Diary Blog, 4 September 2022

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There was no need for sanctions against Russia, which hit Germany and the rest of Europe harder than they do Russia. Russia still stands ready to supply gas to Europe, but we cannot expect Russia to sit still while it is literally under attack by Western arms and ammunition supplied to the Kiev regime.

As to the water levels in the Rhine, let’s see what happens over the cooler months.


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Just get rid of them, either out of the UK, or generally and permanently. The present System parties are not going to do either, of course.

I happened to be watching one of those police “reality” shows recently. They raided a house turned into a cannabis farm, and caught an Albanian who was apparently minding the crop for others higher up the food chain. He was charged, prosecuted, and pleaded guilty to “possession with intent to supply” the drug. His sentence? One year. Meaning out in 6 months. The police, CPS, and judiciary might as well not bother, and so save the State the money for [play-] acting in this farce. Alternatively, eliminate the criminal and anyone associated with him. In fact, the lot.



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The “berk” in question is a science and law popularizer, a professor at the University of Alberta, apparently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Caulfield.

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[Pissarro, Avenue de’Opera in the rain]

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 4 September 2022”

  1. Good morning! A little story you may well know. The Badenweiler March was Adolf Hitler’s favourite march, this was due to the fact that it was the parade march of his regiment (the 16th Royal Bavarian of Foot) in WW1. Therefore it was always played when he arrived at meetings and became the parade march of his guards’ regiment, the famous “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”

    PS: Springtime has arrived early here. A gorgeous sunny day with a maximum temperature of 20 degrees. Is it still very warm over there?

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    1. Claudius:
      Hello. I did, as a matter of fact, know that, but thank you for reminding me.

      As to weather, Autumn arrived (early, and pre-equinoctially) with my birthday, and brought cooler and cloudier weather where I am (the southern coast of England). Today max 22C, low tonight 17C. The week ahead slightly cooler and much wetter, with possible thunderstorms midweek. London is warmer, as usual.

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