Diary Blog, 9 February 2021, including an assessment of “Lord Walney” (John Woodcock)

John Woodcock

I have blogged previously about John Woodcock, now elevated to the life peerage as “Lord” Walney: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/05/04/john-woodcock-barrow-and-furness-and-the-general-election-2017/.

In that earlier blog post, I analyzed Woodcock’s politics and personality. Not impressive.

Woodcock/Walney has recently claimed that (what a surprise) “far-right” “terrorism” is the greatest danger facing the UK (for “UK”, read “NWO/ZOG System”).

I must have missed it last year, but it seems that Woodcock/Walney is now also part of the ownership cadre of the Jewish Chronicle:

In April 2020, Woodcock was named as part of a consortium, led by Robbie Gibb and including William Shawcross and John Ware, that put in a bid to purchase the assets of The Jewish Chronicle.[37]The Jewish Chronicle chairman Alan Jacobs criticised the offer’s anonymity, saying “A bid for the Jewish Chronicle using money from an unidentified source and fronted by a group of individuals who refuse to tell the world anything of their plans looks like a shameful attempt to hijack the world’s oldest Jewish newspaper.”[38] The bid was successful.[39]” [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Woodcock,_Baron_Walney

Money from an unidentified source“? I wonder what sort of (((source))) that might be?

Incidentally, the Robbie Gibb mentioned by Wikipedia is a former Director of Communications at 10, Downing Street, and before that head of the BBC TV political output: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robbie_Gibb.

Gibb is also involved with the new GB News TV channel headed by Andrew Neil: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GB_News

Political matters are matters of connection. All (((connected))).

When I assessed John Woodcock nearly 4 years ago, I was unable to discover whether he was part-Jew on the maternal side. He has always been, in the past few years at least, tied up with the Jewish-Zionist-Israel lobby. I see now that his middle name is “Zak” (Zacariah). He was one of the principal conspirators against Corbyn and Corbyn-Labour, and his recent —and entirely unmerited— peerage came from the Conservative Party.

Now Woodcock/Walney is involved with plans to clamp down on the freedom and free speech of the British people.

A sinister person.

Tweets seen

Britain is now descending very fast. Ordinary “Parliamentary” methods and politics will not save it, or us.

Exactly. 6 million (more) Chinese coming here….it’s madness. A planned madness, though. Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. The Great Replacement. White Genocide.

6 million (more) immigrants means an increase of nearly 10% in the UK population, and of well over 10% of the population of England. That’s before they start breeding.

Huge and threatening changes are taking place in the world. The “Aryan” or post-Atlantean/European peoples will have to fight, literally, in a multiform war of survival, much of it taking place in their own societies, if our evolution is to continue. If our evolution stops, so does that of the whole world. We fight for ourselves, but also for the whole world. Adolf Hitler foresaw this in 1942:

On the superficial level, Adolf Hitler lost his war. In reality, though, it continues in other forms, and will break out again, eventually, overtly.

Afternoon music

More tweets seen

I recall reading the comment of a reader of a newspaper report, about ten years ago; the report concerned a man actually taken to court because a neighbour heard him say something “racist” in his own garden! the reader commented somewhat thus: “this is what the UK is becoming; get out while you still can.”

At the time, I thought that that comment was a little over-excited. I was wrong; that commenting reader was right…

Home Office: “they will not be granted Leave to Remain, but will not be deported.” Screw “Leave to Remain”! They will still be here, and will start breeding, either among themselves or with British “hoes”, and so will never be removed, at least not while we are ruled by a “ZOG” [“Zionist Occupation Government”].

I was in Poland myself several times in the late 1980s. These people have known hard socialism. They know what tyranny looks like…They know that tyranny has to be opposed.

If we think that tweeting, writing blog posts, even standing at (rigged) elections is going to save us, save our race and culture, we are deluding ourselves…

“They” have really wormed their way in everywhere. Termites.

“Their” true nature coming out…

Rachel Reeves ((())), member of Labour Friends of Israel (of course).

Late music

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 February 2021, including an assessment of “Lord Walney” (John Woodcock)”

  1. Shut-up, Peter Hitchens! Your utterly vile and contemptible sort in a REAL dictatorship in China would have been executed by now for deliberately spreading ‘fake news’ such as that facial mask wearing doesn’t work to slow down community transmission of the virus when a very recent German study proves conclusively that it does.

    Just fuck off! Normal, decent people want to rid this county of the virus and the horrendous death toll it has caused and IS STILL causing.

    IF ONLY innately selfish, ‘me me me’, dangerous fake news spreading LIBERTARIAN EXTREMIST ‘(the REAL political philosophy of the fake Conservative Party nowadays) ‘Tory’ cunts like you would just drop down dead and leave the rest of us COMMUNITY minded people alone and in peace.

    You should be throughly ashamed of yourself for helping to spread this virus in Britain and to KILL people via encouraging people to disobey the too mild restrictions on civil liberties the government isn’t enforcing properly.

    That you have enlisted the aid of Richard Littlejohn to aid you in your so-called ‘arguments’ says it all. The vast majority of normal people regard him as lower than dog excrement and like a lot of selfish libertarian extremist ‘Tory’ wankers he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions because he can’t even be bothered to live here. He lives in Florida nowdays and is no doubt not bothering to wear a mask as too many are still not doing there and thereby helping to effectively MURDER others like you have helped to do. Now, JUST FUCK OFF you evil little twat!


  2. The only point Richard LITTLEJohn is correct about is that the government is afraid of a public inquiry into their disgraceful mishandling of this entire episode.

    And this government SHOULD indeed be afraid because they have, quite literally, effectively MURDERED thousands of people in this country and one if the biggest ways they deliberately KEPT OPEN OUR BORDERS during an INTERNATIONAL VIRAL PANDEMIC in the aid of their sick open borders globalist philosophy.

    Unsurprisingly, Richard ‘media gatekeeper for the CONServatives’ LITTLEJohn doesn’t mention that very important factor and neither does Peter EVER!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    For effectively murdering thousands if not TENS of thousands of people in this way, Priti Evil, Boris ‘The Buffoon’ Johnson and the rest of the vile Tory scum cabinet with the exceptions of Matt Hancock and Ben Wallace should be given a lethal injection as in the USA the country they are all in love with (well, that is, apart from Israel).😡🤬😞☹️


    How about we patriots save up money for the drugs needed and hand it over to the American Ambassador to Britain and he can arrange for the drugs to be sent here so we can execute the vile, anti-British traitors?


  3. IF Peter Hitchens WAS sensible and HAD a conscience he would encourage people to follow the restrictions instead of encouraging people to break them thereby saving lives AND his precious economy and bringing this horrific episode to a more speedy conclusion.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    He should remember that older people are particularly at risk of dying or having serious health problems should they catch this virus BUT that many older people LIVE ALONE and DON’T have relatives or friends who can buy food for them or help them.

    Therefore, these older people HAVE to go out of their homes in order to buy food and Peter encouraging people by his irresponsible tweets and articles to break the restrictions is frightening these people as they have little to no confidence that it is safe to go out of their homes. The poor sods must be petrified and I really feel for them.

    Peter, THINK about these kinds of older people and others who may be in a similar position such as disabled people for God’s Sake!🙄🙄🙄


      1. You are still relatively young to die from this virus or to become seriously ill though some people younger than you HAVE died and we must all remember that some poor sods have survived but now have damaged lungs FOR LIFE thereby giving them a risk factor for dying earlier if they become ill from a different cause later.

        As I said you are in a higher risk group on account of your age but what about 70- 90 year olds? Many of them live alone and don’t have people who can help them. If I were one of those people I would be genuinely worried and not unreasonably so.

        Some of these people also live in rough, lawless areas like London which is another worry to add to the existing worrisome situation they face from Covid-19.


  4. So, Nadia, is a brain dead ‘Tory’ moron and welcomes a mass influx of HK Chinese!

    Well, bully for her!🙄🙄🙄 She no doubt is a comfortable well off middle-class ,PC globalist, liberal-left idiot who lives in a posh townhouse somewhere like Chelsea so any economic effects of this MASS migration will not be felt by the likes of her.🙄

    But what about the SOCIAL and CULTURAL effects and making yet more of ‘Britain’ into a land that is fundamentally strange and alien to US?

    I don’t suppose she has thought at all about those factors but then as a Tory her God is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY – an attitude the Church would deem to be unchristian. The live of money or its own sake is anti-Christian and a SIN!


  5. That Pole is an utterly disgraceful, lawbreaking, piece of excrement. He has already been rightfully arrested for deliberately flouting Covid-19 restrictions and now he wants to do it yet AGAIN.🤬🤬🤬🤬 I hope the police once again arrest him and this time stop pussy footing around, charge him with showing utter contempt for the LAW, send him to court where he will hopefully get a decent, DETERRENT fine!

    It is a shame he isn’t in Singapore. There they know how to deal with LAWLESS SCUM like him as this page on the Singaporean Straits Times website illustrates:


    Scroll back a page or several and you should see a few examples of how the REAL ‘party of law and order’ ie the Singaporean People’s Action Party government and its courts system deal with the repellent likes of him.🤬🤬🤬🤬

    His attitude would be despicable enough from a native Brit but is especially so from an immigrant. EITHER follow our laws or go home to Poland!

    Now, we know why Poland joined the EU ie to get some free money from richer countries like Britain and to dump their lawless scum on us then they and our political Establishment wonder why Brexit was voted for!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. In Singapore, their government is taking Covid-19 and the health of their people genuinely seriously and as a result of that attitude anyone there whether they are Singaporeans or foreigners found to be openly and willingly breaking their Covid-19 restrictions face a fine of up to $10,000 for a first offence, up to SIX MONTHS INPRISONMENT in austere Changi Jail OR BOTH and for second and subsequent offences you can be fined up to $20,000, up to A YEAR in that dungeon OR BOTH.

    Several foreigners, including disgraceful Britons, have been heavily fined AND had their work permits in Singapore revoked👌🍷😎

    Now, how about getting genuinely tough like that, Priti Useless?



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