Diary Blog, 3 May 2022

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Answer: the “usual suspects” (((them))).

A relative few (including me) saw through part-Jew poseur “Boris” from the beginning, maybe 15+ years ago. Only recently did that become the majority. It is clear to almost all now that he simply does not have the ability to be a Prime Minister. Yes, he also lacks the decency and the ethics, but first and foremost he lacks the ability.

They look like Roma Gypsies. Blame also those who defend them and want more to arrive on our shores…

This can only end one of two ways.

If it does come to the UK, MPs who do not oppose it should be…blamed.

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Frightening. What is really behind this kind of science?

Why are they laughing so uncontrollably? Mental disorder? Drunk?

Loonies like that are apparently increasingly common in North America.

I cannot remember when exactly it was that I blogged about (inter alia) the 1980s/1990s Greenham Common (UK) “peace women”, but I expect my commentary can be found via the search function on the blog. Similar loonies.

Ah. Correcting myself; I have found the post in question: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/. You have to scroll down about halfway to find the bit about Greenham Common.

This is what I wrote nearly three years ago:

The missiles were removed by reason of NATO-Warsaw Pact negotiations. The “Women’s Peace Camp” was a complete waste of time and effort.

A series of meetings held during August and September 1986 culminated in a summit between United States President Ronald Reaganand the General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavík, Iceland, on 11 October 1986. To the surprise of both men’s advisers, the two agreed in principle to removing INF systems from Europe and to equal global limits of 100 INF missile warheads.

The United States and the Soviet Union signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 1987, which led to the removal of all nuclear missiles from the base. The last GLCMs at RAF Greenham Common were removed in March 1991, and the 501st TMW inactivated on 4 June 1991.” [Wikipedia]

Incidentally and incredibly, even though the last missiles left Greenham Common in 1991, even though the Americans left Greenham in 1992 and even though the UK Ministry of Defence closed the base in 1993, putting it up for sale (the area being almost all designated by 1997 as public parkland), the “Greenham Women” stayed, some of them, until 2000! To me that proves that without their having “political activism” to do, some of them had nothing to do with their time or their lives. They were unable to accept that their protests (for 19 years!) had actually achieved nothing and in any case had been superseded by large-scale international events. Like the Japanese soldier in the 1970s, fighting a lone war in the jungle, 30 years after the Pacific War had ended.

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 May 2022”

  1. Frankly, anyone with a single working braincell saw through the moronic, continually lying cretin that is Boris Johnson even as long ago as you say. Boris couldn’t even run London properly so what on earth possessed Tory members to think he was able or suitable to be PM instead of Jeremy Hunt is inexplicable other than they as a party were and still are obsessed with the worthless rubbish that is Brexshit and many of their members are in their 80’s and 90’s and have senile dementia.

    One thing is for sure though as a party they should NEVER be forgiven for imposing this scruffy, constantly lying, war mongering, viruently anti-British, mass murdering total wanker on this country.

    It is high time they got rid of him and they should do this before he gets us nuked by Russia which he is, once again, today inciting the possibility of.


  2. Well done, New Zealand! You have an excellent PM in Ardern even if she is Labour! Indeed, Ardern whilst not in any way perfect shows that some women DO have a natural ability to be PM of a country.

    Unlike the libertarian extremist Tory scum under the wanker that is Boris she has sought to protect the vulnerable in her society instead of mass culling them.

    She isn’t hardline enough on the selfish, recalcitrant few though. NZ should bring back the hangman’s noose for them. That is the real appropriate penalty for those who selfishly and dogmatically won’t co-operate with others in society in following basic public health measures and help to kill other people.


  3. Whilst it would be clearly unreasonable and not a necessary part of the job description for a British PM to look like your typical male model, they can and should be requested to brush their hair occasionally and to have a smart haircut.

    The PM may have hair that is difficult to manage as many men and women do but he does get a decent salary as an MP and PM so he can afford to have a decent hair stylist.

    Previously pretty famous celebrity hairdresser ,Nicky Clarke, has his salon not far away from 10 Downing Street near Berkely Square. I am sure Nicky could sort out the PM’s hair for his usual charge of 250 pounds.


  4. Disgusting vermin stealing from anyone let alone an old lady of 87 who has enough to worry about ie COVID 19 which is why she appears to be wearing a mask.

    Many of these unwanted immigrants have very little in the way of the most basic standards of ethics or common humanity.

    We have enough criminal scumbags of our own without importing more trash from around the world courtesy of ethnic Indian and one of the most utterly useless British Home Secretaries of all time, Priti Patel.


    1. I wouldn’t say that Priti Patel is ‘useless’.

      She is Home Secretary because she’s anti-White and is – in office – doing the bidding of her masters: ensuring that White replacement is accelerated every single day. She’s actually very good at her job. It is intentional, not accidental.


      1. Yes, she is excellent at that. Sadly, a lot of people don’t realize that is the real reason the ever treasonous libertarian globalist extremist Tory scum put her there for.

        Not only is the Tory plan to genocide the British out of existence with mass uncontrolled waves of immigrants but to grind our faces into the dirt doing it with an ethnic foreigner overseeing the process.

        Having an ethnic Indian like that evil bitch as Home Secretary is a calculated and gratuitous INSULT on their part towards us.

        Someday, the Tories must suffer the ultimate penalty for their treason with mass hangings or mass executions via the painful Yankee methods of the gas chamber (as Arizona is planning to revive) the electric chair or even the short and sweet Belarusian method of a [REDACTED] to the back of the head.

        That will be real justice over this matter and they also need to be executed to secure justice for the poor families of all those they helped to effectively murder because they deliberately didn’t treat Covid19 seriously enough like decent PMs eg New Zealand’s PM, Shinzo Abe, Angela Merkel ect.


      2. Even dedicated opponents of capital punishment should change their opinions as to its virtues when it comes to how to deal effectively with Tory criminals.

        The only good Tory is a dead Tory!

        As in that Clint Eastwood film, I say ‘Hang Them High’🤣😂😆😀😃😁😅😂🤣


      3. With any luck the virulently anti-white and anti-British bitch will be dead soon. Perhaps, she might do us a favour and go and visit Kiev and get hit by a Russian rocket. It is a real shame that didn’t happen to her scruffy master. I see that only yesterday he threw away another three hundred million pounds of our hard earnt money in prolonging the war in Ukraine and prodding the Russian bear so that we get nuked.

        Her constituents in Witham should kick her out. I am sure a decent independent could stand against her.My county of Essex needs to be cleansed of her presence.

        Why can’t we have a decent Home Secretary that takes their responsibilities seriously like that of Singapore? There they cane illegal immigrants instead of putting them up at hotels at the expense of the taxpayer like she and Boris Moron ‘I hate Britain and the British and far prefer Ukraine’ Idiot Johnson do.


  5. Whilst there is a lot to condemn China for there are also some aspects to admire. China, for instance, rejects degenerate libertarian values and that is shown in one example in how they deal with drug dealers eg via a quick bullet to the back of the head.


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