Diary Blog, 8 June 2022

Morning music

[Curlew, in marsh]

On this day a year ago

Is it true? I did suspect as much at the time. The “panicdemic” was, to a large extent, a “scamdemic”.

More on the pathology of the facemask nonsense

I have blogged a few times recently of the survival of the facemask nonsense among the more feeble-minded of our citizens.

Today, I went early to a routine appointment at the local hospital, a small, architecturally-pleasing place, with a very green and treed car park, and a building designed to allow hundreds of birds to live among specially-designed rocks, covering the exterior (and held in by a kind of metal mesh). The birdsong was very loud, almost overwhelming, but beautiful.

I marched in unmasked, and to my surprise was not greeted (as on a previous and recent visit) by a proffered facemask and a prim, “this is a hospital” (Oh, really? I thought that it was a Cuban piano bar…).

At the appointed department, a nervous-looking lady waited, unmasked, and reading a magazine. As I sat down at the other side of the waiting area, she picked up and donned her thick cloth facemask! At that point, the nurse or technician came to the waiting area and called that lady’s name.

As they exited, the patient said (for my ears?) “are masks still compulsory in the hospital?“, to which the nurse said “no, not any more. The policy has been changed.” Shocked silence. The nurse then continued, “but you can wear a mask if you want“, to which the lady quickly replied “ooh, well, I would be glad to wear it if you like“, obviously gagging to be effectively told to continue to wear the mask.

In one small incident there, you see the pathology of the facemask nonsense: the wish to be regulated and controlled, the virtue-signalling, the censorious attitude to facemask non-wearers, and the wish to have them controlled. The pathetic grovelling to authority was patent.

There is a small minority of nutty people to whom the facemask nonsense has given a kind of spurious self-identity. I saw another one a couple of days ago; a cyclist, in the open air, riding along an empty road, while wearing one of those thick black wraparound cloth facemasks seen on Boris-idiot and Starmer.

Against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain” [Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans].

More music

[German, 16th Century, Three Couples in a Circle Dance, c. 1515; pen and brown ink with watercolour on laid paper; Rosenwald Collection]

Carry on up the Nile

Just saw today photos of the Luxor Hilton, several miles from Luxor itself. When I first visited Egypt, I think in 1994, I stayed there. Unlike most Hilton hotels, quite low-level (4-storey).

[Luxor Hilton]

My later trip to Egypt, when I was there for several months in 1997-1998, was very different, and mostly far less comfortable: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/03/07/when-i-was-not-arrested-in-egypt/.

More tweets seen

The real core vote for both of the main System parties is around 25% of that part of the eligible electorate that actually bothers to vote. The aim, for both parties, is to get another bloc of voters, between 10%-20% of that whole, to bring their actual vote to between 35% and 45%, and so probably achieve a Commons majority via FPTP.

Both main System parties now have a further aim— to prevent their core vote from dwindling at a time when the voters either hate them or despise them, as well as seeing them as useless.

The volatility of the electorate should be good news for social nationalism but is not, because there is no credible social-national party. Look, for example, at the candidates for the upcoming Wakefield by-election: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Wakefield_by-election#Other_parties

As for Labour, it is up to those old Blairist, Jewish-lobby, tricks again: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Wakefield_by-election#Labour_Party, but has a good chance of winning the by-election in view of recent events both nationally (Boris-idiot, “Partygate”, continuing mass immigration and migration-invasion, cost of living etc) and locally (the former Conservative Party MP, a Pakistani, is now in prison, having been found guilty of the sexual assault of a teenage boy: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imran_Ahmad_Khan).

Late tweets

Late music

[Black Sea coast near Batumi, Adzharia]

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 June 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Essex Police. Again.

      They tried to have me prosecuted at the behest of a Jew serial complainer. That was in 2017. See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

      Ah, well. “That’s life”…and I am glad to be able to report that that post about my persecution (though not prosecution) by the Essex Police (used as puppets by the fanatical but rather stupid “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, a small handful of Jew-Zionists), has had thousands of hits on the blog in the past 5 years.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hello Ian: My wife just told me that apparently today a kind of credit has begun in the UK. It is called “Buy today, pay later”. I don’t know the details but it must be what we had here for years, which makes a lot of sense when the cost of living is too high and the wages are crap.

    Here in Argentina you can buy, let’s say a pair of shoes and paid them for over 6 months without interest. I know it sounds ridiculous but this will put it in context; the average salary in Argentina is about $ 74.000 a month, and a very good pair of shoes costs 18.000 (as you can see the wages are ludicrous, therefore we need a credit system, that is why VISA and MASTERCARD are offering 12 monthly instalments and almost everybody is up to his neck in debt because otherwise, it is impossible to purchase anything)

    To put things in perspective a bit further if we translate this into pounds it would be thus: £ 1.00 = £ 152.00 therefore, the average salary is £ 486.00 a month and a pair of shoes costs £ 118.00. It is a quarter of your salary!


    1. Claudius:
      I did hear something of the sort on the radio, but no details; I was not really listening. I think that there were concerns expressed about whether many would fail to repay on time, and so fall into more debt in consequence.

      Argentina sounds as though it is in far worse a place even than the UK, economically.


      1. Yes my friend, economically we are in a very bad state. The inflation is terrible and is eating the value of the wages, saving is almost impossible. The highest banknote here is the $ 1000 bill. It is almost worthless. Today I bought 300 grams of ham and cheese (finely sliced for sandwiches) 1 large bottle of tomato pulp to make a sauce and 1 small butter (200 grs) it all came to $ 1200. It is ridiculous!

        Having said that we do not have your horrendous racial problem, no rape-fugees here. Well, if you think about it who would like to come here… (LOL)


  2. Ha, ha, at least the Russians have attractive women (in a Russian sort of way) as government spokespersons as above. We, meanwhile, get Liz Truss (former Lib Dem who at the Lib Dem conference in 1994 called for the abolition of the Monarchy)!

    Liz, whilst good on her back apparently, is thick as two, short planks yet now holds the formerly prestigious post of Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary.

    God almighty if we get her as the next Tory failure as PM!


    1. John:
      I cannot imagine (subject to the caveat already expressed) that the Conservative Party would install Liz Truss as Leader, but who knows? In the first instance, *MPs* would of course choose, as before, but no-one seems to have their confidence, particularly.

      The problem might come (as with “Boris”) when there are two candidates vying for the vote of the Con *membership*. That is when some loonie or idiot might be preferred over a more boring and conventional candidate.

      I personally struggle to see any present Con MP who is not either an idiot, and/or mad, and/or dishonest.

      ps. Re. Liz Truss, your secret intelligence seems to be better than mine in its scope.


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