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…because he could not study in Sudan…or, for that matter, in Italy, or France…

Every. Single. Time…

The Jewish woman refuses to address the points that 1. the UK now produces only 1% of “global emissions” (if that), and 2. the real ecological threat to this planet is the fact that the population is now 8 billion, of which the vast majority are non-European (in fact, nearly half of the world population is in only four countries: China/India/Pakistan/Bangladesh).

Some of my previous posts about Extinction Rebellion and the (connected) Greta Nut situation: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/.

So will the new multikulti Australian police state ban cars (they kill people), sugared soft drinks (they kill people), processed foods (they kill people), cigarettes (they kill people), alcohol (that kills people), and non-European immigrants (they kill people) etc? No?

What nonsense it all is! The Australian police state had and has some of the strictest “lockdowns”, facemask nonsense, vaccine compulsion, “Covid passport” nonsense, “test and trace” nonsense, quarantine nonsense. Yet there they are, these petty tyrants, now imposing an even harsher regime.

Australians (the sort from Anglo background), are rather like the British— they don’t care whether their country goes to ratshit so long as they can watch on TV something labelled a “national” team win a cricket, rugby, athletics, or whatever competition somewhere or other.

The latest news I have heard from my own Australian connections is that Australians now outside Australia in countries such as the UK will not only have to pay huge amounts just to get back (my niece just paid £2,000, and I think that is in Economy class!), not only have to pay for weeks of imprisonment (sub nom “quarantine”), and regardless of whether vaccinated etc, but also will not be allowed to leave Australia later!

Sovietism meets the biosecurity state in…Australia. Who’d have thought it?

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Alison Chabloz

It will be recalled that persecuted singer, songwriter and satirist, Alison Chabloz, was sent to prison for lampooning Jewish and Zionist pretensions, and discussing related matters etc on an Internet radio podcast. She ended up doing 2 months in prison (of a notional 18 week sentence).

Tomorrow, 12 August 2021, Alison Chabloz will be at Southwark Crown Court to attend her appeal against her conviction and sentence (handed down at Westminster Mags.).

I had thought that the appeal would take the form of a full rehearing, but it seems that Alison and/or her legal advisers have decided to limit the appeal to certain legal points. This would mean that, while the Court has discretion, should the appeal fail, to impose an even greater sentence (to 6 months max) than the 18 weeks originally imposed, such a course would be unlikely to be taken.

In any case, even were the Court to impose a maximum 6-month sentence, that in reality would mean three months (if that), and Alison has already served two.

I shall post the result as and when I am aware of it. In the meantime, I wish Alison Chabloz good fortune in her appeal.

[Alison Chabloz]

Should anyone wish to attend the appeal in order to support Alison, the details are here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southwark_Crown_Court

[Southwark Crown Court]

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12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 August 2021”

  1. I am sorry to hear that about Australia, such a beautiful country. Unfortunately, you are right, the average Australian of British stock, very nice and friendly, is, at the same time, a nitwit like his/her British counterparts. They have this idiotic, naive and pathetic faith in “democracy”, “human rights”, “Christianity”, etc and they LOVE their sports and their awful (Multikulti) soap-operas.

    They (like the majority of Whites) deserve EVERYTHING they get!


  2. Hello Ian: More madness from the “Woke Brigade”! (LOL) I believe that most people do not pay attention to these morons. Fancy “cancelling” (what a stupid expression, as If you could “cancel” a word!) curry in the UK. Go and tell that to the hundreds of Indian owners of restaurants (LOL)

    Incidentally, I love curries. I discovered Indian cuisine in Australia thanks to my wife who is addicted to it. Unfortunately, there are very few Indian restaurants in Buenos Aires and so far because of the idiotic lockdown, we have not been able to go to any of them.


    1. Claudius:
      As you say.

      In fact, the Indian cuisine found in the UK is (not always but usually) a kind of ersatz Indian food tailored to British tastes. Some of the food was actually invented in the UK by Indians (or Bangladeshis). Chicken tikka is one example.

      There was, in the 19thC, an Anglo-Indian cuisine invented by the British in India. You should get your wife to make some. Eggs mollee is not too bad if done well:

      I like kedgeree:
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kedgeree. Often a breakfast dish in the UK. Quite traditional. Not often found in the typically hurried contemporary British urban and suburban home, but not uncommon in country houses and country hotels, usually served as part of a buffet.

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Indian_cuisine; and


      1. I thought the original “curry” was created by the British Army, during the Raj as a way to preserve meat?


  3. The Alison Chabloz case highlights what is happening to “free speech”. Legality, or not, of denial of the Shoah is one thing, but how many have been arrested for denial of the Armenian genocide? Her case has huge implications, all of them dire.


      1. As I wrote previously and will repeat, I have nothing against the Jewish community (well, OK 99% of them). Freedom of speech entails a right of reply. Once stifled, never regained (vide North Korea).


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