Diary Blog, 24 June 2021

Batley and Spen by-election

I am updating daily my blog post about the upcoming by-election: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/06/04/the-batley-and-spen-by-election-2021/

Right royal nonsense

I see that this crazed and nominally “Conservative” government reaches new heights of absurdity.

First, we see that there is to be a new Royal Yacht. £200 million or more, to be taken out of the Defence budget, at a time when the Navy (despite its new aircraft carrier) has few warships, at a time when the Royal Air Force has few planes, at a time when the Army has never had fewer soldiers (not since the early 19thC anyway), at a time when air bases, naval ports, and Army camps have been mostly sold off to speculative builders in order to create featureless, poorly planned tract developments, and hutches for immigrant hordes.

In “fantasy succession”, one could imagine a scenario whereby, “by a series of unfortunate events”, the Royal Cuck, Harry of that ilk, would be crowned King, with Meghan, the Royal Mulatta, as Queen…

What a spectacle for the impoverished Brit plebs, as the Royal Yacht sails serenely offshore, the Mulatta lounging in a deckchair while talking on mobile to Hollywood moguls about yet another interview with “Oprah”…as the offspring play deck quoits and amuse themselves by observing the backward poverty of the “white folks” on the nearby shore.

More right royal nonsense

I have found another good candidate for my “Deadhead MPs” series, one Joy Morrissey [Con, Beaconsfield]. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joy_Morrissey. She wants every home, office etc in the UK to put a picture of the Queen on the wall.

This brainless bimbo’s Wikipedia entry mentions her Masters’ degree from the LSE (“European Social Policy”…no information about her first degree though I believe that it was from Ohio State University) but nothing about her having apparently appeared in soft-porn films; her Wikipedia entry is also lacking in other important information. Neither does her own website mention anything at all about her background.

Ms. Morrissey has UK/USA dual nationality but seems only to have been in the UK since some date after 2000; presumably married to a UK national, but “nothing known”. She is 40, and lives in Ealing, at the extremity of West London.

In 2009 she played the female lead in sex comedy Geek Mythology in which complications arise when a nerdy inventor discovers an ancient artefact which makes him irresistible to women.” [Ealing Herald].

One sees pictures of heads of state (who are often also the heads of government) in other countries, where such pictures are accorded a reverence not usual in the UK. I remember seeing the Shah’s photo up at Teheran Airport in 1967, and in Turkey, when I spent a number of months there in 2001, one saw the picture of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, everywhere. God help anyone who disrespected such a picture!

While I do not strongly object to this idea, it is not very English, not very useful, and overall a bit silly.

Pictures of Joy Morrissey MP:

Official portrait of Joy Morrissey MP crop 2.jpg

Joy Morrissey’s maiden name (she is on her second marriage) was Inboden. A German or German-Swiss surname not uncommon in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Looking at her features, though, I wonder whether there is not some other (((element))) there as well.

Joy Morrissey is MP for Beaconsfield, a seat formerly held by Dominic Grieve [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominic_Grieve] and, very long ago, and on very different boundaries, by Disraeli [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Disraeli].

Well, there it is. More nonsense at Westminster, as the country slides.

Tweets seen today

Brilliant for street criminals; not so good for anyone else.

A member of the Mariinsky Ballet was badly injured recently in St. Petersburg when he came off an e-scooter at speed.

Even the above is not the whole picture of the madness, because those “19 deaths from Covid” are in reality “19 deaths within 28 days of a positive test”. Many tests are false positives, and most people in that “19 deaths” bracket died anyway of other causes, even car crashes!

More tweets

The idea that totally corrupt, Zionist Jew-infested Ukraine can be of any use to the UK is a nonsensical lie. If Britain gets into a war with Russia by backing the Ukrainian regime, the Cabinet of Clowns deserves to be put up against a wall. This is a New World Order [NWO] mirage. Both governments are Zionist Occupation Governments [ZOG].

Ha. Quite…

Late tweets

So if China, India/Pakistan/Bangladesh, and tropical Africa were to disappear, problem more or less solved…

It would be far better if Claudia Webbe, among others, did not exist.

Illusions die hard. The idea that a Prime Minister and his Cabinet may not be wedded to absolute truth is scarcely new, but until now the British people have been used to political leaders who have rarely lied outright. Not on a daily basis. Boris-idiot and his satrap-clowns have made that the norm, that whatever they say is quite likely, indeed probably, going to be an outright untruth.

The facemask nonsense has really found a home in the frightened rabbits now comprising much of “the British people”. Will people still bother to talk about political brainwashing in [fill in name of country], after the UK’s successful experiment in making half or more of the British people afraid of their own shadows?

Are there any msm journalists now who are not Jewish?

Late music

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