Diary Blog, 30 August 2022

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[Dnieper dam, 1947]

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Dirty democratic politicians” [Adolf Hitler]

I happened to see this menu from the House of Commons:

The MPs almost literally have their snouts in the trough, and at heavily-subsidized prices— at the same time as so many people are going hungry and (once the weather cools, from this coming weekend) cold as well.

The House of Lords offers its members similar if not better fare, also at rock-bottom prices. A friend of mine often dined there, though many years ago, and told me all about it. In those days, roast salmon, with all trimmings, was about Β£2 or Β£3, I think.

In fact, it is reminiscent of the old “Kremlyovsky Payok” (“Kremlin ration”), a system of both free and heavily-subsidized food rations originating in the 1920s, and which expanded under Stalin to become a whole system of (some) free food, and special shops with either subsidized or generally unobtainable food and other items, sourced both from within the Soviet Union and from outside. Ground coffee, for example.

The Kremlyovsky payok was the highest level, awarded to members of the Politburo and other very high-ranking persons, but there were more modest yet still worthwhile “rations” (and other items) available to anyone who was a member of the “nomenklatura“, such as GRU officers down to the rank of major.

In Kazakhstan, where I lived in 1996-1997, Army personnel still got a payok of that sort at that time; I recall that my “landlord”, a Russian colonel in the Kazakhstan Army (ex-Soviet Army; I became very friendly with him, his wife, and their youngest child, who all lived not far from me) received a large sack of grain and a lot of tinned goods regularly.

That system extended (in Soviet days) to —in effect— private hospitals, vacation “sanatoria” (hotels with a health and fitness aspect), and access to foreign (and usually better) domestic equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines etc.

A few extremely valued people (such as Mikhail Sholokhov, the writer of The Quiet Don, aka Quiet Flows the Donhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Quiet_Flows_the_Don; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Sholokhov), and the holder of numerous awards, including 6 awards of the Order of Lenin and 2 awards of Hero of Socialist Labour, were even allowed “open bank accounts”, which meant that they could go to a bank and be given effectively any amount of money they wanted (Soviet roubles only, of course), whenever they liked.

Continuing facemask nonsense

Funny. Pathetic.

Biden has at least the excuse that he is, or is said to be, somewhat demented.

I went to Waitrose yesterday evening (it being the only actual supermarket for miles), and noticed a woman walking to her car in the car park— alone, in the sun and a slight breeze, yet masked.

For some people, wearing one of those stupid masks or muzzles has become a kind of “I can prove that I really exist” virtue-signal, or a flag of allegiance to some sort of fake communitarian “clap for the NHS” club.

Those cranks must have hated it when shops were allowed to reopen without subjecting their customers (that’s customers, not prisoners) to the whole soulless and pointless rigmarole of “social distancing”, the facemask nonsense —“would you pull up your mask please!“— and the rest of it all, monitored by shop staff suddenly given petty power (but who now have to return to stacking shelves and helping the shoppers rather than corralling them).

The loonies or semi-loonies still wearing their (completely useless) facemasks remind me of the Japanese soldiers on Pacific islands, still fighting the war in 1980, not having understood that it finished in 1945, and then realizing (?) that they had just been wasting their time doing something rather stupid.

England’s housing crisis


Worth reading. Depressing. Angering, too.

The result of a number of factors, among which are mass immigration, births to non-whites (causing an increase of maybe 10 millions in the past two decades), and the politically-driven sell-off of local authority homes (from the mid-1980s onward).

Tweets seen

As for the USA, whatever one might say in mitigation, it has attacked, or bombed, or engaged in warfare in, a huge number of countries even since 1945, including Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, various other countries of Latin America, Grenada, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon etc.

The tweeter “@ThePFofJudea”, as Hitchens implies (I think) has apparently confused William Joyce, aka “Lord Haw Haw” [shown above, when young, in the 1920s or early 1930s], with Adolf Hitler, merely because Joyce also sports a small moustache. Note the slashed face, a result of a politically-motivated attack on Joyce in 1924.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as they say… [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Joyce]

No-one can rule guiltlessly” [Saint-Just].

Putin had no real choice, but his decision must have assumed, evidently mistakenly, that Russian military intelligence (the GRU) and the Russian Army (both on the ground and in the General Staff or, to use an old term, the Stavka) was up to the job, competent. Not so, it seems to have been proven.

This is a potentially existential crisis for Russia as anything purporting to be an independent state, let alone a regional power (the “superpower” label having been lost except in terms of nuclear weapons).

Russia cannot lose this war. By that, I mean that Putin cannot afford to lose this war.

The Russian side is now proposing peace talks. The Ukrainian or Kiev-regime side has refused, saying that only the “return” of Crimea (historically, usually part of Russia rather than Ukraine) and the Donbass etc can be the precondition for talks.

Russia will never accept that Crimea, especially, and its almost entirely Russian population, be given , or “returned”, to the Kiev government.

The present situation is worrying even for those who live far from Ukraine. There is a mob, of the malicious and/or idiotic, baying for Russian blood, and for war with Russia, in effect. I wonder what a Venn diagram would look like if it contained that Twit-mob and also the similar mobs who wanted war with Iraq and then Afghanistan?

If the present limited “Ukrainian” counter-offensive in the south succeeds, and the Kherson pocket or bulge is eliminated, Russia may start to attack, more heavily than heretofore, Odessa, other cities, and Kiev itself.

There is a danger of huge escalation here. The Kiev regime is being supplied with more and more and better, more powerful, arms. Not only arms but money, food, medicines etc. Supplied by the West, but mainly from the USA and UK.

Without those arms, without that money, the failed state of Ukraine could not exist at all. It has almost no exports, its industrial areas are inoperative, or ablaze, or under Russian control. Millions of its wealthier and/or better-educated citizens are in exile. Within Ukraine, the Zelensky regime has shot or imprisoned opponents without trial, or after neo-Stalinist quick “trials”; it has banned trade unions and all opposition parties, and there is no freedom of speech.

In short, Zelensky, like his shambolic and corrupt “government”, is a “monkey on a stick”. This is a Punch and Judy show.

Having said that, if it is true that Russia’s forces are faltering, if it is true that Russia’s supply of heavy weapons to the war is slowing, then that may leave Putin and his top people with an incentive to escalate the war beyond anything yet seen. That in turn might provoke a NATO response. If that were to happen, European civilization, in Europe, itself might be in peril.

More tweets

Look at the UK. Ten years ago, even five years ago, look on, eg, Rightmove, and you saw numerous English or Scottish country estates for sale, some with thousands of acres. Now? Nothing, pretty much. I blogged about this previously, even a few years ago.

Cash is being phased out. It’s a control mechanism. Once cash goes, the citizen is reduced to complete and utter dependence on his little plastic cards. If they are restricted or taken away, by whoever controls the system, the individual is immediately an outcast, without money, without any way (short of theft, robbery, or begging) even to access food.

When I last visited Hong Kong, in 2006, there was a regional technical problem with credit and debit cards. None worked for several days. Fortunately, I was already in hotel accommodation (the Sheraton, Kowloon) and had several thousand US dollars in cash as well, but what if a similar situation occurs, and you have no cash (because cash does not exist), and what if you are not in accommodation for whatever reason? You sleep on a park bench, and forage for whatever food you can find.

Do not imagine that the banks are some kind of unbiased arbiter or supplier of services. They may be, most of the time, but even now we see examples of people with “the wrong views” being cut off from banking services. It happened a while ago to Sam Melia, Laura Towler and Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative. I am not talking even about the PA official bank accounts. No, I refer to the individual, personal bank accounts of those people.

It can happen to you and to me, too.

More tweets seen

That’s right. Either they would be seen as “hideously white“, in the words of the cretinous Greg Dyke [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Dyke], or too pro-“colonialist” (The Four Feathers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Four_Feathers_(1939_film)), too European, or not sufficiently viciously “anti-Nazi”, (even Casablanca, because it does not mention the sainted Jews at all).

You can see the way UK television drama has gone, even detective stories such as Endeavour, Grantchester etc. A kind of “we must have half the characters black, brown, other non-white, or at least gay” ethos.

Late tweets seen

Interesting that this alleged fact should emerge now, just as her family and friends, with other supporters, are trying to get her back to the UK. Is someone trying to provoke her assassination?

Not that I want her back in the UK. I do not want any of them here in the first place.

Late music

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 August 2022”

  1. Hello Ian! Unfortunately, the bloody tweet is no longer available, It was from a moronic Irish woman who is displaying the Ukrainian flag on her tweets. The idiot, who owns a small cafe, just received a gas/electricity bill worth 9.630 Euros. She was crying and saying “It isn’t fair”. How can I pay for this?” πŸ˜‚β€‹πŸ˜‚β€‹πŸ˜‚β€‹

    I have to say I enjoyed it a lot (LOL) How evil of me! πŸ˜‚β€‹πŸ˜‚β€‹β€‹


      1. No, you didn’t it was a retweet by RAMZPAUL but the original tweet of the idiotic female is not accessible because it has a limited number of views.

        BTW. here is a funny and very sarcastic video from PJ.Watson about the hideous Notting Hill Carnival


      2. Claudius:
        Good grief.

        I myself went once, around the mid-1980s, out of curiosity. Ghastly. Incredible noise, huge numbers of blacks, at that time also quite a lot of —perhaps curious— whites (“the people formerly known as English”). I bought a little bottle of horrible palm wine, listened (unwillingly) to the “music” blasting from the carnival floats (trucks), carrying mostly rather poor displays, but I had had enough after less than 2 hours; and then came the hardest part…actually getting out. No taxis were anywhere within miles, and the Underground stations anywhere nearby were shut (to avoid crowds falling onto the electric rails). Walked for miles to get home. Never again. Horrible.


      3. I am sorry to hear that. Actually, you were lucky. You were not robbed nor stabbed πŸ˜†β€‹πŸ˜†β€‹πŸ˜†β€‹ I love your use of the word “ghastly”, it seems very quaint to me. I remember being used in old English films, particularly among the upper classes.

        PS: I heard Gorbachov has died, a mole planted by the (((NWO))) to supervise the destruction of the USSR. I am sure he was a bastard since the (((Establishment))) adored him.


      4. I am very surprised to hear that. Thank you very much for that information and the link. However, I never liked the guy since he was, as I said, a “darling” of the Jewish=Anglosaxon Establishment.


      5. Claudius:
        Not sure whether I still have a copy of that book; I bought it when it came out, 32 years ago now (how time flies…). An interesting read.

        I too never much liked the look of Gorbachev, and his failure to find a better way to ease down the Soviet repression etc led to Yeltsin’s kleptocracy, and to near chaos in Russia in the early/mid 1990s. I saw it when I was in Moscow in 1993.

        On the wider question, Western (NWO/ZOG) values have ruled for 33 years [1989-2022], and the West, meaning the NWO-ZOG power elite *and*, as junior partner, the Roman Catholic Church (badly wounded by the child sex scandals etc, and now ruled by the Jesuit Order and a Jesuit Pope or anti-pope) is triumphant and wants to institute the next big step in the NWO calendar of future events— we see it in the convergence of the Jew-Zionist element in politics and the msm, the whole Coudenhove-Kalergi stuff in Europe and elsewhere— race-mixing, “Black Lives Matter”, etc, the fake bits in the “green” movement (Greta Nut, electric cars etc), and in the encouragement of black-brown invasion of Europe. Among other tendencies, such as the “trans” nonsense, the whole “panicdemic”/”scamdemic” etc.

        The 1989-2022 agenda was knocked off course by 2 events, mainly: the Islamist upsurge (esp. the 2001 attack on New York) and the resurgence of a nationalist or maybe pseudo-nationalist Russia under Putin.

        Still, NWO/ZOG managed to achieve many of its objectives for those 33 years. Now, the cabals are trying to destroy independent Russia either by Putin being removed by palace revolution or by a complete collapse in Russia following (as the NWO hopes) failure to defeat or occupy Ukraine.

        Another thing in the pipeline is the elimination of cash in the advanced economies, combined with under-the-skin microchipping and politico-social “control” over the individual’s ability to buy and sell…

        What can stop all that? I do not know. A massive nuclear war? That would do it but at what a cost…

        Terrible times may lie not far ahead.


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