Diary Blog, 3 September 2022, with thoughts about 1939, and about the political situation in the UK in 2022

Afternoon music

[Tiger tanks in action, 1943]

On this day a year ago

Incidentally, I forgot to mention yesterday that a whole year has now elapsed since the local police turned up at my door, pursuant to a false and malicious complaint made against me by a leading member of the very small but intermittently active pack of Zionist Jews called “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism”. It took me over 4 months to shake “them” (((them))) off, or should I say “scrape them off” (my shoe). See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Saturday quiz

Well, I once again trounced political journalist John Rentoul this week. 6/10 as against his 1/10 or, as he prefers, one-and-three-quarters out of ten. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 7, 9, and 10.

I “really”, in the back of my mind, knew no. 10, and —had I thought about it— might have got no.7 too. Still, there it is. I am OK with 6/10 this week.

It does cross my mind as to why the public should pay heed to John Rentoul when he cannot do better than he usually does in these weekly quizzes. I suppose that he specializes in politics, but can you really do that without a good general knowledge base?

A policeman’s pot


The fish rots from the head, and nowhere is that more obvious, arguably, than in the police.

Ukrainian “refugee” turns out to be a corrupt ex-cop and fraudster


3 September 1939

As we know, Britain and France gave Poland a worthless guarantee, so that when Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, the two guarantors declared war on the Reich (on 3 September 1939), despite being entirely unable to take offensive action of any sort.

Britain and France turned a blind eye to the simultaneous Soviet invasion of Poland from the East.

The following 8-9 months was known in the UK as the Phoney War or Bore War (the first fatal casualty on the British side occurred over three months after the declaration of war), and on the German side as Sitzkrieg (“Sitting War”).

If only an honourable armistice could have been made between Germany and Britain either in 1939 or 1940, thus saving at least Western and Central Europe from several years of death, misery and destruction.

The same could be said of the situation in late 1914.

The failure of diplomacy and political leadership in 1939-40 resulted not only in the following years of war, but in what happened in the decades after 1945— population displacement, environmental degradation, premature decolonization, wars and civil wars (eg in Africa), not to mention Eastern, and part of Central, Europe crushed under Soviet rule for half a century.

Now we once more stand before such a situation: a non-state or “failed state”, Ukraine, being supported —pointlessly— from the rear by Western states —particularly USA and UK— , without thought to what might happen if Russia tires of it all and launches a terrifying and world-changing strategic nuclear attack on the West. It could happen. Europe would then have to start over, and rebuild from a very low point.

The autograph-hunter

Tweets seen

The best any British person can hope for is that the migrant-invaders will be just useless, and a deadweight millstone round the necks of the British people. That is the best hope. Forget fantasies of how any of them will be some great gift to us, or that they will be brain surgeons, scientists etc. If they are not violent criminals or terrorists, be grateful. I suppose. Or get rid of them.

Britain, though flawed and broken, was still recognizable until 1997, or maybe 2005. After that, it morphed into an alien dystopia.

Meanwhile, black mobs are allowed to roam over Central London almost unopposed. Britain, 2022.

…and keep on ******* going until I tell you to stop!

Africa goes to Washington. Anyone not “agreeing” with the people in power is an “extremist”, and so an enemy. Goodbye, USA…

If that silly woman makes it beyond the end of the year, I shall be surprised, and if she is still PM in April 2023, I shall be astonished.

The political situation at present is that, after three years of shambolic “leadership” by part-Jew/Levantine “Boris”, the Conservative Party is imploding before our eyes. In our rigged binary First Past the Post system, that automatically favours the otherwise despised fake Opposition, Labour.

The absurd LibDems will now probably survive solely because there are millions of people who will never vote Labour but who are now completely disenchanted with the Conservative Party. The LibDems are an easy option for those semi-floating voters, not least because the LibDems threw away all principle in 2010 to form the Con Coalition.

Despite what the opinion polls are now saying, I cannot see Labour forming a majority government.

I was interested to see that Labour may stand down candidates in many seats where Labour usually comes third or fourth. A tactic to help the LibDems.. A tacit admission that both Labour and Con are no longer “national” parties in the old sense. They are both persona non grata in different parts of (even) England and Wales, let alone Scotland.

More music

The DDR (East Germany). As I have blogged previously, a strange state, a kind of facade of a state rather than a real one, as it seemed to me in a couple of summer days in 1988. Yet that state, which vanished in a puff of smoke only a year or so later, was more substantial in some ways than we in the UK usually thought.

I suppose that, growing up in the Cold War era of the 1960s and 1970s, one tended to think of East Germany as being mainly the East Berlin of The Spy Who Came In From The Cold or Funeral in Berlin.

East Berlin, and the Wall, tended to be thought of as looming hugely, not only over Berlin itself, but also over the hard-to-visualize rest of the DDR.

In fact, the DDR, though not huge, and small compared to West Germany, was itself not a very small country; almost half the size of the UK, and about 90% of the size of England.

The DDR was too small a state to engage in autarky. It had no choice but to ride alongside the Soviet Union (and the rest of COMECON). The new Germany is different. more than one and a half times the size of the UK (about 3x the size of England).

What is holding back Germany, psychologically, is the legacy of 1945, the huge destruction and hurt caused by complete military defeat.

More music

Late tweets

The President of Latvia, Levits, a half-Jew, is obviously trying to expand the war. Strange, when Latvia would be one of the first countries to be flattened by any major new or expanded war in the region.

One can see what is quite likely to happen: the military aid to the Kiev regime will be increased, with better and newer weapons, ammunition and training. The Ukrainian/Kiev regime side will then advance, and will attack Crimea and mainland Russian borderlands.

At that point, Russia may respond with a wave of tactical nuclear weapons. From then on, Europe and the Western world would be in uncharted waters.

So the Jew Zelensky has an Italian villa, as well as a USD $40 Million one in Florida? He has certainly not wasted his few years as President of the Ukrainian fake state (or failed state).

O’Brien is a radio loudmouth who imagines that he is terribly clever.

Late music

[Vltava river in Prague]

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 September 2022, with thoughts about 1939, and about the political situation in the UK in 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Had “another Churchill” been Prime Minister a few months ago, the UK would presumably have declared war on Russia, after which London, and most of the British people, would already be a smoking and irradiated ruin, and the “new Churchill” a new Guy Fawkes effigy sitting amid whatever is left of the Whitehall area.


  1. Hello Ian!: Regarding the possibility of peace in 1941, it was very real. In Martin Allen’s excellent book “The Enigma Hess” (who has been attacked and slandered by The Guardian, which tells you everything) there is a full disclosure of the unbelievably generous offer of Adolf Hitler to end the war. He offered to evacuate Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, AND France!

    Even a bastard like Churchill considered it for a moment but his “advisors”, Lord Vansittart and (((Hoare-Belisha))) told him that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE Britain would ever make peace with Hitler. Vansittart was a POS possessed by a pathological hatred for Germany and Whore-Belisha… well what can I say?



    1. Claudius:
      Yes. I once knew someone who, as a young Foreign Office clerk, knew all about Vansittart. He, the clerk, was dismissed from the Foreign Office and arrested in 1940. He spent the next 5 years in the Isle of Man.

      ps. you mean the Jew Hore-Belisha.
      Hoare was another politician, not a Jew, was pro-peace, and became Ambassador to Spain.


      1. Yes, I meant Hore-Belisha, I misspelled the first surname but I included his biography to illustrate the point. BTW, thank you for the information about Sir Samuel Hoare, the British ambassador to Spain. In fact, it was he who received the German peace proposal.


      1. Hello Nativewarrior14! My reply will be rather long but it is necessary. In the early 2000s, Nestor Kirchner and his wife (Cristina) came to power leading the old Peronist Party. The Party created by Juan Domingo Peron in 1946 was long dead. Its nationalistic and social doctrine (based on Mussolini’s Fascist movement) were replaced by neo-Marxist (woke) ideology and the leadership consisted of corrupt lackeys of the NWO or WEF if you prefer (like every other government in the Western world)

        Cristina was President twice between 2007-2015. Her government was notoriously corrupt (There were lots of huge public works that were fully paid for and never done) and she filled her pockets brazenly. In 2016 legal proceedings were started against her but she managed to slow them down with bribes and threats. However, a week ago the General Prosecutor asked for 12 years imprisonment for her. Cristina’s appeal to stop legal proceedings was rejected and the trial will begin soon.

        Therefore this “assassination attempt” was quickly (and shoddily) organized. The supposed “assassin” is a low-life and a cretin (an Argentinian version of Lee Harvey Oswald). The idea is: A) Make Cristina a kind of “victim” of “fascist” thugs paid by the non-existent opposition. B) Stop/delay her trial C) Organize a witch-hunt of (almost non-existent) Argentinian “neo-nazis” and “fascists” to distract the moronic masses (who, BTW, hate Cristina)

        This is (in a nutshell) the bizarre history of the “plot to kill Cristina” (LOL)


  2. claudius1889:. Thanks for the reply. I think you could be correct in your assertion that the “alleged” assassin is some kind of patsy! ๐Ÿค”


    1. Hello! Yes. indeed, the bloke is a loser, a twenty-something-year-old who used to follow heavy metal bands. He doesn’t even have a record of political activism!!! The moron has a tattoo with a runic symbol associated with the SS, that is all. That proves NOTHING!!! This is a political circus!!!


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