Diary Blog, 29 April 2021

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The post-2008 Greek experience is instructive. The social-national party, Golden Dawn, was the only party with integrity opposed to the EU enforcement of usury-dictatorship “austerity”. However, the System made sure that the faux-“socialist” “antifascist” party, Syriza, seemed more “credible”.

The result was that Syriza took over the Greek government, then signed up to yet more “austerity”. The people, many of whom died of starvation, while other rummaged through bins trying to find food, had been well and truly fooled. Golden Dawn was then repressed.

Once Syriza had done its job for the System, it was binned as a non-System alternative party of government. A neo-liberal finance-capitalist government took over. At present, Syriza is a poor second in the Hellenic Parliament. It has 86 MPs out of 300 (New Democracy has 158): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellenic_Parliament; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Dawn_(Greece); https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syriza;

[Golden Dawn rally in Greece, c.2012]

Alison Chabloz update

Usually-reliable sources report that, though Alison Chabloz was scheduled to be released from Bronzefield Prison today, and (how absurd, though) on electronic tag, bureaucratic delays to do with probation have pushed back the likely day of release to next Tuesday or Wednesday. Another example of how everything is sliding and becoming less efficient in the UK.

Books, letters and cards can be sent as follows:

Alison Chabloz, A6478EK,
HMP Bronzefield,
Woodthorpe Rd,
Ashford, Middx.,
TW15 3JZ

Books sent should be *new, *paperback and preferably (though not necessarily) sent via online vendors [important update: Bronzefield Prison now does not accept Amazon deliveries but will accept books from elsewhere]

Looking on the brighter side, even a release next week will mean that Alison will have been imprisoned for only 5 weeks out of the headline 18 to which she was sentenced (in reality, about 7-8 weeks).

If Alison had not been scheduled for early release, she would be released anyway about halfway through May, so about 3 weeks from today.

Looking at the wider picture, Alison’s appeal against both conviction and sentence is set down for 2 days, on 3-4 June 2021, and is likely to be heard at Southwark Crown Court (it will be a complete rehearing of the matter).

Should Alison’s present appeal fail in whole or in part, the Crown Court will be able to substitute a greater or lesser sentence, up to a maximum of 6 months’ imprisonment. However, the time Alison has spent incarcerated will be taken off any time actually to be served, so if she were to receive the maximum 6 months (about 26 weeks), she would do half of that (3 months or about 13 weeks) but also minus the ~5 weeks served from day of sentence to (likely) day of release (next week), and also minus other days in custody, such as the 4 days served before her successful appeal of 2020. She would therefore only serve an extra ~7 weeks at maximum.

It may be, though, that the Crown Court would not, or not much, interfere with the sentence duration passed by the lower court if the appeal fails, in which case Alison would only serve a few days extra, if that.

More optimistically, should Alison’s present appeal succeed, then she would be credited with the time she has now spent in prison (in 2020 and 2021) and in other custody, and also the time which she will have spent on electronic tag (at half a day for every day spent on tag). That is relevant because Alison now faces yet another trial in the magistrates’ court, set down for 1 day, on 1 September 2021.

Were Alison to be convicted on 1 September 2021, and were she then to be sentenced to imprisonment, not only would she serve only half of any such sentence, but would have about 6-7 weeks more taken off that reduced sentence. So a 6 month sentence would mean, in reality, about 5-6 weeks in prison, and a sentence of 3 months would mean no time at all in prison.

[Alison Chabloz]

Patriotic Alternative

A statement from Patriotic Alternative has been released:

“Last Wednesday (21.04.2021) Laura Towler’s husband Sam was arrested and taken into police custody.
 The police then let themselves into Laura and Sam’s home, burst into her bedroom without knocking whilst she was still undressed, and then demanded to search the property.

The officer in charge did not arrest Laura, and instead presented her with a warrant, and despite the warrant not mentioning Laura at all, the police took all of her devices – including her phone and laptop.

What’s more, many of the police officers conducting the search refused to hand over the badge numbers or their real names.


On Friday evening (30.04.2021) we were planning to do our regular Patriotic Alternative monthly update. However instead, we are now planning a special stream about this arrest where Mark Collett and Laura Towler will discuss the police’s behaviour and relay advice given to them from legal professionals on the legality of the police action.

Last week Mark Collett’s YouTube channel was terminated – despite the fact that it was completely clean and didn’t have a single active copyright or community guidelines strike. As such, the livestream will not be found on YouTube, but instead it will appear on DLive and Odysee:

ODYSEE: https://odysee.com/@MarkCollett:6/LauraTowlersHusbandArrestedHomeRaided:0
DLIVE: https://dlive.tv/PatrioticTalk

The stream will begin at 7pm UK time (2pm EST) and last around 2 hours.


All donations made during the stream will be given to Sam and Laura to help them cover the cost of replacing the items the police seized. The stream will also allow Patriotic Alternative supporters to ask Sam and Laura questions about the police raid.

Needless to say, neither Laura or Mark are deterred by this abuse of police power. Put simply; this is a desperate attempt by the police to silence those who speak out on behalf of the indigenous people of these islands and further restrict our freedom of speech.

We can assure you; we will not be silenced!

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Late tweets

Ha ha! The unpleasant Jew-Zionist know-all does not know even the most basic history, yet pontificates on world affairs! Are prescription drugs affecting him again? That was one of his excuses when he was found guilty on several charges by a Solicitors’ Disciplinary Panel a couple of years ago. Search via the search panel on the blog for full details. I expect, though, that he is just displaying ignorance.

For once, I do agree with the egregious Lewis, on the above matter. There again, who could disagree? A long-running and appalling miscarriage of justice affecting people who are all but powerless, and who are often very good citizens as well.

When I spent a number of months in Turkey in 2001 (I drove from the UK), I found that the best beer there (to my taste) was called Tekel beer, made by a State-owned brewery. Sadly, no longer. Privatized, apparently, and changed out of all recognition.

I think that Hitchens was referring to the film; he would obviously assume that the background “street noise” was added more recently…

Late music

[Chateau Frontenac, Quebec]

18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 April 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      Greece is a semi “failed state”, propped up by EU smoke and mirrors. A ZOG colony of NWO, just as it was once a colony of others, mainly Ottoman Turks.


  1. I remember a quote from Machiavelli saying “Those who build the state based on the love/loyalty of the people build on sand” Apart from the truly miraculous exceptions of Napoleon and Hitler, this has proved to be true. Particularly now in the XXI century with a population of moronic zombies who believe in what they see on TV or read in the newspapers. The majority of the Greeks demonstrated to be crap like that. Serves them right!


    1. Claudius:
      You are a hard man, but I cannot say that you are wrong. The Greeks were desperate but took what seemed to be the easier option, the one not involving “neo-Nazis”. The same is true here in the UK: people may not like migration-invasion etc, but will keep voting for the System parties which secretly or openly support it.


      1. I used to be very easy going, too much perhaps, and now I realized that it was a mistake. Life is a bitch and you/we have to be hard and I am not talking about politics only. Most people do not deserve the respect and consideration that I used to show them. I have realized this a bit late, but better late than never.


  2. So the police have enough time and resources on their hands to arrest patriots but they can’t be bothered to arrest people blatantly defying Covid-19 restrictions and thereby potentially putting the lives and health of much loved grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers etc at risk and nor do they arrest Tory/UKIP/Brexit/Reform UK ‘party’ libertarian extremist SCUM like Peter Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer etc for their effective encouragement of LAW BREAKING in this regard.🙄🙄🙄

    What a truely SICK country ‘Britain’ now is ! No wonder we have had one of the world’s most disgracefully high death rates from Covid-19 when we have utterly repellent sick jokes of police ‘forces’ like this!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

    It is also not a surprise why many people in this country would be very reticent about paying an increase in their taxes to recruit the considerably increased number of police officers this country so obviously needs.

    FFS, CONServatives, get your priorities right for once!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡


  3. The sick priorities of blatantly politicised police ‘forces’ is a partial reason for criminals feeling they won’t be arrested for their crimes and why so many law abiding people think the police are very definitely NOT on their side and are, consequently, loathe to help them.

    No wonder our crime rate as a country continues its upward trajectory!🙄🙄🙄


  4. At this rate not only Britain’s increasingly numerous and confident criminal fraternity but the vast bulk of the law abiding population as well won’t support the police!

    I would suggest to moronic Tory ministers at the Home Office that a country where very large numbers of the non criminal population increasingly distrust and are fearful of the police, view them as mere enforcers of the British state’s PC globalist political opinions rather than as unbiased upholders of ‘the Queen’s peace’ is likely to be a country that will NEVER successfully tackle crime.🙄🙄🙄🤬

    Time to roll back in full Mrs Thatcher’s politicisation of the police and its subsequent worsening by successive bad governments!


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the police are becoming *more* politicized and biased, not less. Ask Alison Chabloz. Some of the “plod”, in the past 2-3 years, have made the most stupid and unnecessary remarks, such as “I don’t agree with your views” (to which might have been answered, “AND YOUR POINT IS??”)…


      1. Hello “Watcher”

        I honestly cannot say. For me, Russians and Ukrainians are as White/Aryan as the French or the Irish. I never read anything from Thomas Dalton rubbishing them


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