Diary Blog, 25 February 2021, including a Japanese futurist city, and thoughts about “White Genocide”

Was just watching a quite interesting film, After the Dark: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_the_Dark

Watching that film brought to mind my blogging on the theme of the re-creation or rebuilding of an advanced white Northern European (or post-Aryan) society if terrible events should strike down our present world. See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

We often spend time doing things such as trying to gain ordinary political traction, or defending ourselves against the onslaught of nonsense (malicious complaints to social media organizations, police etc) from the Jew-Zionist element and their “antifa” idiot-serfs, or commenting on the events of the day.

All of the above are of course necessary, but we should never forget that our primary focus should be the creation of a new and better society, together with the race and culture which should and must underpin that new society.

Society consists of people, and the most important thing of all is the production of sufficient numbers of white Northern European children, properly brought up and educated.

We, as white Northern Europeans, are facing existential peril. Call it “the Great Replacement” or simply “White Genocide”. Whatever. For example, in the world as a whole, only a few percent of people in this world are actually ethnically European, even broadly.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_people (n.b.the most populous regions, i.e. those of Asia, especially China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which four states comprise nearly half the world population, are not covered in that article).

More directly, our own European societies have faced, in the past half century or so, unprecedented migration invasion. Since the fall of the socialist world (i.e. since 1989) and particularly since the disruptions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, a gigantic wave of migration-invasion has hit Europe.

We have seen how the evil cabals of the international conspiracy have helped that invasion, and funnelled the invaders from Africa and Asia to Europe, even to the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia etc; even to Iceland!

We have our backs to the wall, but all is not lost. The world may soon face destruction on a scale that may dwarf even the terrible events of the Second World War. If (when) that happens, we as white Northern European social nationalists may be mere bystanders and/or victims, but after the corrupt old world is destroyed (in large measure) we shall have both the opportunity and the duty to create a new society out of the ruins of the old.

Tweets seen today

School exams

It seems that, for the second year in a row, schools will mark the exams of their pupils, thus throwing away any rigour or credibility in the public examination system. For God’s sake, just check that the pupils are all breathing, then chuck them all “A” grades. They will love it, their parents will love it, the schools will love it and this shite “government” will love it. Sweeties for all! Meanwhile, in the real world…

Afternoon music

More music

More tweets

There are such exciting possibilities in the world now, gifted by human intelligence and technology. We must add to those positive aspects others, such as love for Nature, and human compassion. If the forces of Evil can be defeated, who knows where we may be led?

Are there no lovers of art and architecture in Salisbury? (You get my meaning…).

Late music

27 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 February 2021, including a Japanese futurist city, and thoughts about “White Genocide””

    1. Claudius:

      I agreed with most of that blog article. Was unaware of the Hillary/Huma/little girl thing. Hillary is evil anyway.

      It’s funny…at the time when most people in the UK thought that Bill and Hillary Clinton were wonderful, around 1993, I knew someone at the (London) Bar who liked to holiday by going to the USA, hiring a car, and driving around this or that state. He had been once to twice to Clinton’s state, Arkansas, and found that not only were Bill and Hillary not much liked there (he said “hated”) but also their corruption and moneygrubbing were infamous.


      1. I always disliked Bill Clinton. He was smarmy like Blair was and still is ( that is nearly always a bad sign in a politician) and another reason for my dislike was his giving an entry visa to Gerry Adams but then that was to be expected as Clinton was a Democrat and they are under the sway of the IRA supporting Irish-American Lobby like they are with respect to the Israel First Zionist Lobby zealots.

        The Democrats are an awful party in many respects and pretty anti-British. Sadly, for America and us the Democrats will probably never lose another election as the Republicans like our thick non CONServative Party brought in too many immigrants that will never vote for them!🙄🙄🙄🙄


      2. Hilary isn’t as evil/thick as Trump was in respect to Covid-19 which he ignored and now nearly 500,000 Americans are dead because of him. That figure by the way is now only about 100,000 less than the number of Americans who died from the Spanish Flu in 1918-1920 so much for Peter Hitchens and other morons like him thinking Covid-19 is only a little annual flu!🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Still, we can’t be too critical of Trump or the US as a whole in this respect because we have our own libertarian extremist cunts/wilful Covid-19 deniers in government with their evil open borders agenda continuing throughout and evil bastards like Hitchens, Tice, Julie Hartley-Brewer, Farage, Boris Johnson, Priti Evil, that fucking ugly Indian cunt, Rishi or whatever unpronounceable name that fucking evil character off the Jewel In The Crown goes by who will all hopefully die of Covid-19 soon or fuck off and leave this poor, blighted country alone so they don’t effectively murder yet more people.😡🤬🤬

        Evil Covid-19 denying cunts one and all!


  1. You say, “we should never forget that ou(r) primary focus should be the creation of a new and better society, together with the race and culture which should and must underpin that new society.”

    I agree with creation of a better society.
    However, what are your grounds for a new society and/or race and culture?
    Surely, the Homo homo sapiens culture were naturally replacing Homo neanderthalensis by reasons of fitness, and thus the process continues today?


    1. Paratus:
      Thank you.

      I see the process as being a staggered spiral rather than a smooth advance.

      This is (obviously) a big question, one of complex nature. The difference may be that humanity now has the possibility of *taking its own evolution in hand* rather than being simply a passive subject of evolution. It is a very long time since I read any Teilhard de Chardin, but if I recall aright, he at least explored that idea.

      What I suggested in today’s blog article was not the short-term creation of a new race, culture, or even society, but the creation of the foundation for them.


  2. I am researching the Jewish mass immigration planned and organized by Baron Maurice de Hirsch (1831-1896). One of his closest collaborators was the “English” Colonel Albert Edward Goldsmid, a bastard who was such a fanatic that, although raised as an Anglican he reverted to Judaism, proving that the so-called “conversions” mean nothing to them. I always said it, only the moronic Christians believed in them, that is why we are in such a mess. As you said, Ian: “One of them can lead a thousand of us by the nose”



  3. Why isn’t a new virus invented by scientists so evil little extremist libertarian curls like Hitchens and his new execrable mate Francis Hoar die?

    I presume the evil wanker that is Francis Hoar is referring to Jeremy Hunt in his tweet? Well, Mr Hunt is a liberal-left globalist as is the case with 99% of Tory members and MPs nowadays but he does have some form of an IQ and natural governing ability unlike Boris and his goon squad and I have little doubt that if were PM as he should have been we would have had a less horrendous death rate.

    Now, Mr Hitchens and other vermin like Mr Hoar, just, kindly, SHUT THE FUCK UP or go way and die or decide to help the rest of the country in getting rid of this horrible disease.

    Why the hell should decent people like myself follow the rules when despicable bastards like you constantly undermine our efforts, help to KILL vulnerable people and spread your patently unscientific and nonsensical theories?😡🤬

    JUST FUCK OFF to St Kilda or another remote, unhihabited. Scottish island! I am FUMING with selfish cunts like you not co-operating with the rest of this damm ‘country’. 🤬😡

    Pull your bloody weight with the rest of us or GET OUT of this country!😡🤬


  4. Haven’t libertarian extremists like you, Mr Hoar, and that other evil little wretch, MartIn Daubney of the probable MI5/MI6 created Tory front ‘Brexit’ party created enough trouble over the last few years with your United Kingdom destroying ‘Brexit’ with its absurd NI Protocol leaving NI behind IN the EU still?🙄🙄😡😡🤬🤬

    Why don’t all of you libertarian extremists fuck off and die or get the hell out of this country and STOP creating trouble all the bloody time!

    Just GO AWAY! How many more times do people have to relay this message to you before you finally get it and take the message on board?🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡


  5. I think Freddie Sayers is yet another selfish, evil, utterly contemptible, libertarian extremist, murdering cunt who is so bloody THICK he doesn’t understand the rather basic SCIENTIFIC point that no one can have complete personal freedom in a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Not that is without effectively murdering the vulnerable but being a typically SELFISH libertarian extremist bastard the moron either totally fails to understand this simple point or, more likely, doesn’t care so it is no surprise selfish bastards like you, Mr Hitchens, agree with him.

    Please stop tweeting day after day after day after day your unscientific bilge and undermining what should be but obviously isn’t a united national effort to get rid of this virus or to put it into the background where it can no longer do significant harm.

    Decent countries which really care about their people’s safety and health like Singapore to take one example or even the more democratic nations of South Korea or Japan would have either locked you up by now or socially ostracised you to such an extent you would no longer be able to write for newspapers.

    I really wish people would stop retweeting Mr Hitchens and thereby stop giving him the ‘oxygen of publicity’. Libertarian extremists like him and Martin Daubney are grotesquely offensive and putting LIVES at risk.🤬😡😞☹️


  6. Call me simple-minded like your average, grotesquely SELFISH, libertarian extremist bastard like Mr Hoar, Peter ‘The Simply Excretable’ Hitchens, Martin Daubney but I think teachers are marking exams for their pupils because there has been and continues to be a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC for the last year!

    As you say, meanwhile in the REAL WORLD!

    If only people like Hitchens would join us normal folk in it and recognise, for once, REALITY.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  7. If and when these COVID-19 passports are introduced can we banish utterly contemptible, selfish, libertarian extremist, effectively COVID-19 denying vermin like Hitchens to somewhere like St Kilda and keep them there so we normal folk and our health and safety are not put at risk by evil filth like these morons?

    It is either that or we will have to order from their beloved libertarian loony USA doses of medicines used in this procedure for them:


    Infact, why are lethal injections not being given to these evil, Covid-19 deniers NOW?

    I, along with many others, have a RIGHT to be safe from these contemptible vermin!

    You could call it the final solution to the evil COVID-19 deniers problem!


  8. Very interesting those tweets from Japan! Japan is my favourite foreign country. An advanced nation with a real sense of community/nationhood, law abiding and CO-OPERATIVE in a worldwide viral pandemic but then Japan doesn’t have SELFISH, FUNDAMENTALLY EVIL, libertarian extremist, effectively COVID-19 cunts/human effluent like Hitchens, Martin Daubney, Nigel Farage, Julie Hartley-Brewer, Richard Tice and the whole damm lot of them in it casing death and destruction and massive economic damage unlike this sick joke of a ‘country’!

    Japanese people would treat the likes of Hitchens with utter contempt for undermining a national fight against a highly infectious disease.

    Yes, the Japs have many admirable qualities. If only we would try and copy them then we could be as successful as they are but we have to get rid of selfish, libertarian extremist cunts first.

    How about using this Jap method https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Japan on Hitchens etc?


  9. What an EVIL piece of anti-British , globalist FILTH, Chris Philp is.😡🤬

    Why the hell should people like me and millions of other decent British people abide by the Covid-19 regulations to try and protect the lives of vulnerable people in our communities when this evil, anti-British Tory CUNT undermines us like this?🤬😡

    Letting in these people at this moment in time is grotesquely irresponsible and could introduce new Covid-19 strains to this country or perhaps a new viral disease that is even more deadly!

    This entire wretched government of evil, globalist, open borders supporting FILTH needs to go and go NOW.

    Fuck off and die, Mr Philp😡🤬 Hasn’t your evil government sent enough mostly white and elderly people to an early grave?🤬😡😞☹️


  10. Capital punishment really needs to brought back even if it is purely for the crime of TREASON as the US state of Vermont uses it exclusively for.

    As the Roman philosopher, Cicero?, said a nation can survive treason from without but not from within.

    The ‘ultimate punishment’ is needed for the vile likes of Mr Philip

    Go to hell, Mr Philip, you evil, globalist Tory murderous CUNT.

    There MUST be a firm line established by the use of capital punishment so that treason like this isn’t continually encouraged.

    Mr Philips and other Tory filth, when that glorious ‘day of the rope’ arrives you will be on that list.



    1. M’Lord of Essex, you *may* be right as to the laws of Vermont, but speaking as a (non-practising) member of the Bar of the State of New York, I do not understand how a state within the USA can *have* a valid and contemporary law of treason. Treason is a U.S. Federal crime, and so not dealt with under the laws of *states* which are constituent states of the USA. Federal crime, Federal law, Federal courts and Federally-mandated penalties…


      1. It may be that Vermont defines treason against the interests of that state in particular rather than against the USA as a whole hence treason being punishable within that state individually.

        Treason against the US as a whole nation/country is a federal offence so the US government does mandate capital punishment for it federally along with crimes like spying for foreign countries and LARGE SCALE drug trafficking.

        The laws on capital punishment do vary quite a bit between different states. The government of the state of Michigan, for example, banned capital punishment as long ago as the 1860’s and was, surprisingly enough, the FIRST administration in the English-speaking world to discard the use of the ‘ultimate penalty’.


      2. President Biden is said to want to get rid of capital punishment as a federal penalty and to encourage the states to do that as well.

        So far, he hasn’t taken any action with ending the death penalty as a federal offence though I think he could do it with an executive order?

        I wonder if he will end capital punishment for federal offences like aggravated murders, large scale drug trafficking (though not a single execution has taken place for that) but still retain it for treason and spying for foreign countries?

        I think he may do that. The use of the death penalty is on the decline in America though I think that most Americans would think getting rid of it for treason and spying for foreign countries would be unacceptable and I would agree with them.

        We in this country desperately need a firm ‘line in the sand that must not be crossed’ kind of a penalty to be reestablished for wilful treason and the intentional genocide of the British people through reckless immigration policies. These are serious CRIMES and must be treated as such.



      3. M’Lord of Essex:
        It is always suspect to assess the public mood of a country when, as in my case, you have not been in that country (the USA) for many years (in my case, not since 2002).

        As you know, I tend to oppose the death penalty, especially for “ordinary” crime(s).

        I recall a girlfriend I had in Florida in 1999 supporting the death penalty for crimes which were as brutal as one which happened around 1998 in the region of her own city (Tampa): a group of blacks had managed to get into a gated community, had then broken into a house, after which they raped and murdered the young mother they found there; I think that they killed her young child as well. All sentenced to death by electric chair, apparently, a sentence which was carried out.

        In a case like that, it is hard to argue for mercy or compassion for the perpetrators, of course; but as the legal saying has it, “hard cases make bad law”…


  11. I am now increasingly loathe to follow the restrictions or to get the jab when it becomes available to people of my age when this fucking pathetic and wilfully EVIL globalist ‘government’ of cunts deliberately and with extreme malice and contempt throw our efforts back into our faces and allow these illegal immigrant/blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seeker’ crossings to continue in the midst of an INTERNATIONAL VIRAL PANDEMIC!😡

    Seriously, why the FUCK should I bother when globalist cunts like Chris Philip treat me and MILLIONS of other law abiding Britons with such utter CONTEMPT?

    Also, I would urge this wretched, evil government of globalist, virulently anti-British CUNTS to show a tiny bit of respect to all those people you have MURDERED during this pandemic and their poor, shattered families 😞☹️☹️by stopping these crossings with immediate effect.🤬🤬😡😡😡


      1. As you may have guessed by now I have no ideological or any other fundamental reason to reject having the jab or to not abide by the restrictions. Indeed, I WANT to have it and to follow them to protect myself and others but then globalist Tory filth like Mr Philip blatantly throws my efforts in following the rules and concern for the health of others into our faces like this and Priti can’t be fucking bothered to implement real travel controls/immigration controls in the midst of an international viral pandemic’ comes along and then gratuitously SPIT into our faces and much more seriously into the eyes of the families they have effectively murdered and then I don’t want to take it.🤬😡

        EVERYDAY Boris and his globalist filth INSULT people like me in this way. This wretched government demeans us all with every day it is in office.😡🤬


      2. By spitting into the faces of people like me and the families of the people they have already effectively murdered by having no travel restrictions FROM MARCH LAST YEAR onwards they are not only insulting us but making the already very hard task of hardworking policemen and women in enforcing the restrictions much harder still.

        So much for their sick and obviously untrue boast of being the ‘party of law and order’. Show a bit of respect to the police as well, Mr Philip!😡🤬

        If only the Queen could sack this government of evil, incompetent globalist filth like the Prince of Liechtenstein can do with the government of that tiny country:



  12. “There are such exciting possibilities in the world now, gifted by human intelligence and technology. We must add to those positive aspects others, such as love for Nature, and human compassion. If the forces of Evil can be defeated, who knows where we may be led?” Well said Ian.


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