Diary Blog, 8 October 2021

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I remain convinced that the Zeppelin (lighter-than-air craft), but with new technology and ground infrastructure, has a future.

Canadians— Are you going to accept this?

What a disgusting bunch of decadents. I know what should happen to them but am not allowed, in our supposedly “free” country, to say it.

When I had a Twitter account (a pack of Jews had me expelled, via malicious complaints, in 2018), I frequently tweeted that Russia might offer the UK cheap gas supplies in return for a less-aggressively anti-Russia foreign policy.

The fact is that there are some people who cannot wait to be given the green light to denounce others. It happened not only in Stalin’s Russia but in the Britain of the Second World War, and in Germany too.

The Gestapo which (contrary to Western popular opinion formed via Hollywood films) was not a huge monolithic “NKVD” or “KGB” but a relatively small and efficient organization staffed almost entirely by ex-police detectives from the “Kripo” or Kriminalpolizei, spent much of its time following up leads generated by the public. Most were nonsense. In fact, a Gestapo officer spent much of his time binning plainly malicious and often anonymous denunciations.

The Gestapo—at times—was overwhelmed with denunciations and most of its time was spent sorting out the credible from the less credible denunciations.[116] Many of the local offices were understaffed and overworked, struggling with the paper load caused by so many denunciations.” [Wikipedia]: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestapo#Population_ratios,_methods_and_effectiveness.

As can be seen, British people in 2020 and 2021 have shown themselves willing to report their neighbours and others even for breaches of the ridiculous and arbitrary “Rule of 6”, a “rule” just made up on the hoof by the bad joke currently posing as Prime Minister.

The propaganda put out last year was that Britain had become a stronger “community”. 90% or more of that was and is rubbish. As with most of the “virus”-related stuff, you are better off believing the very opposite of what the authorities say.

Friday daydream

Hard to believe that this house (and 127 acres) is less than a mile from my now very humble home…

Property Image 1

Just put on sale this week for “offers over £10.5 million”. Ah, well, I have a Euromillions ticket, so here’s hoping…

Afternoon music

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You can see what is happening from the wider perspective: the international conspiracy (or “consensus”) wants to destroy the European peoples, their race and culture.

Aim: destroy European race and culture.

Method: flood Europe with the racially and culturally backward.

Also: Broadcast racemixing propaganda: put it into every TV drama, radio programme, TV ad, and promote the aim in a hundred other ways; normalize mixed-race offspring; prevent opposing views being heard or seen.

In the UK, there is empty rhetoric from the NWO/ZOG government about stopping “illegal” migration, but at same time the System is encouraging “legal” migration (and now also openly inviting 5 million Hong Kong Chinese to come and live in the UK).

Look at what the police, border guards, navies of Britain and France are doing. Are they even trying to stem the flood? No, they are facilitating it, with the occasional arrest of a few people-smugglers (to keep the public quiet).

This is conspiracy, and treachery.

Google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”, “Coudenhove-Kalergi” and The Camp of the Saints etc and share it with others. While you still can.

Late tweets

Late music

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 October 2021”

  1. Hello Ian! How you made me laugh with your comment about those two degenerates dancing in a nightclub! Yes, better say nothing!

    Regarding Canada, yes the Canadians will take it as the docile and obedient sheep they are, the same goes for the Brits, the Argentinians and who knows else. I think I told you that here in my country 95% of the people are wearing masks outdoors although THERE IS NOT an order-disposition to do so!!! Talk about bloody cowards who believe EVERYTHING the government, the radio and the TV tells them!!!

    My contempt for humanity keeps growing…


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, it is dispiriting to see the scared rabbits of 2020 become the virtue-signalling “me too” facemask-wearers of 2021. I saw a few at the local supermarket a few days ago. One man, maybe 35 or 40, with two teenage children; all masked in the carpark! Also, a few aged folk (this area has a demographic such that even I, at —recently— 65, count among the not-so-old).

      Actually, the facemask nonsense is dying out here now that the Government has withdrawn the order, but there is a hard core of the absolutely ridiculous still wearing them.


  2. I just saw this and I am passing it on. Did you know about this vile creature?

    “Another person who should be highlighted in the annals of Multiculturism in the UK is a man who was so successful at being an enterprising racketeer, pimp, and thug, Perec “Peter” Rachman. He came to London via Poland and in short order took over rent-controlled blocks of apartments in Notting Hill and promptly installed West Indians in hopes of driving the White tenants out with their criminal activities and loud music. He was so successful that he even got his own entry into the Oxford Dictionary that summed up in a word the brutal, tactics he implemented to get rid of White tenants “Rachmanism”. Fortunately for Rachman, his fellow tribe members in Parliament were instrumental in continuing the steady flow of West Indian tenants via the House of Commons by the Labour Attorney General, the immigrant Russian Jew Sir Frank Soskice when in 1965 when the first Race Relations Act was passed into law. We can thank the likes of Rachman for the vibrant and wonderful Notting Hill Festival.”


    1. Claudius:
      Yes. Rachman is, or was, notorious in England, especially in the 1950s and early 1960s. One of his girlfriends was Mandy Rice-Davies, who was a key figure in the Profumo Affair, and who later emigrated to Israel (despite being non-Jew) and opened a nightclub.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Claudius:
      Not Romanian (stricto sensu) but Roma gypsy, looking at the photos and the background.

      The real Romanians are angry that the UK msm refer to the gypsy criminals from Romania as “Romanians” just because they have Romanian passports.


      1. Hello Ian! Good observation of yours. I forgot that Romania is infested with this [redacted] known as gypsies. Incidentally, the same thing happened here in Argentina. Jews were called “Russians” because the first wave of immigrants that arrived here in the 1880s came from Russia. The name stuck because I remember been still used in the 1980s.

        Having said that there was also a popular saying (very difficult to translate properly) that goes on like that: “There are two kinds of Russians, the Russians from Russia (i.e. the real Russians) and the Russians from Shitland (meaning the Jews)” (LOL)

        Isn’t it strange that all people who came into contact with (((them))) ended up hating them? (LOL)


      2. Claudius:
        It is a phenomenon seen frequently.

        ps. had to redact one (accurate) descriptive word from your comment, by reason of the pervasive repression of online comment in the UK.


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