Diary Blog, 4 July 2022

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Written by Bliss as “a gift to the American people“. Today is the 4th of July.

On this day a year ago


Was interested to hear a TV reporter in Ukraine, either Sky News or BBC, give the Ukrainian view of their Lukansk defeat, then add something like “if that can be believed“.

At first, months ago, anything the Ukrainians (Zelensky regime) put out as “fact” was naively believed, even patent nonsense such as the non-existent “Ghost of Kiev” fighter ace. Those lies were retailed to the public, and affected the Western public perception of what was happening, and the reaction of Western political leaders.

Now, reality begins to set in. The forces of the Kiev regime in Eastern Ukraine are running out of soldiers, ammunition (especially for artillery), artillery itself, and fuel. The Russian forces are now gradually carrying out a large-scale strategic or positional operation which will end with the occupation of all of Ukraine east of the river Dnieper.

Tweets seen

Conservative sleaze MPs

Funny to see demands that Boris-idiot should explain why he wanted appointed the apparently-appropriately-named Chris Pincher to the position of Chief Whip from having been Deputy Chief Whip (inter alia, the guardian of Con MPs’ morals and ethics). It is obvious, surely? “Boris” wanted someone morally-compromized, who would therefore be lax in passing judgment on Johnson’s own perennial activities.

More tweets seen

“Department store” is a better description (Warenhaus is the German for department store as well as, I think, warehouse).

Occasionally, decades ago, I would have a coffee on the open roof terrace that has a very good view over Paris. The store is close to the Seine. By the entrance, there was usually an old organ-grinder with a monkey.

Think twice before believing any doctor who prefers to work as something else, eg as a TV presenter. That especially applies to medical doctors who become politicians, eg Dr. Liam Fox; eg that unpleasant and stupid woman who was MP for Totnes for a few years (and whose name escapes me right now); also Dr. Hastings Banda, Dr. David Owen, and Dr. Evan Harris (etc).

Britain 2022


The precariat, living in the Society of Insecurity.

“Sven Longshanks” news

The trial of James Allchurch, accused of setting up a “highly racist” and “highly antisemitic” podcast station called Radio Aryan, has been delayed by almost a year amid disruption caused by the industrial action.

The case, which opened at Swansea Crown Court last week, was going to be put back to work around strike days this week and in the coming weeks but several jurors were unable to attend on the proposed new dates so the jury was discharged by the judge on Friday. The trial is now listed for March 20, 2023.”

[The Independent]

Ha ha! “They” (((the you-know-who’s))) will be furious…

Britain 2022


What always strikes me is the smug, precious, “entitlement” of the bastards. Pity no-one smashed that couple in white (read Daily Mail report) over their heads with a baton or iron bar. In fact, they look like good candidates for that even when not damaging nationally-important works of art.

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Late tweets

To my mind, satire of some kind, but reflecting some prevailing views of the Canadian authorities.

Late music

A true American classic.

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 4 July 2022”

    1. Claudius:
      That is always the Achilles heel of populist protests: no ideology as such, and also very little organization. Les Gilets Verts, the Hardhats, Poujadisme, the almost cretinous EDL/”Football Lads’ Alliance in the UK, the UK fuel-price protests etc..


      1. I could not agree more with you! The problem is not a lack of information about who is our (((enemy))). There is plenty on the Internet, perhaps too much (LOL). The problem is a lack of intelligence/common sense to figure it out and then, the courage to act upon it.

        Having said that, I know it is awfully difficult to do something considering the growing restrictions and the harsh penalties already in place for anyone who dares to criticize “the chosen people” and their plans. However, these spontaneous manifestations are a great opportunity to distribute hundreds of leaflets providing a backbone and a reason for the protests. A lot of people are angry (and quite rightly so) but they cannot see the whole picture and do not understand the ideological principles behind the criminal policies of the WEF.


  1. I forgot to add this to the previous post (LOL)


  2. What a wasted opportunity the movement/protest of the “Yellow Vests” was! There were lots of them. I believe the French have more guts and backbone than most Europeans, no wonder there are so many harsh laws against dissenters and enemies of the system. A Spaniard NS told me last week: “If you think things are bad in Spain, look at France! You cannot say a word against (((them))) without being fined or arrested!”


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