Diary Blog, 7 June 2022

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The statistical fakery of “woke” Britain


About a third of the UK population is worth keeping.

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Disarmed, the farmers of South Africa will be defenceless against the White Genocide taking place.

South Africa should have fought on in the 1990s. It would have won, as the ANC, Frelimo, and SWAPO lost their former Soviet aid.

Unfortunately, most South African whites in the early 1990s thought that, by giving power to the halfwit Mandela and his ANC, a reasonable compromise could be reached. That was only ever going to be temporary. Same thing happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in 1979/1980, when what George Orwell, in another context, once called “constipated” Brit civil servants (no doubt ex-Oxbridge and readers of the Guardian), thought that Robert Mugabe was a decent chap who would see the sense in treating his part of Africa as if it were Middlesex suburbia.

Not that weapons alone can save white civilization. In the USA, the white population have weapons (small arms) in the millions but, for the most part, not the social national ideology, nor the organization, to make proper use of them.

There may be an approaching global food crisis, caused not by Putin and/or the war in part of Ukraine but engineered by secret groups and cabals.

Yet in the UK, Jews are in the forefront of trying to import non-Europeans into the UK.

The “diversity” ones are purely for masochists, arguende…

Exactly. The msm obsession with “Partygate” might be seen as a distraction from all those other, and more significant, issues.

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Hunt may look good compared to “Boris” (almost any major political figure would), but my assessment of him from years ago still cuts the mustard: “a smarmy, clever snake” [who is still not very trustworthy].

…and Jewish groups are trying to bring more non-Europeans into Europe, into the UK, all the time. People really must start to look at the causes and not just the symptoms.

Look at the period of British history between 1956 and today. What has trashed this country the most? Cold War espionage? Labour disputes? Irish Republican or other terrorism? No. Mass immigration. Have the security and intelligence agencies done (or could they have done) anything at all to stop the migration invasion? No.

The few documenting —and so, opposing— this migration invasion (Steve Laws and others) are heroic and to be commended; the System politicians and the various other groups supporting the invasion (“antifa” cretins, some Jew lawyers, the Labour Party openly, the Conservative Party almost openly, the sick Church of England etc) are to be condemned and, eventually, punished. The saddest aspect, though, is the spectacle of the British people mostly not really, deeply, caring whether or not they are invaded by non-Europeans, not really caring enough about their own racial and cultural integrity. Do those British people really deserve to survive?

A fine institution brought low by entryist activists and “woke” nonsense.

My own assessment of Rory Stewart from a few years ago, with updates: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/03/will-rory-stewart-mp-be-prime-minister/.

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[Zeppelin over the Palace of Westminster, 1916]

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 June 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14

      Unfortunately, I think that the party mentioned in the story is just another ‘safety valve’ and yet another system controlled ‘opposition’. I seem to recall hearing of this guy previously where it was pointed out that he was spouting pro-immigration sentiments a few years ago. He’s akin to Nigel Farage: says one thing in opposition, but has no intention of doing those things promised if he ever got into office. Just another ‘civ nat’, I think.


      1. Oh yes, I know the Swedish Democrats are now a pale shadow of their formerly NS roots!


      2. The Swedish Democrats are not 100% ideal but they are far better than anything we have here and at least the Swedes do have that choice whereas the nearest thing we have to a ‘Right-wing’, socially conservative party are the outright leftwing, mass immigration supporting morons of the fake Conservative Party ‘led’ by that immoral, proven criminal (for the first time in British history) , fat, useless ,Turkish, duplicitous stain on Britain, born in New York arsehole called Boris Johnson.

        It must be lovely to live in a genuine democracy like Sweden rather than a largely fake one with a grotesquely undemocratic voting system like Nowhere in particular land (formerly called the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND NI).


  1. Good to see the NJP and Mike Enoch out protesting against yet more state sanctioned murder by degenerate black savages of White girls and boys.


  2. White South Africans should have known better. They had almost daily interaction with Blacks and should have remembered that they (Blacks) only respect/understand brute force and that they must not be given ANY power whatsoever. However, they chose to believe in all that rubbish about “tolerance, democracy and equality”. Serves them right!!!


    1. Claudius:
      It has been more or less the same all over Africa since the 1950s, of course. The semi-educated (in a few cases very educated) black agitators (often Jew agitators as well) tell the mass of Africans that all they have to do to get a house, car, swimming pool like the white man is to get rid of the white man, taking over his house, car, and pool (and quite likely the white man’s wife and daughters…). The ignorant black masses believe it. When “Independence” and “African rule” happens, and said black masses *still* have no big house, big car, swimming pool (and maybe white women), they get frustrated and angry. That is more or less where South Africa is at present.


  3. That video about the robotic sex-slaves was hilarious. Who bloody cares if that thing can talk? (LOL) I was laughing my head off when that imbecile making the presentation said that “we can have a conversation” (LOL)

    PS: I ordered a brunette because the blond looks too robotic, pun intended! (LOL)


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