Diary Blog, 21 November 2021, including a few remarks about “deadhead” MP David Lammy


Tweets seen

“News the msm will never let people hear”…So, have you heard that news on, say, the BBC, Sky News, ITN, LBC? No? I wonder why not, or what would be the (((reason))) for that?…

Every. Single. Time.

David Lammy

I happened to see the Twitter exchange (from October 2021) shown below, in which David Lammy —whose ignorance was showcased on Celebrity Mastermind [sic] in 2014— steps into the deep waters of archaeology, palaeontology and genetics. Brave indeed in someone who showed himself ignorant of basic history, geography etc :

Can you believe that, if Labour can form a government in a couple of years —admittedly still unlikely—, thick-as-two-short-planks David Lammy might actually end up as Attorney-General, or even as Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor? Hard to believe, but then who, years ago, would have thought that an amoral part-Jew chancer could pose as Prime Minister? (I mean “Boris”, not David Cameron-Levita…oh…).

Take a look at this!

Lammy thought that the first woman to win a Nobel Prize was Marie Antoinette! Even after the presenter gave him the Christian names of Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre!

Lammy had apparently never heard of

a. Stilton cheese;

b. a “pipette”;

c. “the gods” (highest seats) in a theatre;

d. the Purple Heart military decoration (U.S.), etc.

He answered “Versailles” for the 14thC fortress at Paris later used as a state prison (it’s the Bastille), and thought that Eduard Shevardnadze had been President of Yugoslavia! (it was Georgia, of course).

Lammy also failed to identify a remote area of Jamaica. Admittedly, I myself did not know that, but guessed that it had to be Jamaica (most Caribbean islands are too small to have remote areas).

I suppose that, in spirit of fairness, I should add that Lammy did get at least one question right that I did not know, something about a pop group called “Coldplay”.

See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lammy; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lammy#Comments_attracting_criticism.

At present, Lammy is Shadow Lord Chancellor! Previous actual Lord Chancellors have included such names as Cardinal Wolsey, Sir Thomas More, Sir Francis Bacon, Richard Haldane, Lord Hailsham etc. Admittedly not all previous incumbents were distinguished, beyond their bare office, but…Lammy??

Lammy is by no means the only stupid and ignorant member of the Commons— and not all of the worst idiots are black, incidentally— but his egregious mixture of bluster, malice and ignorance surely marks him out as someone to be kept out of serious policy.

Oh…and Lammy is, like all or virtually all of the Keir Starmer Shadow Cabinet, a member of Labour Friends of Israel…

There are many ways in which the UK is, in the colloquial, “screwed”, and one of those is the sheer lack of quality apparent in so many MPs. Lammy is just one of dozens, probably hundreds, of examples. A total deadhead.

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The System parties, and even the controlled opposition of the UK “alt-Right” (UKIP, Brexit Party, Reform Party etc) are all playing a fixed game. Compare it to, say, the football leagues. In a sense, it is a genuine competition, in that this or that team (party) will win this or that game (election), but the league (System) continues whichever team (party) wins this year, next year etc. The only answer, in the political realm, is to overthrow the (ZOG) System itself.

His inability to do more than pose, entirely unsuccessfully, as Prime Minister, and his inability to handle the key aspects of the job or role, is obviously taking a huge psychological toll, despite his scarcely fulfilling (or being able to fulfil) the role in a proper manner.

Jesus H. Christ! The last time I had anything to do with the Home Office, a couple of decades or so ago, I was astounded: apart from the two middle-aged Englishmen who met and talked with me, the whole multi-storey building (Broadway Buildings, Westminster, near St. James’s Park Underground Station), as far as I could see anyway, was full of blacks and browns! Literally not a white face (except for the two already noted).

Hitchens would never express the real (((reason))). In any case, he himself is part-Jew.

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Australia, which when I was there as a schoolboy in the late 1960s, was an entirely white European, mainly Anglo country (yes, there were some Aboriginals too, mainly in the bush, especially in the Northern Territory), has now a white European (including Southern European) population around 90% of the whole. Still higher than the UK and some other European countries, but for how long? Inexorable (?) change.

You can stop illegal immigration, such as that using small boats, but that is pointless if you allow millions in using other, “legal”, methods. The end result will be the same— a mainly non-white country, and the end of decent standards in all areas.

It will be recalled that former SIS Chief, Sir Richard Dearlove, suggested in 2020 that such was the case, but (it seems) that pressure was brought to bear on him, and he then backtracked. Interesting.

Jews Must Live [a 1934 book title: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Roth]



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Roma aeterna…

The Fall of Rome took place over centuries. The Graeco-Roman culture started in the proper sense around 600-700 B.C (though earlier Greek culture existed in some form for several centuries prior to that). The end of the Graeco-Roman period can be dated as, approximately, 1415. Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern [Roman] Empire, itself fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

Our own Fifth Post-Atlantean culture, which started around 1415 AD (or “CE”, if you prefer), has only travelled a third of its allotted distance, yet is already falling into decadence despite its technical progress.

North Korea


A humanitarian suggestion, though only the collapse of the North Korean system can really or ultimately improve the lot of the inhabitants.

[Pyongyang, North Korea— a road going nowhere?]

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The multikulti society does not work, in fact cannot work. In the USA, the (inevitable) friction has become conflict, and will eventually become open civil war or social war. Not simply black/white— that is simplistic. A social war based partly but not entirely on race. The UK will go down some similar, but not exactly the same, road in the end.

Can nothing be done?

Late tweets

In a better UK, a firing squad in the largest square of the town or city where the perpetrator lived at time of offence(s).

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 November 2021, including a few remarks about “deadhead” MP David Lammy”

  1. Hello Ian: I have something that will make you laugh (I hope). I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. This little clip from a Mexican film is priceless, even better it has English subtitles. It could have been done in Germany in 1936. I cannot believe how YouTube did not delete it! In fact, I downloaded it because you never know…. (Enjoy!)


  2. I am glad you enjoyed the clip. Is unbelievable they managed to do that; mind you it was Mexico and nearly 30 years ago. They would not be able to do that today. BTW, this year the people from Mexico city elected as mayor a young Mexican woman of Jewish descent who make a point of that, in other words, “I don’t give a damn about Mexico or the Mexican people, I am Jewish!”

    Changing the subject here is a very good blog written by an Italian friend of mine:



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I would not claim to know much about Mexican politics. I was there briefly as a child, only days after my 13th birthday (in Acapulco, but it was much smaller and more peaceful than it now is).

      I know that Mexico was in turmoil in the early 20thC, esp. the 1920s, and that it has never really settled.


  3. Lots of interesting things here today! I have SO MUCH to read that I wish the day had 48 hours! (LOL)

    Incidentally, as we are almost the same age, do you remember the TV series “Ivanhoe” (1957) starring a very young Roger Mooer? I remember watching it here in Argentina in 1967 (I was 8)


    1. Claudius: it does strike a very faint chord, but no more (no pun intended).

      Roger Moore was of course famous in the England of my childhood, especially in The Saint. I think that I rather fancied, at age 9 or 10, being someone like The Saint, or maybe “Danger Man”! A mixture of modern knight errant, secret agent, and “gentleman cracksman”…
      What went wrong?


      1. That was very funny! I used to think very much along those lines, in fact when I was 13 (1972) “The Persuaders” (with Roger Mooer and Tony Curtis) was a big hit here and I dreamed to be like Roger Moore’s character (lord Brett Sinclair). I think Roger Mooer was the most suave and handsome English actor ever. I think he knew he was not a great actor and chose very cleverly roles that fit his persona and image.

        Like you said: “What went wrong?” (LOL)


  4. About “Dangerman” my wife loves that show and she made a very good observation; according to her the character of John Drake was really a prefiguration of James Bond, don’t you think so? Interestingly did you know that Patrick McGoohan refused TWICE the role of Bond?

    The first time was in the early 1960s when the idea of making a film based on Ian Fleming’s character was being considered. Since McGoohan was very successful as John Drake why would bother to risk his career in something unknown? The second is more surprising, in 1973 Broccoli and Saltzman offered him the role of Bond in “Live and let die”. The Bond franchise was a huge success and many actors would have killed to get the part; however, Patrick said “no” and his place was occupied by Roger Moore. The rest is history…



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      Patrick McGoohan had or seemed to have a dangerous edge, much closer to Sean Connery than to Roger Moore; in fact, more “dangerous” than Connery, too . He is, I suppose, best known now (in the UK at least) for his role in The Prisoner. Again a “secret agent” role, as was his film part in an adaptation of an Alistair MacLean book, Ice Station Zebra.


      BTW, Ian Fleming *was* involved, at first, in the planning of Danger Man:


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