Diary Blog, 26 August 2022, with thoughts about NHS maladministration, and also the rotten charity sector

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Comment unnecessary…

Further to the above, I happened to hear a story about yet another example of the all-too-typical NHS maladministration and inability to make logical and useful decisions.

The story came to me third-hand, admittedly, but is believed to be accurate.

A lady who is apparently registered blind (I myself do not know her) was asked to attend an eye clinic at Poole, in Dorset. This is, again, apparently (I have no personal knowledge of it), a new NHS eye clinic, so this is not a case of some old and unrenovated NHS building.

The said clinic operates out of what was a department store, Beales, in Poole: https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19795332.nhs-hospital-clinic-beales-store-welcomes-first-patients/.

[NHS eye clinic, Poole, Dorset (top floor)]

The NHS has put out public relations material praising itself for the new unit: https://www.uhd.nhs.uk/news/latest-news-list/134-2021/1465-nhs-in-dorset-thinks-big-to-tackle-the-number-of-outpatients-waiting-for-a-face-to-face-appointment-and-the-time-they-have-to-wait.

The lady in question was told by the NHS that no ambulance would be available to take her from her home in the New Forest to Poole, but that local taxi companies offered discounted fares. The “discounted fare” turned out to be £100 (return-trip). The lady concerned is a very aged pensioner.

It gets worse. It seems that the eye clinic, on the top floor of a 7-storey building, has only stairs or an escalator; no lift. The escalator does not go to the top two floors of the building, and the blind old lady cannot use escalators without assistance anyway, I am told, so if she went there she would have to go up some 14 flights of stairs unaided, at the age of, I think, 90 or more.

Result? That lady will not be able to attend that clinic.

Leaving aside the individual case, what does that say about the ability of NHS people to plan and design properly? Not much to their credit, I think.

Tweets seen

Comment once again surely unnecessary…

I have to admit that I take it with a pinch of salt anyway when a multimillionaire cries about the plight of the poor and struggling…

Charities have become a “rotten borough”

One of the most sad and indeed angering aspects of the UK in recent years has been the trashing of the charity sector, not because of lack of money but because of politicization and near-embezzlement (paying of often mediocre top staff huge salaries). The damage has mostly been done by those who themselves work in the charities.

We have seen, for example, sex scandals in Oxfam, Save the Children and others. Readers might recall the scandals around sex-pest Brendan Cox, who was married to assassinated Labour MP Jo Cox. He was paid something like £300,000 a year, despite coming from a fairly mediocre academic and work background (though, as always these days, “bigged-up”, in the rather crude current phrase: see https://uk.linkedin.com/in/brendan-cox-433b364).

£300,000 per year, to be not even the head of Save the Children, but the (I believe) third-in-command. People on modest incomes give their pounds and pennies to such organizations, only for, in that case, the top three in the set-up to have creamed off a million pounds a year in salaries alone. Disgrace.

The charity sector in the UK is a totally “rotten borough”. Look at the recent activities of the RNLI and National Trust. The former has been operating what amounts to a ferry service for migrant-invaders, and I read that thousands of virtue-signallers have as a result donated to it! When the provision of housing and healthcare is stretched to snapping point because of mass immigration, I suppose that those idiots will not even once blame their own encouragement of the invasion.

As to the RNLI itself, it has obviously been infiltrated at a high level.

National Trust? I think that the cartoons below say enough:

I am very much in favour of charitable work but, as a sector, the whole charitable area has gone badly astray, and in a number of ways.

This winter?

Was sent this (inc. the photograph). Source unknown, but sounds correct:

As we speak there’s a UK government department working with consultants on a strategy for controlling dissent this winter.

There will be a wall to wall media campaign of “blitz spirit” images of families and the multiracial Britain wearing jumpers and socks for Ukraine, with the blame aimed at Vladolf Putler.

This message will then be disseminated through the population by media addicted busybody women looking for the latest do-good cause and fuel poverty marches will get zero media coverage.

This is how control of liberal democracies works now. You’re all atomised individuals, capital owns media and the NPCs enforce the dominant narrative sufficiently.”


More tweets seen

Looking at those tweets, I actually had to remind myself that Zahawi is, for the moment, Chancellor of the Exchequer. A bloody Kurd from Baghdad, who only arrived in the UK when 11 years old.

What a mess this country is in! Hardly any of the last few governments have even had many white English MPs in the top jobs. Jews, part-Jews, Indians, blacks, half-castes, a Kurd…you name it.

On top of that, this particular non-Brit is one of the most corrupt persons possible to have in the once-exalted job of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Had (as I have been blogging for years) the UK forged closer links with Russia and its people, we should have been able to buy Russian gas at knockdown prices, and would not now be facing shortages of energy, and our people going cold because of UK Government policy.

The difference being that the profits in Norway go into their sovereign wealth fund, used for the benefit of the Norwegian people, whereas the “British” gas companies profiteer for the benefit of parasitic banks and investment companies, as well as for multimillionaire shareholders.

Late tweets

The dishevelled drunk and/or drug abuser shown in the clip seems to be, if not an accredited U.S. diplomat, then at least an Embassy employee with a pass and, presumably, at least limited immunity, watching him show his pass to the Russian policeman and then be admitted to the Embassy by the U.S. Marine guards or other security people.

I have previously blogged once or twice how I visited the UK bacteriological research centre at Porton Down with a Mr. Komisarenko [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serhiy_Komisarenko], the then Ukrainian Ambassador, and the Scientific Attache of the Ukrainian Embassy in London. That was in or about 1994, I believe. The Ambassador had an educational background in microbiology. According to Wikipedia, he is now, or until recently was, the director of such a laboratory in Ukraine.

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22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 August 2022, with thoughts about NHS maladministration, and also the rotten charity sector”

  1. Thank you for posting that song from “Cabaret” it is amazing that a film written and produced by Jews had a scene like that. It gives me goosebumps! Funny enough it captures the spirit of a glorious people who raised and fought against almost impossible odds. No wonder they were practically exterminated in 1945 and their descendants brainwashed 24/7.


    1. Yes, how ironic! I have read that Churchill wanted to use some of our poison gas stocks from WWI as a possible way of opposing German Nazi troops if they had invaded us in 1940 via our beaches in places like Sussex and Kent.

      Now, in 2022, we have constant daily invasions by illegal immigrants and often blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ which the Indian Home Secretary does very little, if anything, to stem.

      The question then is what would Tory hero, Winston, do in this situation today?

      Suggestions on a postcard to Priti Uselessly Leftwing!

      It is disgraceful that so many of our best young men and women in 1940 some of whom were only around twenty years of age died for nothing and if they had lived to now would be witnessing those daily invasions upon our beaches with an Indian Home Secretary doing virtually zilch about it.😡🤬😞😞😞😞


      1. John:
        Churchill was a pawn of the Jews after 1930, so the answer to your rhetorical question would be “nothing”. He would do precisely nothing to stop the present migration-invasion “they” (as a bloc, not individually, *necessarily*, though many do) support.

        As to the 1940 “plan” (idea) of using chemical weapons on any German invaders, had there been any, that would not only have failed for various tactical reasons, but would have resulted in the British troops involved, at least their officers, being shot in the field if captured. Churchill himself, of course, had his submarine booked for Canada, along with the Royal Family, should an invasion both happen and look like succeeding.


  2. Norway is a model country in many ways. Not only is it a genuine democracy with Proportional Representation (and, importantly, via the PARTY LIST version of it with a threashold of just 4% of the national vote to start getting MPs instead of the weird and not as proportional as its advocates make out Single Transferable Vote (STV) system the Irish have and the Lib Dems are obsessed with) but this is also proved by the fact that unlike us Norway had a referendum on Common Market membership BEFORE they planned to join in 1972.

    Norway stayed-out and due to having collaborative coalition governments formed by the PR electoral system they invested their huge oil receipts into that sovereign wealth fund for future generations and had a nationalized state oil company.

    In contrast, Maggie Thatcher didn’t set up a state owned oil company and largely wasted our oil money with her often too radical libertarian AND GLOBALIST economic policies.

    Oh what might have been if Britain had been a genuine, modern democracy with fair votes from the 1970’s onwards and had a codified, written constitution vesting our national sovereignty IN THE BRITISH PEOPLE not an out of date parliament with a seriously undemocratic electoral system and total parliamentary sovereignty.😠😠😠😥😥😥


  3. Yes, Mr Zadhawi is corrupt even by the usual abysmal Tory and ethnic Tory standards. He does come across a bit better than many of their ethnics though, especially Rishi.

    What is one of the most annoying aspects of ethnic Tories is where they have their seats. Zadhawi represents the quintessentialy English town of Stratford-Upon-Avon the worldwide famous birthplace of one of England’s most renowned sons ie William Shakespeare whilst Rishi represents the seat of Richmond, North Yorkshire with the very English scenery of the Yorkshire Dales as a background.

    I bet they both obtained their very safe Tory stronghold seats through the manipulations of Tory Central Office and Cameron’s A List of candidates for PC political reasons rather than the actions of the local conservative associations.

    So much for that steadfast Tory belief in the wonders of our ‘strong local link’ First Past The Post constituency based electoral system!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. Loz Argyle, do you REALLY think Labour would be much better?

    They are just as gung ho as the fake Tories are in involving this country in the Ukraine war where there is NO vital British national interest at stake.

    At any rate, Labour are just as much to blame not just because of this wrongheaded and anti-British foreign policy but also because in the 1980’s they could easily have helped to kick Maggie Thatcher with her privatisation of energy out of power if they had not been so selfish and self-serving and formed an anti-Tory alliance with the Liberals/SDP. Of course, the price would have been instituting PR but then as a supposedly leftwing party why did they have then and still do now have such a problem with the idea of collobaration with other parties and the modern democratic values represented by a fair electoral system?


    At least the Tories do have some fairly rational, intellectually coherent and explainable from their point of view objections to PR. In the case of Labour there should be none.


    1. Mrs Thatcher’s Tory victories were based-upon a split in the non-Tory vote. Her ‘landslides’ were basically obtained by our crooked and bent electoral system. The Tories in the 1980’s never had 50% of the national vote or more.

      That being said the Conservative Party is STILL the only British political party that has had 50% or more of the vote but it last happened in 1931 when they had 55%.


      1. That the British Labour Party is, disgracefully, the only social democratic/socialist party in Europe not to back PR really betrays how Luddite they are, how little a real alternative to the Tories they pose and how little confidence they have in their own ideology/policies.


    1. If drug dealing isn’t carried out by Jamaicans, Somalians and other non whites in this country it is invariably done by Albanians.

      They are often behind the drug dealing gangs and the ‘County Lines’ operations.

      Yes, I fail to see any benefit in Albanian settlement in this country.

      Albania is supposed to be on track for EU membership in the next few years. Germany, Austria and the rest have a lot to look forward to when they join and engage in ‘free movement’ to the other member states – NOT!🙄🙄🙄


    1. SaxonEngland:
      Apparently worth £90M (and, incidentally, a cousin of “Mark Lewis Lawyer”, worth about £90M less, who is now based in Israel, and who has been attacking me from behind cover for about 10 years via “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” and “UK Lawyers for Israel”).

      According to the defector “Viktor Suvorov” [aka “Rezun”], the old Soviet Spetsnaz used to say that “when the real Revolution comes, we shall not hang the very rich, and we shall not hang those who merely talk about social justice— we shall hang those who are very rich *and* talk about social justice”…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes Mark Lewis. I’ve seen him on Twitter, very unpleasant, obnoxious individual. Then again all of these “warriors against antisemitism” are loathsome scumbags. Another one is the hideous “Andrea Urban Fox”. The “Tommy Robinson” supporting Zionist patriotards seem to love her.


  5. On the subject of the NHS it is perhaps inevitable that in too many cases it appears to be so shoddily run. After all, it is a vast organisation and is said to be the largest employer of state labour in the world outside of the People’s Republic of China’s armed forces.

    I know this might well sound like a crazy conspiracy theory but I often wonder why no British government even Margaret Thatcher’s ever attempted to privatize it or reform it into the public-private health service Germany has.

    Is the real reason they haven’t done so because the NHS as it now is has become a national mythical creature and that it is just so damm easy to point to it and then say to the public look at the NHS and then you can see the clear benefits of mass immigration since the war so don’t mention any downsides to that phenomenon!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    In retrospect, Churchill and his party in 1945 instead of denigrating and instantly dismissing Labour’s NHS idea should have proposed the German model instead just as John Major should have proposed a better UK WIDE form of devolution in 1997.


    1. John:
      The NHS has become a kind of secular religion, confined to the UK. I favour it when compared to, say, the American healthcare model, but there are other possible ways forward. As you say, the problem is that (as with the BBC, mutatis mutandis) there are many who would support the NHS no matter how bad were its actual health outcomes.


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