Diary Blog, 22 October 2022

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This week, I again beat political journalist John Rentoul, who (oddly) claims 3 and a half out of 10. I scored 5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

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…but the punchline is that an MP, even if sincere, cannot help those people, who are victims of a global and globalist finance-capital and debt/usury system.

“Democratic” politics (or pseudo-democratic politics, if you like) is running out of road in Europe, including the UK. It is just not providing the people with even the necessities of civilized life— shelter, warmth, food, electrical power, let alone those other things which (as Hitler said) make life worth living. I would list the latter as a cultured life, real education, social peace, peace with other civilized states, law and order, thoughtful architecture and town planning, a perceived future, and hope.

In fact, I do not think that either candidate (or any other) can now save the Conservative Party. It may have come (near) to the effective end of its natural life, just as, in the past, the Liberal Party ceased to be an effective party.

Yes, the Liberals lived on until 1989, having merged with the short-lived Social Democratic Party to become the SDLP in 1988, but the Liberal Party died as a potential party of government sometime in the 1920s: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_Party_(UK); and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_Party_(UK)#Electoral_performance.

True, the Liberals then morphed into the LibDems, but they have never really been a party of government, except in the unusual circumstances of 2010, when David Cameron-Levita induced them to support the Conservative Party in the Con Coalition. Their leadership, especially Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander, sold out for Cabinet seats, red boxes, ministerial cars, ministerial pay, and empty prominence. The LibDems were all but wiped out in 2015, and now occupy the “protest vote” zone once occupied by the old Liberals (from the mid-1920s through to the early 1990s).

The very likely collapse of the Conservative Party vote in 2022-2024 will no doubt mean an increase of LibDemmery in the south of England, but basically the LibDems are a party without a purpose. The other two main System parties, though, are in a not dissimilar position now, in fact.

I am sure that, even if the national average opinion poll, or general election poll, stays at 14% or 19%, there will still be a few dozen Conservative Party MPs left by 2025. Maybe 50. Maybe even 100. However, they will have no real power.

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“Boris”-idiot may have been one of the worst Prime Ministers ever (not the worst, though, thanks to Liz Truss), but he was still PM, and will not (imo) give way voluntarily to Rishi Sunak.

Is that “backing” of any weight? Both were useless as ministers, and Priti Patel in particular is completely useless. She only backs “Boris” because no other potential Prime Minister would ever give her a job (which, as before, she would be completely unable to do anyway). Add to that her previous and typical bullying of her staff, treating them as though they were tiffin-wallahs, and her treachery (for which Theresa May sacked her in 2017) in Israel.

As blogged previously, it is clear that the secret ruling circles want the UK to have a non-white prime minister. That is the main reason all sorts of forces are now pushing the Sunak cause; the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

At time of writing, Sunak has garnered over 100 MPs, and so is seriously in the race. Neither Johnson nor Mordaunt have more than about 70 (Johnson). However, the fat lady has not yet sung. 357 MPs can vote, but it looks as if only about 200 have expressed a preference so far. Johnson may still make it onto the ballot paper.

Either way, the Conservative Party is toast.

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If Sunak wins this contest, he will be unable to call a general election, certainly not for a year or more. If he were to call one almost immediately, the Conservative Party would be reduced from 357 MPs to about 100, at most.

Sunak seems to be inclined to signal to the almighty “markets” that he is serious about not inflating the currency, despite the fact he himself was part of the 2020-2021 “panidemic” nonsense, with “eat out to help out” (money freebie), “furlough” payments (money freebie), business “loans” (money freebies). Etc. Not to mention the vast sums wasted on “PPE”, “Test and Trace” etc, and shutting down much of the UK economy for 2 years.

Sunak will want to slash spending. The embedded NWO influence in the government wants to increase “Defence” spending, including subsidizing the regime of the Jew Zelensky in Kiev. What does that leave as a spending cut victim? NHS? Politically impossible. Pensions? Social security/”welfare”?

The latter two will sink any Sunak government very quickly. Any hit to the pensions Triple Lock will leave the Conservative Party dead in the water electorally. However, any cuts to “welfare” might lead to actual street disorder, and will also hit the millions who receive it while also being employed on inadequate pay.

There seems no obvious way for the Conservative Party to turn this around, or even much to mitigate the damage.

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[Hokusai, Cuckoo with Azaleas]

Liz Truss and “Boris” Johnson


Interesting, though perhaps a little shallow. Worth reading.

Playing the armchair psychologist, is Liz Truss not a classic psychopathic type (like “Boris”)? Perhaps.

As for Liz Truss, I have posted the 9-minute video below previously. Well worth watching:

Penny Mordaunt’s star has faded in terms of support from MPs, I think partly because she is both a woman and also, in terms of high responsibilities, still something of an unknown quantity. A bit like Liz Truss was a couple of months ago, in other words. Unfair, maybe, but that’s my take on it, at least. MPs may be thinking “once bitten, twice shy“.

How sick is our political system that the only candidates it now throws up (no pun actually intended) are “Boris”-idiot (incompetent, far from as educated as he wants people to believe, dishonest, corrupt, freeloading, someone who does not give a monkey’s flying **** about Britain or its people, a part-Jew and Levantine to boot), and Rishi Sunak (an Indian who threw away hundreds of billions of public money in 2020-2021, and whose wife and family are worth billions of pounds; someone who has no idea about Britain or its people; effectively a foreigner)?

Also, in what kind of decadent and ridiculous society can anyone get £150,000 for making a speech?

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[“Russia has no borders; it is wherever there are Russians“]

“A thought out of season”

When he resigned a couple of months ago, “Boris” Johnson cited the upright Roman dictator, Cincinnatus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucius_Quinctius_Cincinnatus.

Were I myself suddenly to be granted by Fate the powers of a dictator, my first action would be to gather 100 of the most wealthy and “successful” hedge fund owners, investment speculators, bankers, and exploitative businessmen in Trafalgar Square, and have them shot. On television.

Some might say that that would be akin to “shooting the messenger” and that such individuals do not of themselves cause the economic problems of the UK, but just profit out of them (and out of the misery and distress of the British people).

There is at least some truth in that, but such an action would show the British people that the new government was serious about tackling the problems of the country, including the structural and ingrained social problems; also, about properly punishing the leeches who have lived parasitically off the people for so long.

Still, mere socio-political fantasy, for now.

Harold Wilson said, during one of his periodic financial crises as Prime Minister, that the fault lay with “the gnomes of Zurich“. Not wholly true, but not wholly untrue either.

[1966: Harold Wilson, UK Prime Minister, at Hugh Town quay, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, with me (barechested at left, aged 9-10)]

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Flawed logic, surely? After all, let us say that, in a most unlikely scenario, 300 Conservative Party MPs agreed to that. Labour and the Lib Dems would therefore only be able to contest 350 seats.

In any case, could those defecting MPs rely on the word of Labour and the LibDems?

As an idea, that is surely the deadest of dead ducks, but I am not very surprised to read that it emerged from David Gauke, a rather unimpressive former MP and minister [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Gauke].

Actually, why would Conservative Party MPs want a general election now anyway? It would result, in our binary system, in a Labour victory (even if not overwhelming), and the defecting Con MPs, most of them, would not be re-elected.

I think that most Con MPs will simply travel on, whether under Sunak or Johnson, and hope that something will turn up to save them and their party.

Late tweets seen

Unexpectedly high results for Con (under either Sunak or Johnson). Surprisingly high. I wonder how accurate those figures are?

According to Electoral Calculus, the figures suggested might result in a Labour majority of somewhere in the 10-25 range. Better by far for the Conservative Party than recent predictions have suggested.

My speculative view is that, if Johnson gets enough nominations, then he will be a candidate, believing that the Con rank-and-file will prefer him to Sunak.

The temptation to make British political history will no doubt prove irresistible. The caveat remains, though— if he can get 100 nominations. Seems very uncertain at present.

There seems, incidentally, to be a kind of concerted push on Twitter and in the msm now to anoint Sunak. The System wants a non-white prime minister, to signal the humiliation of White England. It’s all connected.

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29 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 October 2022”

  1. Good afternoon Ian! Your idea of executing 100 of the wealthiest crooks in the UK is an excellent one. Machiavelli recommends that the Prince must be ruthless when dealing with traitors (real or supposed) and that the punishment must be brutal and public to discourage further plots against him.

    One hundred is not much, but it is a good beginning! 😁​😁​😁​


  2. Sunak shouldn’t even be an MP let alone PM after what he done as Chancellor.

    Yes, instituting an UTTERLY braindead ‘Eat Out To Help Out” scheme in the middle of a deadly worldwide viral pandemic thereby encouraging people to spread it.

    He has effectively MURDERED many people and made others seriously ill. If Britain was still a decent and moral country he would be executed via a long drop hanging not promoted.

    He is also a CRIMINAL as even the corrupt Met Police can confirm. Hardly a good look, I would suggest for the so-called ‘party of law and order’.

    If this wasn’t enough the bloke is seriously REPULSIVE on account of his utterly DEMENTED ambition (yes, all politicians are ambitious to an extent but he takes it to ultra extremes) and he has, dare I say it, a very un British tendency to boast about his extreme wealth.

    Even most of our chavvy Premiership footballers and lottery winners from council estates have the good sense, class and decency to refrain from doing that.


  3. Hard though it is to say it, even Boris Johnson has more personal appeal than Sunak. As their opinion poll ratings can’t fall much further at 14% and 19% according to the latest ones, I think they should concentrate on retaining what little support is left.

    Their MPs are mentally INSANE with a capital I and should be in a padded cell if they really think Sunak has any real electoral appeal. The bloke is utterly repellent and worse than Johnson in that respect who does have some even now.


    1. John:
      Sunak is not just Sunak. He is also the bankers, the hedge fund vampires, the international finance-capital matrix, the Coudenhove-Kalergi people etc.

      “Boris” is also a puppet of the above, but less controlled. Maybe that is why they want Sunak instead, apart from his being not even part-English/British.


      1. I would have thought those kind of people would want someone who can present a less controlled face to the electorate ie someone like Johnson not an obvious plant like Deeply Fishi CONFIRMED CRIMINAL Rishi.


      2. He is the candidate of Hedge Funds and other often very unproductive and essentially parasitical activities in the City that it would make even Liz Truss blush.

        Hardly a vote winner in that sense or many others amongst the plebs then!

        Also, he is on record as BOASTING at taking money from more needy areas up North and elsewhere and giving it to areas which don’t need the money as much like Royal Tumbridge Wells.

        You can be sure Labour and Lib Dems will attack him furiously for that.


      1. I think we the public should have the chance to give our verdict on a breaking of British constitutional law that dates back hundreds of years.


  4. For a party in electoral freefall and recording its lowest vote shares ever (far worse than even John Major got in his worst periods) you would think they would refrain from wild experiments!

    Deeply Fishi CONFIRMED CRIMINAL Rishi is the wildest of wild experiments.


  5. Best estimates for the number of Tory MPs remaining are currently 48 (FOUR LESS than the SNP) to 70!

    Rishi WILL bomb pretty much everywhere apart from the very richest Tory strongholds (if there IS anywhere that could be described as such).

    Johnson doesn’t appeal to people like us but he does in some working-class areas for good or ill. On the other hand, Rishi has NO electoral appeal in seats like that.


      1. Johnson is more likely to do it. Hard though it is for us to acknowledge it he has his fans still. For some he is like a Donald Trump figure who you either loathe or love.


      2. It certainly does considering they have been plunging to unprecedented lows in the opinion polls. It would take a big swing back just to reach the ‘normal’ lows.


      3. Well, as is proven by the current polls there is massive volatility within the electorate so they do have the potential to rebound but that, I suspect, would happen more with Boris (a known quantity) or with entirely new face, Penny Mordaunt.


      4. John:
        Penny Mordaunt is out of the race, to all intents, and actually she is unknown even now to most people; yes, not so tainted as others, but also not recognized.


      5. Some people are voicing support for Sunak in the polls because they don’t want to appear ‘racist’ to pollsters. The same attitude to polling companies is seen in France where many don’t admit to supporting Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) party but then go out and vote for her party in the privacy of the polling booth. The same phenomenon is at work in Germany with the Afd party.

        I would go with Penny Mordaunt. She is a fresh face and not associated with Johnson at all unlike Sunak.

        Sunak is a duplicitous and untrustworthy snake. He brought down Boris but had no problem serving with him for years. He must have known throughout that time what Johnson was like so why didn’t he resign earlier?


  6. A poll on that Electoral Calculus website in the Summer suggested that Mordaunt was the only person out of Truss, Sunak and Mordaunt who boosted Tory poll chances against Labour.

    According to other polls, Mordaunt had more support in the ‘Red Wall’ seats as well.


  7. An ancient law which is SUPPOSED to prevent people of foreign origins and foreign allegiances becoming PM.

    I can’t remember its exact title but that is its purpose. Obviously, as a very ancient law it is written in exceedingly dated language.


  8. In our celebrity obsessed ‘Britain’ Johnson has ‘charisma’ and makes people laugh so that is, apparently, a good qualification to be not just a politician but a Cabinet minister or even PM.

    Britain ceased being a serious country decades ago. He isn’t like other ‘boring’ people in politics and is not really a politician in that sense hence his appeal for some.


    1. John:
      As you say, “Boris” Johnson is more like a kind of “celebrity” or public entertainer than a serious politician, let alone a statesman. He is the kind of individual who can operate unexamined while (since 1989 and especially 1997) the plebs are interested only in whether the “England” team (probably mostly blacks or browns) in some sport win some meaningless game.


  9. Their MPs need to remember that a leader has to have decent support amongst party members. They are the lifeblood of any political party especially the small numbers who are party activists. These are the people who go out when it is cold, wet and windy and push leaflets through the doors.

    Alienate them and a party is less effective at retaining support or expanding it at elections. The Tory Party needs all the activists it can get.

    Activists are, of course, particularly important in marginal seats though at the moment they are important in virtually every seats even those which, on paper, are still considered to be ‘safe’.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  10. The polls at the moment are utterly dire and unprecedented. This is NOT a case of ‘mid term blues’; more one of an existential crisis.


    1. John:
      That has been my *impression* but “never say never” in British politics, I suppose. I thought that fake “Labour” would go down first. Now, not so sure, of course.


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