Diary Blog, 28 April 2021, including latest on the Alison Chabloz cases

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Don’t expect pseudo-national types such as Peter Whittle to say anything against the Jew-Zionist element and its influence.

Quite likely, but then there is the question of quantity. At present, Russia has a total of 10,000-12,000 tanks (but many are in storage, inactive); the USA has 6,000-8,000 (but not all operational, and mostly not in Europe). The UK has 100-200 operational tanks now.

In any case, most General Staff modelling (on both/all sides) indicates that a limited but major and conventional war between NATO and Russia would be quite likely to go nuclear. If that were to happen, all bets are off. The USA is far more powerful, but that is almost irrelevant in a scenario where all major US cities would be destroyed (as would major Russian cities). My money would be on Russia to survive or rebuild better than the disunited USA. As for the UK, “Goodnight Vienna”…

Alison Chabloz

As matters stand (at 1300 hrs, 28 April 2021), the situation in respect of her hearing today at Westminster Mags is this, according to usually-reliable sources: the charges under the Public Order Act 1986 have been dropped, so presumably the stupid, ignorant, or negligent police and/or CPS (it’s basically a CPS responsibility, though), who failed to request the necessary assent of the Attorney-General, have now failed to secure such assent. Pretty embarrassing, and yet another sign of how standards are sliding in the UK.

Whatever may be said about the above, the fact is that this is a blow for the malicious Jew-Zionists in and around the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” cabal. Not so long ago, they were all (all half-dozen of them) tweeting and laughing at how (as they imagined, in their nasty-minded ignorance) Alison Chabloz might expect “years” in prison.

Well, now that different charges have been preferred against Alison Chabloz (charges under the Communications Act 2003, and similar to the ones on which she was recently convicted, the subject of an appeal now), the maximum sentence available to the court on conviction would be 6 months (but in reality, after the usual reduction, 3 months actually incarcerated).

It seems that it is ordered that Alison, who is still at Bronzefield Prison near Heathrow, should be produced at court, which is unlikely to be possible before 1600 hours.

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I should think that many people in the UK are becoming thoroughly sick of the behaviour, and the disproportionate influence, of “a certain element”…


Typical Communist-style thinking. What to do about the ludicrously-misnamed “SAGE” “experts”? I am not allowed, in our supposedly “free” country, to say what I really think, except (as I suggested last year) that “SAGE” should be renamed “DUMB” (Department Under Matt and Boris)…

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Boris Idiot

Just saw a few photos of the new (or should that be “nouveau”?) refurbishment of the official quarters of the person currently posing as Prime Minister. I fear that the taste of the “ho” is not very good…

All the same, my feeling is that this is a distraction from the crazed policies pursued by “Boris”, not least the fact that, because he is incapable of running the country, he delegates the most important decisions (not implementation, but actual decisions) to others no more capable: in the past year or so to Dominic Cummings and, worse, the ludicrous “SAGE” crowd. Most of the damage done, eg by the “lockdown” shutdown, is disguised; but it’s there all right.

Alison Chabloz— late update

Usually-reliable sources report that Alison Chabloz was produced, meaning in person, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, very late in the afternoon today. She pleaded Not Guilty to the latest charge.

As noted earlier today in this blog, the Crown Prosecution Service, having negligently or ignorantly failed to seek the approval of the Attorney-General for the more serious charge (under Public Order Act 1986), and now presumably having failed to get such approval, have charged Alison with an offence under the Communications Act 2003, an offence which is summary only (to be heard only in the magistrates’ court, and carrying a maximum sentence of 6 months’ imprisonment).

Apparently, the matter is now being handled by a Ms. Jessica Hart of the CPS Counter-Terrorism Division! One must remind oneself that Alison Chabloz is accused only of having posted online a song! Sometimes this country seems terminally screwed!

Alison having entered a Not Guilty plea, the matter is now set down for trial on 1 September 2021, with a time estimate of 1 day.

I have no information as to bail, and in view of the fact that Alison was brought from prison custody, and later returned to prison custody, it may be that the Court decided not to impose bail conditions, or that to do so would have been beyond its powers.

The other good news for and about Alison Chabloz is that she is going to be released early from her current notional 18 weeks’ imprisonment, imposed only 28 days ago. She will be freed tomorrow morning, 29 April 2021.

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14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 April 2021, including latest on the Alison Chabloz cases”

  1. Thank you, Ian, for the superb news of the dismissed charge against Alison under the Public Order Act! This really is a huge relief. But for goodness’ sake! How can another (and similar!) charge under the Communications Act be brought against her while she is still serving her sentence following the previous charge, which she is, in any case, appealing? The CAA ghouls are clearly in a frenzied agony of bitterly frustrated hope. But instead of listing a new charge from them, should the Magistrates’ Court not have told them to quietly go away and eat their shrivelled little hairy hearts out (or something along these lines)?


    1. Sophie:
      Well, the short answer is that a prisoner serving a sentence can be charged with other matters while serving that sentence. It is not uncommon.

      The “CAA” obviously *does* have rather too much influence in the police and CPS (it should have no influence), but I think that I shall confine myself to saying that for now…


      1. Excuse my ignorance, but how can the CPS charge her with another offence under the “communications act” when presumably she was accused of committing said offence before her current custodial sentence? If that was the case, why were these prosecutions not made together? The point i am making is that the potential for Alison to spend the foreseeable future facing further restrictive bail conditions and/or custody is not beyond impossible!


      2. Watcher:
        It is quite possible and not an uncommon event. For example, a burglar is convicted of a offence of burglary and is imprisoned. While he is in prison, the police, who have been investigating other offences of burglary, charge him with those other offences.

        You are right to say that separate but similar offences are often joined for trial, but in this case (for whatever reason) they were not. It may be because the police and CPS (perhaps egged on by the Jews of the “CAA”) were charging Alison Chabloz with one offences or series of offences triable (if the court were to decide so) *either* in the magistrates’ court *or* in the *Crown Court* (a “triable either way” matter), but Alison was charged already (and then tried and convicted and imprisoned) for offences triable only summarily, in the *magistrates’* court.

        If other similar allegations continue to be made by CAA, police, CPS, it might become “abusive”…


  2. Peter Hitchens, you may not bully people but, by God, you HAVE been insulting many during the past year! Speaking personally, if I had had the sad experience of having one of my relatives succumb to Covid-19 or become very seriously ill with it, I would want to personally throttle you and I a not a naturally violent person.

    Only frankly evil people such as yourself belittle the numbers of victims of Covid-19 or even worse outright deny the existence of this viral disease.

    People like you are grotesquely offensive and show no remorse for the deaths you have encouraged in the last year or the economic damage you have also caused by your encouragement of louts to not follow the restrictions.

    JUST GO AWAY and stop your unhinged and blatantly unscientific rants about Covid-19. It is abundantly evident you don’t give a damm about the extreme numbers of deaths we have had in Britain and would have let those deaths pile up to an even greater extent. Perhaps, you should a join Boris The Butcher’s Cabinet! You are even worse than they are!🙄🙄🙄

    I suggest you go on holiday to India and rant to them about ‘liberty’ during a worldwide viral pandemic . Many Indians are not much enjoying their ‘liberty’ being burned on on outside funeral pyres!🙄🙄🙄

    STUPID and massively offensive IDIOT!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. Communists may well be evil normally but they do have their good points at times!

    At least Commies have faith in the power of the state to do good and that has been helpful to many countries at this time.

    I would feel a lot safer from Covid-19 in Communist North Korea than the degenerate libertarian loony land of the USA that Peter and his fellow libertarian Tory extremists would have had us follow:

    Compare and contrast:




  4. GROW UP, Peter Hitchens! There ARE times in human history when governments can and indeed SHOULD restrict people’s normal civil liberties in the interests of doing a general good and in this instance that is trying to protect the LIVES and the health of the community/society as a whole.

    No amount of childish foot stamping from wretched, degenerate libertarian extremists like you whinging ‘ I want a total right to do what I want to do when I want to do it when that so-called ‘right’ may kill or make another person severely ill is going to alter the stance.


  5. If only we had a semi-constitutional Monarchy like the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein has then the Queen, like Prince Hans-Adam II has, could have the power to have dismissed Boris and his goon squad of a ‘government’ in March of last year and put Chris Whitty and SAGE directly in charge free to implement whatever actions to save the lives that evil and callous people like Peter Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer and the entire ghoulish libertarian extremist squad thought and still do think expendable.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


  6. Mr Percy needs to calm down! So the Conservative Parts has a few allegedly ‘anti-Semitic’ councillors? Well, those Tory councillors know that their party has a long tradition of ‘anti-Semitism’:


    This would only be a case of the party returning to its roots before Mrs Thatcher’s libertarian loony globalist mob took over. Not surprisingly the very Jewish political philosophy of ‘money is the eternal God that must be worshipped at all times and regardless of the consequences for society’ aka libertarian philosophy Maggie favoured was also introduced at the same time the Tory Party lost its traditionally fairly ‘anti-semitic’ attitudes and traditions.

    Half way decent Tory PMs, Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin, didn’t have particularly pro-Jew feelings nor did previous Tory Home Secretaries as that article on Wikipedia indicates.


    1. Mr. Goggins:
      Thank you. I heard that yesterday from a usually-reliable source, but was only able to add it to my blog very late, at or just before midnight.

      I do not know when exactly today Alison will be released. I think that there must be a whole bureaucratic process involved.

      She may in fact have been released already. The prison is about 48 minutes by train from Waterloo, so it will take her a couple of hours to return home, I imagine.

      What an incredible waste of public money this has been altogether, instigated by the malicious trolls and goblins of the so-called “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism”

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Yes, don’t expect the likes of Peter Whittle to say anything. I believe it was either this UKIP man or another prominent person in that party who openly mused on Twitter why London looked likely to re-elect Sadiq Khan despite the capital’s horrific crime rate. Of course, to anyone but a dim UKIP libertarian/pseudo ‘nationalist’ the answer is obvious ie that London now has too few British people living in it to provide a sufficient backbone to the Tory vote whereby the Tory candidate for Mayor has an electoral basis to increase the Tory vote sufficiently well enough to overtake Khan.

    There IS a reason the Tories are planning to end the Supplementary Voting (SV) system with First Past The Post. They want to win London’s Mayoralty on a minority vote and considering London’s increasingly ‘diverse’ population make-up that is the only slim possibility of it happening.

    I do hope they stop their whining about the Liberal Democrats and that party’s support of Proportional Representation (PR). You really can’t moan about the Lib Dem’s wanting Britain to change to PR and saying this is an attempt at seeking electoral advantage when YOU want to do it so blatantly yourself!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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