Diary Blog, 30 January 2021

Aux armes, citoyens!

When “Coronavirus” aka “the panic-demic” started to happen or be noticed, nearly a year ago, I was horrified and, like most people, perhaps, thought that it might be something as deadly as the great plagues of the past, such as the Black Death, or at least the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919.

The television coverage at the time, showing deserted Italian towns etc, encouraged a panicky attitude on the part of both governments and populations.

My own niece, an Australian aged 24, living temporarily in London, visited Venice in ebruary 2020 for the Festival, and came back after the latter was cancelled. She did not bring “the virus” with her, and indeed was not diagnosed with it until about 10 months later, quite recently, having somehow picked it up in London. She temporarily lost taste and smell. Treatment? Rest, drinking fluids, and the odd paracetomol. Recovering well.

I have not been persuaded by the arguments of the “lockdown” and facemask zealots. Facemasks seem to be useless or almost useless (and are a deliberate attempt to subdue the population rather than the virus), while “lockdowns” are ineffective over time because they cannot be complete, because they encourage virus transmission among those “locked down”, and because they destroy economies, as Britain’s is being destroyed.

It has become clear over the past year that “the virus”, which worldwide has (allegedly) killed over a million people (that is about one person out of every eight thousand people on Earth), has been weaponized by international conspirators. The World Economic Forum said so openly: the virus pandemic is “a great opportunity for a Great Reset” globally.

In Britain, we see that, though dissent has been bought off by “furlough” payments, and by other financial largesse, companies are now starting to fall over and die, in quite large numbers. Unemployment, presently disguised by the “furlough” etc, will soar when not restrained. Small businesses are being culled by the thousand.

Meanwhile, the government of Jews and Indians, “led” by a part-Jew, part-Turk, brought up mainly in the USA and Belgium, but posing as both Prime Minister and Bertie Wooster, has invited 6 million Hong Kong Chinese to come to the UK. 300,000 are expected imminently.

The time has come not only to speak up but to act up…

Tweets seen

Is he sure? Some of his own ancestors were “smelly peasants“, Turkic ones at that; others were Jews in Lithuanian ghettos…

Peter Hitchens always places much reliance on “public inquiries”, letters to MPs etc. Understandable, but such things just do not work any more, if they ever did.

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Is she “Kate” or (((Kate)))?

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33 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 January 2021”

  1. I have just come back here and I was expecting some good news at long last ie that the evil Covid 19 denying bastard that is Peter Hitchens would just show some some tiny amount of common human decency and shut the hell up and stop wittering on about his utterly insane theories about Covid or that he has died but sadly not!☹️😞😡🤬

    Basically, scum like him should shut up and show a tiny bit of respect to the now 100,000 dead Britons this evil, wretched government a figure that is an absolute national disgrace) has caused to lose their lives because of listening far too much to evil, libertarian extremist cunts like him and Rishi and Patel.

    It is. either his doing that or he should just do the decent thing at long last and go and die preferably of Covid 19 like he has encouraged since March to happen to others far more decent than him.


    1. Ah, m’Lord of Essex:
      I had wondered what had happened to you. I feared that either “the virus” had got you, or maybe that the feral denizens of the less pleasant parts of your county had eaten you.


      1. No, thankfully they haven’t but then I rarely visit the less salubrious parts of Essex where those sorts of people reside ie Thurrock, Basildon or the craphole where the thick voters decided to vote in Priti Evil ie the morons of Witham. This is the case even without the virus to contend with!

        Thanks to Priti Evil and her constant mass immigration even still decent and nice parts of Essex like Brentwood where I live will be Third World or Asian shitholes filled to the brim with feral, lawless scum like Londonistan/Stab City Upon The Thames soon, I fear!😡🤬😞☹️

        KEEP BRENTWOOD NICE! DON’T VOTE for Globalist Tory open borders supporting scum!

        I am very lucky to live in a pleasant if rather boring (it was once voted as Britain’s most boring in the 1990’s) town so I want to keep it that way hence I don’t vote for globalist pro mass immigration loons like the Tories!


      2. You are fortunate then, m’Lord of Essex. I think that I may (?) have mentioned to you that I went by car from Heathrow to Brentwood sometime in the 1980s, just after that part of the M25 opened; I think about a week or two later (if I recall aright).

        The people my then girlfriend and I were visiting (in fact just dropping off a old friend of theirs from Vienna…doing those —elderly— people a favour) had a really nice if quirky place in your town, packed with Central European memorabilia.

        It was like being inside a Swiss cuckoo clock, all polished light wood. What I mainly remember was their meticulously-maintained garden. 4 acres. Like the Garden of Eden with a tennis court.


      3. Yes, there are quite a few people here who have nice houses with large, well maintained gardens outside the town in places like Blackmore, Tipps Cross, Ingatestone and Fryering (which supposedly has the highest t house prices in Essex) but also in parts of the town itself like in the Tory stronghold of Hutton Mount where there are large, detached houses on a private estate.


      4. I have no idea exactly where that house was, m’Lord of Essex. I recall that it looked 19thC. Stone, I think. A large gateway, maybe a five-bar type of gate (I may be misremembering though). I think that it was on the edge of Brentwood somwhere. Not sure, and I have never returned to the town. My memory is still better by far than that of most people, but not as good as it once was.


  2. As for Priti fucking useless, I hope she keels over and dies of a massive heart attack or stroke as she has personally caused THOUSANDS OF DEATHS through her extremist libertarian ideology of not bothering to CLOSE our borders IN MARCH as virtually every other Home Secretary in the world did.

    I wouldn’t normally say this but I also hope those HK Chinese she is allowing to flood into an already severely overpopulated country suffering from a viral pandemic she done so much to cause here are racially attacked as soon as they leave the airport.

    This wretched, evil, MURDERING government doesn’t give a damm about the feelings and opinions of ordinary Britons about this mass influx.

    The lying, globalist, open borders supporting MURDERING libertarian extremist cunts of the CONServative Party promised as long ago as 1979 there would be no more primary immigration into this country if they were elected to government yet we see this!😡🤬

    Isn’t it about time they upheld their promises on this subject JUST FOR ONCE and stop being lying, MURDEROUS, libertarian extremist cunts who wantonly slaughter 100,000 no doubt mostly elderly white Brits?🤬😡☹️😞


  3. Just fuck off and go away and die Priti fucking Useless, you evil, MURDEROUS ,Indian, foreign, bitch and take your fellow Tory MURDERERS with you (apart from Matt Hancock who seems to me to the ONLY member of this wretched,evil, libertarian extremist, globalist, open borders supporting ‘government’ to want to deal with Covid19 in any remotely serious way)

    Why, oh way, does Britain not have a bit of luck like other countries and have its PM’s die in office?

    The last one was in the 1850’s and then our PM’s were not so obviously anti-British as they are now.

    Hopefully, with a bit of luck, some clever lawyer will be able to put together a good case to charge the members of this ‘government’ with a certifiable case of causing needless manslaughter of those 100,000 plus people.

    Their poor relatives 😡🤬☹️😞deserve to have some justice!

    If it was me in charge I would have every member of the government apart from Hancock HANG for their crimes over the last year! Apart from him, they all deserve to suffer the ultimate punishment. Well, many Tories are somewhat supportive of the notion of capital punishment so why not test out their beliefs on them?


  4. Oh do just shut-up, Peter Hitchens, you gormless thick, evil, libertarian extremist twat!

    Lockdowns DO work but ONLY of they are REAL ones that are tightly ENFORCED AND comprehensive ie WITH TOUGH controls at borders on foreign travellers from airports, ports emanating from KNOWN Covid-19 hotspots like China, Hong Kong, Italy, Spainetc etc EARLY ON ie March!

    But we DIDN’T have that, did we, thanks to evil, libertarian extremist SCUM like Priti Patel and her fellow MURDEROUS Tory SCUM.

    Why do you continually fail to mention this vital missing element from the government’s ‘strategy’. Peter?

    FOR ONCE, STOP your incessant covering-up for the Tories and your constant ‘media gate keeping’!🤬😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. The first, half-hearted, ‘lockdown’’s time should have been used to set-up a comprehensive, test and trace of the virus scheme like South Korea and Taiwan did!

    We didn’t have that, did we? This incomplete ‘lockdown’ which wasn’t applied to airports, ports and our ridiculous open ‘border’ separating the Republic of Ireland from NI because MURDEROUS, libertarian, globalist, open borders supporting extremist SCUM like Priti decided we didn’t need to have border controls during a WORlDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC was therefore not as effective as it should and could have been.

    Priti and this government are therefore responsible for TENS OF THOUSANDS of needless deaths!😡🤬😞☹️


  6. Boris The BUFFOON and his fellow utter morons lifted the first, half-hearted, inadequately ENFORCED so-called ‘lockdown’ too early too therefore adding to the mistake in not applying it seven to ten days earlier in March as they should have done.😡🤬🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Still, that is what you will get with a ‘government’ filled to the brim with thick idiots even more dim than the Chief Monkey himself.

    Boris, to make himself look more competent than he is, has filled his Cabinet with thick cretins. The ONLY Tory with any form of brains ie Jeremy Hunt left the Cabinet because Boris the gormless , scruffy KILLER clown, sacked him and also because Jeremy wasn’t prepared to be demoted and to sit around the same cabinet table as thick morons like Priti, Rishi and the other evil scum. I can’t say I blame Jeremy from walking away from serving with that bunch of moronic goons!


  7. Indeed so, @etcht Dutch! Unlike your country of Holland we in ‘Britain’ are not allowed to have ethnically British Home Secretaries any longer but have to put-up with evil, essentially foreign, genocidal, anti-white racist (no wonder she didn’t bother to implement tough border controls IN MARCH since she knew it would only be expendable, mostly old and white Brits who would die from Covid and her inaction🤬😡😞☹️🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄) Indians as Home Secretaries

    I just hope l live long enough to see her die from a heart attack, stroke, plane crash en route to her beloved Israel and therefore a measure of natural justice for the THOUSANDS of Brits she has killed during this pandemic OR for her to be sentenced to the hangman’s rope..


  8. If it was up to me, EVERY member of this wretched, evil, ‘government’ would be hanging from the hangman’s noose apart from Matt Hancock.

    The tens of thousands they have helped to kill needlessly deserve to have some form of justice and I hope they get it. Certainly, some form of collective lawsuit should be put into operation soon to charge them with. I think there is plenty of evidence for a charge to stick and the Cabinet could and should be charged either with culpable manslaughter or malfeasance in public office.


  9. The Tory libertarian extremist, open borders supporting, globalist, anti-British scum can’t be allowed to keep on getting away with their reckless destruction of this country.



  10. Go fuck yourselves, Tory globalist, anti-British cunts, we DON’T want HK Chinese here! Britain ceased to have ANY real responsibility for them on July 1st 1997 when sovereignty over HK was transferred to the regime in Beijing.

    For one thing, we don’t want EVER to have another viral outbreak here when you have shown utter incompetence in dealing with Covid-19 or the ‘China Virus’ as ex President Trump memorably described it as.

    The Chinese, unlike the Japs, are not a clean people and along with their disgusting eating habits that is why they brought the world this virus and now you want to have a significant population of them here to cause future viral outbreaks.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and NO once again!


  11. The ONLY Asian immigrants Britain should ever allow to come here are Japs because they are clean and hygienic unlike the Chinese from HK, intelligent and law abiding. If we had 300,000 plus Japs over here we might get some world beating companies like Honda, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, Seiko, Citizen, being created in a few years.

    After all, you Tories along with your fellow anti-British mates in the Labour Party done much to destroy British manufacturing industry through globalist economics and strikes etc in the 1960’s to the 1980’s so we could do with Jap help.

    The Chinese are, assuredly, NOT on a par with other East Asian people like the Japs or even the Koreans.

    Still, why would any sane Jap want to emigrate to ‘Britain’ which is now a sad, lawless dump run by utter morons like Boris when they live in a very law abiding, PROPERLY policed, SANE country governed by competent people like Yoshida Suga?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  12. The Japs just laugh at this country along with virtually every other people on earth and why wouldn’t they? A former world power once noted for its law abiding population transformed into a lawless, ‘multi cultural’ ‘diverse’ dump run by evil traitors like Boris although calling Boris a traitor isn’t really accurate since his claims to be a Briton are rather tenuous since he was born in New York and has some rather exotic ancestry. No doubt that is why he doesn’t give a damm about this country and neither do the other misfits that comprise his useless cabinet since many of them aren’t really British either.


  13. So your niece was lucky then but far too many others haven’t been thanks to PRITI EVIL and her fellow libertarian extremist, globalist, open borders supporting wretched SCUM.

    The viral pandemic didn’t really get going until MARCH not February in Italy or in Europe generally so she avoided the worst of it through luck and she is very young and that helps in this matter.

    The half hearted, pathetic, not a real ‘lockdown’ here should have been applied from MID MARCH NOT LATE MARCH as it was as every thinking human being on the planet could have seen it was sweeping the globe and that Europe as was said by the World Health Organisation (WHO) no less was the new ‘epicentre’ of the disease.

    Boris and his goons did NOTHING till late March and even then Priti Evil failed to impose travel restrictions thus personally causing many deaths.🤬😡😞☹️


    1. Well, m’Lord of Essex, I am not so sure that my niece was lucky: after all, she still suffered (and I believe is not yet fully recovered though working from home), and anyway the relatively mild symptoms she suffered are those most people of her age (24) suffer from this virus, i.e. not such as to require medical treatment.


  14. I would advise her to go back home to Australia. That is a fairly safe place to be as it is run by the LOCKDOWN ZEALOT and very sensible and competent Scott Morrison as PM. What a superb PM he is along with Labour Party PM, Jacinda Arden, of New Zealand.

    He has done a remarkable job in keeping Australia relatively safe. I only wish we had him as PM instead of the wretched CLOWNBOY and his fellow unintelligent goons.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I agree with your suggested advice, but not because of “the virus” as such but because my niece was using London as a base from which to travel in Europe and North Africa (and she has done that, making short visits to places which I myself have never seen, such as Marrakesh and Stockholm), but travel is now all but impossible). However, getting *back* to Sydney is also not easy, now.


  15. Yes, Peter, collateral damage caused by the government listening to libertarian extremist morons like you and adding to the death toll by failing to get a grip on this viral pandemic EARLIER by instituting a tougher and more comprehensive REAL lockdown WITH BORDER CONTROLS EARLIER ie in MID MARCH instead of a piss poor imitation ‘lockdown’ in LATE MARCH that was ALSO lifted too early.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  16. Peter Hitchens, The Guardian is a British Liberal publication NOT an American extremist libertarian rag like you and that other weirdo Francis Hoar want it to be.

    Some may argue that Yankee extremist libertarianism (the REAL governing philosophy of the fake British CONServative Party) is merely a particularly stupid and repellent ideological outgrowth of British classical Liberalism and that would have have some truth to it but even so British Liberalism can be relatively sane at times which is why the Guardian has been, rightfully, supporting lockdowns.


  17. Yes, Priti Damm EVIL, why not welcome hundreds of thousands of more unnecessary immigrants to add to the millions already here?

    Yes, Priti EVIL, why not flood another part of what was once Britain and OUR (not yours obviously) country and turn it into yet another lawless multicultural shithole like Brixton, Tottenham (pretty much ALL of London or Stab City Upon The Thames as it should be called) and all the other once nice places evil Tory scum like you and Labour have already ruined .

    After all, EVIL, virulently anti-British Tory SCUM like you don’t have to live in these excrement holes and these people won’t take YOUR JOB will they?🙄🙄🙄

    Why don’t you just fuck off and die of Covid 19 like the 100,000
    plus mostly decent and probably mainly white and elderly (unlike you) people you have helped to MURDER?🙄🙄


  18. How about putting this mass influx to a referendum if you dare? Oh no, I forgot, Britain really isn’t a genuine democracy so we aren’t allowed to have referendums on REALLY important matters such as constant, never ending mass immigration instead of meaningless rubbish like your fake, UK Union destroying (NI iniquitous Protocol) Brexshit! 😡🤬


  19. Yes, Lawrence Fox, all this gender bending nonsense really has to stop especially when it is targeted towards small children. By all means be tolerant towards the lesbians, gays and bisexuals but the ‘T’ part of the LGBT acronym really needs to be considered separately as it is a different issue really. Transsexuals shouldn’t be mixed-up with the LGBs.


  20. There are only two genders ie Male and Female. Anything else is not in accordance with basic biology and facts. There are certainly not dozens of different gender identities least of all hundreds.🙄


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