Diary Blog, 13 August 2021

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“Rubin”. (((Every. Single. Time))).

I notice that the said Jewish scribbler, Jennifer Rubin, is an “opinion writer” at the Washington Post. She is also pro-“Covid-19” vaccination, pro-the facemask nonsense, pro children being forced to be masked in class, pro- forced vaccination for schoolteachers, pro-abortion, pro the doomed multikulti society, anti-white and, of course, pro-“intervention” in other countries (i.e. pro-NWO, ZOG, and Israel). She seems to tick all the boxes.

That is how (((Court News))) sees fit to report on an appeal which has in fact not yet come to an end. I think that the, er, orientation of “Court News” is clear (and has been for some time).

Seems that “Court News” needs more information (or less bias)…

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Moldavia, as was. Whatever people say about Belarus, or Lukashenko, the fact is that Belarus would now be exactly like Moldova, had Lukashenko opened Belarus up to finance-capitalism, Jew carpetbaggers, fraudsters, etc.

See also:

On the larger scale, we have Russia itself. Yeltsin and his finance-capitalist thievery and chaos was replaced by Putin, who whatever his flaws has at least created the basis for a better future.

Alison Chabloz

Latest news is that Alison’s appeal, at Southwark Crown Court, has failed.

It will be recalled, by those who have read yesterday’s blog post, that one of the two magistrates who flank the presiding Circuit judge at such an appeal had to be removed when it came to light that he had actually been a trustee of a Jewish “charity” to do with the Anne Frank “diary”.

It seems, on the face of it, incredible that such a person could be allotted such an appeal, bearing in mind the subject matter and the defendant!

Well, there it is. The appeal proceeded, with only two of the usual three members sitting.

According to a source thought reliable, the presiding judge today expressed the view that the sentence passed by the lower court on Alison was “lenient”; a very strange idea of leniency, bearing in mind that the sentence passed had been 18 weeks’ imprisonment out of a maximum of 6 months (i.e. c.26 weeks).

The usual practice in a case of this sort (where only a small increase of sentence can be handed down) is to remand the defendant on bail to reappear for sentence on (in this case) Monday 16 August. Alison, however, has been remanded in custody over the weekend.

The presiding judge is, apparently, “minded” to pass a further custodial sentence on Monday, though that sentence will be short. In fact, even were the maximum sentence (6 months) to be passed, she could expect to be released at the halfway point, and Alison has already done about 2 months in prison, so she might only serve 3 weeks or so.

I have to say that this looks more like (further) persecution rather than unbiased justice.

Another interesting fact: “To the surprise of everyone in court, including the judge and the prosecutor, the representative of the Probation Service after making enquiries informed the judge that access to Alison’s probation file is
restricted and higher authority will be required to view it.  No doubt this
very strange circumstance will catch the interest of the conspiracy
theorists.  It is on any view a very odd thing
.” [from a reliable source].

That, apparently, was why the judge did not pass sentence immediately.

Well, the fanatical Jew-Zionist element will be rubbing its hands tonight, but whatever happens on Monday, Alison will be out of prison within a few weeks at the latest. There also remains a slight possibility (perhaps very slight) that she will not be imprisoned on Monday.

[Alison Chabloz, satirist, singer-songwriter, and imprisoned dissident revisionist; https://alisonchabloz.com/]

Late tweets

…Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan (conspiracy)…

Free citizens”? Hardy ha ha…

I heard a few minutes of the ever-more-pathetic BBC Radio 4 PM programme. Jewish journalist Jon Sopel was excitedly saying how surprised “we” have all been at how swift has been the Taliban advance.

No…those of us who recall how quickly the Taliban advanced in 1996 are not so taken by surprise.

How can we criticize the blacks and browns of Africa, Asia and elsewhere for corruption when this happens here at (what was) “home”?…

More news from the new multikulti Australian police state…(note the ridiculous masks, as well…).


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16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 August 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      obviously a crank or yet another “antiracist” with mental problems.

      That news report made me laugh. After all, if the people who put up that banner are as bad as she seems to imagine, they would presumably have taken revenge against her or the newspaper. It’s all such nonsense.


  1. I find it amazing that the disgusting TV channel D (Deutsche Welle) which should be called JD (Jรผdische Welle) has something positive to say and show about Germany. I have a superb book about the Prussian royal palaces (“Potsdam” published by Konemann and available in English) and they are beautiful places to visit. There are also some great videos about them on YouTube.


      1. I was surprised by the “unbiased” reporting of Court News UK, it should be called Court News Israel (LOL)

        What about that horrible female who destroyed the “White Lives Matter” banner? Another candidate for the [redacted]!

        I have just watched 10 minutes of the video about Moldava or Moldavia and it is awful. I feel sorry for the poor people of that nation. It looks like Argentina within a decade…


      2. Claudius:
        Hello. Regret that once again I had to redact (one word from) your rather “sharp” comment.

        I was once interviewed (in the mid-1990s) for a job travelling to and within Moldova/Moldavia. Buying tobacco crops. I did not get the job though, probably because I do not smoke! Might have been fun, though. Adventurous.


      3. Hello again! Yes, I can guess what word you have to remove (LOL) and I thought I was being moderate!

        I suppose you must know that man’s YouTube channel, he must be a Russian living now in England because he has travelled a lot in Russia and speaks fluently the language. I am looking forward to watching more of his videos.


      4. Claudius:
        I think not Russian. British origins. Yes, he speaks Russian fairly fluently, but on what seems to be a basic conversational level. I noticed a few small errors of grammar and pronunciation. I find the videos interesting, but occasionally he ventures into deep water in terms of his historical understanding. Not sure how deep his knowledge goes, if truth be known.


  2. Sorry to hear about Alison Chabloz. Also, i wondered about the large bag she can be seen carrying. i guess the persecution continues! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ


    1. Mr. Goggins:
      I have to agree. The Jew-Zionist “CAA” cabal have Alison Chabloz high on their target list. At least she, if overseas, would be out of the jurisdiction and (((their))) reach.

      Having said that, I see that the Jew-Zionist lobby is pressing to change the law so that anything posted online but out of UK/English jurisdiction will still be justiciable in England. If that were to become law, the offshore location of the post would no longer confer total immunity, though in practice it still might, because such offences are not and would not be generally those within extradition parameters.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mr. Goggins:
        There are precedents for a law like that, i.e. one with extra-territorial effect. Murder, for example, by a British citizen, can be tried in the UK no matter where the act was committed.

        In this case, of course, it is being pushed by “the usual suspects”, the Jew-Zionists.

        Liked by 1 person

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