Diary Blog, 8-9 November 2021

8 November 2021

I thought to start today’s blog with a feel-good video first seen a while ago…

Afternoon music

Tweets seen

If I am not mistaken, a misquotation (from Marx), but no matter, if the cap fits…

[first time, tragedy…]
[second time, farce…]

Whatever one may say of Churchill, whatever one may say of his being hugely over-rated, especially as a strategist (hopeless), there is no doubt that he was a world-historic personality. “Boris”? A mere footnote to contemporary history, at best.

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This is why both conservation and rewilding are essential. Sad that so many who have hundreds of millions, or even billions, would rather make even more money (which at that level means nothing but entries on electronic or other ledgers) than create habitat for wild creatures.

Look, for example, at Zac Goldsmith, the much-puffed eco-champion. Worth maybe nearly (?) a billion, it seems, but not doing anything like as much as he might. He does donate to environmental causes, but he could do a great deal more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zac_Goldsmith#Fundraising.

An acre of “useless” land, or woodland, or farmland in the UK (depending on area) costs £2,000 to £10,000 an acre. Even at the higher figure, £100 millions therefore buys 10,000 acres or more. That’s a tenth (or more) of the size of the Isle of Wight (which totals 148 sq. miles), or nearly a fifteenth of the total area of the National Forest (200 sq. miles, but much of it is not actual forest): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_National_Forest_(England).

[the National Forest]

Wagner: analysis of how he is presented

Late tweets

Any “intimidation” or deterrence should happen before they ever reach Europe.

The doctor speaking (from 1:31) is especially interesting.

Late music

9 November 2021

“Is it ‘coz I is white?”


Action directe?


Sweden, lockdown-shutdown, and reality


Little twerp plays at being a Stalinist censor


Keir Bradwell, the student president of the 200-year-old Cambridge Union debating society
[would-be “Stalinist” censor, student Keir Bradwell, aka a little twerp]

…and most of the threat to freedom of expression in the UK comes from the Jew-Zionist element. I note that the Keir Bradwell individual cites the so-called “international definition” of “antisemitism”, which in fact has been adopted by only a couple of dozen states out of about 200 in the world.

Most people have not yet noticed, but this (meaning the whole thing, the wider question, not just the Cambridge storm in a teacup) is not a “debate”, nor even a “dispute”, but a war, or the beginnings of a war, or the approach to a war, a socio-political war.

Late tweets

Late music

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