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Peter Hitchens— Ukraine, police nonsense, and immigrant workers


Tellingly, the Daily Mail never accepts comments, from readers of the Peter Hitchens column, about that column.



Time was, when the word “traveller” referred to such as Wilfred Thesiger [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilfred_Thesiger], the fictional characters in The Sheltering Sky [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sheltering_Sky_(film)],

or at least more modest “travellers”, whether backpack drifters or package tourists. Now, in the UK, this has changed.

The word “travellers” has now been hijacked to describe those who were formerly (if largely inaccurately) known as “Gypsies” (the “real” Gypsies being of Indian origin and, also inaccurately, thought in the Europe of the 16th Century to be “Egyptians”; the Parliament of Henry VIII passed the Egyptians Act 1530 with the idea of expelling them from England on pain of imprisonment and forfeiture: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptians_Act_1530).

The socio-ethnic group now often referred to as “travellers” are fundamentally the same as the Irish “tinkers”, a group which may have diverged from the general Irish population as early as the 17th Century, and possibly consequent upon the ravaging of Ireland by Cromwell: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Travellers.

Most of the descendants of those “travellers” are certainly not welcome at the Travellers [Club: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travellers_Club]

[The Library, Travellers Club, London]

While many will claim that not all of the Irish tinker/travellers are a social nuisance, those that are a nuisance are a huge nuisance.

The present UK Government has passed some legislation to try to protect English people and the English countryside from the illegal squatting, illegal construction, litter, vandalism and crime which often accompanies the caravans of the “travellers”, I doubt whether the measures recently put in place are anything like strong enough. Also, the police, now so brainwashed by “anti-racist” propaganda, are often seen to be ineffective in dealing with the problem.

This is an ingrained and inter-generational social problem, and will require a determined effort if a lasting solution is to be put in place.

Proportional representation


The Tories could be locked out of power for a generation under controversial ‘coalition of chaos’ plans expected to be backed by Labour this autumn.

Conservative election planners privately raised fears that Sir Keir Starmer‘s party will next month finally approve plans to scrap Britain’s historic first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system and replace it with ‘coalition-friendly’ proportional representation (PR).”

The Daily Mail has quite a cheek talking about “chaos” after the past 12 years of shambolic misgovernment, and especially the past 3 years.

So maybe there is one (possible) Labour Party policy that I might actually like…

Tweets seen

Much of “British” policy re. Ukraine is being driven by the Jew-Zionist lobby in Parliament and the msm. The present UK Ambassador in Kiev is a scruffy Jewish woman.

That Bilsland person, a solicitor since 2002, is apparently a CPS prosecutor, as well as someone involved in Army cadet training . Seems both silly and intemperate (and could not get Hitchens’ name spelled right).

I was actually disbarred for having tweeted a mere 5 completely true and accurate tweets about UK politics and society, including the assertion(s) that Michael Gove was a pro-Jew, pro-Israel expenses cheat. In 2016 (when I was disbarred, complaint having been laid —by a pack of Jews calling themselves “UK Lawyers for Israel”— in 2014), it was not publicly known that Gove is also a drunk and a cocaine abuser. See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

Still, even a stopped clock is right once or twice a day:

More music

[Windsor Castle]

More tweets

As noted before about the pseudo-green anti-oil “activists”, “Insulate Britain”, “Extinction Rebellion” etc, they rely on the still mainly decent and (often all-too) tolerant nature of British people, i.e. that they, the “activists” (and particularly the older women vandals, like the one shown in the clip), will not be hit in the face or pushed to the ground and stamped upon. In the colloquial, vandals such as those nuisances are “taking the p***” and should be dealt with.

Where are the police? Where are they?

This is not just “criminal damage”, bad enough though that is; this is conspiracy.

The Royal Cuck and the Royal Mulatta— gifts that keep on giving…

Were “the Harry formerly known as Prince” not blessed with the absurd and anachronistic title, no-one would be at all interested in the banal doings of a rather unintelligent and surely neurotic “young” man (38 in a couple of weeks) and/or those of his “mixed-race”, social-climbing, and slightly older (41 years) wife.

Kennedy on Hitler’s legacy


Kennedy, then 28, predicted [in 1945] “Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived”.

He had in him the stuff of which legends are made,” he continued.

Kennedy wrote the entry in the summer of 1945 after touring the German dictator’s Bavarian mountain retreat.

The Kennedy assassination conundrum has never been fully resolved, and various possible culprits beyond Lee Harvey Oswald have been identified, among them the Mafia, the CIA, the KGB, MOSSAD, the American “Deep State” connected with Bohemian Grove, even Texans opposed to John Connally (who was injured in the attack).

Kennedy was unusual: a Roman Catholic and somewhat of an outsider in the US power milieu. It may be that he would have wrested control away from the entrenched power elites in the USA had he lived longer.

James O’Brien

I do not much like most of what I have heard from radio loudmouth James O’Brien, but this is worth seeing and hearing:

The answer to all that is real social nationalism, but of that O’Brien would have none…

More tweets

Red Sparrow

Saw a spy film called Red Sparrow. I think that “Swallow” may have been changed to “Sparrow” because of the unfortunate double-meaning in English: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexpionage#Soviet_and_Russian.

The film was well-made, and featured a number of famous actors and actresses. Locations in Moscow (maybe), London, Budapest (particularly) and elsewhere.

The plot was a little implausible in parts, as is typical of such films, and the ending even less plausible. Still, not bad. Entertaining, though I easily guessed most of what was going to happen.

[Afterthought, next day: the term “swallows” for KGB sex spies may have come from the similarity of words —in Russian– between “swallow” (bird), which is “lastochka” (ласточка) and “to caress” which is “laskat” (ласкать). I think that I may have cracked it; “give that man a cee-gar”…].

Late tweets seen

Well, now the system is in place, the illegitimate “laws” and “regulations” are there to be wheeled out again as required, and I have no doubt that State psychologists will have been analyzing the reaction of the public, so that an even more controlled regime can be put in place during the next fake “emergency” (maybe not a “medical” one).

Late music

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 August 2022”

  1. Lots of good and interesting points today! Yes, Kennedy was, up to a point an outsider to the WASP establishment and I believed most of them (I mean the WASPs) hated him. However, he did not have a plan or, if he had one, he was very clumsy because, as a friend of mine observed: “he managed to annoy everyone within the power structure of the U. He should have isolated his enemies and attacked them separately; instead he went against ALL of them”. Very foolish…


    1. Claudius:
      It may be that Kennedy genuinely believed the American bs about “democracy” etc. Easy to do that (and be fooled) when you are a trustafarian who has (notwithstanding war service) basically had an easy ride all of your life.


      1. A very good observation regarding JFK, Ian. Yes, he had an easy ride. His father was a skillful, greedy manipulator that shamelessly supported Roosevelt in exchange for political support to become governor of Massachusetts in 1942. So much for his previous rants against the Jews when he was ambassador to Great Britain!


  2. Hello: I know that this guy is a pain in the neck and controlled opposition. HOWEVER, if you are patient enough and listen to his rant you will find that (A) He says many things that we would say (B) He makes some very good points and I like his sarcasm. BUT: (A) He never mentions (((them))) (he knows what would happen to him and his channel). (B) He never said a word about the cultural and racial destruction of the British people.

    Still, please listen and tell me if he is not 100% in his hatred/contempt for George W. Bush and the American political Establishment; the only thing missing here are (((the usual suspects)))


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I am just now watching. I can agree with most of that, so far.

      Strange how much like Vladimir Putin George W. Bush now looks. I am just waiting for someone to come up with a conspiracy theory that Putin and Bush were both created in the same test-tube in a secret laboratory in Area 51.


  3. Here is my comment about a pathetic tweet by the despicable wannabe political leader Nigel Farage:


    1. nativewarrior14:
      Consonant with the general decline of the spirit of the West…Another example was the fakery around “climate change” “facts” about 10-15 years ago.

      More recently, the “scamdemic”/”panicdemic”.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I have of course heard of Alla Pugacheva. Her most famous song, I believe, was “A real Colonel” [“Nastoyashchi Polkovnik”].

      BTW, you might be interested in a book called “Mink Coats and Barbed Wire”.


  4. https://youtu.be/Uia6y9SRsj4 Re. “Red Sparrow” movie: I saw that a while back and quite enjoyed it, although the scene where the lead character batters the love rival with a golf club is quite brutal, if I remember! Anyhow, another good movie set in the former Soviet Union!


  5. You really have to be a special kind of cretin/absolute moron to be sacked by the now discredited libertarian lunatic (not genuine Tory as in the past) Daily Telegraph as Bob Moran was.

    Even that rag has certain crazy conspiracy theories from nutters it will not publicize or give credence to.


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