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That tweet is from a year ago, but it bears repetition, especially as Blair now goes around the world touting himself as the great retired statesman, pronouncing on grand strategy and high policy…

What a contrast. In fact I wondered, a day or so ago, what the late Queen had thought of the Prime Ministers she had known— Churchill, that flawed titan; then the others, varying in ability and sincerity but mostly, though not all, at least able to play the part and not look totally out of place: Eden, Macmillan, Douglas-Home, Wilson, Heath, Wilson again, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron (-Levita), May, Johnson, and now Truss.

One sees the general decline in stature, though, over those decades.

Hard to bracket Liz Truss in the same sentence, let alone the same office, as Churchill, much as I think that his policy toward the German Reich was completely wrongheaded.

Churchill got Britain and the Empire involved in that disastrous war which killed off not only the German Reich but also the British Empire and indeed, not far down the line, all the European imperia (French, Spanish, Italian, Belgian, Dutch), and much else besides.

Liz Truss seems intent on creating conflict, or making worse the relations between Russia and the West, or even fomenting a state of war between Russia and the UK. If that were to happen, we should all be joining the late Queen and Churchill sooner than most of us anticipated. Britain could scarcely survive if there were war on the strategic scale.



Biden’s mother sounds as if she was both quite mad and extremely unpleasant. You get that kind of silliness with some Irish-Americans though. I recall being introduced about 31 years ago to some fat woman in New Jersey, an acquaintance of an American friend. Her first words to me were “well, I’m Irish, so I shouldn’t like you!“. A kind of joke, but with a definite edge.

Of course, Irish-Americans are a lot more American than they are Irish. Many of the more ignorant ones seemed (when I was living in the USA in the early 1990s) to think that “England” (always England, not UK or Britain) was in a kind of war with Ireland.

They had no idea that the “war” between not Ireland but the IRA, and the UK authorities, was confined mainly not only to the six counties of Northern Ireland (Ulster, to use the name of the ancient province) but to a few small areas, mostly urban, within that province, and also confined to quite small numbers of the population.

There were exceptions to the prevailing ignorance. The owner of McSorley’s Old Ale House in Manhattan, which I occasionally visited if nearby, was an intelligent man who visited Ireland (the Republic) a couple of times a year (for river fishing). He understood the real situation, but few other Irish-Americans (most of whom had never left American shores, and got their ideas of the world from appallingly-poor American TV news reports) knew any more about it than they did about, say, Iraq.

[John French Sloan, McSorley’s Bar, 1912]

The above painting, though from 1912, shows an almost identical scene to the one I knew in the early 1990s.

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In origo, so are “council” and “counsel“. The Monarch’s “counsel” was provided by his or her “council”. In Russian, there is still only one word for both “council” (as in a group of advisers and/or a local or other governmental or political body) and “counsel” (as in “advice“)— “soviet” [совет].

If these reports (from sources supportive of the Kiev regime) are accurate, the Russian leadership will have to escalate the armament used, and soon, or accept bitter, if relatively localized —and possibly temporary— defeat in large parts of the region.

Worth reading…


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“...for the welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].

So is Starmer a (?) secret atheist, or possibly even a crypto-Jew? He is, after all, married to a Jewess, and their children are being brought up as if full-Jew. I never was able to discover as to whether, when they hold those ritual Jewish dinners chez Starmer, he wears one of those little round skullcaps (yarmulki).

If Russia becomes again as weak as it was in the 1990s, the Chinese will be able to heavily infiltrate, and perhaps in effect take over, the whole of the one-time Soviet Far East, and possibly all of Eastern Siberia. Maybe in time even all of Siberia.

Late music

[panorama of Budapest and river Danube]

19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 September 2022”

  1. Hello there! Yes, I think that there is something wrong with those imbeciles that described themselves as Irish-Americans, and, by extension, all those who use a hyphen. You are either Irish or American. Another thing I noticed about some Irishmen is their idiotic and pathological hatred towards the English people. I understand you may hate a nation (as a political entity) and in that regard, the Irish HAD very good motives to hate England/Great Britain, but to hold grudges over such a long time is stupid, despicable, and very unhealthy.


    1. Claudius:
      What is strange is that, even in the 1970s, you could go to Ireland, whether to Dublin or across to Kerry (as I did; I saw other places too), and Irish people were almost without exception friendly to you as a British person, but that was not always the case when I was in New Jersey and New York and encountered (some of) the “Irish” Americans (though I never had any real trouble).

      It reminds me a bit of the Jews, or many of them, with their “holocaust” obsession. The Irish-Americans are sort-of signed-up to a semi-historical or ahistorical narrative, with themselves, via their ancestors of 180 years ago (Potato Famine etc) or 370 years ago (Cromwellian ravages) or 470 years ago (Irish campaign of Elizabeth I), as victims (and/or brave “resistants”).


      1. You are right, although I am not an expert on the Irish-English wars I noticed: A) The Irish community in the USA has been the main financial supporter of the IRA. B) I saw a couple of Irish websites which make the ludicrous accusation that the “Potato Famine” was exploited by the British government to exterminate the Irish (!?!). I even remember that one moron (obviously looking for Jewish support) dare to speak of a “holocaust”! How pathetic!!!


      2. Claudius:
        If any Irishman wants to irritate the Jew element, he need only describe anything at all (other than the well-worn and largely-faked WW2 narrative) as a “holocaust”. The Jews think that they have trademarked that and are the only ones who should ever use the term, and only re WW2.

        As to the Potato Famine, the English did not cause it (in fact it affected much of Europe), though it is true that the government in London failed to give much help to those in Ireland worst affected; and the system of social welfare throughout *both* Ireland and England was very harsh at that time.


      3. Hello Ian: Yes, I know that the English government had nothing to do with the famine, it was a natural catastrophe; but many English/Anglo-Irish landlords were terrible bastards who let their tenants die without doing anything to help them.

        With regards to the Jews, you are right, they believe they have a copyright on “victimhood” (LOL) The maniacs get mad when somebody mentions the suffering of their own people. How sick can you be?


      4. Claudius:
        Thank you.

        Yes, the absentee landlords in Ireland were a major cause of political disaffection in that country during the 19th Century. Rentier landlords do usually cause resentment.

        The same happened, of course, in Russia, again mainly during the 19thC and also early 20thC. Before the 19thC, Russian landlords lived mostly on their estates most of the time, if only because the alternative was to live in generally uncomfortable Moscow or —from 18thC— Petersburg, while foreign travel was very difficult. Once the European train system was linked to Russia, rich people could travel easily. Many, of course, spoke French rather than Russian, another gulf between landowners and peasantry.

        PS. In the UK today, a different kind of landlordism causes huge resentment— buy-to-let parasites, some of whom are living in luxury on the rents paid by many, and in a few cases literally thousands of, tenants in houses and apartments.


      5. Talking about “absentee landlords” between 1880 -1930 many Argentinian multimillionaires (great landowners who grew immensely rich exporting beef to the UK) lived in Paris for many years burning huge fortunes.

        For some strange reason, the Argentinian expression “tirando manteca al techo” (throwing butter to the ceiling) was used to symbolize the lifestyle of those extravagant millionaires who would book an exclusive restaurant or nightclub for them and their cronies and have incredibly lavish parties where they would smash the expensive porcelain and crystal glasses just to prove they could afford to pay a huge bill. Really disgraceful.


  2. Some of these people in the US who claim to be Irish, think they are just because one paternal ancestor from several hundred years ago had an Irish sounding name. A lot of Americans are so mongrelized that their surnames are basically meaningless.

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    1. Very good observation. Today we were talking about the craze among some American morons (all lefties, of course) who tried to find an American Indian ancestor. Some idiots found that they have 10% of Indian blood and called themselves “Native Americans” (LOL) This is as absurd and stupid as if I (who I am of pure Italian stock) discovered I had a German great-great-grandfather and claim to be “German” (LOL)

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      1. Claudius:
        Indeed. In fact, there may have been a greater amount of mixed (formal or informal) marriage in the USA of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries than we imagine. Not usually, though, with the black slaves, though there was some. That is now not uncommon though, I think mostly in the past 20 years.

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      2. Yes lol. You ask an American what their ancestry is, and they say something like “i’m German, Scottish, Polish, Welsh, dutch, and 1 – 27th Cherokee Indian, but mostly Irish”. I used to talk to one on Twitter who always said he was a “Scotsman”, but i found out he’s only of partly Scots ancestry on his mother’s side…

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  3. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/5050/hogwarts-legacy-jk-rowling-wizarding-world-antisemitism-gamergate/ As far as I am aware “Goblins” have always been portrayed – at least physically, as having large ears and a big hooked nose. It seems some “Jews” see themselves in certain depictions and resent the fact! As for this “trans” writer: the article smacks of pure bitterness towards JK Rowling, because of her views regarding so-called transgender people! 🤔


    1. Thank you “nativewarrior14”! I have to say that I did not open the link because it would infuriate me (something very easy!😁​ but I could not resist the temptation and I read it this morning. What a load of rubbish! The title “open democracy” sounds very much like “open society” created and financed by that evil and disgusting fat toad named George Soros. Have a nice Sunday!


      1. Hi Claudius, thanks for the comment! Re. Open Democracy etc: it is funny you should say that regarding “Soros” etc, as I took a look at the funding for the organisation and low and behold the Open Society pops-up in connection to several large donations – strange that lol! 🤔


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