Diary Blog, 14 July 2021

Covid passports

The gloves are off. The NWO/ZOG emergent transnational police state is coming into plain sight now, mainly disguised as a parcel of health and safety, and biosecurity, measures.

The creeping “virus” tyranny is ultimately no better than, and in the future will be worse than, the tyrannies of the past. Anything is now justified in the essential removal of the emergent tyranny and its puppets.

From what I have heard recently, there is already a creeping refusal-of-service ethos spreading across the NHS. This is one version of a declaration of war on the British people by its own government, and by the salaried officials of that government. So far, only one side is ready for that war.

Grand Cross Commander, for services to ZOG, NWO and Common Purpose.

More Covid scammery

I happened to see a tweet by a typical Twitter virtue-signaller, citing a Guardian report about 1,500 NHS workers having died “with” Covid in the past (I think) 18 months.

Well, that is very unfortunate for those people and their connections, but then look at the numbers. The NHS employs about 1.6 MILLION people in the UK as a whole. In other words, about one in a thousand NHS staff has died “with” Covid. The chances are that the vast majority really died from other causes. In any case, the proportion, even on the bald figures, is about the same as in the general population.

As Mark Twain said, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics…

Late tweets

I have never had any “app” (and certainly not that one!), nor the Covid vaccine(s), nor a Covid test, and I shall be ditching my (rare) use of facemasks, together with the facemask nonsense, next Monday.

That is Tracy Brabin, apparently a former actress [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracy_Brabin], and who took over the Batley and Spen seat, left vacant by the assassination of MP Jo Cox in 2016, in what amounted to a rigged by-election, in that the other main System parties and UKIP agreed not to put up candidates. Now she is “metro-mayor” of West Yorkshire.

These people, these System puppets, may be idiotic, but give them power, even over bus stations in West Yorkshire, and they will use, misuse, and abuse those powers to the maximum in order to pursue an agenda…

Late music

[The Ride and Death, by Arnold Bocklin]

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 July 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Something that may be of interest to you. I discovered that the British historian Martin Allen, author of an excellent book on Hess (“The Hess Deception”) published, in 2005, another book called “Himmler’s Secret War” where he says/suggests that the British Intelligence Service (obviously on orders from Churchill) murdered Himmler, among others because he was in possession of embarrassing evidence about Churchill (mainly his rejections of Hitler’s peace offers)

    I believe Allen, of course, particularly since I read that a campaign to discredit him and his book was launched by that hateful judeo-marxist rag called “The Guardian”. Here is the article and you will see how flimsy and spiteful are its accusations. As if, anyone could plant fake documents in the National Archives! What can you expect from bastards like that?



    1. Claudius:

      Interesting. As to the specific cases mentioned, I do not know. I would find it strange that Himmler would have secrets like that, if not copied elsewhere. After all, Himmler would not have been in the forefront re. any peace negotiations with Churchill. That would have been the job of Ribbentrop, primarily, as well of (of course) Hitler himself.

      As to the National Archives and whether documents could *be* planted, I do not know. I have never been there. I know that, when the British Library was in part of the British Museum building, i.e. until 1997), their main security regarding *abstraction/theft* of books or other material was to vet those applying for readers’ passes. It was almost impossible to get a Reader’s Pass. I recall that one needed to be vouched for by people (as with a passport application), provide a photo, supply several ID docs, as well as a list of books required and which could be *proven* not to be in other or specialized library collections.

      I was granted a Reader’s Pass or Ticket (I think it was “Pass”). I think that I was one of the lucky few (especially as a non-academic).

      So careful were they that nowhere on that pass was it noted where the pass was from, in case the pass were to be lost, and then misused by some stray person! It did not say “British Library” or “British Museum”.

      Re. the National Archive, if someone brought a document *in*, how was it changed or numbered so that it would be filed by staff as genuine?


    1. Watcher:
      Well, I myself have never been to South Africa, though I did visit both Rhodesia and Botswana in 1977 (both *very* different from SA of course), and my sole contact with South African soil was in changing planes at Johannesburg, having arrived from Gaborone, and en route to Frankfurt. Ha…”Passenger to Frankfurt”! (a book by Agatha Christie!).

      My assessment is more or less as follows:
      In the earlier years of South Africa, up to the 1960s, maybe 1970s, the white/European population of SA was as high as 20% of the whole. It has been falling like a stone since that idiot Mandela took over. Now the white population is only about 7% of the whole. Whites as a community cannot live under black rule, not for long, not in large numbers.

      The Africans were promised “freedom” and prosperity once “they” (i.e. their corrupt and inept leaders) took over power from white/European-race people. Now, here we are, nearly 30 years on and the African masses are still mostly without decent houses, cars, schools, let alone swimming pools and tennis courts (as the whites used to have and many still have) in their houses…

      For the African masses, the solution is simple: take the houses and cars and swimming pools from the white man, and give them all to the black man. I think that that is probably not far from their thinking.

      The other side of that coin is that decent and correct administration cannot be carried on by Africans, speaking generally. Not for long without white/European control and/or help/guidance. That was one reason behind the Cape Town lack of water a couple of years ago. Drought, yes, but the European/white government of the past would have constructed new dams and reservoirs, not just hoped for rain (and/or danced for it).

      The conclusion, therefore, is that SA is sliding fast. In the end, even the Afrikaaners, whose ancestors have been there for nearly 400 years (far longer than some of the African tribes) will leave. Savagery and complete collapse will then take over.


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