Diary Blog, 2 September 2021

Tweets seen

On and on to the sands of Coney...” [TV ad for Poems on the Subway, New York City, early 1990s]

Is there no-one at all in Canada who can deal with this…problem?

Merkel. A good example of the interface between evil and deluded.

Late tweets

The UK police are ever-more politicized. You can guess (((what))) influence is behind most of that…

Late thoughts of the day

I agree.

Ten thousand angels shall precede me into battle” [the “Mad Mahdi”– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Ahmad]

Late music

4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 September 2021”

  1. Yes Watcher,

    As a great man once wrote:

    “The events of the first day alone gave me enough to keep me thinking for a few weeks. The intellectual content of what they said was at an extremely depressing level, that is, if you could understand their chatter at all.

    It was a wild commotion with gesturing, yelling and interruptions in every tone of voice. In the middle of it all was a harmless old man who was trying his best to restore the dignity of the house by violently ringing a bell and shouting in a soothing way, then in warning tones. I could not help laughing.

    a few weeks later, I visited the chamber again. The scene was transformed beyond recognition. The hall was almost empty. Down below, people were asleep. A few deputies were in their seats, yawning at one another while one of them ‘spoke’. A vice president of the house was present and he looked over the chamber with visible boredom.”


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