Diary Blog, 28 July 2021

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Many centuries ago, ago, the Royal Personage was often attended by a clown, who would amuse the onlookers at an event by clowning around…

Some psychiatrists still believe in voodoo medicine such as electric shocks: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/07/18/theyre-coming-to-take-me-away-ha-ha/.

The facemask nonsense, embedded in many by fear propaganda, has to be killed off.

…and yet the Twit-mob of pseudo-socialists still whines about the (non-existent) “hostile environment” for the invaders…

Remember: tweeting, blogging etc are all good, as far as they go, but we shall not remove the enemies of freedom, culture, and our future, by those means alone.

Ah. I had actually forgotten that the ludicrous Olympics pleb-fest was happening. In Japan. “Virtually”: few spectators and visitors, and now even some of the expected participants are not there. Make the whole nonsense a computer game and dependent on a roll of the dice.

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Well-meaning stupidity on the part of the rank-and-file, but the high command has obviously been captured by enemy forces, as has happened to the National Trust, RSPB etc. Sad, to have to regard those and other great and once national charities as having been turned into centres of ideological treachery.

Whether one regards Biden as semi-demented or actually insane, there is plainly something wrong with him.

Enemy invaders and occupiers. Das ist’s! As for the trade unions, they ceased to have anything to do with the British workers decades ago.

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16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 July 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Good definition of the disgusting, multiculti, LGBT, BLM, etc circus called “Olympic Games”. I think that the last decent Olympic Games must have been those held in the 1980s. The Japanese government proved to be (to my surprise) another bunch of despicable lackeys of the JWO.


      1. Hello: I was not interested either (in the Olympic Games). I remember enjoying rugby and football up to the 1990s when the JWO’s agenda began to be enforced and EVERYTHING was corrupted and spoiled. Sports are definitely the new “people’s opium”, followed closely by that trash called “soap operas”.


  2. There is a “mental health” pandemic, to a certain extent that is true since most of the affected are nutcases (LOL) like that ugly mongrel called Naomi Osaka who has the cheek to call herself Japanese! First, you were congratulated for “coming out” as a homosexual, then it was everyone claiming to have been the victim of bullying or sexual abuse and now we have the “mental” cases. There is a sick cult to victimhood in our rotten, disgusting society.


    1. Watcher:
      where Jews exist in any great number, you can say goodbye to the civil rights and freedoms of the native population. They buy politicians such as that little pissant Robert Jenrick (Jewish wife and children brought up as Jewish…just as in the case of Starmer).

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    2. Hello Watcher: I have to say that it does not surprise me at all; in fact, it surprises me that it took so long to be approved. What can you expect of a country Judaized to the marrow like the UK?

      I shall give you (and Ian) a very revealing and important piece of information about Edward VII, that fat slob who loved the company of Jewish multimillionaires, that will put this in perspective. “In 1905, that is, four years after his coronation, the House of Lords, counted among its members 34 bankers!” (“Edouard VII et son temps”, 1933 by Andre Maurois)

      By the way, the real name of the “French” writer Andre Maurois was Emile Salomon Herzog



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