Diary Blog, 13 August 2022

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Saturday quiz

Well, I again beat political journalist John Rentoul this week— 5/10 as against his slightly shocking 2/10.

I would have scored 7/10 had I been able to recall the answer to question 7 (which I basically knew) and had I been more observant in the many billiard rooms I have seen, and so been able to answer question 4.

Apart from those questions 4 and 7, I did not know the answers to questions 3, 5, and 10.



A father-of-two who waited 20 hours in A&E only to be told to see his GP ‘refused to leave’ the hospital without vital blood tests – which revealed he was suffering from terminal cancer.

Following the diagnosis he says the treatment and care he has received has been ‘amazing’.

[Daily Mail]

The NHS is a fine idea, which in practice is often also very good, but which is also often terrible.

The “free at point of use” foundation I support completely, but not for blacks and browns who come to the UK to get free healthcare off the back of the British people.

Increasingly, it seems that NHS healthcare is very hit-and-miss, and for many years there has been both terrible mismanagement and/or maladministration. There has also been a widespread (and from what I have seen) justified perception that basic matters, such as hospital cleanliness, have been left undone, or not properly done.

Further, not all NHS staff exhibit the compassion that they should, and that others do.

“Covid”, even now, has become and remains the go-to excuse for poor service, whether seeing a GP or using a bank branch (my own bank has now reduced its hours to those last seen c.1980).

American “pay or die” healthcare (a simplification, of course) is unsuitable, but so is an NHS which is now little more than a skeleton service.

What matters is what works for the people, “for the welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].

Tweets seen

As I blogged when Starmer became Labour leader, even if you leave aside the fact that he is a puppet for the Jew lobby, the bastard is as dull as ditchwater, and has no vision, only pettifogging detail work to offer.

Wait until you see the lazy reporting from Ukraine…

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[Dutch people welcome the Waffen SS, Amsterdam, 1940].

More tweets seen

An effusion, though, which took its force from Brooke’s class origins (without wishing to seem “Marxist”). The poorer classes were considerably repressed at that time, arguably more so than in some other countries, even European countries (e.g. France).

Brooke, though not an aristocrat or very wealthy, was from the reasonably-comfortable middle classes, arguably the most loudly-“patriotic” strata of English society in that era.

Incidentally, while looking up a few things about Brooke, I happened to see this Wikipedia entry about a young lady with whom it seems that Brooke had an affair: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katherine_Laird_Cox. Interesting character.

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A brief observation about the intolerable weather

As blogged previously, I have not only visited, but lived and/or worked in hot countries, albeit at a younger age, but there is something exceptionally oppressive about the heat this time.

I had to go out yesterday afternoon. Walking to the car, I felt the sun to be as fierce as I remembered it to have been once or twice in places such as Qatar. The sun felt, on the head and back, like some active and hostile force.

Disturbing to have such a feeling in England.

Late tweets

I blogged as much a few days ago.

How can Ukraine “win”? What would a Kiev-regime victory look like? All Russian troops pushed back into Russia proper? All Russian people deported? Crimea (and its 90%+ Russian population) placed under Ukrainian martial law (or rule, without law)?

If Crimea is attacked seriously and heavily, or if Russian forces in the Donbass region are pushed back and out, Russia will probably resort to “battlefield” or “tactical” nuclear weapons.

What would be worse for Russia, Ukrainian cities —including Kiev— flattened, or Crimea occupied by Kiev-regime forces, or Russian troops and civilians pushed out of Ukraine? I think, that for Putin at least, defeat is unimaginable, and he will do anything to prevent it.

Ha ha! A trifle crude, but true all the same.

Late music

22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 August 2022”

  1. Hello: I read Rupert Brooke’s biography on Wikipedia. it is amazing the number of homosexuals/perverts among the British upper class. What can you expect from such an unnatural and repulsive system as the English public schools? I remember very well Davis Niven’s condemnation of such a system in one of his books.

    I read a couple of his famous war poems or sonnets and they are unbearably childish and jingoistic. Here is a very fitting comment from Lord Alfred Douglas taken from the Wikipedia article previously mentoned:

    “… never before in the history of English literature has poetry sunk so low. When a nation which has produced Shakespeare and Marlowe and Chaucer and Milton and Shelley and Wordsworth and Byron and Keats and Tennyson and Blake can seriously lash itself into enthusiasm over the puerile crudities (when they are nothing worse) of a Rupert Brooke, it simply means that poetry is despised and dishonoured and that sane criticism is dead or moribund.”


    1. English public schools are not repulsive or repressive. Mostly, they have provided excellent educations for those who have been lucky enough to have attended them.

      The majority are now co-educational ie for both sexes and day schools. Infact, there are now very few of them that are all male and only boarding ie Eton College, Harrow, Radley and Winchester.

      The latter school educated Tim Brooke-Taylor of the Goodies and Sir Oswald Mosley of British Union of Fascists (BUF) fame but even that one now has plans to allow girls entry.

      That would be a shame because I think there is still a role for all male and all boarding schools to play in the educational sphere.

      The British public school in the style of Eton or Harrow is often copied in other countries such as India.

      One way they could be considered repressive is that they have been known to have strict discipline standards something which state schools used to have and which should be copied so as to provide a decent education for poorer people.

      Another is that boys in them live on site in the ones that are still all boarding and that could be considered to be repressive and unnatural for young boys but many would consider that is one reason why the ancient public schools like Harrow have good educational standards.

      So much so in fact that some state schools have been set-up recently that copy this aspect of Eton and Harrow.


      1. Such is the general decline in standards in Britain this trend has now extended to our ancient public schools eg Winchester College.

        One of Britain’s oldest, most renowned and past alma mater of Sir Oswald Mosley of BUF fame it also educated a certain criminal by the name of Rishi Sunak…..!

        How the mighty have fallen, eh?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😠😠😠😠😥😥😥😥😥


    1. nativewarrior14:
      I read that: “He would later tell jurors he was hacked – a claim rubbished by experts who said not even the most sophisticated malware, deployed by the Israeli secret service, could allow that level of access over a phone.”



  2. Liz Truss is certainly a Grade A Idiot but then she was a, ahem, ‘former’ Lib Dem so she has that excuse. However, out of the two remaining candidates she is, at least, English.

    Despite her professed stance on Ukraine which may owe more to Boris’s stupidity rather than hers I presume she has at least a tiny smidgeon of regard for her own country and if that is the case and she becomes PM she might take a less stupidly gung ho approach to Russia.

    As she is English I would hope she wouldn’t annoy Russia so much that they nuke us and END our existence as a country.

    I wouldn’t be sure whether one could trust Rishi in that way. Unlike Liz he isn’t ethically English so when push comes to shove he probably has little regard for this land and wouldn’t be too aghast if it came to an end via a horrific nuclear Armageddon.

    With situations internationally at the moment like the Ukraine-Russia one and its all too real horrific potential it is important that the person in No 10 and in control of government and our nuclear launch codes is actually ethnically English, Scottish, Welsh or an Ulster-Scot. This is a vital national security implication for members of the Conservative Party to consider.


    1. John:
      While naturally I agree that Indian supposed “clever boy”, Sunak, has ruled himself out by being non-white, that is hardly a ringing endorsement for one-time slut Truss. After all, 80% or so of people in the UK are still white Europeans, so about 40% of women are still white. Not a high bar for a would-be PM to hurdle.


  3. According to her Wikipedia entry which I have been reading, Liz Truss, was born in Oxford but was educated in Paisley and at Rounday School in Leeds, Yorkshire.

    She has wrongly made out that Rounday is some sort of ‘Red Wall’
    and deprived area but it is, in fact,one of the more prosperous parts. It is in the Leeds North East constituency once represented by Thatcher’s guru, Sir Keith Joseph, but held since 1997 by Labour.

    So, she isn’t a born and bred Yorkshire lass but clearly she has had a Yorkshire upbringing. I wouldn’t necessarily characterize her as plain speaking but she is a little bit more clearly relatable to ordinary people than the far too slick, ethnically Indian, mega wealthy, tax dodging, decidedly dodgy, CONFIRMED CRIMINAL (not a good look I would humbly suggest for a potential leader of Britain’s self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ , Rishi Sunak.


    1. John:
      Unless I have read the runes wrongly, Liz Truss is now, in the American phrase, a shoo-in for Conservative Party leader and so, by default, Prime Minister. Mad, of course. I mean the system.

      Truss’s latest ploy has been to virtue-signal to the Jews that she will do more or less whatever they want, which was a given anyway. Her pathetic kow-towing to the Jews has had even many Jews tweeting about how she should shut up.

      BTW, as to her home area in or near Leeds, I looked it up on Google Earth. A quite pleasant residential area with detached houses, many trees etc.


      1. Yes, it is an area with a very large public park so large infact that it has hosted rock concerts and is undoubtedly one of the most middle-class and prosperous parts of the city.

        As I said it forms a part of the Leeds North East seat once held by Sir Keith Joseph and now by Labour. It was a long-term Tory seat for decades. Presumably, it might well have become a bit more run down since his time and has more immigrants in it hence it now being Labour-held but still more pleasant and wealthier than other parts of Leeds.

        Her dad is a Labour supporting maths professor and her mum is leftwing also. She is a former Lib Dem who once argued for the abolition of the Monarchy at a Lib Dem conference in the early 1990’s which was a source of annoyance to Paddy Ashdown at the time apparently!

        Such is the political pedigrees of ‘Tory’ candidates for high office nowdays!🙄🙄🙄

        Still, desperate times call for desperate candidates. After the Pound Shop Churchill and Benny Hill Tribute Act here cometh the Pound Shop Maggie Thatcher!🙄🙄🙄


  4. BOTH of the remaining candidates are, frankly, appalling prospects for potential PMs considering that the Conservative Party is supposed to be a major political party but then nowdays it is little more than a single issue obsessive party like the former Brexit Party which it has now seemingly become.

    Neither Liz Truss or Deeply Fishi Confirmed CRIMINAL Rishi are, in any way inspiring candidates and both are out of touch with ordinary folks and, in many ways, people who naturally gravitate towards the Tory Party.

    Put simply, the Conservative Party has not had a decent leader since Thatcher and I doubt whether the Pound Shop version could be considered to be anywhere near ‘the blessed Margaret’ despite her very desperate attempts to channel her ‘inner Maggie’😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. John:
      I apprehend that we might disagree about “Madame Hatchet”, but I do concede that, like Churchill (on a different level), Thatcher was a real PM, though one with whose policies I disagreed, mostly. Thatcher was very pro-Jew, pro-Israel, but was willing to stand up to them as well, unlike every PM since her.


      1. Whether one approved of Maggie and her policies or not one could still recognize the fact she was a conviction politician, a stateswoman (for the most part) and genuine leader of a country and her party.

        No one I can think of in the present left-liberal globalist abomination that calls itself the Conservative Party is readily discernible as a leader or potential PM in her sense.

        Our politicians in all parties are of a very low calibre indeed. Nicola Stugeon has some leadership qualities though, of course, her policies are mad in many cases.

        Maggie did have a lot of awful and misguided policies eg the Poll Tax being probably the most notorious example but she did at least attempt to have a little go at controlling immigration properly whilst today’s Tory Party clearly doesn’t do that what with probable Labour infiltrator, Priti Leftwing, at the Home Office.

        Under Maggie, Priti wouldn’t be able to sweep the floors of it as an office cleaner let alone be Home Secretary.😠😠😠

        If Liz Truss becomes PM, I would hope one of her very first actions will be to unceremoniously dump one of Britain’s worst ever Home Secretaries, Priti Leftwing, but sadly, I suspect, she will be kept in place.😠😠😠😠😥😥😥😥😥

        I would suggest Sir John Hayes as her replacement. He seems to be one of the very few real Tories left in the party!:



      2. John:
        Liz Truss may like Priti Patel to be there to take some of the flak; also, Patel is a complete puppet for Israel and Jewry, so Truss may not wish to annoy “them”. Also, the feminists may not like to see a woman, even one as incompetent and probably corrupt as Priti Patel, get the (oh-how-well-merited, though) boot.

        On the other hand, the buck stops on the desk of a prime minister, ultimately, and the new broom may wish to be seen to sweep clean.


  5. I agree wholeheartedly with you about Sir Keir Starmer. Saying he is as dull as ditchwater is an insult to ditchwater though! As you say, he only does petty details not inspiring grand visions of an alternative future under Labour. No wonder that the polls report that many have no idea what his party stands for.

    The Tories should count themselves extremely lucky Keir Starmer is leading Labour. A decent and inspiring leader would be consistently leading the party to a ten points plus lead whereas the average is now low single figures!


  6. Lots of good uploads today! I loved the one by Laura Kuenssberg about Liz Truss (LOL) According to my wife it was “A bit harsh” (She is TOO nice!) What about the pathetic photos showing Rishi surrounded by “dozens of enthusiastic supporters”? As Eternal English said, “the idiot could not fill a phonebox with real supporters!” (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I do not delude myself that a blog of this sort has more than a peripheral effect on politics, world affairs etc, but still, there may be a “butterfly wing effect” all the same. I do know for sure that a number of MPs (including ministers), as well as journalists, read or have read my blog. Influential people from overseas as well.

      As to politicians pretending to have large audiences, I first realized the level of fakery around when I was in the USA at the time of the 1992 US Presidential Election. A news report showed someone, I think George Bush snr, the incumbent President, addressing (what was shown as) a large enthusiastic crowd somewhere in New England. The camera however, no doubt in error (?) pulled back briefly, showing that the large enthusiastic crowd of small-town residents was actually about a dozen or so people. The whole thing was a fake.

      Incredible to see how not more than 15 people with pre-printed placards could be plausibly shown to be a crowd of many dozens.

      ps. As I am sure you saw, that “Laura Kuenssberg” tweet was from a parody-account, not from Laura Kuenssberg herself.


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