Update re. “Mark Lewis Lawyer”— Questions Are Raised…


The Jew-Zionist solicitor, Mark Lewis, was recently found guilty at a Disciplinary Tribunal on several charges brought by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. My blog has carried the following articles about him and about some of his egregious behaviour, which behaviour has been manifested for a number of years, certainly since 2013:







The Tribunal Judgment

Lewis and his partner/carer Mandy Blumenthal (Lewis has also referred to her, in a British TV interview, as his “wife”), “made aliyah”, i.e. emigrated from the UK to Israel, in late 2018, after he had been found guilty by the Disciplinary Tribunal. At that hearing, Lewis’s Counsel told the Tribunal that Lewis “had no assets” except for his clothes, a mobility scooter and a private pension [said to be worth £70 a week]. Lewis had an income (salary, payable only until March 2019 when his notice period expires) of £10,000 (pre-tax, per month), and was also in receipt of Disability Living Allowance benefit, which he was exchanging (with Motability) for a car.

According to the published judgment of the Tribunal, the financial penalty imposed upon Lewis, the relevant part of which was a fine of only £2,500, was reduced from £7,500 precisely because of his impecuniosity. He was said to have no real property and to be living in rented property in London.

The published judgment of the Tribunal:


Lewis’s Podcast Interview from Israel


In this very recent podcast, Lewis was interviewed from his location in Eilat, the Israeli resort on the Gulf of Aqaba. Why is this relevant? Well, in an interview of 2011 with the London Evening Standard, Lewis said this:

“I was devastated,” he says. “I’d been turned down for so many jobs, I’m thinking to myself, I can’t go on any more, you can only get so many knockbacks. I’m giving in and going to my flat in Israel and retire in Eilat.”

In the recent podcast, Lewis goes on to say that, while he has no intention of applying for the Bar of Israel (because of his poor Hebrew), he may be servicing “clients” which he claims he still has in the UK; he even implies that he may be making (as solicitor-advocate, presumably) court appearances in English courts! Well, that would not at present be possible, unless he has been approved by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority as a sole practitioner (which he did not say he has been), or unless Lewis acts as a member of a law firm in England (which I doubt that he is or will be). Otherwise, Lewis would only be able to deal with legal matters the substance of which is outside the UK. He certainly could not appear in English courts.

In the podcast, Lewis talks about how he can work from Israel on UK work, using computers etc, and about how “there are planes to get you to court appearances”! Once again playing the “big shot”, this time once more the “top lawyer” who flies in to London or wherever else in order to appear in court on some important case. Hardy ha ha…big talk from someone whose own Counsel said at the Disciplinary Tribunal hearing that Lewis should not be fined much because “he has no assets” (except for his clothes and a mobility scooter!)…and whose recent flight to Israel was gratis, courtesy of the Israeli emigration authorities.

Incidentally, the podcast interviewer introduced Lewis as “one of England’s most distinguished lawyers”! Is there any limit to “their” lies and gall?!


So in 2011, Lewis owned a flat in Eilat, Israel…Does he still own one there? If so, he may have deliberately misled the Disciplinary Tribunal. Of course, it may be that he does not now own property in Israel and therefore did not mislead the Tribunal. He may simply have been in Eilat on holiday, staying in rented property or in hotel accommodation. It does raise questions, though…


The Evening Standard interview:


Update, 13 January 2019

See tweet below: are Lewis and Mandy Blumenthal already on the way back??

Update, 29 January 2019

Well, it appears that the egregious Lewis has now joined what appears to be a firm of Jewish or mostly Jewish lawyers based in London. I thought that he and his “partner”/”carer”, Mandy Blumenthal, were fleeing British “antisemitism”? Lewis made a big fuss about going to live in Israel, only a month or so ago!

So…the UK is OK as a place to make money for him while he lives in Israel? Or is he actually back in UK? If so, full-time or part-time (or, er, not at all…)?



The firm in question seems to operate from 2A, Norland Place, London W.11. Norland Place is a small cobbled mews side-street in Notting Hill, as seen in the estate agency photos below (and on Google Earth).


Other companies and/or firms appear to have been registered at 2A Norland Place in the past few years:






Where is Lewis resident?

According to Companies House, Mark Lewis was appointed a director of Patron Law Ltd on 23 January 2019. According to the 2-page pdf document attached to the filing document, Lewis gave his “Country/State where usually resident” as “United Kingdom”.

So did Lewis lie to the public and Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal in giving his (then upcoming) residence and/or domicile as “Israel”? Or has he made a false declaration to Companies House in stating that his “Country/State where usually resident” is the UK? Surely they cannot both be true?

Update, 30 January 2019

Update, 21 February 2019

Lewis has apparently been retained by two minor UK Jewish “celebrities” and is threatening to sue on their behalf somewhere around 70 people, all or almost all Corbyn-Labour supporters on Twitter. As in the notorious McAlpine case (with which Lewis was not involved), Lewis is demanding that those tweeted by him supply their real names and contact details as a preliminary to “settlement” (surrender) or legal action.

“@Rattus2384” (aka @grubstreetsteve) is in fact Stephen Applebaum, a prolific Twitter user (troll) from North London, who is a member or supporter of the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” (CAA), as is Lewis. Applebaum’s tweet puffs Lewis to absurdity. He fails to mention that Lewis’s own Counsel at the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal a few months ago asked for Lewis to be let off lightly because Lewis “has no assets except for his clothes and a mobility scooter”!

“The UK’s most successful defamation lawyer”? Ha ha!

Update, 3 March 2019

Lewis pretending that his (honorary) “Doctorate in Law” was not given to him by his old poly just for being briefly sort-of “famous”…

Some of Lewis’s Tweets, Part of the Recent Case Against Him


Update, 4 March 2019

Meanwhile, some people [see the Jewish Chronicle link, below] find it hard to let go of the laughable illusion that Lewis is a “top lawyer” (in this case, “high profile lawyer”), despite the fact that “his employment was terminated” by his last three (if not four) employers (in acrimonious circumstances in at least two of the cases), despite the fact that Lewis was described by his own Counsel at the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal (which found him guilty of professional misconduct) as someone who “has no assets” except “his clothes and a mobility scooter“! Lewis also has effectively no income now, since his £7,000 net monthly salary from his last employers, Seddon’s, is cut off this month (the last month of his notice period).

Lewis, now resident in Israel but connected with a small law firm in London, has however been instructed to pursue tweeters on behalf of two unpleasant Jewesses also prominent on Twitter. I shall watch the progress of the actions (if proceedings are ever actually issued) with interest.


Update, 7 March 2019

Below, another testimonial for the “top defamation lawyer”, Mark Lewis! Oh, no, wait…

Seems that some Twitter Zionists and others have not quite got the news, and think that “Mark Lewis Lawyer” is something more than a poisonous and near-insolvent bully impotently tweeting and threatening from his wheelchair or mobility scooter in Israel! Others, however, seem to be better informed…

I think that Karma is already having its effects on Lewis…

Update, 12 March 2019

The Jewish Chronicle hedges its bets now, referring to Lewis merely as “high profile lawyer”, no longer “top defamation lawyer” etc. The bastard’s £7,000 (net) a month from his former employer, Seddons, expires this month, so he may soon be feeling the pinch.


Update, 26 March 2019

As I have said in the past, “Mark Lewis Lawyer” is a fraud, not worth his salt as a lawyer, but just someone who (and it is typical of “them”…) publicizes himself, talks a good game, but then only performs in simple open-and-shut cases (such as the Katie Hopkins/Jack Monroe case), which a child could litigate.

Update, 29 March 2019

Further comment on Twitter

Update, 30 March 2019

Lewis is (quelle surprise) well-known to horrible “Blairite” MP (Common Purpose drone, expenses cheat, gay online dating site user, Labour Friends of Israel member, Remain and anti-Corbyn conspirator etc) Chris Bryant  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant

who won £30,000 from the News of the World in 2012. You cannot say that Bryant does not maximize his opportunities as an MP…



Update, 15 May 2019

The “top lawyer” once again getting muddled and giving flawed advice…

Update, 23 June 2019

One of the amusing and ongoing aspects to the “Mark Lewis Lawyer” situation is the number of those on Twitter (mainly Jews, but not solely) who still seem to think that Lewis is “top lawyer”, “top defamation specialist” etc. They also tend to be those who imagine that libel actions can be brought at the drop of a hat, and without consequences if lost. They rarely know the law at all. Here’s one, inciting Lewis to sue an unnamed person (who seems to be in South Africa, at that!)

People like tweeter (((LucilleGrantWriter))), obviously Jewish (again…), never seem to think how Lewis (whose Counsel told his Disciplinary Tribunal that “he essentially has no means“, and that “his only assets are his  clothes and a mobility scooter“) might sue anyone in England or elsewhere on his own account!

Come to think of it, I have heard nothing, and seen nothing in the msm or legal websites about the proposed defamation actions being threatened by Lewis of behalf of UK-based Jew-Zionist “celebrities” Tracy-Ann Oberman and Rachel Riley (“Riley”? The only Jew I ever heard of with such a name was Sidney Reilly! In his case, he just invented his nom de guerre. Still, there it is.).

Under the law as it now is, libel actions in England have to be brought within a year of the date of publication. I seem to recall that the alleged libels (by Labour Party members and supporters, nothing to do with me, in case the reader is unaware!) were tweeted around November or even October of 2018, so time will run out within a few months. My guess? More Jewish Zionist bullying tactics, and there never will be any such libel action by those Jewish women.

Update, 10 July 2019

Lewis was born and brought up in the UK, educated here, lived and worked here, scarcely been anywhere else for most of his life, yet has no more real connection with this country than if he had just got off the boat from wherever his clan originated. There we have it. In a nutshell.



Update, 23 October 2019

Seems that Lewis’s ex-wife, Caroline Feraday, has also fallen on hard times, living in a “Nowheresville” in California with her young daughter (Caroline Feraday is now a single mother). She says that she is unable to raise a mere $10,000 [£7,700], despite having some kind of (“office bod”?) job, and so has turned to GoFundMe. Strange. She was featured, in the past (in newspapers), a decade ago though, as having property of considerable value both in the UK and Brazil (in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro) as well as (since 2013) in California.

Surprisingly, she has, and within only one day (at time of writing), managed to raise nearly $2,000 of the $10,000 for which she asks.



Update, 19 February 2020


[above: the latest picture of Lewis, looking a little peaky; taken in London, February 2020]


Update, 10 July 2020

The reader will have noted that one-time wannabee “celebrity”, Caroline Feraday, who now lives in a obscure tract development in California, was, not so long ago, begging for money via GoFundMe, because her neighbour was, allegedly, harassing her [see above].

In fact, some mugs were still donating money to Caroline Feraday, via GoFundMe, only a month ago: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/legal-fees-dealing-with-stalkerharassment, yet the tweets below show clearly that she has recently spent out USD $10,000 on a sunroom or windows for her house (the sunroom or windows apparently not delivered or constructed):


Dishonest“? “Liars“? “Tw*ts“? Look in the mirror, if you can bear it! Ha ha! To my mind, this comes close to fraud: taking money from kindhearted mugs because she claims to be in desperate need, yet paying out the very sum she originally sought ($10,000) for her legal fees in order to buy special windows!

Update, 24 July 2020

Now Lewis is again retained by other Jews and/or Labour Party or ex-Labour Party members and/or employees to sue the Labour Party (which —under doormat for the Jewish lobby, Starmer— has rolled over) and, I believe that I read, Jeremy Corbyn personally.

We are back in “pound of flesh” territory…

Meanwhile, there has been a backlash, not only from Corbyn supporters, but from those who do not like or trust Lewis:

I just checked: as of date and time of writing, that legal fund, which at first was aiming at a target of £20,000, has reached over £163,000, with about £30 coming in every minute! https://uk.gofundme.com/f/47gyy-jeremy039s-legal-fund

What about Lewis?

Well, of course Lewis cannot be “disbarred”, because he is not and never has been a barrister! He is a solicitor, though one whose behaviour has been more than merely questionable over the years.

Update, 28 July 2020

People continue to tweet about Lewis and his behaviour. Jews tend, generally, to corrupt the legal system of any country that “hosts” them. Lewis is a prime example. An abuser…

Other Zionist Jews have always supported Lewis on Twitter. There’s a whole cabal of them.

UK people are very naive about Jews. They often fail to see how Jews are totally different from English people. A Jew will put up a “big” front, no matter what, at all costs; they regard it as a speculative investment. The more honest ones admit it. Look at the book about the Korda brothers, Charmed Lives, by Michael Korda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Korda

This is what Lewis has always done, “created a legend” (in the old KGB sense); meaning a not entirely true and/or inflated CV.

Lewis of course is a small operator in that respect. Certainly compared to major Jew frauds such as the late and unlamented “Robert Maxwell”. The very verb “to big up” is of Jew origin.

So we have Jew solicitor Lewis, whose own Counsel at his 2018 “trial” asked for mercy on the basis that he owned only a mobility scooter, his own clothes, and £70 a week from a private pension, yet Lewis is now again posing as the big international lawyer!

When Lewis sued a former firm (where he was a “consultant”, doing “phonehacking” cases) he claimed to the tame (Jew-infested) UK Press that he was expecting to receive a “six figure sum”. Result? The case failed, in effect. Settled without Lewis receiving anything. Typical of him.

Lewis did have a good position for a couple of years at Seddons, a well-known firm of London solicitors. That ended in late 2018, the year when Lewis was found guilty at the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

Much of the circa £10,000 a month (c.£7,000 net) which Lewis was paid (Seddons continued to pay him to the end of his notice period in March 2019) seems to have gone on presenting a wealthy front to the world and especially the Press. Renting an expensive apartment etc. He also had expensive cars at one point years ago (though later blagging a free car via Motability, once he realized that he could get Disability Living Allowance). Yet poor people, without much income, have had Motability cars taken away, in many cases…

Lewis is very (((typical))), let’s leave it there…

Update, 29 July 2020

Once again, Mark Lewis fails to walk his big talk; quelle surprise…

Thanks to the unethical “lawfare” Lewis wages, using “litigation insurance”, a form of legalized extortion, that last hope is unlikely, for now.

Ah, that was what I wondered about previously: out of the “70 potential defendants” targeted by the Jewish women Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman, it seems that only one claim got to court— and that that one has now failed.

I do not know whether the two unpleasant Jewish women are planning to sue others. I doubt it.

Lewis even now tries to talk a big game to the newspapers, as always, but where are the “bigger fish to fry” of which he spoke today? Is he back on those drugs that he testified (at his 2018 Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal —which he lost) caused him not to know what he was doing or writing? That is what he himself testified, i.e. that he was incapable and incoherent.

Why on Earth would anyone retain Lewis? On the other hand, he is cheap, in the sense that he operates on the no-win, no-fee basis, backed by speculative finance (litigation insurance). They hope to take assets from defendants who lose at trial, or monies from intimidated defendants who might decide to settle at an earlier stage.

People are so easily conned, nicht wahr? I still see tweets from people who imagine that Lewis is some kind of defamation superstar. His successes have been in simple cases where the defendant was unwise and self-willed, like the “Jack Monroe” (“Bootstrap Cook”) action against columnist, now ex-columnist, Katie Hopkins. Well, now we see what happens when Lewis is up against real libel specialists…

Update, 20 March 2023

If that was Lewis (and I think that Caroline Feraday has only been married once), then of course he would not be able to “storm off” now, unless he put his wheelchair into overdrive.

Time heals all wounds, one way or another…

27 thoughts on “Update re. “Mark Lewis Lawyer”— Questions Are Raised…”

  1. Please follow up on what this woman Feraday is doing in Agoura Hills. She is a certified whack job. She was caught going into people’s mailboxes promoting some lunatic fringe election. She’s crazy and a big as a blimp now. She got American fat in a hurry.


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I rarely bother to look at Caroline Feraday’s Twitter account. Very few people do. The Twitter account has 13,000 supposed “followers”, almost all of which are fakes in my opinion. Hardly anyone retweets or even “likes” her tweets; she mostly retweets news items about showbusiness, presumably in an attempt to seem connected in some way, whereas it has been a long time (7 years at least) since she was a minor UK radio/TV “celebrity”. She read TV news for a short while in the UK about 20 years ago and before that, in the late 1990s, reported on traffic from a helicopter for local radio in London, though I myself only heard of her about 2011 or 2012, when she sent some abusive tweets to me in reply to one I tweeted (not to her, just generally) about a current affairs news item about art restitution that I heard on BBC radio (not broadcast by her: she was never on a serious Radio 4 news show, as far as I know).

      I think that she was last on radio around 2012 (local BBC radio); see below:


      As you see from the Daily Mail report below, she is now not even called “former” “celebrity” but just “mother” (no reference to her ever having been 15-minutes-“famous”):

      I understand that she still does occasional 2-minute interviews from California for a local BBC TV station in South East England.

      I was just (because of your comment here) looking again at the @CarolineFeraday Twitter account. Nothing of much interest (quelle surprise), just a rant about her consumer problems. I can agree up to a point with a few of her general comments about some aspects of American life, but after all, if she dislikes it in California, no-one is forcing her to live there.

      ps. I just googled her. Seems that she wrote a gossip piece a month or so ago about the area you mention in your comment:

      I have no idea whether any Daily Mail readers want to read about these people, whoever they are. I certainly don’t!


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