Diary Blog, 3 July 2021

The noise around the recent Batley and Spen by-election has continued, with the msm doing its best to pretend that there is still a functioning two/three-party “democracy” now that “Labour is back”.

Fakery. Labour is not back. Kim Leadbeater, the monkey-on-a-stick “Labour” candidate, won the by-election mainly for local reasons and because most white English voters (white people being 75% to 80% of the electorate), did not vote.

Turnout was below 50%. Most of the Pakistani and other ethnic minority voters at Batley voted (based on previous evidence). That means that well under half the white English voters did not vote. Reason? Probably because there was no party with any credibility that spoke to them.

It seems that the Muslim vote was split between Galloway and its traditional home, Labour, with most going to Galloway. The white English vote was split mainly between Conservative and Labour.

The decision might easily have gone the other way. It did not, mainly, because the Conservatives did not want to mount a real attack, direct attack, on Kim Leadbeater. They should have done. She deserved it. She was a entirely fake or puppet candidate, who was only there because Labour broke its own rules to adopt her. Her links to various (and to my mind) subversive communitarian groups should have been exposed. Her evasion re. the persecuted Batley schoolteacher should have been attacked (but the Conservatives also failed to speak up for him).

In the end, the Conservative candidate was also a puppet, like so many. Had he had more courage, and more independence, he might have won. Now he is just a footnote.

Labour will inevitably bump along the bottom. It has now been abandoned by most white English voters. Now that Labour is very clearly controlled again by the Jewish Zionist element, not many Muslims will continue to vote Labour. As I have said before, that leaves Labour with a very niche electorate.

There is also the point that, with no election needing to be held before late 2024, Labour is little more than an irrelevant squeaking in a Commons with an 80-seat Conservative majority.

Beyond the above, there is the feeling that Labour has no idea at all about how to improve Britain. It scarcely if at all opposes the present government. Indeed, all it has is pathetic, not credible, “diversity” claptrap of the sort that Kim Leadbeater spouts.

Interesting podcast


Tweets seen

That person, Laura Pidcock, was once “tipped as a future leader of the Labour Party” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Pidcock]! She seems to be not-married to a non-European, possibly Ethiopian, and to have produced a child with him. She is on the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party. Seems pretty dimwitted.

Laura Pidcock was a local councillor, but lost her seat. She was also an MP for two years [2017-2019] but lost her seat. Labour, take note. Many more will follow in her anti-British, “anti-racist”, footsteps.

One could imagine a (presently non-existent) credible social-national party standing at somewhere like Batley and Spen, and getting, say, a third or so of mainly the white English vote, maybe 30% of the whole turnout. Under those circumstances, in a 4-horse race, such a party might have triumphed over Lab, Con, and Galloway…

My takeaway from Batley and Spen is that, looking at the past decade, white people are generally now not voting Labour, but are unsure as to where to go; also, that the Muslims are drifting from Labour, but are also unsure about where to go, and so voted in this case for Galloway.


Well, this week, political journalist John Rentoul scored the same as me, 7/10. I suppose I should not expect to beat him every week. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 4, and 6.

I wonder whether Kim Leadbeater, the System candidate, really won that by-election at all…incidentally, that may also explain why there was no real Conservative Party campaign at Batley and Spen— to ensure that Labour won.

The System made much of the assassination of MP Jo Cox by a dissident in 2016. The later “canonization” was very useful to the System, providing much opportunity for “anti-Nazi”, “anti-racist”, anti-radical propaganda. It would have been embarrassing had the sister of the assassinated MP been offered to the local electorate as the new Labour/System MP— then rejected by them.

More tweets

The migration invasion continues. Meanwhile, the British people occupy themselves with the success of what is laughingly called the “England” football team, with the squabbles between the two thick princelings, the Royal Mulatta and “Kate”, with the Queen driving a LandRover at age 95, with the (ultimately fairly meaningless) “election” (was it even honest?) of Kim Leadbeater as MP, with the endless “panicdemic” nonsense, as seen through the prism of msm/System lies.

Remember Thalidomide? This, true, is something very different, but there may be other dangers. Or, thinking laterally, maybe the point is not the vaccine as vaccine, but the psychological control: governments across the world forcing citizens to be vaccinated. A conditioning mechanism.

What kind of unit is that?

Late tweets

Despite the efforts of Lord Sumption, Peter Hitchen, many others including me, there are many many idiotic scared rabbits out there who, just because (arguably) the least honest Prime Minister, the least competent Cabinet, the least reliable scientific advisers in memory have told them to wear facemasks, are going to bloody carry on wearing them until given permission to stop! Even where the law does not even mandate the wearing of the “muzzles of compliance”.

Example: driving around in early evening a day or two ago, I saw a man aged maybe 55 or so, riding a bicycle while wearing a facemask! Why? The “law”, the absurd” rules”, the equally absurd “guidance” from misnamed “SAGE” “experts”, say nothing about wearing facemasks while cycling, so why was this idiot doing it? Some personal pathology? It cannot have been because he wanted to comply with law but mistook the law, because there is no law saying that you must wear one of these stupid masks while cycling. Also, he was riding on a pavement.

Now we have the same old voices, Whitty etc, trying to keep the facemask nonsense going after 19 July 2021, the latest supposed “Freedom Day”. There is a huge transnational conspiracy behind most of this.

Final late tweet


Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 July 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Just a question, that moron who tweets under the name “The Ende of Everything” has blocked me although I never wrote to him and, of course, never criticized him since we (apparently) hold similar views. I wanted to re-tweet a post by him and found I have been blocked. Regarding your experience with Twitter, how is this possible? It does not make any sense. I don’t understand it.


    1. Hello, Claudius:
      There are several possibilities. One is that it is a simple error, such as pushing the wrong button. Another is that he mistook you for someone with a similar name or “avatar” picture. Or it may be that someone told him that he should block you. That happened to me quite often when I was on Twitter.

      A few Jews, mostly, actually took to harassing anyone who retweeted, liked, or replied to any of my tweets. One of the most persistent was a minor Jew academic called Ben Gidley (@bengidley), whom I unmasked (others almost beat me to it) despite his using a number of “sock-accounts” including @inthesoupagain, @antinazisunited, and @bobfrombrockley. I see that he has been doing the same to journalist Peter Hitchens and others. Hitchens has bitten back recently.

      Some people will block you just because others say that you are “a bad person” in some way. A very interesting Irish account, Bealtaine Cottage, blocked me that way.

      Silly, but what can you do?
      Justice takes time, quite often…(elephants never forget!). However, as I said, in your case, it may be a simple error.


      1. Thank you very much for your thoughts. I would not waste my time on someone like that. Perhaps it was a mistake, perhaps not, it does not matter.

        BTW, very funny (and appropriate) your comments about that useless woman Kim Leadbeater (what a surname!). I read that the silly moo was booed and insulted by Muslims for being a militant lesbian and a puppet of the Jewish lobby (like almost all Labour MPs)

        Changing the subject, what do you think of a Russian film called “Andrei Rubilov/Rublev”?


      2. I have seen the film, but long ago, I think in the early 1980s (in the cinema). I remember it as being (like many Russian films, especially those of Tarkovsky) very slow! I am rather impatient where films are concerned…easily bored, though sometimes I do go back to those same films, and enjoy them or understand them more. Films such as Stalker, Mirror, and Alice in the Cities (the last one is a German film)

        I had a girlfriend once who thought that Andrei Rublev was beautiful. (she also liked The Notebook/Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, a German film, during which I fell asleep!)

        Have you seen Andrei Rublev?


      3. Thank you for your prompt reply (SMERSCH never sleeps! LOL)
        No, I did not watch “Andrei Rublev”, I cannot stand slow, boring movies, like, for example, the pretentious French films from the “Nouvelle vague”

        That kind of supposedly highbrow films (hence pretentious) became worse as their content became more political, which means more clearly/openly Marxist. From the 1970s onwards most “serious” films (those with a message) are nothing but pure Marxist/Liberal propaganda of the worst kind.


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