Diary Blog, 28 July 2022

Afternoon music

[painting by Volegov]

On this day a year ago

Energy bills in the UK


I have been blogging for years about how the UK should get closer to Russia, which would result in this country and its people getting oil and especially gas at near cost-price; instead of which this inept government of clowns has not only not done that, but has insisted on poking Russia with a sharp stick, first of all by applying sanctions which hurt the UK far more than Russia, and secondly by supplying arms and money to the dictatorial and illegitimate Zelensky regime in Kiev.

Tweets seen

Part-Jew: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolyon_Rubinstein. (what he says in his clip is mainly right, all the same).

Sunak personifies large parts of the overall problem: an Indian resident in the UK, and with a “British” passport, but avoiding most taxes, and who holds or until recently held, other passports; a former Goldman Sachs vulture banker; a globalist; pro-Israel; pro-immigration.

Not only news and opinion; the “blacks with everything” agenda has now taken over drama, TV soaps, TV ads, poster ads etc. I blogged about it a few years ago, in fact before it became completely pervasive: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/.

I saw a new ad recently. A white woman, 30-40, buying or leasing an expensive new car. Among the images, one of a mixed-race small child and one —almost subliminal— of the woman kissing the skull of a recumbent Bantu (father of said child?). Rassenschande.

Dr. Goebbels had nothing on this. 24/7 pervasive propaganda, pushing what amounts to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, or “White Genocide” by stealth.

Action directe!

More music

[Culham Science Park, Oxfordshire]

Save the tree


For once, and on this specifically, I support “Extinction Rebellion”.

For me, this matter should have been resolved by better planning at an earlier stage.

BBC Radio 4 News

Heard some of the 1800 hrs. BBC news on radio. Jesus H. Christ! Pure propaganda, mostly given over to the Commonwealth Games, which are apparently now in progress in Birmingham.

The reporter was obviously black, I think West Indian, and most of what he had to say was basically an attack on Britain, the British Empire, and the real (white) British people who built this country.

Defund the BBC, you say? I say obliterate it.

To make it worse, who was blathering on about his “convictions” (he has none, sadly, in either sense) but Boris-idiot, still posing as PM and saying that the £800M wasted on the aforesaid Birmingham black/brown pleb-fest was a good investment! That idiot really breaks all records for both dishonesty and sheer incompetence.

Televised sentencing


Saw on the TV news the first-ever filmed and broadcast sentencing, for murder. The judge was one Sarah Munro, i.e. H.H. Sarah Munro Q.C. I met her once in the (unisex) “advocate’s room” (robing room, as was) at Plymouth —or maybe Exeter, in fact; I cannot now recall— County Court (where I was appearing) and Crown Court (where she was appearing). Not sure whether she had taken silk at that point. Maybe. Sometime between 2002 and 2007. A very charming lady.

As to televised sentencing, I suppose it had to come eventually.

I was, when a practising barrister (1992-2008, with interruptions), always amazed at how few non-legal people even understood the basic court system. For example, the difference between a Crown Court and a County Court. Perhaps because they are now often in the same building. That should be taught, together with a few elementary legal concepts, at the secondary school level (as was done in ancient Rome). Either it is not being done in the UK, or not done effectively.

Late tweets

A kingfisher? Beautiful. I have only seen one once or twice, flying along the banks of small rivers unfrequented by humans.

The only hope for Greece was Golden Dawn. Instead, the Greeks mostly clutched at the wrong straw, the fake “Leftist”/”socialist” party, Syriza, which then betrayed the Greek people and sold out to EU globalist finance-capitalism. Meanwhile, Golden Dawn is repressed, its leaders killed or in prison.

[Golden Dawn, Greece, c.2010]

…and completely stupid whichever cretin wins…

Migration-invasion. It continues, day after day, up to 1,000 a day across the Channel. That’s just the “boat people”, not those coming in as invitees, “students” “family members”, “fiances and fiancees”, “business investors” etc.

When aged 7-10, used rusty bathtubs as sledges in old quarries, made home-made smoke bombs out of chemistry set chemicals (now not on sale in the UK and most of Europe) and odd bits and pieces, dug tunnels etc; later (aged 13) constructed a primitive but real baluster (Roman siege machine), which could and did hurl large boulders. Later still…well, let’s draw a veil…

Late music

[Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk region]

37 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 July 2022”

    1. Claudius:
      Zelensky is a quasi-dictator, ruling a “failed state” which would already have collapsed were it not for Western subsidy— free arms, free ammunition, intelligence help, not to mention the massive charitable effort across Europe and the world: food help, medical supplies and help, and the millions of Ukrainians who are now living outside Ukraine, often as guests of well-meaning Western families.

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      1. I hope Putin wins and wins quickly as at least then dopy Liz Truss won’t be in a position to get us nuked which the silly mare is only too willing to do.

        If only some friendly FSB agent or agents would poison deeply Fishi Criminal Rishi, Liz Truss and Boris The Mass Murdering Buffoon.

        Come on Vlad The Impaler! What the hell are you waiting for? All three of them are utter pests we would be well shot of.

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      2. Yes, all that free help (how much money has this vile government already wasted of our hard earned taxes?) and for what? Ukraine will be defeated eventually as David can’t hold off Goliath for ever.

        As ever with our scumbag, evil, anti-British, globalist politicians we have to poke our noses into other people’s disputes and this time endangering our country with a possible nuclear attack which would END this country for good.

        For once, can we please have a PRO BRITISH ‘Britain FIRST’ foreign policy?

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      3. John:
        If Putin is in serious danger of losing the war in Ukraine, he may resort to *tactical* nuclear weapons. In poker terms, that would “up the ante”— the Kiev regime has no defence, and has no such weapons itself. Then it would be for NATO either to match that gambit, or not. If NATO uses even tactical nuclear weapons against any Russian target, we are in WW3. Immediately.


      4. Dig up Neville Chamberlain, resuscitate him and have him leading his old party as both Sunak and Truss make no sense at all in foreign affairs. He was the last Tory PM who even attempted to have a pro-British foreign policy!


      5. And all that help only really achieving one thing ie more and more Ukrainians dying and the country being utterly ruined so that it becomes a state that won’t be able to recover.

        What sort of possible ‘victory’ is that? Peace talks will have to take place sooner or later. Britain and Europe can’t allow America to use Ukraine for their proxy war against Russia anymore.

        Unlike them we have to be able to live alongside Russia in Europe. Russia, or, at least, the Western part of it is a European country and our foreign policies need to take account of that fact.


      6. Boris or whoever is really in charge here is as well. Latest news is that a Scottish YouTube user has been harassed by the authorities here for blogging on there about the situation and being too ‘pro-Russian’ for this government’s liking.

        I know that Priti Leftwing is ethically Indian so we can’t really expect her to know that freedom of speech and thought used to be British values but that is taking the mick.

        If only she was as repressive when it comes to deporting blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ and illegal immigrants as she is in destroying the last remnants of basic civil liberties here.

        Priti Leftwing you are MEANT to be tough and ‘Rightwing’ about immigration and liberal inclined about most aspects of free speech/free thought etc!

        As ever, you have got it WRONG. A truely terrible Home Secretary in a lamentably long line of failures of Tory and Labour failures in that office.


      7. Yes, we will be and the thought this war will involve the use of nuclear weapons scares the living daylights out of me. I really don’t fancy the prospect of us playing nuclear Russian Roulette with the Russians!


      8. John:
        How it could/might happen is as outlined: Russia unable to maintain momentum, Ukraine supplied with more and more advanced weapons by NATO. Russia backed into a corner (*even if still in formerly Ukrainian territory) and, unable to lose face, using tactical nuclear weapons, battlefield weapons. NATO then faced with either Zelensky’s regime losing (and possibly being wiped out) or NATO supplying/using similar weapons. At that point, if NATO were to respond in kind tactically, Russia *will* launch weapons so terrifying that much of the civilization we now know will cease to exist. Yes, Russia (or much of it) may go the same way. That does not help us at all…


      9. What is truely terrifying is not only the fact the Russian Federation has more nuclear weapons than any other country on the planet but that many of these weapons are amongst the most technologically advanced ones in existence as well eg that one called Sarmat RS28?

        The Russians are a proud nation, they always have been and they are not the sort of nation to easily back down when forced into a corner. It really is unwise to keep-on prodding the Russian bear and not expect a reaction eventually.


    1. It really isn’t hard to see why Boris The Murderous Buffoon is so much in love with Zelensky, is it? Two globalist media puffed-up charlatans and frauds evidently feel a special bond and kinship with each other! Well, there is a surprise- NOT!🙄🙄🙄🙄

      Zelensky will be doing a remake of Titanic next with him playing Leonardo Di Caprio’s role!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  1. Mr Raab, your government isn’t even fully protecting Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty(AONBs) eg that white elephant HS2 currently being built in the Chiltern Hills with inadequate environmental mitigation measures and there has been quite considerable erosion of the Green Belt since 2010 so how are we meant to believe future promises to protect it?


  2. I am old enough to recall David Cameron promising to, ‘reduce immigration to the level of tens of thousands per year’. That was in 2010 and, instead, we have had the precise opposite under a succession of failed Home Secretaries: Amber Rudd, Teresa May, Sajid Javid and the worst of the lot Priti Leftwing.😠😡🙄

    Irresponsibility on a mass scale! Increasing the population of an already overcrowded country can never be good for the environment.


      1. No, they never did and still don’t hence plus 30% swings to the Liberal Democrats in by-elections and defeat at the next election.

        I have been looking at by election records on Wikipedia and I have noticed a pattern ie that when a government has had 30% plus swings against it in by-elections such an administration has fallen at the following general election.

        That will be this government’s fate too and one reason this will happen is that they have utterly failed on the most basic expectations of the public for a supposedly Tory government ie controlling immigration and cracking down on REAL crimes.


      2. They mistakenly think utter liberal-left globalist loons like this one:

        will vote Tory if they are soft on criminals and have open door policies on immigration.

        Look at that top tweet (28th July 2022) as a good example of the sort of nutters we have roaming this land!

        Rishi makes a promise to double the number of foreign CRIMINALS being deported and this crank says Tory Party members must be really nasty for Rishi to trawl for their votes using such a proposed policy in a leadership election!

        Any normal country would seek to deport immigrants who willingly flout their laws and if a party’s members want that to happen then they are NORMAL not ‘nasty’.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. That Tory donor is of Indian origin! Quelle surprise! Hey, Mr arrogant Indian so and so we will do a deal! If you lot allow even a single Briton to sit in India’s parliament, a Brit in the Indian cabinet or a Brit to become India’s next PM or President we will allow Deeply Fishi Rishi to be our country’s next PM.

    Deal or no Deal?🙄🙄🙄

    How about a nice recolonization of India, eh? You ungrateful lot told us to get out of India so we did but you followed us back here so we couldn’t have been as evil and wicked as you say we were!

    At any rate, even at the height of the Raj there were only about 200,000 Britons in India – a tiny fraction of the overall population of hundreds of millions of Indians and we rarely mixed socially to a substantial degree.

    Your population here is of a greater ratio of Indians compared to Brits so who is the greater victim of colonisation?

    We never took over a single town in India compared to your colonisation of Slough and Southall etc.


    1. John:
      Indeed, Hitler often commented (during repeated showings of Lives of a Bengal Lancer, at the Berghof) about how the British ruled India with just a few thousand soldiers and civil servants.


      1. Apparently, he very much enjoyed that film and it was his favourite movie.

        Being able to rule over teeming millions upon millions of Indians using relatively few of us shows we have some innate qualities as a people and this was a remarkable achievement.

        We British really should learn to have more self-respect, have more of a sense of national pride and not castigate the achievements of our ancestors in India or our other ex colonies so much.


    1. Indeed. If you look at the tweets from this certified loony who is one of the most notorious Follow Back Pro European (FBPE) lot on Twitter:

      you will see he condemns Sunak for having that proposal. Apparently, Sunak is desperately fishing for leadership votes amongst Tory members who are ‘nasty’ for wanting to see foreign CRIMINALS be deported.

      Sorry, FBPE loon, I think if Tory members want that then they are not ‘nasty’ but NORMAL.

      When you read his deranged tweets it really isn’t hard to see why the Britain in the EU crowd lost that referendum. What makes me laugh though is that many of these anti-Brexit, Pro-EU people are NOT actually ‘pro-Europeans’. How can they possibly be when they are against immigration controls and wish to see Britain become a totally non white country along with other European nations as well?


    2. Or weeks of 85 degree plus Fahrenheit heat as in the balmy Bahamas every Summer! 🙄😂Mind you, with global warming that might well occur anyway soon!

      However, it isn’t just deeply fishi criminal Rishi who is offering fantastical promises but Liz Truss as well. This Tory leadership contest has always been an utter farce and is becoming an outright theatre of the absurd!


      1. It shows that the Conservative Party is in deep political trouble and is struggling to know what the political purpose it is in existence for and who are the groups of voters in the electorate it should aim to appeal to.


  4. Every country in the world has immigrants in it but most countries are sensible enough to place clear limits on immigration so that their core national identity and culture is not overwhelmed. Even ultra-nationalistic Japan has people of other Asian backgrounds there but the country is still 98.5% Japanese.


  5. Yes, End of Everything, the Tories will STILL be seen as ‘racist’ if Sunak doesn’t win (even disregarding the fact that Tory members might well have perfectly legitimate reasons not to vote for him and he is one of the final candidates to go before the members) will be seen as ‘sexist’ and inherently hostile to women (even though they have already had two female PMs whilst Labour has not even had a female leader yet) if Truss loses, will be seen as ‘anti-LGBTQA’ for not having had an openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite, queer/questioning, asexual candidate in the leadership race at all!🙄🙄🙄

    This game of PC Bingo is a game the left have made sure the Tories can NEVER win as it is massively rigged against them so the best thing the Tories can do is to stop playing the game and do not pander to Guardian readers but do so instead to those parts of the electorate who are most likely to vote for them.


  6. Hello Ian! Today I would like to share with you and your readers some popular Argentinian ideas/misconceptions about the English people (for us is always “Los ingleses” (The English). The concept of “the British” was always alien to us.

    A) The English are extremely punctual (In the old days, I mean the late 1960s when I was a boy, people used to speak of “puntualidad inglesa” = English punctuality)

    B) The English are very well-mannered (A man who was very polite and elegant was called “un señorito inglës” = A little English lord)

    C) ALL the English are blond (LOL)

    D) The English stop working to drink tea at 5.00 o’clock (LOL)

    E) Working-class Englishmen are violent drunks/hooligans

    These were popular ideas in the late 60s’. You must understand that at that time our idea of the English was shaped by the TV. There were lots of British films shown in those days (mostly classics from 1940-1960). I remember how much I loved Norman Wisdom’s films and my heroes were David Niven and Stewart Granger.


    1. Claudius:
      Afternoon tea should be at 4 pm or 4.30, traditionally, though in the north of England, factory workers would often have their main feed soon after leaving work at 5pm, and called it “tea”. There is also a tradition (now all but dead, I should think) of afternoon tea with extra food called “high tea”.

      The other items on your list are, of course, partly but not wholly correct.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the information about the tea. Yes, I know that all the other points I made were partly correct, The funny thing was to see how we all tend to apply traits like that in a silly “blanket” fashion. In fact, my wife, who is English AND blond (I was correct there, LOL) doesn’t like tea. So much for the “one size fits all” principle!


      2. Claudius:
        de gustibus non est disputantum…

        My mother has always disliked tea, and I do not think I ever had a drink of tea until I was about 9, in the house of a friend from school, and even that was lemon tea (of which I had never even heard, btw; the same people also gave me peanut butter, another foodstuff of which I had never heard; around 1965). Coffee I only drank from the age of about 10. Filter or perked.

        When I was in Africa in 1977 (Rhodesia mostly, and a week or two in Botswana), I was told that the Rhodesian special forces (some of whom I encountered) usually took cold tea (without milk) in their water bottles because it slaked thirst better than water (in the heat of the day).


      3. Interesting observation Ian. Drinking iced tea is very popular in Italy during the summer. Some people also like iced coffee, I enjoy hot coffee with sweet whipped cream (French style, called “Chantilly cream”) in winter and if it is with a bit of aniseed liqueur even better!


      4. Claudius:
        Of course, in the USA, iced coffee is popular (as is iced tea), but neither has ever really caught on in a big way here. Maybe our summers were not long enough or hot enough in the past.


  7. I don’t know about that. Costa Coffee (set-up by Italian immigrants to the UK) in the early 1970’s is a very large, multi-million pound business with outlets on many high streets (sometimes even two of them as in Upminster near me) and inside shopping centres and the US owned Starbucks makes quite a profit off we Britons.

    I rarely go into Costa Coffee but I must admit I am quite partial to their iced drink range on hot days here.


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