Diary Blog, 15 March 2021

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Peter Hitchens neglects to point out that it is hardly surprising that the (supposedly) “educated classes” in Britain have not, en bloc, resisted the weaponization of “the virus” into a social-control measure or excuse. Most of them have done OK during the past year of nonsense, “working from home” and getting paid (in effect) more, saving up to 4 hours a day on the commute etc.

The same people also failed to resist the 2010-2019 (in reality, 2007-2019) “austerity” nonsense and cruelties, because they themselves, and their families, were largely exempt.

As I have pointed out before, revolutions may be led or counselled, or later consolidated if successful, by disaffected aristocrats and middle-class intellectuals, but are usually made by the mob. Look at 1789 (French Revolution), 1848 (revolutions across Europe), 1871 (Paris Commune), 1905 (uprising in St. Petersburg), 1917 (first Russian Revolution, then Bolshevik uprising), 1953 (uprising in East Berlin), 1956 (Hungarian Uprising), and so on.

Recognize the source of the lies. As always, mainly the Jew-Zionist element, now embedded in UK politics, civil service, msm, and law.

Fake “history” in the making. cf. “holocaust”…

There are quite a few odd people such as “@drdankeown” on Twitter, people who seem to think that we live in the world of Robin Hood, Cromwell, or King Arthur, a world in which the Monarch exercises real power, rather than simply being a constitutional figurehead with real privilege, something rather different.

Acting as Devil’s Advocate, I suppose that if, in some fantasy scenario, the Queen were to suddenly put herself forward as a kind of crowned dictator, and were to demand that police, Army etc follow her political and immediate direction, the vast majority might comply, in our 2021 UK where the notionally “elected” politicians are almost all fools, incompetents, knaves and/or traitors.

The fact, though, is that the Queen will not put herself up as such a tyrant, and her apparent successors, Charles and William, could never command such support, either among those who have sworn an oath, or the public generally.

Alicia Kearns

Just heard a few minutes of a BBC Radio 4 The World at One interview with Alicia Kearns [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alicia_Kearns], Conservative Party MP for Rutland and Melton. Frighteningly thick. These people purport to rule the UK…

Jews and free speech (again)


The slightest pressure from the usual “claque”, and even those who say that they value free speech cave in to the Jew-Zionist propaganda agenda.

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A very good point from Hitchens, that.

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 March 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Good observation about the role played by the mob. I am researching the so-called “English Revolution” (which did not happen, it was a long, “cold war” between the King and the Parliament that started in 1625 and ended in 1642 to be continued by a real war that ended with Charles I’s execution in January 1649.

    It is very clear that the Puritans/Parliament decided to get rid of Charles I from the very beginning as they, in their paranoia, considered him the potential restorer of the catholic faith in England. They mobilized London’s riff-raff with pamphlets and preachers who were mere rabble-rousers. Almost all historians agree on that. It was a proto-bolshevik revolution. The puritans’ hatred and fanaticism were similar to today’s BLM and Antifa.


  2. Hello Ian: I have come across two very interesting books by a true gentleman: Lord Arthur Ponsonby (1871-1946). He resigned to the Labour Party in 1940 in opposition to the British government’s declaration of war against Germany.

    “Falsehood in War-Time” (1928) Deals with all the lies invented by the British Press to stir hatred against Germany and the German people in WW1

    “The Camel and the Needle’s Eye” (1910) Is an attack on the growing materialism and its corrupting influence in British society.

    I downloaded both books from “archive.org”


  3. A gorgeous portrait by one of the finest English painters that ever lived: Sir William Beechey,


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