Diary Blog, 3 July 2022

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[Moscow river and Kremlin, including Great Kremlin Palace and Kremlin churches]

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It seems that Russian forces continue to consolidate their advantage in Lisichansk and other areas of Lugansk which still have pockets of Kiev-regime resistance. Even the UK/US msm have slowly started to accept that Lugansk is all but lost, while still not accepting that the Zelensky regime is likely to lose the war generally in those areas of Ukraine that lie east of the Dnieper river.

[provenance of map Russian but not exactly known]

In my view, the priority of Russian forces must be to decapitate the regime by eliminating the Jew Zelensky and his closest cohorts.

I once saw (in a book) the famous chess game played by grandmaster Mikhail Tal [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Tal], I believe against Smyslov, in which Tal sacrificed almost every piece he had, even the queen, in order to achieve a stunning checkmate. Makes you think…

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The club that rules together is put down together (well, did I say that I am a poet?).

Because it fits in with the “Great Replacement” plan…

…and the idiot is wearing a facemask. The only one there.

Biden is plainly demented, at least part of the time. Often seems unable to think or speak or write logically.

There has been a wave of emigration from the UK since the end of the Second World War, mostly going to Australia and New Zealand, but also to Canada, USA and also, mainly since the 1980s, Spain and France.

The early postwar emigration from the UK was by reason of poor living standards in the UK; now, more a question of escaping a multiracial, multicultural (emergent) hellhole.

That wave of emigration has had peaks and troughs, but it may be that, as the UK is now plainly on the downward slope, desperate white people in the UK will grasp at any straw to escape. They may find, though, that there is no escape from multikulti and “woke” madness, save for last-ditch resistance.

Peter Hitchens


Well worth reading.

Keep reading, Genghiz!

An amusing minor landmark today, the first-ever hit on this blog from Mongolia, one of the few countries from where, until today, I have never had a hit (I have even had one from Antarctica).

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4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 July 2022”

  1. Hello Ian! Greetings from Buenos Aires on a beautiful, although chilly Sunday morning! I think that you do not have any problems understanding spoken Russian but if this was not the case the film I am going to send to you has English subtitles.

    It is a new, beautifully restored, version of the wonderful epic “War / Peace” directed by Serguei Bondarchuk. I think it is made up of 4 parts of nearly 1 hour and a half each. Is from a Russian YouTub channel called MOSFILM dedicated to Russian cinema. I am sure you will enjoy it.


  2. Angela Rayner and “the brilliant” (???) Jacinta Arden deserve each other!!! (LOL) Talk about dead-heads!!! (LOL) In Argentina, we have a saying: “He/she is so stupid that if there was a contest to choose the greatest idiot, he/she will lose for being too stupid!” (LOL) I hope it makes sense in English.


    1. Claudius:
      Well, I think I got the sense of it.

      Frankly, having met a few New Zealanders in the past, I do not think that you have to be too brilliant to be thought brilliant there. That works to the advantage of someone like Jacinda Ardern, just as it did in the case of Bill Clinton, who originated in Arkansas, one of the states at the lower levels of education etc.

      Naturally, someone who has attended Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale universities stands out in a state such as Arkansas. In California or New York, Clinton might have found stiffer competition in getting going in careerist politics.


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