Diary Blog, 2 April 2022

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Saturday quiz

Well, once again a victory over political journalist John Rentoul. I scored 7/10 as against his 4/10. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 4, and 5, though had I just thought for a moment I would have worked out no. 2 as well.

Britain, 2022


Well worth reading, especially by any MPs that are public-spirited, and not focussed totally on the Ukraine situation or their own selfish ambitions.

An eight-month-old baby girl snoozes in her pram while her mother, in those precious moments of quiet, counts the cost of feeding her four young children. A 16p increase in the price of chicken drumsticks has put them beyond her reach.” [Guardian]

Tweets seen

Without the capture of Kiev, and installation of a pro-Russian government, Russia has not succeeded in its invasion.

Not yet, anyway.

Even if the east and south of the country are both taken and held, without Kiev there is no victory, bitter or otherwise.

Thank God that there is still humanity amid the devastation.


A brave lady. The present “German” state is a disguised NWO/ZOG police state.

The NWO/ZOG “German” state cannot allow a lady of 93 to speak favourably of the German Reich of 1933-1945 because she was there, and so speaks from experience. That is why Ursula Haverbeck is constantly persecuted. Her truth is something the present German regime wants to stifle.

Late tweets

Covid police state, continuing…

I am told that, in the USA, this sort of thing is called a “chimp-out”, which is unfair on chimps.

Late music

[Levitan, Vladimirka]

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 April 2022”

  1. I have a bad feeling that Mrs Haverbeck isn’t going to survive the sentence. Either her body will give up from age and stress, or they’ll do a Rudolf Hess on her.


    1. SaxonEngland:
      You may be right. Of course, as before, if or when she is released, the “German” authorities will simply put her through the mill again. Cruel. They really have taken on the characteristics of the “usual suspects”. Pound of flesh territory.

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    1. Claudius:
      Yes, I am glad that the companion animals who/that (for whatever reason) were left behind, are being rescued. As with most of the Ukrainian civilians, this situation is not of their making. They are all caught up in large-scale geopolitical moves beyond their control.

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  2. Can you give some information or statistics about the rising cost of living in England? I am asking because a friend of mine, whose sister is living in Spain, was told last week that over there the price of petrol, trebled, going from 0.70 Euros a litre to 2.00 Euros.


    1. Claudius:
      Not sure whether official statistics are stark enough, because the overall inflation figure is based on a “basket” of items, but the poorer sections of UK society are hit harder because some staples such as bread, and the cheapest pasta etc, have actually doubled over the past year. Long *before* the Ukraine situation.

      I have just bought some petrol (gasoline). £1.65 a litre. A year ago, I think that it was about £1.15.

      If you want the official perspective, see here:


      1. Thank you very much for your quick reply Ian! It seems you (I mean the British people) have not been hit as hard as Spain. I am waiting for similar information from Italy. I forgot to mention that some shelves in the Spanish supermarkets are empty… that is quite bad… However, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the “people”, I mean the cattle who had been voting and supporting a hateful system bent on their destruction (the Great Replacement and the Great Reset). This applies to ALL European nations. I reserve my compassion (like Savitri Devi) for the poor animals who have no voice whatsoever in this horrendous world we live in.


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