Diary Blog, 10 July 2021

Tweets seen

Worth reposting for the text, but the person standing next to Hitler is certainly not Jesse Owens!

— “and none dare call it conspiracy…”


Well, for the second week running, John Rentoul managed to tie with me: 6/10. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 6, 7, and 10.

Globalist “conservative” UK-based Indian scribbler, Janan Ganesh, is of course quite wrong, inasmuch as there was no good reason to invade the backward pseudo-state of Afghanistan.

The fact is that the UK is becoming a police state. To be sure, a superficially “caring/sharing” communitarian one, which does not (yet) look much like, say, North Korea, Cuba, or even Belarus, but a police state all the same.

If so, screw the pubs, clubs, and restaurants. I’m out…

Signs of decadence

Rolls-Royce has marketed a small number of cars at £20 million each. Yes, twenty million pounds: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-%C2%A320m-rolls-royce-boat-tail-latest-coachbuilt-model.

[the £20M Rolls-Royce Boat Tail]

It is all very well for “libertarians” to say that society or the State should not interfere with what people do with “their own” money, but there is a limit beyond which conspicuous consumption becomes a mockery of the less-affluent, and indeed becomes a mockery of society itself.

Is £20M “too much” to spend on a car? I think so, and not only because I fall short by…well, about £20M. I would frown on anyone spending even £2M on a car. £200,000? Well, I suppose that I might just be able to justify that, should I ever hit the Euromillions jackpot, but when one thinks how many people are suffering, even (?) in the UK because they need not even £200,000, but £20,000, or even £2,000 (maybe even as little as £200), to spend huge amounts —however defined— on a personal vehicle, seems very decadent to me.

Some people, such as heads of government, may need a special vehicle for their use, but that is a different matter. Hitler had specially-built Mercedes cars, while Lenin used at one time a Rolls-Royce built before the Revolution for a Russian aristocrat. That car was equipped with half-track and skis as well as wheels, to deal with the icy, snowy, or muddy Russian seasons.

[Hitler in his specially-built Mercedes]
[Lenin and Krupskaya etc in his expropriated Rolls-Royce]
[Lenin’s car; note the “Viva the Republic” pennant]
[Lenin’s car, now a museum piece]

More tweets seen

Ha ha. Hypocrite Kamm should look in the mirror. I have blogged about his behaviour on previous occasions. As for Pollard, I have also made known, recently, my views about his attempts to squash freedom of expression. The same goes for other similar Zionist nuisances.

There is a “British Government” in name, but it is really just a ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) of the NWO (New World Order) matrix. Most of the Cabinet and other ministers of importance are Jews, part-Jews, and pro-Israel Indians and Pakistanis etc.

Hardly surprising that a Zionist Jew with untold wealth funds Jew-Zionist activity, whether in Israel/Palestine, the USA, or Europe, but tweeting about evil accomplishes very little. As always, what matters are concrete results.

Afternoon amusement

There’s something of our present world, especially wealthy centres such as London, in that…

More tweets

If Marx lived today, he would have to say that mass spectator sport (and “celebrity” culture, of which the former is really part), and not religion, are “the opiates of the people”. Pathetic.

As I blogged in both 2021 and 2020, the self-describing “Left”, the pseudo-socialists, the people who claim to be for civil rights (usually) are precisely those pathologically attached to the facemask nonsense, “lockdowns”, police-state-ism and so on. The gulf between them and the saner people who have realized that a real virus has been weaponized and inflated hugely for socio-political reasons is widening. It may be something which, even more than the Brexit divide, will have very important social and political consequences for many years.

There is no real opposition within Parliament, bar a few individuals, just a System pretending to be a binary democracy:

Late afternoon music

[similar to a Shishkin, but in fact a view of Chagford, Devon]

Late tweets

A circus or spectacle for the masses. Schauspiel.

There is always the small group in advance of the rest. The enlightened few during the Renaissance, the tiny group of Bolsheviks prior to 1917, the half-dozen people sitting in a beer cellar after hours in 1919, and who who invited Adolf Hitler to become “member no.7” of the DAP (that later became the NSDAP), the 2.6% of the German population that voted for Hitler in 1928, the miniscule number who were even marginally “dissident” in the Soviet Union and its satellites in the 1960s, 1970s, even 1980s.

The small vanguard leads the way. The mass later follows, if the vanguard is destined to rule.

Peter Hitchens has this exactly right, and ex-UKIP blowhard Roger Helmer has it not only wrong but shaking-my-head wrong. People like him were the reason UKIP failed.

As for the masses and their football faux-patriotism, they feel it, of course, just as their ancestors went enthusiastically to cheer both pre-20thC public hangings and the 1914 declaration of pointless war (as well as the similar though less fervently applauded event of 1939-45).

How well I recall scrambling on those grass-and-flower-full North Cornish stone walls when I was about 6 or 7 years old, in the early 1960s. Later, in 2002-2005, I lived in that part of the world.

The sun sets, but will rise again.

Late music

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 July 2021”

  1. Regarding the story of the man who passed out after been vaccinated and is now dying I can only say: “Well, serves him right” All these morons who believed all the lies vomited by the media and the government deserve to pay for it.

    The Internet is full of information and reports about the nasty side effects of the Covid vaccines and yet people ignore them. Somebody in the USA said: “Good! We will get rid of thousands of stupid normies” I share the feeling. Mind you, there millions who should go…


  2. Ian: I totally agree with your thoughts (and Watcher’s) about the new, disgusting religion called “sports”. I noticed it a long time ago but, like everything obnoxious and vile in this world, it has been growing at a fantastic speed.

    The worst and most hateful sport of all is football. Because of its huge popularity worldwide is the one that pushes the JWO’s agenda most strongly. I remember seen on the side of a pitch (about 8 years ago) “SAY NO TO RACISM”. I am surprised they have not decorated the stadiums with LGTB banners and the like…


    1. Claudius:
      I may be wrong, but I think that, in the UK, the authorities *have* promoted the LGTB-etc thing in football stadia.

      As a South American, you must be surrounded by even more fervent sports-ism than we in the UK are! Fight the good fight!

      All the worship of (multikulti) sport (on TV) by a largely supine (and unathletic) mass population is part of the plan— a passive and obedient population unwilling to fight for its own survival, accepting its capture and enslavement.


  3. Excellent observation about the obscene and disgusting display of wealth by the super-rich. In a decent, healthy society structured around (among other things) the principles of social justice and fairness (like Hitler’s Germany), these repulsive and insulting acts would not be tolerated.

    These acts are the result of a sick mind that finds pleasure in obscene displays of wealth. There are subtle ones (like a gold watch studded with diamonds) and outrageous (ultra-expensive cars, yachts and private planes).


    1. Claudius:
      Quite. It is question (on the personal level at least) of where good taste draws the line. For example, in more affluent days, I owned Rolex watches, but they were all SeaDwellers, relatively expensive but not hugely so. Thousands rather than tens of thousands. Compare that to the secondhand watch, also a Rolex, that I once saw, c.1990, in a shop window in Manhattan. Larger even than a SeaDweller, in gold and white gold, with diamonds glinting, horribly vulgar, and priced —“pre-owned”— at USD $25,000! Apparently, it had once been owned by Jomo Kenyatta!


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