Diary Blog, 31 January 2021, including support for a dissident barrister

[me as barrister, 1992]

Many readers of this blog will be aware that a malicious pack of Zionist Jews (by name, “UK Lawyers for Israel”) procured my disbarment in late 2016: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

In fact, I had ceased practice in 2008 anyway, so that little charade was merely a Schauspiel for the public and msm.

Anyone interested in the msm view of the matter can google “Ian Millard barrister” to find what the Daily Mail, Independent, Sky News etc had to say to their misled readers and viewers. Incidentally, the Press photo of a headless barrister, implied as being me, was of someone else: I have never smoked cigarettes, and always had better shoes than had the barrister in that picture!

I was disbarred, expelled from the Bar, because I had tweeted, as part of my private life (I had no professional life after 2008), tweets (in the end, only 5 in number, out of at least 150,000 tweeted or retweeted) deemed “grossly offensive”.

My “grossly offensive” five tweets were general comments on society and “our” corrupt MPs, and were not addressed to any other tweeter. One, for example, called Michael Gove something like “a corrupt, pro-Jew, pro-Israel expenses cheat”.

It will be noted that my description of Gove was in fact entirely accurate and true! Truth is no defence in the age of (Zionist-controlled) msm “wokeness”. In 2016, I was, along with the general public, unaware that Gove is or was also a cocaine abuser. The snivelling little bastard only admitted that a couple of years later, when about to be exposed anyway.

However, my aim today is not to rehash my own unjust disbarment, but to speak up for another barrister whose head is on the block.

One of my own several observations about my own experience of being subjected to a “show trial-lite” is that, after it happened, I did not see one barrister speak up either for me or for freedom of socio-political expression.

I am blogging about my disbarment etc not only because the injustice should be known about, but also and mainly to support freedom of expression.

I do not know personally that other barrister now in trouble; in fact, I have only today seen his name for the first time. Jon Holbrook.

Holbrook’s profile at his chambers (which have now disowned him, i.e. bowed to external pressure) is still extant on the internet at time of writing, and says: that “Jon’s practice covers public law (including community care & court of protection), housing and property (including service charges & general management).”

After twelve years at Garden Court Chambers and two at Hardwicke Building Jon joined Cornerstone Barristers in 2006. He is described as ‘terribly good – you get a QC service when you go to him’ – Chambers & Partners 2017.”

Jon Holbrook is consistently praised in the legal directories for his intellect, advocacy and affable manner. Chambers & Partners describes Jon as “tenacious, extremely able and knowledgeable”, “a man with an affable manner” who “presents advice well to lay clients, allowing them to quickly make informed decisions” (Chambers & Partners 2013).”

Jon is listed as a leading junior for social housing and public law in Chambers & Partners (2006 to date) and as a leading junior for administrative and public law in the Legal 500 (2005 to date).

In 2005 Jon instigated the formation of the Social Housing Law Association (SHLA), an organisation he chaired until 2008. He is a SHLA representative on the Administrative Court Users Committee.

Jon was General Editor of the Housing & Property Law Review and Consultant Editor of the Journal of Community Care Law. He has also written on a wide range of legal issues which can be found under the publications tab.

Before being called to the bar in 1991 Jon was a local authority housing advisor and tenancy relations officer for Westminster City Council.“[Cornerstone Chambers website].

I am writing this blog on a Sunday. I daresay that, by Monday or Tuesday, the above will have disappeared from the website in question, and Jon Holbrook will have become an “unperson”, in the Orwellian term.

There are now voices calling for Holbrook’s suspension or disbarment. His now-former chambers have expelled him already.

I have been expelled from my barristers’ chambers because of a tweet. During my fifteen years as a barrister at Cornerstone Barristers and thirty years at the bar, I had an unblemished professional record and was top ranked by legal directories for my work – particularly in public law. And yet my one sentence tweet on a platform designed to be polemical has ended this particular career.


tweet regularly: identifying myself as a barrister, but never as a member of Cornerstone. In fact, I had two accounts, the other identified me as a member of Cornerstone and was used for professional purposes. And yet, a thirteen-word tweet on my political account has caused me to be expelled from my professional workplace.”

Snap…(except that I had but one Twitter account, and never identified myself in my profile as barrister (or in any of the “offensive” 5 tweets, though the Bar Standards Board lied outright about that in its public statement of 2016).

I notice that “Secret Barrister”, a prolific tweeter who has also written a bestselling book on the collapsing UK justice system, had called for Holbrook to delete at least his particularly-objected-to tweet.

I have no idea of the identity of “Secret Barrister”, but he or she may be Jewish, or at least connected with the Jewish element.

I note that a whole group of barristers on Twitter have gathered to attack Holbrook’s tweet.

Below, the actual tweet in question:

Now other barristers prolific on Twitter are tweeting, casting their stones:

…and “antifa” and other “useful idiots” are joining in, as usual:

…and note that Nadine White, a black woman who scribbles for Huffington Post and is described as “Multi-award winning journalist leading @HuffPostUK‘s coverage of race“, is plainly ignorant about the fact that, in England, a set of barristers, aka “chambers”, is not a “law firm”. Just another example of the pervading ignorance around. “Journalism” now is as contaminated and effectively dead as the Bar…

Others, however, are tweeting in support of free speech. Shamefully, though, few if any are barristers. The Bar is now full of cowards too frightened to challenge either political correctness or the Jew-Zionist element. The whole idea of the independent Bar —and independent-minded Bar— is now something in the past, dead.

I shall rejoice now at news that any barrister has been bankrupted or impoverished, whether by reason of the “lockdown” shutdown or by reason of government spending cuts. Screw the Bar as it is. It does not deserve to survive.

Ah, Holbrook, where was Douglas Murray when I was disbarred? He is paid, in effect, by the Jew-Zionist lobby (not that he does not sometimes say correct things). Where was Toby Young and where were all those “free speech” people when I was disbarred for having tweeted (truthfully, at that) on socio-political issues? They were all afraid of the Jew-Zionists, and/or in some cases paid by them.

Until you recognize the (((core))) of the problem, you cannot tackle it.

Incidentally, there were a few actual barristers (apart from wannabees and pupil-barristers wishing to score brownie points by joining in the attack on me a few years ago) who went out of their way to kick me (on Twitter) when I was (as they imagined) down. A few were gratuitously rude and insolent. They are not forgotten…

As a matter of fact, I do not recall Holbrook himself tweeting in support of me in 2016 or later. Oh, well, I suppose that I shall just have to take, once again, the moral high ground…

Interesting article



Other tweets seen

For once, I agree with Jew-Zionist barrister Myerson, who was obsessed with attacking me on Twitter and elsewhere for years. When I was a barrister, especially when I was doing criminal cases (among others), in the early to mid 1990s, I had numerous defendants who were West Indian, African, various “browns” etc. I always did my best for them even when I disliked them and indeed thought that they should not be in the UK (whether born here or not).

That old-style Bar ethic is now in danger of being lost.

The mentality…someone who would kill a beautiful and harmless giraffe, and take pleasure in it, or even pride…

Why why why import Africans to Australia? I can only ascribe it to evil traitors in government and msm; that, and a stupidly somnolent mass population that is more interested in winning brainless team sports across the world than in protecting their own race and culture from migration invasion.



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21 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 January 2021, including support for a dissident barrister”

  1. And what exactly was factually inaccurate with Mr Holman’s tweet? Nothing as far as I can see. The fact is that many members of the so-called ethnic ‘minorities’ ARE indeed stroppy and have an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement. Labour’s absurd Equality Act which should be scrapped but won’t be by the loony-left ‘modern’ CONServative Party has emboldened them and this legislation has followed in a long line of equally misconceived legislation from the Race Relations Act to Maggie Thatcher’s disastrous Public Order Act.

    If you keep on treating them as a privileged minority that can do no wrong and which has the law on their side to shut-up people about their antics and behaviour then don’t be surprised if they take this privileged position to heart and take advantage of it.🙄☹️😡🤬😞


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      There was nothing factually inaccurate about the 5 tweets that were used as a pretext to have *me* disbarred…

      The Jew element rides on the back of the “woke”/”BLM”/”anti-racism” ox…


  2. I am very sorry and angry about what happened to you, Ian. However, it does not surprise me that no one of your colleagues had the decency to defend you. Cowardice is very infectious, especially among Whites nowadays.

    Regarding Douglas Murray, I can’t stand him, he is another “kosher patriot” that always says the “right things”. In a certain way, he is as woke as his supposed enemies. The same thing goes for Peter Whittle and his “New Culture Forum”. They are all so polite and respectable… they make me sick.

    These idiots have not realized that we are at war and that our enemies will not take any prisoners. They will never see or understand the racial angle of it. God forbid! And let’s not even mention “God’s chosen people”!


    1. Claudius:
      You are a good fellow. In some ways, you have a more “temperamental” sense of justice than I do. I expect nothing but duplicity and moral cowardice from most people, and nothing good at all from almost all of (((them))). Revenge is a dish best served cold, it is said…


  3. So the government has got around to banning moorland burning! That is good but I take this government’s environmental credentials as to be barely worth the paper they are written on what with its plans for mass housebuilding and the erosion of Green Belts caused by their utter failure to control immigration. The hundreds of thousands of unnecessary and often fast breeding migrants they have let in since 2010 would be bad enough but now Boris Moron Idiot and his goon squad want to add teeming multitudes of unclean, virus prone Chinks from Hong Kong to add to the pressure on roads, the NHS, our overstretched police forces etc.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I really don’t think the CONServatives can honesty claim to be the party of environmental protection nor the ‘party of immigration control’ or the ‘party of law and order’.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, little old humanitarian me thinks Boris Moron Idiot and his goons should be executed over their effective murdering of tens of thousands of mostly elderly white Britons over the last year caused by their non implementation of border controls/travel restrictions in a worldwide viral pandemic but even without that they need to put to death for their UTTER TREASON in respect of their constant flood and overwhelm the native Brits immigration policy.

        We need to have a military coup to remove this evil, treasonous filth of a government and one of their first steps must be to bring back the death penalty for treason.

        Let us have Priti Evil and company swinging from the end of a good, old British rope or being electrocuted in one of America’s electric chairs!

        I normally abhor the use of the electric chair because it is far more in humane than a good, old British long-drop hanging but needs must!😎

        We could even have the military government televising their live hangings as a deterrent to future treason!😎😂


      2. Even people who are normally against the use of capital punishment should see little wrong in reintroducing it just for the crime of treason and the wilful murder of prison officers and inmates in prison since unlike with the ‘normal’ civil offence of murder on the outside of a prison those crimes are easier to prove thus there is less chance of making a miscarriage of justice.

        The state of Vermont in the USA quite reasonably has capital punishment just for treason and nothing else:


        Mind you they would use the electric chair in that instance which has been known to cause horribly botched executions!:



      3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_the_USA




        Black stabbing youth control method as used in South Carolina in 1944 for our former capital city of London now sadly known as Stab City Upon The Thames thanks to decades of treasonous Labour and Tory scum politicians and their mad and grotesquely irresponsible policies of mass immigration🤬😡😞☹️:





  4. Poor Australia! A once great country populated in the past by people from the British Isles laid low by traitors importing backward peoples from the low average IQ countries in Africa who are not averse to creating mini crime waves!

    The ‘White Australia’ policy served that country well and was a big reason as to why quite a few disillusioned Britons emigrated there to get away from the PC globalist insanity of Britain post WW2.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Steven: Yes, You are right, I lived in Australia from 1994 to 2005 (in NSW) Most Australians I met were of British stock and very polite and friendly. However, the majority of White Australians seem to suffer from the same disease that is killing the White race: Indifference.


    1. Watcher:
      I think that that judge might have stretched a point and sentenced slightly lighter, so that the defendant might have been released immediately. My friends at the Bar always said that I would have made a good judge!

      On the wider point, I have never seen the point in stockpiling materials of that nature, or weapons. When the time comes for such methods (if it comes), then the means are usually fairly readily available. Until then, the pen is usually mightier than the sword. Marx had no weapons; neither did Lenin, or troops, until 1917. Yet both set millions marching, though in Marx’s case, posthumously.


      1. You may be correct. Although it is hypothetical and slightly irrelevant now but our of interest what kind of sentence would be have faced if he had been found guilty of the 25 more serious charges – 15 to 20 yrs perhaps? Presumably, from his point of view a result? As for stockpiling material like that – why indeed, as you are asking to be caught!


      2. Watcher:
        Regret I now have no access to the sort of appeal cases archives etc that might tell me or you more exactly what the sentence might have been had the defendant been found guilty on those many and more serious charges. Much depends on factors which the news report did not cover. The max, however, is life imprisonment:

        Guessing, but maybe 6 years, based on the examples given in the link. .


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