “liberalism” is just a lack of real concern, and a superfluity of moral cowardice.

As for the above film clip, I think that the cartoon below is instructive:

Basic Income

A useful link to an article in the British Medical Journal [BMJ]: https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n193.full

More tweets

Waitrose foray

I went to the local supermarket yesterday, in the mid-evening. Very few customers shopping. Waitrose “Handmaid’s Tale” militiamen on duty, clothed in black, as always, faces covered with black scarves and masks like the ISIS barbarians.

The funny thing was that there was a shopper there, a grey-haired woman probably in her sixties if not seventies, wearing a cloth (i.e. useless) facemask and who insisted on giving me a wide berth of at least 10 feet! I saw her shaking her head, probably because she divined that I was not at all interested in pretending that the population has Ebola, or maybe she thought that I should be more fully masked than I was. I was the only other shopper around.

At any rate, I would have loved to have just said “wake up! It is not the Plague, and hardly anyone in this whole district has even had it!”, but (typically English?) I just ignored her scarcely-hidden rudeness and carried on.

The mad thing is that you see scared rabbits or extreme social-compliers like that woman everywhere now, masked even when alone on wet windy footpaths or in supermarket car parks. The social pathology is disturbing; I am sure that that is why “a majority of the population want more severe lockdown” (opinion polling) despite the country obviously showing signs of falling to pieces. A kind of mass agoraphobia and fear, and “Soviet” levels of —superficial— compliance; the fear has been whipped up by this government of clowns and their absurd “expert advisers”. That fear has taken on a life of its own now…

Still, I am not afraid, and after dark shop peacefully…

More music, dear blog readers?


Late cartoon


Late tweets

Late music

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 January 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: I respectfully disagree with what you said about the USA being under Jewish control since the 1950s. It started much earlier, in the 1930s, and is confirmed by two important things: (A) The arrival, in the mid-1930s, of a bunch of evil, fanatical Marxist Jews, the leaders of the famous “School of Frankfurt”. They, thanks to their “American” brothers, managed to get teaching posts in the most important American universities almost immediately. That means that there was already a massive and powerful Jewish network that controlled the education. (B) The election of that f… bastard Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most rabidly pro-Jewish presidents in American history. Not only that but he filled the US administration with Jews like never before and he dragged the US into WW2.

    Apart from that detail, everything you said is spot on (as always!)


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I am sure that you are right in the detail of what you say, but that influence did not completely pervade US policy all at once, in my view.

      In the 1950s, the USA had a very different policy, though that changed over time, eg in the MIddle East. Look at the Aswan High Dam, initially built using effectively American funding. It was only when the US pulled out that the Soviet Union saw an opportunity to get influence in Cairo by finishing the project. The Americans then switched to 100% or at least 99% support for Israel.

      The key year for the American policy change was 1956 (I myself was born that year, incidentally), the year of Suez.

      Compare US policy in 1950 to US policy in say 1980 or even 1990, and now. A gradual takeover by that Jew-Zionist element. It became pretty obvious under Reagan, embedded in the Bush-Clinton-Bush years and thereafter. Under Biden, almost the only person not actually Jewish (at or near the top) is Biden himself. His VP too, I suppose. Figureheads and puppets.


      1. Hello Ian, yes looking at the big picture, especially in Foreign Affairs things changed in the USA after the 1950s. although, as I maintain, the rot was already there and very deep. FDR cannot be explained without a tremendously powerful Jewish clique in Washington DC and New York.

        Changing the subject, I just read Ruth Sunderland’s article about the end of some great London stores. As I expected that hateful bastard Philip Green walked away from the disaster. BTW what a disgusting rag the Daily Mail is! Talk about low-lives! It is all gossip of the lowest kind. A symbol of a very sick society.

        Thank you for the video about “The Tigers of Scotland” Beautiful.


  2. Hello Ian: I have just read the link posted by “Rerevisionist” and it is crap. The first sentence says the goal of the Jews was “to put in power the Jew Hitler” (WTF?). Tell him to check his sources before posting anything. We don’t need people like the author of that ludicrous article quoted by him.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I approved the original comment without having read the linked material. Having said that, and having already approved it, I am disinclined to delete that comment. Anyone seeing it will also see yours anyway, so I am minded to leave it there.

      That old canard, about “Jewish Hitler”! Have not read or heard that for decades!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, that is very funny. What about this one? I can’t remember the author but is hilarious. According to him, Hitler hated the Jews because he got syphilis through a Jewish prostitute in Vienna when he was 16 years old. The pain and the suffering were terrible and he swore revenge! LOL


      2. Claudius:
        These stories so obviously come from the fevered and sick imagination of the Jew, as seen in their scribblers such as Philip Roth.

        In fact, it is highly unlikely that Hitler either had syphilis or ever consorted with prostitutes (see Kubizek, The Young Hitler I Knew).


  3. Something very “strange”, the link to the article by Dr John Lee (written in May 2020) about the fake death toll released by the government is unavailable. If you click on the link it will take you to a page where you cannot read anything. There is a sign that says BACK and when you click on it it will take to “The Spectator” ‘s main page, which BTW contains 2 articles about the “Holohoax”


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