Diary Blog, 15 August 2021

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[Levitan: Above, Eternal Peace]

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The present situation in Afghanistan is the “fault” of a number of parties or players: the backward Afghans themselves, the now-long-gone Soviet Union (for the 1979 invasion), the USA (for arming the Islamists, and for later invading Afghanistan along with NATO satraps —notably the UK—.

Learn a little about Afghanistan before coming to a view: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghanistan

While I do not favour the importation of large numbers of Afghans (or any other brown/black people) to the UK, for me it is simply a matter of honour and gratitude to extract the relative few who worked openly with UK forces as interpreters, along with their immediate families. To abandon them to the “mercy” of the Islamists would be, for me, not a decent option.

That, despite the fact that I always opposed the intervention.

As for the thousands, if not millions, particularly women, who face death or degradation under Taliban rule, there is nothing that can now be done for them, unless the “West” is willing to reoccupy the country and (this time) rule it as a straight occupying and colonial power. That at least would be both honest and effective. It will not happen.


It may be worth looking again at the Ekranoplan. Same goes for Zeppelins (lighter-than-air craft) and other “discarded” technological manifestations. The hovercraft was at first dismissed as a cranky idea; the inventor, Cockerell, received scant thanks or honour in his lifetime (though the UK government did eventually grant him a special payment).

Incidentally, that film includes footage from within Elista, in Kalmykia [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elista]. That was the point of furthest advance of German forces in the 1941-45 period: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elista#History.



Ah…great minds think alike! Just saw this: https://mechtraveller.com/2021/06/brittany-ferries-are-planning-to-use-an-ekranoplan-on-the-english-channel/

Alison Chabloz

[Alison Chabloz]

Readers of the blog in recent days will have noted that the appeal of Alison Chabloz, from her magistrates’ court conviction and sentence of early 2021, failed on Friday. She was remanded, oddly, in custody, until sentencing (set down for tomorrow, Monday 16 August 2021).

I myself cannot see any proper reason why she was remanded in custody, despite the presiding judge saying that he was “minded” to increase the sentence handed down by the magistrates earlier in the year.

Alison has served about 9 weeks of an 18-week sentence, i.e. the usual proportion before having been released. If the sentence on Monday is custodial (there remains a small chance that it will not be), then the maximum would be 6 months, meaning that Alison would expect to be released halfway through, at 3 months.

Alison has now served over 2 months, has several days “credit” due her for time wrongfully served in 2020 (her appeal against that succeeded when the CPS declined to disclose the backstairs manipulations of the CAA fake charity and some political figures), and has now served another 3 days (inc. tomorrow). That being so, she should only have to “sit” (as the Russians say) for another 2-3 weeks, even if she is (ludicrous as that would be) given the maximum sentence of 6 months. That is assuming release halfway through the sentence.

Still, not very nice for Alison, who has only been convicted, this time, for expressing opinions on history and society, really. The UK is becoming a (gradually-expanding) police state.

If anyone wishes to support Alison at court tomorrow (Monday 16 August 2021), she is going to be produced in person for the sentence. I apprehend that several Jew-Zionists are intending to attend so that they can gloat. What more would one expect from such tasteless creatures?

The matter will come on “not before 1230” at Southwark Crown Court; presiding and sentencing judge: H.H. Judge Beddoe.

That does not mean that the matter will be heard at 1230. It might be 1230, it might be 1245. It might be later. Courts usually break for lunch at 1300 hrs until 1400 or even later (the High Court usually resumes at about 1430).

When I often appeared at the High Court, in the early/mid 1990s, matters were often set down “not before…”, often with a time estimate (anything from 5 minutes to several days).

So this matter might well only start after 1400 hrs. How long? Depends on what the judge wants to examine and what he wants to say.

The court is (quite short) walking distance from London Bridge, and slightly further (but still within easy walking distance) from London Bridge Underground.

[Southwark Crown Court]

More tweets seen

I read somewhere that a high proportion of those who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and survive (surprisingly, some do) realized, after they had jumped, that they wished that they had not jumped.

I wonder whether those who realized that they wanted to survive (and/or prayed?) and did survive, are just a random group, or did some (or even all?) survive because they wanted to and/or prayed? There is of course no way to tell whether prayer or desire make any difference.

Amazing that any survive: the deck height above the water is 245 feet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Gate_Bridge#Suicides.

A mournful topic.

More people should be brave enough to mock rubbish “art”, such as the trash pumped out by scammers such as Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

You know (((who))) are basically behind that…They are laughing…now. The future is still open, though. Perhaps they will not be laughing in a few years’ time.

I must do a Deadhead MPs piece on Claudia Webbe while she is still an MP.

Only in the past few years have I realized how mad Canada (a country I have never visited) has become. Australia too. New Zealand too. Hey, something’s going on here!…All the white basically European-race countries are being infected, and not only by “Coronavirus”…

I do not expect football fans to be the brightest, but are any of them waking up to the NWO/ZOG propaganda now being sprayed at them constantly?

How about the rest of the population? Awake? Still asleep? Clapping like idiots for the System?

Ironically, though, of course, Anne Frank was killed by an outbreak of disease (i.e. not gassed, shot, or otherwise killed by Germans)…

Their legs get more exercise than their arms.

I realized decades ago that the “Right” and “Left” labels had become meaningless. Lazy msm scribblers, though, are still trying to fit facts, events and ideologies into those moulds. Surprising to see Peter Hitchens still mired in such nonsense, all the same.

As I have blogged many times, socialism in all forms died in and after 1989. That is why “socialist” or “social justice” types have so little to say now. They have become irrelevant.

We move now to 2022 and the following 33 years. Everything we now see on the international stage is connected to that: the “BLM” nonsense, the “panicdemic” measures and restrictions, much of the “climate change” stuff, the migration-invasion of Europe, the move to a “cashless” (totally-controlled) society. It’s all being co-ordinated.

Late tweets

Quite funny, in a sense, that even now, after 20 years of Johnson’s clowning, after 2 years of Boris-idiot posing as Prime Minister, msm scribblers and talking heads are still asking about, in effect his (non-existent) competence for the role…

Boris Johnson is totally incompetent, totally unfitted for any senior political role. A part-Jew clown, chancer, joker, gambler, without any principle or principles, withot any real ideas of any kind. A total political idiot. Need one really keep repeating this?

As for “British Intelligence”, it (like much of Britain) has lived off its hump and its mostly undeserved reputation for a very very long time, and if it failed to notify its Whitehall and Downing Street customers in advance of the fall of the Shah of Iran, or of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, or of the fall of the Soviet “empire” and the collapse of world socialism (and add to that the consequences of toppling Gaddafi), then it certainly is not surprising that its assessment of Taliban strength, order of battle, and of the general situation in Afghanistan was equally useless (it seems, looking from outside).

“Intervention”, in order to create a new imperium in a given geopolitical space is one thing: Alexander, Rome, the British Empire, Germany seeking Lebensraum in 1939-42, the Soviet Union seeking Eastern/Central European hegemony after 1945; all of those had a strategy, a plan, and —crucially– “ideology”.

Then we have the US/”NATO” (NWO/ZOG) invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and (attack on) Libya. No plan, no strategy, no idea of staying for the long-term and creating any new society, or colonizing those areas. Somewhere between pointless destruction and a geopolitical gesture.

Pathetic. The Western leaders of today are dwarfs in the geopolitical arena.

More late tweets

Australia 2021: ZOG, NWO, and a multikulti police biosecurity state.

Late music

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 August 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      A black boy is killed in a scuffle with some white boys (yobs). So? This happens (involving whites, involving blacks, involving browns) fairly often in London and elsewhere. It was wrong to change the law on “autrefois acquit” (“double jeopardy” in Americanese) because of a political decision to get those few alleged perpetrators. All part of an agenda by the System, of course.

      A drama based on a scuffle at a bus stop in “darkest London” will be deadly dull.


  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58220730 Re. Afghanistan (((Tom Tugendhat))) complaining about the withdrawal. As you suggested earlier, unless the country is run by the UK/West, then maintaining a troop “presence is pointless as the Taliban or others will always resist Western/style democracy and a few soldiers would never be enough to defeat them!


    1. Watcher:
      Of course. Unless Afghanistan is occupied and thoroughly indoctrinated (with something) the situation will just be frozen until enough soldiers return home, then it will all start up again.


  2. That pathetic Dr Rakib Ehsan quoted in a tweet by “Eternal English” is clearly a puppet from ZOG. These hypocritical bastards were/are tearing their garments out of “concern” for the Afghan people. Please!!!

    My wife and I agree with you about the awful situation faced by many people, especially the women in Afghanistan at the hands of these monsters from the Taliban. These people are typical examples of the madness and cruelty at the core of the three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). The orthodox/fanaticl supporters of these religions are terribly ignorant, dogmatic, brutal and ruthless. The worst of all is Christianity since hypocritically claims to be “a religion of love”. At least the Muslims and the Jews are honest in their cruel behaviour towards the “infidels”.


    1. Claudius:
      Ah. There we part company. I do not regard Christianity (in its best variations at least) as inferior or worse tha Judaism and/or Islam. Au contraire. The devil, though, is in the detail and the definition.

      What interests me from a practical military standpoint is that the Taliban are now able to deploy helicopters. They have people able to fly them. What next?


      1. What I said about Christianity is based in its original/primitive form up to, let’s say the XVI century. Let’s not forget the cruelty of the religious fanatics (Protestant and Catholics alike) who murderd a lot of innocents during the Wars of Religion of the XVI and XVII centuries. Since then Christians have become more “civilized” but deep down many of them are still bigoted. I can’t stand anyone telling me how I should live my life according to some book.


  3. A couple of interesting stories regarding the very important role played by some English/Scots in XVIII century Russia, taken from the excellent book of the late Prof. Lindsey Hughes “Russia in the Age of Peter the Great”:

    1) The Moscow School of Mathematics and Navigation was created by Peter the Great in 1701. It was based in Englands’s Royal Mathematical School established in 1673. All the professors were British. It’s first director was a Scotsman, Henry Farquhardson (1675-1739)

    2) Robert Erskine (an Oxford-educated Scot and member of the Royal Society) was invited to Russia in 1704. In 1707 he was appointed president of the medical chancellery and in 1713 became the tsar’s personal physician. He reorganized the medical schools, hospitals, improved the pharmacy and oversaw the hiring of foreign medical personnel. In 1716 he became the chief supervisor of medicine in Russia (the equivalent to a modern Minister of Health) with the rank of a state councillor.


    1. Claudius: thank you. Western and Central Europeans were hugely influential in Russia, from the time of (and even slightly before) Peter the Great, right through Catherine the Great’s era, and into the 19thC. Many started enterprises either industrial or agricultural. Khrushchev was born in a coal mining area called Yuzovka, founded or named after a Welshman by the name of Hughes.

      Another similarity with South America (where I know many Welsh settled) is that religious communities such as Mennonites (mostly German) took over large areas of farmland in the “chernozem” regions of Russia/Ukraine (as also in Paraguay, granted by General Stroessner, as I am sure you know).


      1. Claudius:
        Thank you. I knew that the Argentine Welsh were confined, as a community, to Patagonia. Remarkable historical occurrence, though.

        I have been to areas of Wales in the past where the population was truly bilingual (English/Welsh); in the West of Wales. About 40 years ago.

        From your article:
        “In the few decades since the settlers had arrived, they had transformed the inhospitable scrub-filled semi-dessert into one of the most fertile and productive agricultural areas in the whole of Argentina, and had even expanded their territory into the foothills of the Andes with a settlement known as Cwm Hyfryd.”

        Amazing what human beings can do. A hopeful thought…


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