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Diary Blog, 13 November 2022

Morning music

[Hitler reads on the terrace of the Berghof]

On this day a year ago

London. Zoo.


Sentence— 4.5 years, meaning about 2. Not enough for a dangerous criminal (read the newspaper report).

More from the London zoo: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/southwark-bus-metropolitan-police-sexual-assault-b1039549.html.

Tweets seen

Just google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”…

I do not know whether all the msm, “comms”, political, NGO-type virtue-signallers championing “Jack Monroe” are still doing so because they are unaware of the, er, “controversy” now surrounding her, whether they cannot admit that they have let themselves be taken for a ride, or whether it is because they are just enemies of the people.

True up to a point, but the almost uninterested reaction of much of the British public to the fact of finance-capitalist exploitation, non-white migration-invasion, and cultural slide, makes me believe that it is hard to much undervalue the intelligence of that same British public. They even, many of them, think that “Labour” will be better than “Conservative”. How would that be when, at root, it is one corrupt System? Both are no good.

Google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”.

When I first became a regular customer at Waitrose (because I moved back to the UK, and to an area with only one nearby supermarket), the staff were plentiful, always helpful, always polite and pleasant; many though not all were older people supplementing pensions and/or doing it for the social interaction.

Now, though the above is still partly true, I notice that many of the older people have been replaced by college students etc. There seem to be staff shortages. Some of the younger employees literally cannot work out how many Lotto tickets have to be issued if you buy x-number of lines and get x-number on each ticket; they have to resort to a calculator. After 11, 12, 13 years of full-time education. Also, the push to be “inclusive” has led to the employing of some persons who are obviously autistic or whatever. Some are pleasant, others less so.

Add to that supply shortages, and the experience is not what it was.

Anecdotal, of course. Still, a micro-version of the country as a whole.

As for that silly Tom Harwood fellow, he seems to be living in cloud-cuckoo land. Let us say that you allow some brain surgeon or whatever, and from wherever, to live in the UK. He or she brings, probably, a family. Are they all brain surgeons? No. Will they breed? Probably. Will they breed brain surgeons? No. Thus the UK is gradually filled with useless non-whites of the Femi Oluwole type, or worse.

As for “Aussie doctors”— as if they would come to the UK! The flow is all the other way. Doctors, nurses etc.

More tweets

As blogged yesterday, an example of the crazed “woke” nonsense that has gradually taken over the police; and it is that sort of idiot that is going to be making decisions about whether you and I are “allowed” to post politico-social commentary: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/05/30/one-mans-extremism-is-another-mans-struggle-for-liberty-and-justice/. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Jukes]].

Without the US/UK (NWO/ZOG) help, the failed state based on Kiev would have collapsed months ago.

Eliminate or deport them.

Before I forget

Saw a “public information” ad on TV. All about how people should be “vaccinated” or “boosted” this winter. Set in a mock-up of some kind of medical centre. Complete with a white woman walking out, while holding the hand of a young black child. At least two of the propaganda points of the System in one ad.

The way (down) of the world

Britain 2022


Yet billions are being spent on useless hostile trash who have arrived illegally across the Channel and are being sheltered in hotels, fed, given £50 a week pocket money, telephones, computers, and priority for social housing.

This country is broken and needs a social-national revolution.

More tweets

…or just keep walking (out of the door).

…and behind Blair stands the Jewish lobby, the Zionist Occupation Government(s) and the New World Order conspiracy.

If necessary, I should prefer that only 1% of the people now in Europe survive, so long as that 1% are white Northern Europeans.

Not only works for them, but is actually related to them.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/.

Give a dog a bad name…

If you call dissidents, protesters, radicals, “terrorist”, you risk their taking up arms for real…

Let us hope so.

Elon Musk

Interesting person. I blogged some time ago about him. I thought him too intelligent to buy Twitter, which has scarcely ever turned a profit. Well, as we know, he bought it anyway.

Now we see the “woke” millions in the USA (and some in the UK) turning against him, and the Jew lobby turning against him, both groups wanting to see more repression of free speech, not less.

According to Wikipedia, Musk’s net worth is around USD $174 billion; the Twitter purchase cost $44 billion, about a quarter of Musk’s capital. Even if he lost the whole $44 billion, which is unlikely in the extreme, he would still have about USD $130 billion left.

One thought does strike me: Musk can (arguende) see what is happening in the world, and has enough money to satisfy any dreams of avarice, so maybe he will support social-national ideals (if only by default), in order to influence society. We shall see.


Late music

[painting by Roman Bozhkov]

Diary Blog, 30 August 2022

Afternoon music

[Dnieper dam, 1947]

On this day a year ago

On the blog 5 years ago

Dirty democratic politicians” [Adolf Hitler]

I happened to see this menu from the House of Commons:

The MPs almost literally have their snouts in the trough, and at heavily-subsidized prices— at the same time as so many people are going hungry and (once the weather cools, from this coming weekend) cold as well.

The House of Lords offers its members similar if not better fare, also at rock-bottom prices. A friend of mine often dined there, though many years ago, and told me all about it. In those days, roast salmon, with all trimmings, was about £2 or £3, I think.

In fact, it is reminiscent of the old “Kremlyovsky Payok” (“Kremlin ration”), a system of both free and heavily-subsidized food rations originating in the 1920s, and which expanded under Stalin to become a whole system of (some) free food, and special shops with either subsidized or generally unobtainable food and other items, sourced both from within the Soviet Union and from outside. Ground coffee, for example.

The Kremlyovsky payok was the highest level, awarded to members of the Politburo and other very high-ranking persons, but there were more modest yet still worthwhile “rations” (and other items) available to anyone who was a member of the “nomenklatura“, such as GRU officers down to the rank of major.

In Kazakhstan, where I lived in 1996-1997, Army personnel still got a payok of that sort at that time; I recall that my “landlord”, a Russian colonel in the Kazakhstan Army (ex-Soviet Army; I became very friendly with him, his wife, and their youngest child, who all lived not far from me) received a large sack of grain and a lot of tinned goods regularly.

That system extended (in Soviet days) to —in effect— private hospitals, vacation “sanatoria” (hotels with a health and fitness aspect), and access to foreign (and usually better) domestic equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines etc.

A few extremely valued people (such as Mikhail Sholokhov, the writer of The Quiet Don, aka Quiet Flows the Donhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Quiet_Flows_the_Don; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Sholokhov), and the holder of numerous awards, including 6 awards of the Order of Lenin and 2 awards of Hero of Socialist Labour, were even allowed “open bank accounts”, which meant that they could go to a bank and be given effectively any amount of money they wanted (Soviet roubles only, of course), whenever they liked.

Continuing facemask nonsense

Funny. Pathetic.

Biden has at least the excuse that he is, or is said to be, somewhat demented.

I went to Waitrose yesterday evening (it being the only actual supermarket for miles), and noticed a woman walking to her car in the car park— alone, in the sun and a slight breeze, yet masked.

For some people, wearing one of those stupid masks or muzzles has become a kind of “I can prove that I really exist” virtue-signal, or a flag of allegiance to some sort of fake communitarian “clap for the NHS” club.

Those cranks must have hated it when shops were allowed to reopen without subjecting their customers (that’s customers, not prisoners) to the whole soulless and pointless rigmarole of “social distancing”, the facemask nonsense —“would you pull up your mask please!“— and the rest of it all, monitored by shop staff suddenly given petty power (but who now have to return to stacking shelves and helping the shoppers rather than corralling them).

The loonies or semi-loonies still wearing their (completely useless) facemasks remind me of the Japanese soldiers on Pacific islands, still fighting the war in 1980, not having understood that it finished in 1945, and then realizing (?) that they had just been wasting their time doing something rather stupid.

England’s housing crisis


Worth reading. Depressing. Angering, too.

The result of a number of factors, among which are mass immigration, births to non-whites (causing an increase of maybe 10 millions in the past two decades), and the politically-driven sell-off of local authority homes (from the mid-1980s onward).

Tweets seen

As for the USA, whatever one might say in mitigation, it has attacked, or bombed, or engaged in warfare in, a huge number of countries even since 1945, including Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, various other countries of Latin America, Grenada, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon etc.

The tweeter “@ThePFofJudea”, as Hitchens implies (I think) has apparently confused William Joyce, aka “Lord Haw Haw” [shown above, when young, in the 1920s or early 1930s], with Adolf Hitler, merely because Joyce also sports a small moustache. Note the slashed face, a result of a politically-motivated attack on Joyce in 1924.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as they say… [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Joyce]

No-one can rule guiltlessly” [Saint-Just].

Putin had no real choice, but his decision must have assumed, evidently mistakenly, that Russian military intelligence (the GRU) and the Russian Army (both on the ground and in the General Staff or, to use an old term, the Stavka) was up to the job, competent. Not so, it seems to have been proven.

This is a potentially existential crisis for Russia as anything purporting to be an independent state, let alone a regional power (the “superpower” label having been lost except in terms of nuclear weapons).

Russia cannot lose this war. By that, I mean that Putin cannot afford to lose this war.

The Russian side is now proposing peace talks. The Ukrainian or Kiev-regime side has refused, saying that only the “return” of Crimea (historically, usually part of Russia rather than Ukraine) and the Donbass etc can be the precondition for talks.

Russia will never accept that Crimea, especially, and its almost entirely Russian population, be given , or “returned”, to the Kiev government.

The present situation is worrying even for those who live far from Ukraine. There is a mob, of the malicious and/or idiotic, baying for Russian blood, and for war with Russia, in effect. I wonder what a Venn diagram would look like if it contained that Twit-mob and also the similar mobs who wanted war with Iraq and then Afghanistan?

If the present limited “Ukrainian” counter-offensive in the south succeeds, and the Kherson pocket or bulge is eliminated, Russia may start to attack, more heavily than heretofore, Odessa, other cities, and Kiev itself.

There is a danger of huge escalation here. The Kiev regime is being supplied with more and more and better, more powerful, arms. Not only arms but money, food, medicines etc. Supplied by the West, but mainly from the USA and UK.

Without those arms, without that money, the failed state of Ukraine could not exist at all. It has almost no exports, its industrial areas are inoperative, or ablaze, or under Russian control. Millions of its wealthier and/or better-educated citizens are in exile. Within Ukraine, the Zelensky regime has shot or imprisoned opponents without trial, or after neo-Stalinist quick “trials”; it has banned trade unions and all opposition parties, and there is no freedom of speech.

In short, Zelensky, like his shambolic and corrupt “government”, is a “monkey on a stick”. This is a Punch and Judy show.

Having said that, if it is true that Russia’s forces are faltering, if it is true that Russia’s supply of heavy weapons to the war is slowing, then that may leave Putin and his top people with an incentive to escalate the war beyond anything yet seen. That in turn might provoke a NATO response. If that were to happen, European civilization, in Europe, itself might be in peril.

More tweets

Look at the UK. Ten years ago, even five years ago, look on, eg, Rightmove, and you saw numerous English or Scottish country estates for sale, some with thousands of acres. Now? Nothing, pretty much. I blogged about this previously, even a few years ago.

Cash is being phased out. It’s a control mechanism. Once cash goes, the citizen is reduced to complete and utter dependence on his little plastic cards. If they are restricted or taken away, by whoever controls the system, the individual is immediately an outcast, without money, without any way (short of theft, robbery, or begging) even to access food.

When I last visited Hong Kong, in 2006, there was a regional technical problem with credit and debit cards. None worked for several days. Fortunately, I was already in hotel accommodation (the Sheraton, Kowloon) and had several thousand US dollars in cash as well, but what if a similar situation occurs, and you have no cash (because cash does not exist), and what if you are not in accommodation for whatever reason? You sleep on a park bench, and forage for whatever food you can find.

Do not imagine that the banks are some kind of unbiased arbiter or supplier of services. They may be, most of the time, but even now we see examples of people with “the wrong views” being cut off from banking services. It happened a while ago to Sam Melia, Laura Towler and Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative. I am not talking even about the PA official bank accounts. No, I refer to the individual, personal bank accounts of those people.

It can happen to you and to me, too.

More tweets seen

That’s right. Either they would be seen as “hideously white“, in the words of the cretinous Greg Dyke [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Dyke], or too pro-“colonialist” (The Four Feathers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Four_Feathers_(1939_film)), too European, or not sufficiently viciously “anti-Nazi”, (even Casablanca, because it does not mention the sainted Jews at all).

You can see the way UK television drama has gone, even detective stories such as Endeavour, Grantchester etc. A kind of “we must have half the characters black, brown, other non-white, or at least gay” ethos.

Late tweets seen

Interesting that this alleged fact should emerge now, just as her family and friends, with other supporters, are trying to get her back to the UK. Is someone trying to provoke her assassination?

Not that I want her back in the UK. I do not want any of them here in the first place.

Late music

Diary Blog, 25 July 2020

Tweets seen

Moneygrubbing pro-Israel MP Jess Phillips on her usual anti-free speech, pro-Jewish-lobby rant. Seems that free speech is “dangerous“…Seems, also, that she still cannot use English correctly (“their“, instead of “they’re” or “they are”)

Ecce the self-described “Left”! “Black Jewish people“? Who are they? The so-called Falashas? Whoopi Goldberg?

Re: Ash Sarkar and friends:



and now for something completely different…

[Olympia, Part 1, Festival of Nations; 1936; dir. Leni Riefenstahl]
[Olympia; Part 2, Festival of Beauty; 1936, dir. Leni Riefenstahl]

Jeremy Corbyn fighting fund

I notice that Corbyn’s GoFundMe appeal, to defend him against the “lawfare” being waged by Jews (fronted by self-publicizing bad joke solicitor, Mark Lewis, now resident in Eilat, Israel) is now taking in money at a rate of about £40 per minute! https://uk.gofundme.com/f/47gyy-jeremy039s-legal-fund

I may not have much time for Corbyn, but those against him are untermenschen.

Corbyn’s mistake was in not fighting back effectively when he was Labour Party leader. In particular, he and “grandpa Stalin” McDonnell both paid lip-service to the largely-faked “holocaust” farrago. It was the biggest mistake that they could have made.

Tweets seen

If, as Hitchens says, Parliament is”quite dead” and there is no real Opposition (I agree with both contentions), then anything is justified to restore the rights of the British people. Anything.

…for the welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].

Below, self-described “historian” and “journalist” (and “antifa” cheerleader), Mike Stuchbery, now a resident of Stuttgart, showing stunning yet unsurprising lack of thought:

Might it be that, having been under fairly strict National Socialist rule (whatever its benefits), followed by Soviet and other occupation, and then (in the East) hardline socialist rule (and Stasi monitoring) for much of the 20th Century, Germans generally just do what they are told, and are used to being ordered around?

It is precisely because they were under strict State control that most Germans are not dissenting about having to wear masks; the idea of saying “no!” is not accepted, it seems. Having said that, most of the UK is no better. Rabbits.

Altercations in the toytown police state

I drove to Waitrose in the nearby small town. I had with me a disposable mask, knowing that without one I should not be allowed entrance (they still have one black-clad Handmaid’s Tale militia operative loitering outside).

Sure enough, as I was going in, the “militiawoman”, who recognized me from previous visits, smiled but added “mask, please, Sir”…so I had no choice if I wanted to shop. I waved the mask and replied “…I am all ready for the new police state”, and she had the grace to laugh.

Inside the supermarket, I found that wearing the mask was hot and uncomfortable, so pulled it down below the nose. None of the Waitrose staff said anything. The problem came when I was at the drinks section. A young shopper, a Chinese, actually had the gall to tell me that my mask should be above my nose! Even though my mouth and much of my face was covered! A ch**k!

I told the Chinese (pulling my mask aside) “thank you!” and waved him away. The Ch…did not give up and was just starting to lecture me when I snarled “SHUT UP! GET LOST” and walked away. He did not follow. I felt like smashing him into the ground, so maybe he had a lucky escape (or, on the other hand, maybe I myself did! After all, he might have been a Kung Fu exponent!).

Anyway, I did the rest of my shopping without incident, and fortunately did not see the aforesaid Ch… again.

Incidentally, I am not a natural snarler, but some people go too far; some people just keep pushing. Then they are dealt with. Having said that, I can do without (as 1920s Chicago gangsters used to put it) any “heat” from the toytown police. Walking away was the wise choice, I suppose, especially in a confined place like a supermarket…

[The Untouchables, maybe my favourite TV series as a child, seen by me as repeats on TV in Sydney when I was about 10 years old (in1967)]

What makes it even more ridiculous is that, had I crossed the road from the supermarket, and entered the pub there, I would not have had to wear a bloody mask at all!

As I have written before, a police state is bad enough, a toytown one just as bad, really, but an incompetent and toytown one just a bad joke. As for the Ch…, how DARE HE say ANYTHING to me in my own country!

In fact, this was not the end of my encounter with the new Boris-idiot toytown police state. because I needed a fuel top-up for the car. I went to the only nearby place, and the usual young man (there’s either a young man or young woman) was there. I went into the kiosk to pay, only to be asked “do you have a mask, Sir?” I politely said that it was in the car, but I had the exact money in cash. He said that I could advance and put it down (he was behind a perspex screen anyway, though not himself wearing a mask!

I did pay, and (politely, smiling) mentioned that England is becoming a police state. His expression hovered between smiling and crying. For a second, I thought that the poor little bastard was going to burst into tears!

Britain’s so-called “new normal”: people who are (99.999% of them) not infected and not going to sneeze on anyone in any case, forced to shop muzzled, indefinitely. Oh…and silly little busybodies who think that they have the right to be a multikulti Red Guard, telling British people what to do.

Well, in future, I shall only go out to shop (if at all) once per week, or maybe even switch to ordering online. I certainly have no intention of using non-food shops. Let them all go to the wall. As for fuel, I can drive 5 miles to the nearest automatic pump (that takes debit cards). Fuck them all.

Am I the only “rebel” or “dissenter” (or “heretic”)? I doubt it. If this continues, the offline retail sector in the UK is well and truly screwed. It may be that half or a quarter of consumers will still shop in person, but half or three-quarters will not bother. Waitrose this evening had few customers, which may be a straw in the wind; and, after all, people have to shop for food…

This action by Boris-idiot and his Cabinet (of incompetents) has weaponized the busybody instincts of at least a minority. It has emboldened a few of the bastards to the extent that they are willing and feel able to give lectures and even orders to people, based on half-understood bits and pieces of spurious “science” and doubtful “law” sprayed out in biased fashion by the BBC and Sky News liars.

I am still fuming, hours later, despite a glass of Hereford vintage cider and a small glass of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum from Venezuela.

Tweets seen

When I saw Nick Griffin referring to the “British people” recently as “#WankerNation” in tweets, I thought that maybe he was going a little too far, too soon. Now I fear that he is completely correct. Most British people are just scared rabbits, scared out of their skins by a virus which kills about one in two thousand people, and which has (probably) run its course, at least for now and in its present form.

Now, I have seen for myself that, even in an area scarcely affected by “the virus”, the rabbits are all complying, at least superficially, with the mask-wearing edict which only exists as of today because Boris-idiot has decided to make it so (without even a Commons vote), and which may be in force indefinitely.

This is something new in history: weaponization of a fear of a medical condition, but a fear based on almost nothing. And the population is just obeying the non-law…

I think that we can no longer credibly call the UK a “democracy”. We need a new term. I saw “wallygarchy” recently. It made me laugh, but that fits well enough for the moment. A “nation” that is no longer a nation, ruled by arbitrary incompetents, who are ruling over an emerging dystopia of hopeless, helpless serfs.

Diary Blog, 9 April 2020

Keir Starmer and Robert Jenrick make Jewish Passover declarations

Ah…Keir Starmer and Robert Jenrick. A “Conservative” Cabinet minister, and the new “Labour” leader and head of the Shadow Cabinet. What could they possibly have in common? Well, how about these?

  • Keir Starmer: married to a Jewish woman lawyer; their half-Jewish children are being brought up as culturally Jewish; member of Labour Friends of Israel;
  • Robert Jenrick: married to a Jewish woman lawyer; their half-Jewish children are being brought up as culturally Jewish; member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Get the picture?

Priti Patel and Yvette Cooper

As I have often noted, it was only the rise to power, in Uganda, of Idi Amin that stopped Priti Patel from spending her life behind the counter of a Kampala grocery store. She’s another member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Thick as two short planks. A proven agent of Israel, for which she was actually sacked by then Prime Minister Theresa May. Still, in the UK of today, being stupid and corrupt (and basically foreign) does not prevent someone from becoming an MP and even a Cabinet minister, albeit a bad-joke one.

Not that I like Yvette Cooper either: a proven expenses cheat in the 2005-2010 Parliament, together with her —then Cabinet minister— husband, Ed Balls. Member of Labour Friends of Israel. Moneygrasping. A “refugees welcome” drone, who claimed that she and her nasty husband, Balls, were ready to welcome “refugees” into their home (and that everyone should do the same). Oddly, the ghastly pair never did welcome “refugees” into one of their several homes (paid for over the years by the British taxpayers). The “refugees” (and the public) are still waiting…

Priti Patel? Yvette Cooper? I would like to [redacted], if truth be known. Ed Balls too. These are all enemies of the British people. Terrible people. Lying people. Moneygrasping people. Cruel people.

Ha ha!

Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News go up the chimney…



I covered this news yesterday too:


Really good news.

More good news

One unexpected bonus arising out of the Coronavirus crisis is that the police are so busy throwing their weight about, shouting at old couples walking on the fells of Northern England, at motorists who have decided to take their cars on —entirely harmless— drives, and at young ladies modestly sunbathing in London parks, that some of their other usual activities have been frozen until somewhere down the line. Not dealing with ordinary (real) crime, such as burglary, bank robbery, or even murder. Those crimes have all but fallen off a cliff during “lockdown”. No, I refer to online social media “crime” and particularly political “crime”.

According to relevant legislation, notably the notorious Communications Act 2003, s.127, and the laws dealing with procedure in the magistrates’ courts, any prosecution for “grossly offensive” tweets  or Facebook posts (etc) must be taken (i.e. charge made) within 6 months of complaint to police and/or CPS (there is now also a backstop limitation of 3 years, but that does not over-ride the 6-month limitation which starts to tick once the police and/or CPS have been notified of the alleged crime).

My readers will see the point. Malicious organizations and individuals, mostly Jewish, have fastened upon this bad law and abused it to try to shut down freedom of expression. The disgraced solicitor, Mark Lewis, now resident in Israel (apparently), was a leading figure in such evil abuse of the British legal system.


[above: self-promoting Jew solicitor, obscene Twitter troll and “lawfare” abuser, Mark Lewis, now an Israeli citizen and resident in Israel]

Tame police have gone along with that to a large extent, as witness numerous cases, most of which however never made it to court (a few did, mostly resulting in small fines, though there have been a few instances where heavier penalties were imposed, e.g. the case of Alison Chabloz, the satirical singer-songwriter). Here is my own story in relation to such “lawfare” abuse:



More thoughts about Communications Act 2003, s.127

Well, it seems that, by reason of Coronavirus, the police have a perfect excuse not to do both their proper job (dealing with real crime) —despite the falling-off of crime during the “lockdown”— and also their fairly-recently acquired joke-job (monitoring and censoring comment on social media).

Further to previous comment, the chances are that, at least in respect of socio-political views expressed on Twitter etc, any complaints by (((the usual suspects))) will be filed somewhere right at the back of the priority line, meaning that (bearing in mind the now-glacial work-rate of the CPS and courts) few if any such complaints will make it to a charge within the 6-month usual limitation period. A window of Internet freedom…

Happy time!

An interesting blog article

This article by “@CrimBarrister” is disturbing and worth reading:


The migration-invasion continues

Authorities helping migrants ashore could be seen not wearing PPE equipment to protect themselves from the coronavirus, despite reports of cases in the migrant camps in France

[above: a migrant-invader lands in Sussex. He looks happy, well-fed. The bastard even has what looks like a camera phone. No doubt signalling to thousands to follow on after him from France]

So UK police can misuse drones to spot elderly couples or solitary trekkers walking in the Peak District, but Border Force cannot do the same contra migrant-invaders in the Channel. We need a Feliks Dzerzhinsky…

Virtue-signalling Twitter idiots will say “oh, it was only 63, yesterday. Not so many...” but even if you —naively— assume that no others arrived surreptitiously, that is still about 2,000 in a month, 24,000 in a year. Most are single men. Even if you say that 6 share a house or flat, that’s still 4,000+ dwellings a year unavailable for British people. Same with medical services and everything else. And that is before they pick up English “hoes” (brainwashed into being “non-racist”…) and start to breed with them…Few have any skills in any area that might be of any use here, so they will mostly be on State benefits, inc. housing…

It sounds harsh, but these invaders should not be “rescued” but allowed to perish in the Channel, not given a free ride from a few miles off the French coast. They are invaders and must be treated as such.


Shoppers’ Corner

Despite the fact that I consider most of the restrictions now in play nonsense, I shall not be going out for a couple of days, perhaps not until Monday (written on Thursday). In the meantime, here I recount my experience of the outside world as seen yesterday, my first outing for 2 days.

Roads quiet in my little corner of Southern England, but not as empty as they were a week ago. At Waitrose, a long line of “socially-distancing” persons all waiting to be allowed entrance by the black-clad, scarf-wearing Handmaid’s Tale militia (Waitrose marshals). My fault for going early. Go half an hour before close and you can pretty much go straight in.

The shoppers looked fairly ordinary, though there were a few idiots (as I think, anyway) wearing Chinese-style masks and, in one case, medical gloves as well. In the car park…

Inside, once allowed in (as another shopper exited), no great shortage of anything except dried pasta, which I did not need (fortunately, as it was almost all gone again, and again only the unpopular stuff like wholewheat spaghetti left). In fact, this is certainly hoarding behaviour, because there was —again— fresh pasta available aplenty. Flour was mostly gone, as was stuff used in baking bread, such as bicarbonate of soda, yeast etc. Bleach was unavailable in large containers, only the spray stuff.

Everything else formerly in short supply because of panic-buying or bulk-buying was available: bread, eggs (restricted to one pack per customer), loo paper, kitchen roll, lemons. Not much chicken left. I myself was buying mainly bread, kitchen roll (restricted to one pack) and things you need for Indian dinners: Madras, Korma and other curry pastes, Patak’s Lime Pickle, poppadums, coconut cream, chutney etc. No real shortage, though most of the rice had gone.

The UK’s toytown police state and its poundland KGB

This is a toytown North Korea in genesis. If the police think that they can repress the public indefinitely, I think that they may be in for a big shock when (not if, but when) the (so-far-compliant) public mood shifts decisively.

When I heard that police woodentop commander from Northampton say that his men would be searching people’s shopping trolleys for “non-essential” shopping (who is some police woodentop to make that judgment anyway?) I could hardly believe my ears! Actions going well beyond even the repressive “instant tyranny” of the new overnight Coronavirus Act. “Leading beyond authority”? A typical Common Purpose drone. Toytown North Korea indeed.

I don’t think there is any possibility, any likelihood of these lockdown measures being lifted immediately or even imminently,”

“We don’t yet really have enough data from what has happened so far to know for sure the impact they’re having.” [Nicola Sturgeon, talking on Sky News]

So Nicola Sturgeon has no information as to the public health effects of the “lockdown”, but is prepared to extend the “lockdown” for a great deal longer?

Goodbye, Scottish economy…

After the “lockdown” is eased, politics will be interesting

The Government (UK) has decided to keep the lockdown going, possibly until May or even later. That despite the fact that proven Coronavirus cases have not been so numerous. In fact, there is a steady decline in new cases. My theory is that, with the person currently posing as Prime Minister in hospital, his Cabinet colleagues are unwilling to take the responsibility for ending the “house arrest of the British people”.

All the same, that “house arrest” has to be ended, and soon. The damage done to the UK economy may already be close to terminal. The EU economies too:

Our “democracy”…

We are not yet North Korea, but give it time…


A tweet from a week or so ago. Very true.

The new Europe, the new UK, starting in 2022

For years, I have been writing and speaking about 2022, the most significant year since 1989. In 2022, 33 years will have passed since the fall of socialism. From 2022, a new ideology must replace both old-style socialism (including social democracy) and globalist finance-capitalism and its political excrescences.

As far as the UK is concerned, there will never be so opportune a time for social-national politics and para-politics as from now, through 2022, and on from there. I myself shall not see the dawn of 2055 (2022 + 33) but I am still here at present, struggling for the right and just and, by Grace of God, will still be here in 2022 when I reach 66 years of age.


It has been said by some, by me too, that as things stand, politics, ordinary politics, start a party and get elected politics, holds out little prospect of success for us.

We have seen successively-greater waves of non-European immigration since 1945 change Britain out of all recognition. We know that that gradual invasion means that our sort of politics is always fighting its way uphill. The faster breeding rate of the non-Europeans adds yet another factor. On the other hand, even England is still about 85% “white” (European), despite the fact that some major cities are no longer majority non-white.

If the economy of the world goes into recession or even depression, the political realm will be changed out of recognition. Look at how, after 10 years of lying “there is no money” fake “austerity”, even a “Conservative” government has suddenly thrown open its coffers. Desperate times betoken desperate measures. The most radical ideologies may soon seem plausible to desperate and struggling people.

Politics, for us, is about people, about the race and, beyond even the race, the future race we wish to create.



Diary Blog, 26 March 2020

Pity that the Economics Editor of the Financial Times cannot spell “exaggerated”, though. Another sign of the times, I suppose.

The above report is re. the UK. Unemployment is now spiking in the USA too:

Re. the Jew exploiter Philip Green

Below: here he is, a few years ago, on one of his mega-yachts, pouring Champagne over the heads of other Jews and various “hoes”:


Blast from the past: the Adelphi, Liverpool

Sorry to hear that the Adelphi Hotel has fallen on hard times. I stayed there for a few days, ungazetted, when an ad-hoc Soviet ballet company (mainly Bolshoi dancers, if I remember aright) was in Liverpool. That would have been in about 1985 or 1986. My then girlfriend’s small suite had a sitting room with a kind of curtained-off bedroom. An entrance hall led to the sitting room and also to a spacious bathroom.

Britannia Adelphi, Liverpool 2018.jpg

The prima ballerina, whose name I forget, was unhappily married and thought to be mentally unstable. She had, I was told, a magnificent suite. For her own protection, both in view of her emotional state and because protesting Jews supporting “refuseniki” (Soviet Jews supposedly wanting to emigrate to Israel from the Soviet Union— most ended up in California) might alarm her, a KGB man slept across her doorway all night, every night, in the manner of Russia’s ancient history.

In fact, that dancer was at risk— she later tried to commit suicide in Sardinia, by slitting her wrists in her bath. Her husband was constantly unfaithful, apparently. Also, she was about 40. Not good for a dancer, though the famous ones have often overcome age to retain public affection: Maya Plisetskaya, Margot Fonteyn etc.

In fact, those dancers (the couple) were living a golden or velvet life in Moscow. His and hers Mercedes cars, dacha, luxury apartment etc. A lifestyle most people (whether in Moscow or the UK) never experience. Still, money cannot, as such, buy happiness. It’s just a dull grind when money is short…

The Adelphi was, I thought, a good hotel at that time (now about 35 years ago). A quartet played classical pieces live in the opulent and huge foyer. Among those listening was the then Chief Constable of Merseyside. The hotel was a landmark in Liverpool.


Coronavirus and Labour

The Labour Party is now weaker than it has ever been, in my view. Weaker even than it was under that unpleasant little hypocrite Michael Foot.

Labour under Corbyn, though weak, was stronger than it now is. Now Labour is going to —eventually— elect a new leader, which could be Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey or Lisa Nandy. All have kow-towed to the Jew lobby, all have otherwise similar policies, though Rebecca Long-Bailey is the most radical of the three. Starmer looks likely to be the choice, because he frightens few horses; as against that, he is as dull as ditchwater.

Labour’s problem can be said to reside in the fact that, outside the Labour Party membership, few people even care which of the three becomes Labour leader.

Labour, for which 10 million voters voted in 2019, is scarcely in the exact position of UKIP after 2015, when UKIP gradually became a joke, an irrelevance and then eventually just a nothing. Having said that, there is a parallel. Labour now has no power to speak of in the Commons, because the Conservative Party majority of 80 can steamroller through almost anything.

Beyond that, there is the point that the Coronavirus rescue package of Rishi Sunak, whatever its deficiencies and flaws, has pretty much shot Labour’s fox on “austerity” etc. All Labour can say is “we would have done more and better…(if we were in power, which we are not, and will not be for years, if ever…)”.

Not a very impressive position. The msm continue to give Labour MPs a platform, as required by OFCOM rules etc, but in reality, Labour has become something close to an irrelevance. In fact, it has been reduced to supporting the Government’s positions in the present crisis.

It is clear that Iain Dunce Duncan Smith’s shambolic “welfare” “reforms” are not only completely stupid but cannot work administratively. Why is this surprising? After all, Dunce only got to Lieutenant in his 6 years of being an Army officer. He never had any responsible civilian job either. How could such a person really conceive a workable social security reform, even if “IDS” were a better person morally than he in fact is?

However, the collapse of the Universal Credit system and other DWP areas, under the weight of the Coronavirus burden, will not help Labour. In fact, any “opposition” will more likely come from within the Conservative Party itself.

I detect no real chance for Labour at present, nor for quite a while into the future. If ever.

Evening foray

I had not intended to make a ratissage on the supermarkets this evening, but in the end I did, mainly to get bread, a couple of food items and some cat treats. I went to the nearest one, a Waitrose outlet a mile or two away. I arrived about 1930, half an hour before closing time. Few customers, but an innovation: outside the wide-open doors, two security men, young and dressed entirely in black. Woollen hats, padded jackets, scarfs wound around neck, covering the lower face. Armbands. Exactly like the militia in the TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale. They lacked only the weapons. They are, it seems, Waitrose “marshals”.

Inside, bought 2 scratchcards (both modest winners, as it turned out), but at first my cash was refused. All part of the new hygiene regime. Card only.

I was curious to see whether the shelves were still being stripped bare. Most bread had gone, though there were a few of the less popular (and more expensive) types available: stoneground rye, sourdough etc. Eggs were very plentiful. Flour seemed to be unavailable. Pasta available, though only the slightly more expensive Italian-made stuff in blue and yellow packing; little of the cheaper “Essential Waitrose” pasta. Pasta sauces mostly gone, though the more expensive Lloyd Grossman jars were there (over £2 compared to £1 for the cheapest Waitrose own-brand line). I bought one jar. Puttanesca. Everything else seemed to be available for those wanting it, even loo paper (only the more expensive brands, though). I found the cat treats. No shortage.

I noticed that fruit, vegetables and everything else that I looked at in passing seemed to be in supply.

My conclusion from that and my drive around yesterday: the supermarkets are gradually getting on top of the bulk-buying/panic-buying wave. People are still doing it, but less so. There must be some people around here sitting on mountains of dried pasta, pasta sauce jars, bread and loo paper. I also noticed that people are obviously not buying the pasta to eat immediately, because there was plenty of fresh pasta for sale.

Anyway, that’s my story…

On the way back, a car would not wait for me at a junction and drove off at speed. A few minutes later, I saw a blue light in my rear-view mirror (when I was learning to drive, belatedly, at age 42, the instructor said that one of my faults as a driver was that I looked in the rear-view mirror more than I looked out of the windshield!). Anyway, I turned off to avoid any contact. Only a few seconds later, the police flashed past down the deserted rural A-road. Were they after that other driver? Was he a suspected Coronavirus “non-essential” driver? Had he been heard humming an Alison Chabloz song about “holocaust” fakery? We shall never know…

Watched a topical film on ITV2: Contagion, about an infectious virus that starts with bats in China, and then gets into the food chain, finally being transmitted person to person until millions are killed all over the world. Wait, wasn’t that the TV news? Oh, no, it was “just a film”…More seriously, I was slightly surprised that an alarming (though well-made) film like that was broadcast at a time like this.

Midnight music…

Diary Blog, 15 March 2020


Well, here we are in a kind of “plague year” of the contemporary era. Things seem to be getting worse, and there is not so much overt panic as a sense of impending threat, a sense of muted dread.

I again made my way to Waitrose yesterday, for the first time in a couple of days. About half an hour before closing time (mid-evening). Few shoppers, including one couple the lady of which, as they passed by, looked right at me, looked boldly into my eyes and smiled as she saw me buy two jars of red caviar. Does she like caviar? Did she like me? Was she a store detective? We shall never know.

I was interested to see that every single roll of loo paper (of every type and brand) had (again) gone from the shelves, as had every single pack of pasta, and I do mean every pack, from the economy spaghetti and penne right through to the premium-quality-made-in-Italy-in-fancy-packaging-at-three-times-the-price stuff, even the giant pasta shells and odd types that are usually far less popular than standard linguine, tagliatelle etc.

People, whether panic-buyers or (not panicking but) bulk-buying shoppers, have woken up to the fact that this situation could be months not weeks, and that you cannot eat or drink loo paper (the large packs of water such as Volvic etc were also depleted).

Is anything of this actually sensible? Frankly, I fear that it may be. We are hearing now that people may be asked to “self-isolate”. That will apply particularly to people over 70 and (who knows?) even those over-60 (like me…63 since September). Not every person in those age groups uses or even has the Internet, with which Internet shopping can be done. That is assuming that the supermarkets have supplies, have the means to deliver supplies, and that their websites do not crash.

I am sure that Boris-idiot and his fiancee will not run out of loo paper or pasta, but many others may. In that sense, a reasonable level (whatever that means) of bulk-buying may be prudent, so long as it does not reach lunatic proportions.

There is also the point that, from the infection point of view, it makes sense to shop once in any given period rather than ten times. It also makes sense to use online supermarket shopping if possible.

There is a limit, not only to how much should be bought (of anything), from the social point of view, but to how much can be bought by most people. Not everyone has the cash to go out and spend £1,000 or £2,000 in one go. Also, not everyone has large houses in which to store items in bulk. I myself now live in a tiny flat which, in its entirety, would fit, maybe twice, into merely the (rarely-used) ballroom of a house in which I lived at one time



Most people are very limited in space, do not have cellars and unused rooms in which to store vast amounts of loo paper or dried and tinned food.

I have not bought greatly more than previously; I had some slack anyway. I suppose that (for 2 people) I have about 45 rolls of loo paper, mostly bought before the present crisis, and maybe enough for 3 months. That is prudence, not panic. Likewise, I dare say that I have on hand enough dried, tinned, frozen and other food for about a month, maybe longer. Living where I now do, I no longer have the large American fridges and freezers in which can be stored really useful amounts of frozen food.

In my present location, there are many people in large houses with equally large amounts of storage space, and who no doubt have enormous freezers etc. I suspect that most of the (unreasonably?) bulk-buying shoppers are such people.

Apart from the above, I personally am not only already rather “self-isolating” (as well as politically-isolating and isolated…) but have turned that up a few notches. I use hand gel after using the automatic petrol pump a few miles from my humble home, same when I leave the supermarket. When I return home, I wash hands and lower arms thoroughly. I socialize little anyway and have now completely stopped visiting anyone.

Having said that, we are all on this Earth for a limited span. I still have things on the wider spectrum (social, political) which I want to do or, more accurately, which must be done. I have a very limited number of years left anyway now that I am 63. For that reason, time presses. Of course, I shall reincarnate and carry on my work anyway, but this is a very important time in the history of the world. What has to happen must and will happen.

Is there an Israeli connection to Coronavirus?

Co-incidences happen without there having been a “conspiracy”. The only thing is, with Israel and the Jews the “incidences” seem so much more frequent…

By the way, it makes me laugh to see Zionist Jews asking “will antisemites use a vaccine produced in Israel? Are they hypocrites?”

Why not use any vaccine if there is one? After all, people who distrust Jews and their manipulations sometimes use Uzi weapons. They do not say, in extremis or otherwise, “no, I shall not use a weapon of Israeli origin”. Not when it works that well.

Classic British film

I had never seen this one:



Great shots of postwar Berlin, 7 years after the end of that war, inc. footage of Tempelhof Airport, mainly constructed during the time of the Reich. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Tempelhof_Airport

Panorama of the old Berlin airport

Hildegard Knef is a knockout in that film. I like the soundtrack, too. In fact, some of the scenes and also the soundtrack reminded me of another film, The Spy Who Came In from the Cold, made 12 years later in 1965. Maybe the one influenced the other.

Coronavirus in Netherlands

Very strange. Different strains? How? Why? I am not a scientist, let alone a virologist or immunologist, but this seems very odd. It seems to be more like a weapon than an accident.

Coronavirus: messaging difficulties

The Government of the UK is pretty useless, but it is difficult to tell the public anything and to change behaviour. It usually takes a long time and much repetition. In my own lifetime, I have seen attitudes change, sometimes but not always for the better: against drink-driving, in favour of wearing seatbelts, against smoking, to name just three. All three required constant propaganda and also legislative change.

It seems (from an opinion poll) that only about 65% in the UK are now taking more care with hygiene (by washing hands etc), and that rather few are changing their plans to socialize, travel on public transport (and don’t forget that taxis are also public transport) or attend events. 25% are, it seems, not changing any aspect of their lives by reason of the virus emergency. That may be because young people in particular think that they are almost immune and so need not do anything (but they may still be infected and give it to others). I have also recently seen stubborn attitudes in older people who should know better.

Tempus fugit

I just saw the profile of a former fellow-member of my last chambers, Sara T., a family law specialist. I had seen nothing of her since 2007. I officially left my last set in 2008 and not 2007 (it being necessary to give them 6 months’ notice —and rent!—) but in fact stayed in France after Christmas and did not return to the UK after the last week of 2007. I believe that Sara T. also left those chambers in 2008 or 2009. She is now back in Exeter, it seems, but in another set that used to be opposite ours, on the bluff overlooking the River Exe.

What interested me was that her profile says “mother of a teenage son”. In the same year that I joined Chambers, there was a social event at the home of another member. Sara T. attended, along with her then boyfriend and their tiny baby.

It is obvious, of course, that a baby, in the course of 18 years, becomes about 18 years old. In a sense it should not surprise, yet somehow it does, just as it surprises me to realize that someone else I knew long ago is now very nearly 43, someone whom I met when she was only 4 years old, and at a time when she once identified me to her little friends (as recounted her mother, my then girlfriend) as “that was my big friend Ian; I drink chocolate milk with him”!



This has worn fairly well…

(scroll down to “Boris-idiot is getting worried” and the paragraphs below there)


The tentative election prediction has not worn so well, true, but the assessment of “Boris” has, I aver.




Oh well, Cummings can always sue me…Oh, no, wait—he can’t. No-one can. I am unsueable. I can say, write and do as I please.

Night….for me there is no law” —Vladimir Vysotsky, 07 (long-distance telephone code)

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