Diary Blog, 30 April 2021

Migration-invasion continues


Over 200 in a day arriving on the beaches (and thousands by other methods: “spouses” and “fiancees”, “students”, “family members” etc)…

Even 200 a day (and high Summer is not yet with us), means (averaged) tens of thousands in a year.

Anyone assisting or even condoning the invasion is a traitor to the people of this country, to their children and their future.

Tweets seen today

Probably worth listening to, anyway…

Worth reading.

Time to call time on the “panicdemic” in the UK.

Late music

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 April 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      To adapt a couple of well-worn lines, “Hitler bestrides the narrow world like a colossus”; “a spectre is haunting Europe…the spectre of National Socialism”.


  1. Hello Ian: I am correct in assuming that you speak Russian? If it is so, do you know any patriotic, social-national Russian websites? I contacted a Russian national-socialist but he didn’t mention or recommended any. He said that Putin is stifling nationalist voices as he grovels to “the usual suspects”, something I noticed a few years ago.


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, though I have not spoken much Russian for many years, and read little these days. I cannot help much; I do not read anything much in the Russian nationalist milieu online.

      You will be familiar with Dugin, I suppose, who is not fully to my way of thinking but is partially there (and was once said to have the ear of the Kremlin to some extent).

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    1. Watcher:
      Imagine if that blot had been a member of a social-national party instead of the party of the blacks and browns (aka Labour)… greatly more, and national, Press publicity, for sure.


  2. Hello Ian: Since our friend “The Watcher” mentioned the passing of the Führer I remembered and found Knut Hamsun’s noble eulogy published the same day. Hamsun was a loyal National-Socialist and a very brave man who knew what would happen to him, yet he did not try to run away and remained faithful to National Socialism. His son, Arvid, served in the SS-Panzer Divison “Wiking” on the Russian front.

    Here is Knut Hamsun’s eulogy:


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