Diary Blog, 19 April 2022

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Trudeau will not just go— someone will have to…send him.

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Quite. I am all for getting rid of Boris-idiot and his Cabinet (and read that how you like) but not at the cost of a Starmer-Labour Jewish-lobby “elected” dictatorship.

What happened is that Sweden a. let hundreds of thousands of non-whites live in Sweden; b. supported said non-whites to live, feed, breed, and exercise political power; c. disallowed criticism of “a” and “b”.

Hard to believe now that, in pre-EU days (when it was just the EEC, and Sweden not part of it), 1982, I was actually refused admission to Sweden at the port of Malmo (they said that I did not have enough money) while en route to Helsinki and having arrived from the port of Travemunde in the then West Germany (Travemunde was on the border of the DDR).

I actually got deported, in effect! Had to return to West Germany. Now the sweepings of Asia and Africa arrive and are (officially) “welcomed” by the Swedish government (which is plainly a “ZOG”)…

Nearest town square. Firing squad. End. Alternatively, helicopter. Mid-Channel. Exit. End.

At one time, long ago, I thought that David Davis might be at least semi-acceptable as Prime Minister, but he is just another useless denizen of the Westminster monkeyhouse.

You can guess (((who))) or (((what))) the secret plotters are.

Does the thick Royal Cuck even hear himself?!

The United States will eventually descend into a kind of anarchy, which will then be suppressed by dictatorship and/or tyranny. Plato laid down the template.

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 April 2022”

  1. Starmer will probably be the country’s next PM. All the current polls have Labour leads and in recent days they have started to show an increased average lead with some having leads last seen in January.

    So, that asylum plan has not shot the Labour fox Even those people who like it have a well justified belief that it is all for show and merely designed to protect The Clown from getting the chop by his own party.

    The CON Party has had a decade in government to truely get to grips with that issue and have comprehensively failed as should be expected of an increasingly leftwing and globalist party filled to the brim with weird PC libertarian freaks like the member for Wycombe.

    Labour probably won’t win the next election but are on course to dislodge the CON Party from office thereby leading a hung parliament.


      1. Yes, a hung parliament would be best. The CON Party deserves to punished for inflicting the globalist political equivalent of Benny Hill on this country and yet we don’t want the anti British freaks of the Labour Party in office.


      2. At the moment we are indeed heading for a hung parliament. Labour could well end up winning most votes and most seats but really struggle to win enough seats to have a majority due to their still quite considerable vote share in Scotland failing to return more than a small handful of constituencies.

        Well, Labour, you were supposed to have changed the archaic and undemocratic voting system the last time you were in office but you listened too much to undemocratic luddites like John Prescott and Gordon Brown so you didn’t change the system! The perils of FPTP, eh, Labour!


  2. Libertarian extremist cranks like David Davis and Wycombe’s MP (Steve Baker) have far too much influence in the CON Party. Let these kind of globalist libertarian crackpots into your party instead of firmly telling them to eff off and join either the Liberal Democrats or form their own libertarian party and you will damage the Tory Party so much it will find it increasingly difficult to win elections even with the aid of a profoundly undemocratic rigged electoral system.


  3. The Conservative Party is supposed to represent people on the , TRADITIONAL, Right of politics with socially conservative values NOT people like David Davis and Steve Baker who are Brexit obsessives on account of their believing the United Kingdom is only some kind of free market floating business park and not a real country/homeland for the English/Scots/Welsh/Ulstermen


  4. The Tories have had an entire decade in power to sort out asylum abuse and get immigration under firm control so why have they not achieved this? One reason is they have no wish to do so because as libertarian nutters they see the state exercising power over borders as an example of the alleged evils of ‘big government’ and they want to win the ethnic vote (even though it won’t come to them in any appreciable way) so they fear doing something effective will scare those voters away.

    Now, all of a sudden, they come out with this plan. Forgive me for being cynical, but isn’t the PM in some danger of losing his job and there are important local elections coming up?


  5. Those of us who have genuinely conservative convictions about protecting our one and only homeland are not fooled by the CON Party’s apparently Damascene late conversion to the cause. Priti Useless has an utterly woeful record at controlling immigration or lawlessness and has well and truely earned her place amongst this country’s long list of rubbish Home Secretaries.


  6. The last time the CONS made any sort of real effort to control immigration properly was when they had a capable leader in Margaret Thatcher in office and had Home Secretaries like David Waddiington or as junior ministers at that department..

    Nowadays we get poor calibre people like Priti and if Boris falls we might have the Poundshop Thatcher as PM in Liz Truss! to follow the Poundshop Churchill!



  7. Re that Houston shopping mall you really don’t have to be Albert Einstein to work out why so many states and individual voters in the US want to cling onto the death penalty, do you?

    Opponents of the punishment in America often denounce it as a form of legalized lynching and call for it to be abolished on that basis but how else is the US meant to keep some of their blacks inline? Even the threat of very long periods of incarceration as they often employ there doesn’t work with some people of colour!


  8. To be frank, societies that have large numbers of blacks etc often have a need for draconian and harsh punishments like the death penalty. Only very white lands like Iceland or well managed East Asian countries such as South Korea or Japan have little to no need for them.

    Import masses of unassimilable negros and you will end up like the US with a large violent crime rate and a perceived need for capital punishment.


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